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Photo - Seaport Boat [[Dude stands at bow of red boat at Seaport]] / {{photo, day, outdoors, seaport, boat}}
Post Christmas 2004 [[Dude looks indignant at bus stop with swarm of people all with iPods]] / Caption: Day after Christmas... / {{christmas, xmas, bus stop, apple, ipod}}
Worst Muscle Spasm Ever [[Dude lies in bed]] / Dude: Wow, I really really don't want to get up. / Dude: YAWN / <> / [[Dude's eyes bug out]] / [[Dude gets up grabbing leg]] / Dude: OW! OW! MUSCLE SPASM OF DOOM! OW! OW! HOLY CRAP ON A WHAT THE HECK IS GEEZ MY LEG / Dude: OW! HOLY MOTHER OF OW! OW! LEG POOP OW!...
Merry Christmas to Previous Tenant [[Dude checks mail]] / Dude: More Christmas cards for the previous tenant. / Dude: Theree's something to be said for staying in touch, but sometimes you lose contact with people for a reason. / {{mail, christmas cards, xmas}}
Misguided Tsunami News [[Dude sits at work computer]] / Dude: Geez, "Tsunami death toll soars to near 77,000." And what's this here? / Dude: "Czech supermodel injured in Asian tidal wave." / Dude: Well I'm certainly sorry for her misfortune but... / Dude: WHO CARES??? / {{work computer, tsunami, supermodel}}
Movie Tickets for under $10?? Is this legal?? [[Dude stands at movie theater counter]] / Dude: One for "The Incredibles." / Cashier: $8.99 / Dude: Excuse me? / Cashier: $8.99 / Dude: This is a LOEWS right? / Cashier: Yup / Dude: And it's only $8.99?? / Cashier: Yup / Dude: Is there a hidden camera somewhere? / {{movie, pixar, incredibles,...
576th Strip! Caption: KICK IN THE HEAD'S 576TH STRIP!!! / Dude: What? It's just as arbitrary to celebrate 500 or 600 as it is 576. / [[Small Dude pops up in bottom of frame]] / Dude: Oh and by the way, Happy New Year. / {{milestone}}
Photo - Bleecker Walk Signal [[Dude looks at broken hanging walk signal on Bleecker Street]] / {{photo, outdoors, day, walk signal, bleecker}}
New Years Resolution 2005 [[Dude stands in blank space]] / Dude: THIS YEAR I resolve... / Dude: / [[Dude looks to the side]] / Dude: Oh well / {{new years resolution}}
Film Student Reunion [[Dude gets change from video store clerk]] / Video Store Clerk: Here's your change, that's due back in three days. / Video Store Clerk: Hey don't I know you from somewhere? / Video Store Clerk: Were you in one of my film classes? / Dude: Oh yeah, was it Video? / Video Store Clerk: How's your career...
Children With Cancer Donation Can [[Dude at movie theater ticket counter]] / Dude: One for the 6:30 "Life Aquatic" please. / Cashier: $10.50 / Cashier: Would you like to make a donation to help fight children's cancer? / Dude: No thanks. / [[Dude ponders the donation can]] / Dude: You must make a killing off of guys on their first...
Subway Reading [[Dude sits on subway with book]] / Dude: Great thing about a long commute is it lets me catch up on my reading. / Smiley Guy: What are you reading now? / Dude: Instruction manual to a new video game I got. / {{subway, reading, video game manual}}
Subway Musk [[Dude sits on subway next to scraggly looking guy]] / Dude: [[Thinking]] Why do the smelliest people have to sit next to me? I don't want to look rude and go to another seat... / Dude: [[Thinking]] Oh wait, he's leaving. Yes! / Dude: [[Thinking]] Wait, it still smells bad. / Dude: IT WAS YOU THIS...
Photo - Christmas Tree in Garbage [[Dude looks up at Christmas three that stands up inside of trash can on street]] / {{photo, outdoors, night, christmas, xmas tree}}
Photo - Chinatown Engrish [[Dude looks at large fortune cookie fortune on the side of a plant box]] / Fortune Cookie: i love you is going to love you forever. / Lucky Numbers: 7 19 83 40 / {{photo, outdoors, chinatown, fortune cookie}}
Expired Cereal [[Dude stands at deli cashier]] / Dude: Excuse me, do you have "Frosted Mini-Wheats?" I couldn't find them. / Store Man: Let's see, it could be behind something here. / Store Man: Oh wait, I think here's some. / Store Man: Oh, looks like this sucker's expired... / Store Man: Would you like anything...
$5 Psychic [[Dude on street sees sign]] / Sign: PSYCHIC $5 / Psychic: There are many things I can tell you, but you must be sincere with me. / Psychic: So tell me, what is it you wish to ask me? / Dude: Is the reason you open so late because you don't get much business? / {{psychic}}
Militant Bumper Sticker [[Dude looks at bumper sticker on large van]] / Bumper Sticker: How's my Driving? Call 1-800-SCREW-YOU / {{bumper sticker}}
Toasted Raisin Bagel with Cream Cheese [[Dude waits at bus stop next to three other guys, two wear caps]] / Cap Guy #1: HEY! Toasted raisin with cream cheese! / Cap Guy #1: Hey, it's toasted raisin with cream cheese! / Cap Guy #2: Yo! Toasted raisin w/ cream cheese! / Cap Guy #1: Heh, toasted raisin with cream cheese... / [[Other smile...
Previous Tenants' Junk Mail [[Dude checks his mail]] / [[Dude examines letter]] / Dude: What does it say when you know junk mail spells the name of the previous tenant of your apartment wrong? / {{junk mail}}
Photo - Brooklyn Museum Cruise Ship [[Dude stands outside of Brooklyn Museum which now looks like it has the front of a boat embedded in front of it]] / Dude: Can someone tell me when this happened to the Brooklyn Museum? 'Cause clearly I missed it. / {{photo, night, outdoors, brooklyn museum}}
Photo - NYU Water Street Dorm [[Dude stands on balcony of 200 Water Street NYU Dorm]] / {{photo, nyu, new york university, dorm, financial district}}
New iPod Shuffle [[Dude stands in Apple Store examining iPod Shuffle]] / Sign: iPod Shuffle / Dude: Well, I can afford it... / Dude: But it lacks just about everything that makes the iPod cool... / Dude: GOD DAMMIT!!! / {{apple store, ipod shuffle}}
Swipe then STAY RIGHT [[Subway PSA sign with vertical turnstile picture]] / Caption: Swipe, then STAY RIGHT otherwise you're a complete moron / {{subway PSA, sign, turnstile}}
Winter Morning Shower [[Dude stands at bus stop, all his hairs are stiff and pointing out of his head]] / Dude: This is what I get for putting off my shower until right before I leave. / {{winter, shower, frozen hair, bus stop}}
Mystery Street Bag [[Dude stands at bus stop next to smiley guy, a paper bag sits on the left]] / [[Smiley guy looks at the paper bag]] / [[Smiley guy looks into paper bag]] / [[Smile guy leaves bag alone]] / Dude: Were you seriously hoping to find something in there to eat? / {{street trash, bus stop, paper bag}...
Alternate Method of Warming Up [[Dude stands on subway platform]] / Dude: Brrrr... / Dude: I need something to warm me up. / [[Dude dials cell phone]] / <> / Dude: Hi mom. I'm good and you? Yeah, it's pretty cold here. / Dude: 5 degrees? Really? Oh wow. / Dude: No, that's it. Talk to you later. Bye. / [[Dude smiles,...
Photo - MTA Worker on tracks [[Dude stands on Union Square subway platform, an MTA worker is walking on the tracks]] / Dude: Never a good indicator that a train might be coming soon. / {{photo, subway, union square, mta worker}}
Photo - Snowstorm UA Union Square [[Dude endures blowing snowstorm while passing UA Union Square]] / {{photo, outdoors, night, snow, blizzard, united artists, union square}}
How to Empty a Subway #1 [[Empty subway seats]] / [[More empty subway seats]] / [[Yet more empty subway seats]] / [[Dude covers nose talking to scraggly guy]] / Dude: Congratulations. I've never smelled B.O. strong enough to empty quite so many seats in a subway car. / {{subway, body odor, b.o., stench, scraggly}}

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