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Tech Support Nicknames [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Smiley Guy: How do I quit out of Final Cut Pro? / Dude: Go to the "File" menu and select "Quit." / Smiley Guy: Oh, of course, thank you. / Smiley Guy: The file menu doesn't have "Quit" as an option, what do I do? / Dude: Click on the Final Cut window so that you're...
Photo - Rooftop [[Dude leans over stone wall on rooftop]] / {{photo, rooftop, day, outdoors}}
Photo - West Side Highway [[Dude walks down path at West Side Highway next to lawn]] / {{photo, outdoors, walkway, west side highway}}
Air Conditioner Installation [[Dude holds air conditioner at window]] / Phew, can't believe I got this a/c installed. / I know it's secure, but can't imagine how bad it would be if it fell. / [[Dude looks at the a/c]] / [[It's now night time, he's still holding onto the a/c]] / {{air conditioner, a/c}}
Blown Fuse [[Darkness]] / Dude: I guess I should've paid attention in film school when they were talking about lights and fuses. / Dude: Or not plugged my a/c into the same outlet as my G5. / Dude: Or both. / {{blow fuse, blackout, air conditioner, power mac g5, apple}}
Subway Over the Shoulder Reader [[Dude on subway reading over the shoulder of guy sitting next to him]] / [[Guy notices Dude reading]] / Smiley Guy: Can I help you? / Dude: Yeah, read faster or turn the page. / {{subway, reading}}
McDonalds Withdrawl, but not [[Dude walks on sidewalk]] / Dude: Wow, I just realized I haven't been to McDonald's in several months. / Dude: Kind of weird that when I was little I wanted to go all the time, wonder if I should go today? / Dude: Nah. / {{sidewalk, McDonalds}}
Hip-Hop Vendor [[Dude walks past guy selling his hip-hop CD]] / Hey man, you listen to hip-hop? / OH MY GOD! NO! I DON'T LISTEN TO HIP-HOP! / It's all become so clear, that's been the void in my life all this time! / I need to remedy this situation at once! I must flee! / {{sidewalk, street vendor, hip-hop, necesito...
Photo - West Side Highway 2 [[Dude stands by fence at dock of West Side Highway]] / {{photo, west side highway, water}}
Photo - New NYU Student Center [[Dude walks past NYU Student Center]] / {{photo, NYU, new york university}}
Express Lane Correction [[Dude looks at express lane sign with "12 items or less" written, with "less" crossed out and handwritten is "fewer."]] / {{supermarket, food, shopping, express lane}}
Chinese Food Cooking Show [[Dude watches TV]] / TV: Today we're going to make authentic Chinese food!!! / TV: First we heat some oil on the wok, then add one tablespoon soy sauce... / TV: Then we... / <> / TV: OH MY GOD! AAA! WHAT'S HAPPENING? GOD DAMN! / Dude: Not quite the...
Virgin Megastore Bargain DVD bin [[Dude looks through bargain DVD bin, all DVDs $10 and under]] / Smiley Guy: Geez, this bin is so unorganized! / Smiley Guy: I saw these in that one over there, why don't they alphabetize this? / Dude: 'Cause then you'd realize they only have eight different DVDs for sale. / {{dvd, bargain bin, virgin...
Wendy's Stale Lettuce [[Dude stands at Wendy's counter]] / Dude: I'll have a cheeseburger and a small Sprite... / Dude: And a medium order of fries. / Dissatisfied Customer: Excuse me, the lettuce on my burger looks stale. / Dude: It's cute that you believe anything they give you will be any better. / {[wendy's cheeseburger,...
Mysteriously Empty Summer Subway Car [[Dude stands on subway platform]] / [[Dude sees subway car with no people in it]] / Dude: Dude! Not a seat taken how is this possible at this time of day? / [[Dude in subway car]] / Dude: Broken air conditioner... / {{subway, summer, air conditioner}}
Photo - Park Slope Slant [[Dude walks down sidewalk in Park Slope]] / {{photo, park slope, night, outdoors}}
Photo - Bleecker Plaza [[Dude stands under street light by plaza on bleecker and la guardia]] / {{photo, night, outdoors, street light}}
Stand-Up Comedy CDs [[Dude walks down sidewalk past homeless person]] / Homeless Person: Spare change sir? / Dude: AH-HA! HA! HA! HA! / [[Dude sits on subway]] / Not Smiley Guy #1: How long does she have?? / Not Smiley Guy #2: Three months. / Dude: EEE!! HA! HA! HEE! HEE! HO! / [[Dude waits at bus stop, a mother...
Broken Freezer [[Dude sits eating ice cream]] / Dude: cream... / [[Dude checks his mini-fridge]] / Dude: Aw crap, my freezer's too frosted to fit my ice cream in! / [[Dude looks at ice cream]] / [[Dude back sitting down eating ice cream]] / Dude: And I thought I was gaining weight because I don't exercise....
Rain [[Dude walks down sidewalk, rain steadily comes down]] / [[Dude walks down sidewalk, rain is pouring]] / [[Dude wades through water as it pours rain]] / Dude: Rain doesn't really bother me since I don't wear clothes. / {{weather, rain, sidewalk, self referential, meta}}
Voter Registration Application [[Dude sits filling out voter registration application]] / Application: 8 - Race or Ethnic Group (see instructions for you state) / [[Dude checks]] / Application: Box 8 - Leave this space blank / {{voter registration}}
Dead Roach, sorta [[Dude looks at roach on its back on the floor]] / Dude: Hmmm... a dead roach. / [[Dude reaches for roach]] / [[roach starts fluttering and moving]] / Dude: AAAAA!!! NOT DEAD! NOT DEAD!!! / <> / [[Dude pummels the roach into oblivion]] / <
Ethnic Shampoo [[Dude looks at pharmacy aisle sign]] / Sign: Ethnic Shampoo / Hispanic Shampoo / [[Picture of Dude]] Shampoo / {{pharmacy, shampoo, self referential, meta}}
Remembering Dreams [[Dude wakes up in bed]] / <> / Dude: Wow, I can actually remember all of the dream I just had. / Dude: Mmmmmmm... / Dude: Which is usually a sign that I've overslept by at least an hour. / {{sleep, dreams}}
Thick Summer Subway Air [[Dude walks on sweltering subway platform]] / Dude: God, I can barely breathe in this hot, thick air. / Dude: Whew, just a few more seconds and I'll be in the free air. / [[A horrendous smell comes down the stairs]] / [[Up at the top is a really smelly scraggly guy]] / Dude: Anyone else ready...
Umbrella Markup [[Dude waits at bus stop looks at guy selling umbrellas]] / Umbrella Salesman: Umbrellas $5 each! $10 once it starts raining, be sure to get them now, $5 now, $10 once the rain starts... / {{street vendor, bus stop, umbrellas}}
Photo - Big Streetlight [[Dude walks down street under large street lamp]] / {{photo, night, outdoors, street light}}
Photo - Bleecker Path [[Dude walks past fence on Bleecker around la guardia]] / {{photo, fence, night, outdoors}}
Proper Subway Instructions [[Dude sits on subway]] / Lost Guy: Let's see, I need to get to port authority. / Bad Instructions Guy: All right, you're on the 6 right now. / Bad Instructions Guy: So you need to get to 42nd street first. / Lost Guy: Okay... / Bad Instructions Guy: Then once you're up there you can just walk. / Lost...
Do you like to laugh? [[Dude walks on sidewalk]] / HEY, DO YOU LIKE TO LAUGH?? / No, not at all. / [[Dude walks past pamphlet guy]] / [[Dude laughs to himself]] / <> / {{stand up comedy, sidewalk}}

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