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The people who live upstairs The people who live upstairs seem to talk about tolerance and equality a lot. / But when I come to visit, they just scream and throw rocks at me.
When it finally came Considering all I'd been responsible for, I figured I'd be the first one up against the wall when the revolution came. / When it finally came though, my execution was no more than an afterthought.
We hoped We hoped that the war would end since there was no one left alive to fight. / It was so hungry though that it raised the dead from their gravess so the carnage could continue.
Their biggest mistake was not realizing Their biggest mistake was not realizing that nothing brings about a revolution faster than trying to stop it. / Now they know.
Only took us three months After the revolution, all we had left for currency were acorns. / In a frenzy of greed, it only took us three months to cut down the last of the forests.
Far too ashamed She was far too ashamed to ever tell anyone what he did to her. / She was far too frightened to tell anyone what the thing under the bed did to him when it found out.
I once thought this was purgatory It's taken me years, decades maybe down here to realize it, but the exit signs that just lead to more empty corridors convinced me. / I once thought this was purgatory, but it's not, it's hell.
I guess I'm just unlucky They say that 99.9999% of all airplanes don't ever crash. / I guess I'm just unlucky.
Father Christmas Father Christmas said there'd be Peace on Earth. / My childhood dreams lie crushed under mounds of discarded wrapping paper and cheap plastic tchokies.
As long as I could I waited for you as long as I could. / Maybe I'll see you at the next stop.
The only way I can watch tv People are frightened to cross this bridge because so many have been eaten by the troll. / But that's the only way I can watch tv without them stomping on my roof at all hours.
Robots smashed their way There was panic in the streets the day the robots finally smashed their way through our defense grid and took over the government. / Turns out, they were much better at it than we ever were anyway, so we left the bureaucracy to them and spent our days lying ont he beach.
Brave enough to venture None of the town's children have ever been brave enough to venture into the haunted house on the hill. / Inside, the home's sole spirit, the ghost of a small kitten, hopes in vain for a little girl with courage.
A tall lanky man dressed all in black Every night, a tall lanky man dressed all in black sneaks into the hospital's delivery room and whispers strange messages into the babies' ears. / What he says often profoundly effects each child's destiny.
Come to the conclusion I've come to the conclusion that I'm not actually living. / I'm just killing time.
Art without purpose Art without purpose is vandalism. / Vandalism without purpose is art.
So many people had been buried After a time, so many people had been buried that the whole planet was one big graveyard. / The living all elft for greener worlds, but I stayed behind since someone had to keep placing the flowers.
Suicide is the highest form of art On a planet far away, circling a distant star, the people are all made of living fireworks. / On that world, suicide is considered the highest form of art.
She's not coming home You're here to tell me that she's not coming home, aren't you? / I think I'm going to have to be brave now.
The only thing my father ever gave me The only thing my father ever gave me was this old doomsday device. / If he thinks he can get me to follow his footsteps by buying me cheezy gifts, he's got another thing coming.
Like this, forever. There's nothing I ever wanted more in this world than to be with you, like this, forever. / But now that we're here, I kinda regret not wishing for a pet monkey instead.
We laugh a little I hold her hand and lie and say it's not too late. We laugh a little, before the end.
Optimists think the glass People say that optimists think the glass is half full, pessimists think that it's half empty. / But which one are you when you just find yourself wondering if it's enough poison to do the job?
If you had a ring If you had a ring that made you invisible, what would you use it for? / What if it also made you invisible to God?
Not your worst nightmare C'mon, admit it, I'm not your worst nightmare. / I'm your best nightmare.
Where the unpleasantness occurred Their love had been so great and their breakup so traumatic to the universe that it actually resulted in a curse on the table in the restaurant where the unpleasantness occurred. / For several years afterwards, every couple who sat at that table found their love drained and they suffered a similar breakup...
Those terrible things "Why do people keep telling me to do those terrible things?" she said. / I had to remind her that I'm not technically a 'person'.
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? / No,not yet. Soon.
I'm not lonely No, I'm not lonely. / I have all of my secrets to keep me company.
All my exes look the same It's funny you know, but now that I think about it, you're right, all my ex-lovers did look the same, / Outlined in chalk.

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