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Grand Theft Auto Syndrome [[Dude looks at guy on street]] / [[Dude looks at parked car]] / Dude: I have to stop playing so much Grand Theft Auto / Dude: Suddenly all the cars on the street are looking like options for me. / {{sidewalk, grand theft auto, rockstar games, video games}}
Nose Hair [[Dude stands on subway platform]] / Nosehair guy: Excuse me, is this the N train? / [[Dude stares]] / [[Dude leans in and stares more intently]] / [[Nosehair guy, has, well, really long nosehair]] / Dude: / [[Nosehair guy is confused]] / Nosehair guy: Excuse me? / Dude: Yeah it...
Online Shopping Dangers [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Dude: Let's see...checkout...enter credit card # / <> / Dude: Aw crap, this is bad. / Dude: I've memorized my credit card info. / {{work computer, online shopping, e-commerce, credit card}}
Supermarket Miser [[Dude in line at supermarket]] / Supermarket Miser: $2.05? The sign said that apple juice was on sale for $0.99! / Cashier: It's $0.99? / Supermarket Miser: Yeah! I can go back and show you! / Dude: Just hold on a second there. / Dude: Here's a dollar, now get out of the stupid line, lady. / {{supermarket,...
National Peanut Board [[Dude stands on subway platform next to ad]] / Ad: THEY'RE GOOD FOR YOU! YOU SHOULD EAT NUTS!! / Dude: Now my only question is how do they know if their ad is succeeding? / {{subway, peanut board}}
Convenient Lack of Continuity: In-Flight Movies [[Dude sits on airplane]] / Dude: Best thing about in-flight movies is cell phones can't interrupt them. / Baby: WAAAAHHHH!!! / Dude: Worst thing is babies can't be taken out of the plane like in a theater. / {{lack of continuity, airplane, in-flight movies, babies, baby}}
Historic Subways [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Computer: "Take a historic ride on a vintage subway..." / Computer: "To celebrate the holiday season and New York City Transit's 100th Anniversary..." / Computer: "...special vintage trains run every weekend from Thanksgiving through December 19th." / Dude: I wonder...
Subway Ceiling Water [[Dude stands on subway platform, some puddles on the ground]] / [[Drop of water falls from the ceiling]] / <> / [[Dude freaks out]] / AAAHH!!!! SUBWAY CEILING WATER!!! / [[Dude wave his arms frantically]] / GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!! / [[Dude slips]] / <> / [[Dude lies head down in...
Telemarketing Smackdown [[Dude stands in blank space with cell phone]] / Dude: Hello- / Phone: HI! And thanks for calling. Would you liek to hear our special sales? / Phone: We have many great deals during this Christmas season... / Phone: All items are on sale, some up to 60% OFF!!! / Phone: So how can I help y- / Dude:...
Photo - Beep And Mutton [[Dude's hand rests on menu that has a section that says "Beep and Mutton"]] / {{photo, chinese food, engrish}}
G5 a'splode [[Dude facepalms as smoke comes from his computer]] / {{apple, power mac G5, tech support, home computer, facepalm}}
Crisp ATM Bills [[Dude stands at ATM]] / Dude: Damn stupid crisp $20 bills... / Dude: Now I have to crumple them so they don't stick together. / [[Dude rips bill]] / <> / [[Dude pounds on window of bank teller]] / Dude: SCOTCH TAPE! SCOTCH TAPE! / {{atm, bank, money}}
Elevator vs. Stairs [[Dude stands between an elevator and stairwell]] / Dude: Where's the elevator? I've been waiting forever now! / Dude: Of course, if I take the stairs, it's going to come right away. / Dude: Maybe if I pretend to take the stairs I can trick it into coming... / Dude: Forget the games, I'm just going...
Excessive Cream Cheese [[Dude stands outside bagel shop with paper bag]] / Dude: Mmmm, bagel... / Dude: I hate it when they put on so much cream cheese. / <> / Dude: Especially when it's butter. / {{bagel, cream cheese, butter}}
Nearly Fat Free Chicken [[Dude looks through poultry aisle of supermarket]] / Dude: Thin-sliced chicken. 98% fat free. All natural. / [[Dude thinks]] / Dude: Must've been the Bruce Lee of chickens. / {{supermarket, food, chicken, fat free, bruce lee}}
Worst Roach Motel Ever [[Dude stands by window holding DVD case]] / Dude: I haven't watched this movie in a while. / [[Dude opens case]] / <> / [[Dude recoils as he finds the DVD case filled with small cockroaches]] / Dude: ROACHES!!!! / [[Dude throws case out the window]] / <> / [[Dude looks out window,...
Time to take it to the shop [[Dude looks at broken G5]] / Dude: Time to take this oversized paper weight to the Apple Store. / Dude: I'll just turn it on once more to make sure it's messed up. / [[Dude watches computer]] / Dude: Aw crap, it booted. / {{power mac g5, apple store, tech support}}
Worst Elevator EVER [[Dude waits at elevator]] / [[Dude in elevator reaches for buttons]] / [[Dude sees door open button]] / [[Dude searches around]] / Smiley Guy: There's no "Door Close" button. / Dude: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! / {{elevator, door close}}
2004: The Return of the King DVD [[Dude lies in bed a la 2001 facing the monolith, but the monolith is the Return of the King Extended Edition DVD]] / {{2001, kubrick, monolith, lord of the rings, lotr, return of the king, extended edition dvd}}
Post LOTR ROTK DVD Screening [[Dude sleeps]] / <> / Answering machine: Hi, you've reached 555-5425 If that's the number you were trying to reach you must feel really proud of yourself now. Leave a message. / Answering machine: Yeah's that place you work at, just seeing if you were going to come in today seeing...
Chinatown Knock Off Merchandise [[Dude walks down sidewalk]] / [[Dude sees person at knock off street vendor's table]] / Vendor: All bags only $100 / Tourist: I don't that REAL Prada? / Dude: Just buy it, if you have to ask, it's real enough. / {{sidewalk, tourist, chinatown, knock off, prada}}
Grading Papers on the Subway [[Dude sits on subway next to teacher with papers]] / Paper #1: D, try harder [[frowny face]] / Paper #2: A+ Very Good! [[smiley face]] / Dude: So then it's true all my teachers were full of it when they told me not to procrastinate? / Teacher: yup. / {{subway, teacher, education}}
Photo - Crossing Broadway [[Dude walks across Broadway on a wet night]] / {{photo, outdoors, night, broadway]]
Photo - Seaport Seagull [[Dude stands on boardwalk looking at seagull]] / {{photo, outdoors, day, seaport, seagull]]
Movie Publicity Next Level [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Computer: Click here to watch 9 clips from "The Aviator" / Computer: Click here to watch the first 10 minutes of "Sky Blue" / Computer: Watch 2 trailers, 4 featuretes and 5 clips including one 10 min clip from "Lemony Snicket..." / Dude: Pretty soon they'll have to...
Health Tips [[Dude stands on subway platform next to ad]] / Ad: Step #10 to improving your physical and mental health: Have a healthy baby. Take Care New York. / Dude: Somehow I don't think that would help me at all in my current situation. / {{subway, nyc, health}}
Dyslexia Deli [[Dude stands in line at a deli]] / Customer #1: Raisin bagel with butter. / Deli Guy: Raisin con mantaquilla! / Customer #2: Everything bagel con mantaquilla. / Deli Guy: Everything bagel with butter! / Deli Guy: Next please. / Deli Guy: Next please. / [[Dude stares]] / Dude: bacon, huevo and...
Christmas Visiting 2004 Dude: Hello? Hi mom. / Dude: Of course I'm coming home, what did you think I was going to do? / Dude: What're you talking about "Do you have a bus ticket?" I still have until... / [[Dude looks at watch]] / [[Dude continues to look at watch]] / Dude: / {{christmas, xmas, bus}}
Merry Christmas To Me [[Dude stands in blank space]] / Dude: This season's been so crazy. I should get something for myself. / Dude: I could get a DVD or a video game maybe... / Dude: Oh wait, I know. / [[Dude cuddles up in bed]] / Caption: Merry Christmas! / {{christmas, xmas, bed, sleep}}
Photo - Seaport Christmas Tree [[Dude stands in place of star on Christmas tree chorus at Seaport]] / {{photo, seaport, christmas tree, outdoors, day}}

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