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Shivae! Panel 1 Black with caption: For so long, there was nothing but comfort and warmth... / Panel 2 Caption, now viewing a curled up dinosaur like embryo in an egg: Now.. it's different. The dark was warm and so is the new light. / Panel 3 Caption, closer view of eye opening: But the comfort changed ....
Shivae! [[Inside the egg]] / Baby Shivae: It's different. / [[Outside, two older, wingless Shivae stand near the nest, a winged one laying inside it.]] / Baby Shivae: The comfort comes and goes with the voices now.. / [[The winged Shivae licks an egg]] / Winged Shivae: Cler...
Shivae! [[Inside the egg]] / Baby Shivae: Cler -- I take that as my identity given to me by comfort. / Cler: So many times. / [[Outside the egg]] / White Wingless Shivae: It's going to rain again soon, Duske. / Duske: I know... Avi... / Duske: Taw... Cean... They're near, Rill.
Shivae! [[Rill begins walking away.]] / Rill: Bad timing. I'll return with food, just in case. / [[Duske puts a wing over the eggs.]] / Duske: Sleep little ones... Try to wait until the storm is gone and it's warm again. / [[The eggs have cracks in them.]] / Cler: I like it here, but my legs are cramped.
Shivae! <> / Duske: Koel, this is the disadvantage of hatching time... weather. / Duske: As soon as the first one hatches, you will run it to the den. / Koel: What about the others? / Duske: You father will return soon. [Your father will return soon.]
Shivae! [[Inside Cler's egg]] / Cler: It's too loud outside. I'm afraid... / I want away from it. / [[Outside the egg, it's raining.]] / Shivae chicks: squeak.. SQUEAK... / Duske: Taw... the firstborn of this clutch. / [[Duske pushes Taw out of the nest.]] / Taw: eep eep.. / [[Koel is holding Taw in her mouth.]] / Taw:...
Shivae! [[Koel is carrying Taw.]] / Taw: Quee... / Koel: Ssssh, it's not that far. / [[Near Koel's feet, a yellow eye looks out from the bushes.]]
Shivae! [[Back at the nest, more of the chicks are hatching.]] / <> / [[Cler breaks out of his egg.]] / Cler: <> This is all... way too different. / [[Duske licks Cler.]] / Cler: Squueea!
Shivae! [[Rill returns to the nest, carrying a fish.]] / Rill: Duske. ...How are the chicks? / Duske: Good, but they need to be moved before it gets colder. I had Koel take the first one to the den.
Shivae! [[Rill drops the fish. Something is watching the nest from the bushes.]] / <> / [[Rill picks up a black chick.]] / Rill: I'll run back to help with the last four. / Chick: Squea.. / [[Duske licks one of the other chicks.]] / Duske: Hopefully it won't start raining again before you retu...
Shivae! [[There are two creatures in the bushes.]] / <> <> / [[Duske looks up.]]
Shivae! [[The two creatures step out from the bushes]] / <> / <> / [[Duske stands to defend the nest.]] / <>
Shivae! [[There are at least three of the attackers.]] / Duske: <> Rill... / Attacker: <>
Shivae! [[One of the attackers swings its tail at Duske. She dodges by jumping over it.]] / <> / [[Duske steps off of the nest to face one of the attackers. Another one of them watches from behind her.]] / Duske: <> / Attacker in front of Duske: <>
Shivae! [[One of the attackers reaches into the nest...]] / [[Eating one of the chicks.]] / [[Duske attacks it.]]
Shivae! [[At the den, Rill arrives with the black chick.]] / Koel: What's going on at the nest, Father?! / Rill: I don't know... do NOT leave the den, Koel. / Koel: But what if you need... / Rill: KOEL! Watch the chicks.
Shivae! [[Back at the nest, Duske is still fighting the attackers. She bites one's throat.]] / [[Rill arrives to help. Lightning flashes behind him.]] / [[Duske holds up one of the attackers by the throat.]]
Shivae! [[The two remaining attackers flee.]] / Rill: Duske, are you all right? / Duske: Yes, yes... A few scratches, but we lost a chick! / Rill: Then we better hurry and move the rest.
Shivae! [[Duske sets Cler down in the den, with his siblings.]] / Cler: I'm not so sure about this. Big teeth all around! / [[Duske licks Cler.]] / Cler: Oh! That's better!
Shivae! [[Duske gives the chicks the fish.]] / [[Koel is looking at the chicks.]] / Koel: *Giggle* They're funny looking! / Rill: You looked like that once, Koel.
Shivae! Duske: Five out of six is a good hatching, but we best speak with Mura about the Scythetails, Rill. / Rill: In the morning, Duske. I've sealed the cave so they can't bother us any more tonight. / [[The chicks huddle together to sleep.]] / Cler: Maybe this isn't so bad after all.
Shivae! [[Silhouette of a gryphon]] / [[Rill and Koel come out of the den.]] / Gryphon: Rill of Anu. Mura bids you a good morning.
Shivae! Rill: Good morning, Mura. We were just about to set out for your rookery. / Mura: I see. Did your clutch fare well despite the storm? / Rill: We lost one, but not to the storm... Scythetails. / Mura: *sigh* Grand.
Shivae! Mura: I will be sure to mention the return of the Scythetails at the council trees. / Mura: I see your alarms are well. / Rill: Yes, and we heard them last night keeping the Scythetails away after I rolled the boulder. / Mura: Ahhh... good alarms!
Shivae! Mura: May I see the chicks? You know I like to see my pupils while they're still cute... and manageable. / Rill: Duske will be pleased to show them off, Mura. / [[Rill, Mura, and Koel head into the den.]] / Mura: Rill, would you mind if Koel accompanies me to the council trees this session? I'm on my...
Shivae! [[Inside the den]] / Mura: Mura comes to pay respects to Duske of Kilae and her clutch. / Duske: Mura! Such formality is unnecessary! / Mura: I am old. Allow me the memories of my passed seasons. / Mura: Besides... you'll be wishing for more formality when I'm done spoiling these chicks!
Shivae! Mura: Three males, two females and only one without wings! I'm going to have my claws full in a few months! / Duske: How about a little earlier... / Mura: Hmm? / Duske: Koel can accompany you quicker if all three of us hunt. / Mura: I suppose I can watch them during that time... ahh, they can't even...
Shivae! [[The three adult Shivae leave the den.]] / Duske: We'll return shortly, Mura. Hopefully this isn't too much of a bother. / [[As the adult Shivae leave to hunt, a Scythetail with a scar over one eye watches from the bushes.]]
Shivae! [[The Scythetail starts to approach the den.]] / [[The alarms notice the Scythetail.]] / [[The alarms attack the Scythetail. The Scythetail is annoyed.]]
Shivae! Mura: I'm getting too old for this. / [[The Scythetail is trying to bite the alarms.]] / Mura: Hisss... now that's bold... / [[Mura attacks the Scythetail.]]

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