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Guild Wars The first ever comic, this is taking the piss out Guild Wars. The amout of nubs on there getting naked and dancing mid mission is a joke.
Bad Hair Mark has short hair, we had him grow it long in this comic. It worked we think, Mark is a smoggie.
Lol Internet Wes and Asty have never met each other, they talk all the time on MSN and are love sick. We took the piss out of them ;)
Lolcohol This is taking the piss out of Stu's allergy to alcohol. We do that alot.
H. Casey. Miller? Lol, Casey's real name is Herman.
Not So Wild West Set in the wild west, kind of... This is Stu being pwn'd again.
Misunderstood This is the first guest comic by Phil (Ichimonji) His artistic style makes us laugh.

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