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He tried hard but often failed After years of being a frustrated novelist, he became obsessed with the idea of constructing an entire story in just two sentences. / He tried hard but often failed.
Every night she climbed up the hill Every night she climbed up the hill behind the old church and set the bonfire. / One day he'd see the flames and come back for her.
Extra-ordinary When you told me that you thought I as extraordinary my heart skipped a beat. / But the more I think about it, the more I realize you meant that I was just extra ordinary.
Giant monkey mask This isn't actually me, it's just a giant monkey mask. / My real face is too horrible to look at.
Waste anything but time Waste anything but time. / Time is our most precious resource.
I used to lie awake at night I used to lie awake at night tortured with worry that I only had a finite number of days like this left before I died. / Now that I'm dead, I lie awake at night worrying that every day will be like this for eternity.
When I'm lonely I look at them Under my bed, I keep a cigar box full of valentines I've never been brave enough to send. / When I'm lonely I look at them and dream of what could have been.
War is the new black Report suspicious activity. / War is the new black.
I never thought my words would have any value I never thought that my words would have any value. / But after the war, the price of kindling skyrocketed.
Can't be crazy I keep telling you, I can't be crazy. Because, you know, I take all the most popular pills I mean.
Rumbling through the foothills Strange lonesome monsters rumble through the foothills. / Every evening, as I drive past, I can hear them softly sobbing.
You may come upon a hatch On the path out of town, past the old covered bridge, you may come upon a strange hatch in the ground. / If you see it start to open, close your eyes and run!
All the monuments they made were dedicated to war All the monuments they made were dedicated to war. / We had to make the monuments to peace ourselves.
During parties she liked to excuse herself During parties, she liked to excuse herself, sneak into the bedroom, and insert dollar bills into people's pockets. / It made her warm inside to know that she had just made someone's day.
To live on the banks I always wanted to live on the banks of a lazy river. / Maybe I'll get the chance one day, after I retire.
An entire civilization of one-inch tall people Under a hedge near your garage lives an entire civilization of one inch tall people. / But like everyone else, they don't even know you exist.
Just like everybody else I know I'm just a regular toy robot just like everybody else. / But still, at night I dream I'm a pirate.
Deep under the earth Deep under the earth, they toil in darkness, only rarely poking their heads above ground to marvel at our sky. / To them, our world is their heaven.
Two wars of conquest After a thousand churches, a million empty bottles, two wars of conquest and a dozen highest mountains, I've finally found what I've been looking for... / your eyes.
Isn't there anyone left? Isn't there anyone left? / Dear God! I can't be the only one still alive.
Take us to your leaders "Take us to your leaders," they kept saying again and again. / But they refused to believe us, and went back home.
To fight monsters We went to war to fight monsters. / When we returned from war, we were monsters.
The thought of dying I don't mind the thought of dying. / I just could never stand the thought of being alone.
Tried every station on the dial He meticulously tried every station on the antique radio, day after day. / But he never heard her voice again.
My eyes are filled I can't see anything else anymore. / My eyes are filled with gods.
We can't seem to find the ground anymore "To whomever finds this letter: We've been lost up here for weeks now and we can't seem to find the ground anymore. For God's sake, pray for our souls." / The man put the note into the last bottle of champagne, and threw it off the zeppelin's gondoloa into a clear, azure-blue sky.
Why is there something instead of nothing? "Why is there something instead of nothing?" the man cried to the heavens one last time. / Then he took a step, in hope of finding out.
The only good part is I'm really sad that you're dead, really I am. / The only good part is that now I can ride as fast as I like without having to wait for you to catch up.
Then one day I found my name I used to think it was weird how, after the war, I would spend more and more of my free time just wandering around the old graveyard outside of town. / Then one day I found my name written on one of the tombstones.
I'm going to save the world I'm going to save the world. / No matter how many people I have to kill to do it.

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