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he001: recurring characters Nina: Guys, we need a new recurring character. Guys? / Nina: ... / Nina: Right.
he002: a modest proposal Nina: Alright, round 1, step right up if you want to lose all shreds of your dignity! / Joe: Hey, you're female, will you marry me? / Nina: ... / Nina: The plot thickens.
he003: light bulbs Joe: Hey, I like your house. / Nina: Get out of my house get out of my house get out of my house / Nina: Get out of my house get out of my house get out of my house / Nina: Get out of my house get out of my house get out of my house / Joe: Wow, you have light bulbs!
he004: police? Nina: Hello, police? I've got a potentially dangerous stranger in my house. No, he's fully dressed. Yes, he's still here. / Nina: No, I don't know his name. Any chance you could send a couple of guys over? No, not like that, of course I didn't mean it like that. I'm sure they would. So can you send...
he005: lego Joe: Why do you have a load of lego? / Nina: It's a long story involving a lot of alcohol. / Joe: Whatever it was, it looks like they enjoyed it.
he006: design flaw Joe: Ooh, Scrubs is about to start! / Nina: Are you ever going to introduce yourself? / Joe: Oh, right. Hi, I'm Joe. / Nina: Nina. Pleasure. / Nina: I'd shake hands but a design flaw prevents me.
he007: really. Joe: Actually, while we're on the subject, where I come from it's customary to kiss visitors when you meet them. / Nina: Really. / Nina: Where I come from, it's customary to kick them where it counts.
he008: perhaps? Nina: Aww, how cute does Donkey look there!?! / Joe: Hmm. 7/10, maybe?
he009: you do what? Nina: So, what do you actually do, anyway? / Joe: I'm being paid by the government to watch you, as you're classified as a "high risk citizen". / Joe: Um. So what do you do?
he010: going Nina: Could you just wait here a minute? / Joe: Where are you going? / Nina: America.
he011: alright Joe: You're going to the USA? Why didn't you say! Can I come? / Nina: Alright. / Joe: Wait, what? / Nina: Just buy a ticket and come. / Joe: I can't afford that! / Nina: Oh, what a terrible shame.
he012: black and white Joe: You're back already! / Nina: You're still in my house. / Joe: Why don't you have a tan? / Nina: Something about black and white.
he013: pets Nina: You've been in my house the whole time I was gone? / Joe: At least I fed your pets for you. / Nina: Pets? / Joe: You have about five rats.
he014: hypothetical Nina: Hey, we've gone back to the single line background.. / Joe: That's because this is a hypothetical situation. / Nina: So... Ah... What's the situation? / Joe: Well, see, we're the last humans alive, and in order to save the species...
he015: illusion Murphy (sheep): Of course I'm a gosh-darned illusion, I'm a cloud with legs.
he016: merry Nina: Hey! The continuity bubble! Why is it snowing?! / Joe: Um. / Joe: Maybe some sort of event? / Nina: Pah! Hallowe'en just passed! / Joe: Silly me. Nothing of note happens on December the 25th.
he017: sink Joe: nom nom nom / Nina: Um, why are you eating from the sink? / Joe: What?! / Joe: Give me a break! Anyway, the artist hasn't drawn us a single table yet.
he018: that lame *Last time on hello earthling!* / Nina puppet: Why are you eating from the sink? / Joe puppet: No table! / Nina: My puppet sucks... Am I really that lame? / Joe: !!! / Murphy (sheep): Baa. / Nina: I can explain. / Joe: Really? Impressive.
he019: guitar Nina: You play guitar? / Joe: Sure do. / Joe: Jimi Hendrix could play with his teeth. And so can I.
he020: furry Joe: click click / Nina: What is that? / Joe: Everything a man could ever want. / Joe: A sexy furry robotic zombie space pirate.
he021: serious *Last time on hello earthling* / Joe puppet: It's a sexy furry robotic zombie space pirate! / Nina: ...Huh? / Joe: No, look, I'm serious. / *colour pic of the above adjectives*
he022: hello computer Computer to Nina (written on screen): You turn me on.
he023: murphy Joe: Murphy looks happy today. / Nina: Murphy? / Joe: You mean you didn't even ask his name? / Joe: No wonder he hates you.
he024: dirty fan *fap fap fap fap* / *fap fap fap fap* / *fap fap fap fap* / Joe: Nina, the fan's dirty.
he025: it's history Nina: Joe! You've got Pornotube in your history! / Joe: And you've got Neopets there. / Nina: Discussion over.
he026: flash games Nina: Why are you playing Flash games? / Joe: Got to beat Murphy's score. / Murphy: Baa.
he027: tower Stranger with moustache to small audience: I declare the political debate tower complete! / Panels of skyscraper tower building, murphy in one window / Nina's graffiti: First post!
he028: political position Joe: What political position are you? / Nina (sleazy grin): Sixty-nine. (69) / Nina: Sorry. Automatic reaction. / Nina grins awkwardly, Joe glares.
he029: swine Murphy: Some of us are, by default, not worried about swine flu.
he030: offensive Joe: Hey Nina, I've been thinking... / Nina: Oh, thinking, eh? / Nina: Careful, everybody, Joe's been thinking! Lock your doors and windows, report your suspicious neighbours! / Joe: ... / Joe: ... / Joe: That's really offensive.

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