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Photo - Broadway Sofa [[Dude sits on sofa on side of sidewalk on Broadway]] / {{photo, night, outdoors, sofa, sidewalk, Broadway}}
Photo - Broadway Scaffolding [[Dude walks under scaffolding on Broadway]] / {{photo, scaffolding, broadway, night, outdoors}}
Calvin Klein Jeans [[Dude looks at Calvin Klein Jeans poster of a guy not wearing jeans]] / {{calvin klein, clothing, self-referential, meta))
Big Juicy Strawberries [[Dude sits at table with carton of strawberries]] / Dude: Man, I LOVE big juicy strawberries... / [[Dude pulls out large strawberry]] / [[Dude looks at strawberry carton]] / Dude: Except when they're used to conceal the tiny tiny ones that fill the rest of the carton. / {{strawberries, food, f...
April Showers bring May Flowers, if you believe that crap [[Dude stands in rain at a bus stop with umbrella next to a mother and child]] / Child: Mommy, my teacher says "April showers bring May flowers." / Mom: That's right, sweetie. / Dude: They just tell you that so you'll shut up about how it rains all the time. / {{weather, rain, april, may}}
Taxes 2004 [[Dude walks on sidewalk]] / Dude: Man, I'm glad I did my taxes early. / [[Dude walks]] / Dude: I FORGOT TO SEND THEM! / [[Dude runs in the opposite direction]] / {{sidewalk, taxes}}
Brooklyn Sports Club [[Dude checks his mail]] / Pamphlet: IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! BROOKLYN SPORTS CLUB / Pamphlet: JOIN BY 4/30/04 AND SAVE! $0 ENROLLMENT! / Dude: Something seems not right with this brochure... / Dude: Perhaps it’s the photo of two people jogging on a beach for a club supposedly in NYC. / {{mail, brooklyn,...
Photo - Cyber Laundry [[Dude stands outside of laundromat]] / Sign: Surf the "Net" While you wash! / Dude: Why can't I live near here? / {{photo, laundromat, cyber cafe}}
Photo - Scaffolding [[Dude stands under scaffolding]] / {{photo, night, outdoors, scaffolding}}
Times Square Pedestrian Traffic [[Dude walks around Times Square full of people with cameras, people reading pamphlets, taking pictures of each other etc.]] / Dude: Man, the foot traffic in Times Square is getting crazy. / Dude: I'd say it rivals even Chinatown. / Dude: With one important distinction... / Dude: I can understand...
"Sick" Day [[Dude sits in park on sunny day wearing sunglasses talking on cell phone]] / Dude: Hello? Yeah, I don’t think I can make it into work today... / Dude: Yeah, this cold *cough* really uh, *cough* hit me all of a sudden. / Dude: Yeah, don’t worry, I should be well enough to be in tomorrow. / {{sick...
Shower Water Temperature [[Dude stands in bath tub testing water temperature]] / Dude: Lukewarm... / Dude: Freezing... / Dude: Boiling... / Dude: Liquid Nitrogen... / Dude: Volcanic... / Dude: Is it any wonder I've learned to shower so quickly? / {{bath tub, shower, water temperature}}
Drink and Food sizes [[Dude stands at various cashier counters]] / Dude: Biggie, Medium, and Great Biggie. / Dude: Tall, Grande and Venti... / Dude: Large, Jumbo, Value. / Dude: I remember a time when "small" meant small. / Cashier: You mean "child-sized?" / {{wendy's, starbucks, movie theater, jumbo, value, venti,...
Last Minute Deli Trip [[Dude gets key out to go into his apartment, address is 606]] / Dude: Aw shoot, I forgot to get the bread crumbs I need to make dinner tonight. / Dude: EEERGH!! I always forget something! Now I have to go all the way back to the deli just to go get it! / [[Deli is next door to apartment]] / {{shopping,...
Photo - Hummer Limo [[Dude stands by Hummer Limo]] / Dude: Yup, that's just about gotta be the most obnoxious thing I've ever seen before. / {{photo, day, outdoors, hummer limo, humvee, limousine}}
Photo - Atlantic Avenue [[Dude stands by Atlantic Avenue building]] / {{photo, atlantic avenue, outdoors, day}}
Gum Food [[Dude wakes up in bed]] / <> / Dude: Hmm...what's this taste in the back of my mouth? It must be a piece of... / <> / Dude: I really should've just spit that out. / {{bed, sleep, gums, old food}}
Tax Dollars Well Spent [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Computer: “Secret Service Probes Boy’s Art Depicting Bush As Devil.” / Computer: “The drawings by a 15-year-old boy were enough to prompt some questions from the Secret Service. Agents questioned the teen after being called by the police... / Dude: What? I can’t believe...
Women's Magazine Articles [[Dude looks at magazines]] / Dude: I can't believe some of the articles in these women's magazines. / Dude: "What Sex Feels Like For a Guy." / [[Dude ponders]] / Dude: I doubt most guys could even begin to try to articulate that to someone. / {{women's magazines, sex}}
Supermarket Miser 2 [[Dude stands in supermarket aisle]] / Supermarket Miser: That basil is buy one get one free, right? / Cashier: yup / Supermarket Miser: That broccoli is buy one get one free, right? / Cashier: yup / Dude: Buy one, get one free means the food is old, right? / Cashier: yup. / {{supermarket, shopping,...
Kill Bill Complete Uncut [[Dude stands at DVD Shelf]] / Dude: "The Kill Bill Saga completely uncut on DVD. That's right, watch all 222 hours of completely unedited raw footage shot during production." / {{DVD, kill bill, unedited, uncut, special edition}}
Photo - Broadway and Bond [[Dude walks across Bond Street on Broadway]] / {{photo, night, outdoors}}
Photo - Park Slope Church [[Dude walks by church in Park Slope]] / {{photo, outdoors, dusk, sunset, park slope}}
Joys of Living Alone [[Dude sits at home watching TV]] / <> / <> / Dude: Ah, the joys of living alone. / [[late night, lazy, flatulence, fart, burp, belch}}
Slow Week for News [[Dude looks at magazines]] / Dude: "Inside the Teenage Mind" / Dude: "The Threat of Ozone" / Dude: "Was Jesus Real?" / Dude: Must've been a slow week for the news. / {{news, magazines, Jesus}}
Slow Walker Solution [[Dude walks behind two people on sidewalk]] / Dude: [[Thinking]] Why is that slow walkers always seem to come in pairs? / Dude: [[Thinking]] How can people live with themselves walking this slow? / [[Dude yells]] / Dude: WAAAAAAAAA!!!!! / [[Dude leaps over slow walkers]] / Dude: AAAAARRRGHHH!! / Dude:...
Catwoman Trailer [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Dude: Hmmm, looks like the teaser for the new "Catwoman" movie is online. / [[Dude watches]] / Dude: wow / Dude: All I can think of new are the number of ways I could've better spent that minute of my life. / {{work computer, catwoman, halle berry, movie trailer...
Choosing a Martial Art [[Dude sits at home computer]] / Dude: I keep talking about taking martial arts. I should just do it. / Dude: But the big question is how do I decide which style I want to learn? / Dude: Hmmmmmmm... / Dude: What style does Aoi use in the Virtua Fighter 4 Playstation-2 Game? / {{home computer, martial...
Photo - Park Slope Spring Tree [[Dude sits on stone wall under cherry blossom tree]] / {{photo, park slope, cherry blossom}}
Mother's Day 2004 Dude: This is just a little message to all the Mothers out there. / Dude: YOU ROCK! / Dude: So don't feel bad that my mom is a better cook than all of you together. / {{blank comic, lazy, late night, mother's day}}

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