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Amy vs. Li'l Mell: An Explosive Crossover Spectacular! Erf. / You're Amy. / You don't talk, do you? / Why don't you talk? / Are you afraid to talk? / Maybe you don't talk because no one talks to you. / I was talking to the bus driver, but then he ran over three garbage cans and old Mr. Stinkyhouse's cat. I'm not supposed to talk to the bus driver anymore,...
The Discovery of Spoons I wrote a poem today. / It wasn't very good. / I poured a glass of water to wash it down. / I awoke suddenly, ripples of broken glass/still spreading across the floor. / My feet were wet, but unharmed. / I brought a book to work and hid in the bathroom/most of the morning. / In the afternoon I wrote/two...
Five Ways to Love a Cockroach 1: Name it. / Humanization allows for greater affection. / Give it clothes, and a house made from a shoebox. / When you feed it, give it crumbs from your own desert. Speak to it every day. Confide in it. / Give it a bed to sleep in, and a bathroom with a toilet and a door that closes-- / modesty is...
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Page Two quack quack quack / quack quack / She has learned to love the sound of ducks. / quack quack / They reminder her of her husband's hands... / quack / quack / quack / quack / quack / quack / quack / quack / The way they smelled of oil and gunmetal. / quack / quack
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables {{title text: The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables}} / {{subtitle: by Alexander Danner and Stephanie Smith}} / [[Ducks fly over a house in the country.]] / <> / <> / <> / [[A woman eats alone at a table.]]
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Page Three In those last years, he couldn't even hold a pen to sign his name. / But when he presented her with a fresh carcass... / ...his hands were perfectly steady in those moments... / ...the moments of his pride.
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Page Four She cleaned the bodies dutifully. / Such things had always been the gift of man for woman. / CHOK / He believed these ducks were prizes for the woman he loved. / She never faltered as she worked on the little bodies. / She never loosed the bile in her throat... / CHOK / ...even as they shared the...
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Page Five When she eats alone... / ...every night for almost two years now... / ...she thinks of those meals that she hated so much... / ...and then she thinks... / ...of how he would softly touch her lips... / ...filling her with the gun-metal smell of his hands.
The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, Page Six <> / And now, whenever she hears ducks... / quack quack quack>> / ...she wishes them dead... / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / ...every last one of them... / ...if only he could bring them into their kitchen himself... / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> / <> /
Amy vs. Li'l Mell, Page Two Or maybe you really can't talk at all. / Maybe someone punched you in the head, and now there's something wrong in your brain, like that kid who's not allowed to use scissors. Are you allowed to use scissors? / If you want, I can punch you in the head, and maybe that'll fix you, like it does people who...
Mug, Page 2 This is my cubicle at
Mug, Page 1 Mug / A Corporate Poetry Series Comic / Illustrated by David Ano / Written by Alexander C. P. Danner
Mug, Page 3 This is my mug. / Pragmatic gift of the corporate employer!
Mug, Page 4 It offers escape... / trips to the water cooler to fill it with water. / My thirst is unquenchable.
Mug, Page 5 When tedium is most unbearable, I fill it with coffee. I add cream and sugar.
Mug, Page 6 I stir.
Mug, Page 7 When stirring is complete, I must return to work.
Mug, Page 8 I grow tired from stirring.

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