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show: [ show full transcriptions | abridged transcriptions | just the first line ] We're going back for Walkerton / What are you crazy / Apparently so YANK / SEMME / What's going on / Seems to me you're tagging along / By Jove I've got it / Agents you'll be accompanied by Alan our alien adept / Dammit people it's alliteration Are we ready now / The head alien already has a huge head start We have to get there before he activates the mind control device / Mind control device / Oh that's just our code word for uh / Puppies / No more questions So where is the alien base located / Classified / Isn't that Florida You got any music in here / This is a military craft What do you think / Aw / Hmm hm hm hm hmm hmmm / And my heart will go onn and onnnn / Alright choose a dang station Just stop it This is our destination / An island Where are we / BLAM / In the seventh level of hell I gather / I always thought that'd be a little lower We blasted 'em outta the sky chief / Excellent / And I brought you the mind control activation module / It's already on You idiot / Only just now sir I thought you wanted it on / Yes but I wanted to gloat over it first That's the whole point AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA / Joyce Your jetpack / Ack Right Right / wwwh click / FWOOOOOSH / AAAAAA Agents You're awake We must have succe / POW / Big Boss / Finish him Beef / Uhh / I'll activate the mind control device after I've properly gloated not before / Hehehehe / Activate the device Charles M Schulz passed away Saturday night / IDS / Whoa He drew Charlie Brown right / Yeah / That's sad / I can't help but feel I owe a huge chunk of my life to him / Lucy / Chuck Mind if I borrow this Choosing between death by ground or gun / Wait / Hold on / BLAM / Thank you kickback Ugh / Hmph / Hey where's Alan / Alan / Uh oh / Then this ain't a rubber ear Ack gross / Alan's dead / What are we going to do Alan knew everything we need to know / And he's dead That's a downer / Should we say a few words / Any ideas I'm all ears / Damn Americans have no sense of humor So what are we going to do about Alan / What can we do Moping doesn't fix anything / It'd sure make me feel better / That'd do Alan and the world a lot of good eh / What's the value of saving the world if we're all a bunch of jerks / What's the value of emoting if it doesn't accomplish anything Now if we're done being weepy let's / Weepy Alan died What's wrong with you / Priority's what's wrong with me apparently We're supposed to find the damned aliens / If you'd show one bit of / compassion If we hesitate more will d / Walkerton / I found the aliens BLAM BLAM / BLAM BLAM / L lemme catch my breath / Get a smaller gun Joyce BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM / Watch where you're shooting Walkerton's / BOOF / I'm trying to free him but my Glock isn't very efficient / I stand corrected What happened / Hey / I dunno It just stopped working / Well let's not spoil this opportunity by finding the blasted alien base / I can't get out / It was sorta fun until its grip got tighter an' tighter an' it started to hurt / An' sudd'ly it shut down / Yes we know We were there / An' now we're wandering through the... I told you the password couldn't possibly be bubblemonkey / Actually it's Katie Holms Kill them / gulp / Gah / Sal / Salvador / Dadgummet if ah hear Sal one more time Good to see you in proper working order Sal / Can't say th'same fer his mind control device / Puppies Where / What now head alien / You've done nothing earth girl My plan continues / Huh / The mind control device is the only means of negating its own effects My slaves still follow my orders Oops Ah destroyed the / Only way to stop my brainwashed army yes / Well go on Fly back to the states and stop my army Kill your friends / As we speak hundreds of humans SEMME agents and civilians alike march to my drummer Hahahahahahaha Heh / Ah will / They're no friends of mine / Um uh aren't you going to uh stop her / Alan... Sal you're not really going to kill all those abductees are you / If it comes down to it / landing dock / That's crossing the line a bit don't you think / Our job is to keep the public from knowin' 'bout the aliens A few dead agents is a drop in the bucket / Priorities Jason / Sound familiar Okay everybody into the airship / What's up with that girl / Sal Just a fun round of shutting yourself off to people Beyond that I don't have a clue / She worries me / You both worry me / Look Joyce a puppy / Ooooooo / Man's best friend Sal / We followed you all the way here to D.C. / I see the abductees are gathered below / Think about things / Not our job We're here with channel 4 news at the foot of the white house where several hundred have gathered early this new years day / Hey / You come back with that / CRUNCH / Help Joyce you run to the white house and warn the secret service / We'll aide Sal / C'mon kid follow / my lead / This shan't be pleasant Oh hello there Sal / Beef's too friggin' big We need him out of the way Jason Ya know nothing can hold him fer long / What are you playing at / Ah swiped yer gun / An' I swiped it back / That's my brother you What the heck you think you're doin' I don't care if he's brainwashed he's still my brother / Our orders are to stop the aliens at any cost SEMME ain't a playschool People die / Not good people / Tony / A ack / Sorry Tony / Good people do die Sal that was totally out of line / Ya have a better solution / We take them down now or the army takes them down for us / An' the world knows / Oh the world will know / when my minions march across the face of the earth

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