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Intro Long ago, a great evil known as the Dragon ruled the realm of Csyelus. Nothing escaped its influence. As the children of such evil, the kuvrahk people were bound to live under the Dragon's iron claw for eternity. Nothing was thought to stop his reign of evil. All hope for salvation was lost. / For...
When A God Speaks Narrator: My Brethren, children of Tiama. Heed my warning... / Narrator: The great Deceiver is already among you. / Narrator: I sense there is hatred welling in many of you. / Narrator: The Outsiders spread lies. Hear their words... / Narrator: ...but listen to your own heart. / Narrator: It is the one...
Who listens? Narrator: There will be no peace, my brethren. / Narrator: The Dark Ones wish for its return. / Narrator: They will stop at nothing to destroy you. / Narrator: Do not believe you are completely invulnerable. / Narrator: Fight them until I can return to you.
Iar'ias Narrator: I know you are weakened. / Narrator: I have not left you... / Narrator: My love for you is eternal. / Narrator: Iar'ias, where have you gone? / Iar'ias: *sigh* / Narrator: I cannot, will not return until the prophecy is set! / Iar'ias: My Queen... Forgive me. / Narrator: Iar'ias, can you hear...
Iar'ias II Iar'ias: My soul has weakened. / Iar'ias: My time has come to an end. / Iar'ias: A new prophecy will begin this day. / Iar'ias: So shall the signs be commanded. / Iar'ias: This will be my final decree in your name.
Iar'ias III <>
Lost Iar'ias: Someone will find your voice again, Canas. / Iar'ias: I am not worthy of serving you... / Iar'ias: I am no longer yours.
Troublemaker Chapter 1 / "Troublemaker" / Created, Written, and Drawn by Casey Young.
Silvershore Port Narrator: Sometime later in a really big city. / Narrator: (Silvershore Port, easily the largest neutral city bordering csyelusian and skylord terretories.) / Narrator: (Just FYI.) / Narrator: A little pocket of chaos is brewing.
Sasha Guard 1: It's about time we caught you / Guard 2: Hang on to 'im. He's Wirey! / Sasha: Look, whatever it was, I.. I didn't do it! / Sasha: OW! / Sasha: Hey! Arms don't bend that way! / Guard 2: Shut your complaining. You're under Arrest! / Sasha: For what? I didn't do anything! / Guard 2: Let's just call...
Sasha II Guard: Trespassing onto some very private propertyGuard: Not to mention running from the law. / Sasha: OOF! / Sasha: Look, I think you got the wrong Kuvrahk! / Sasha: But what if I made big cutesy eyes and said I was sorry anyway? / Sasha: You look like a forgivin' kinda fell... / Sasha: OW!
Altermeta [[ Two guards restrain Sasha. Sasha looks frightened. ]] / Guard: I'm not laughing. Believe me, the Silvermanes will be pressing full charges. / Sasha: Silvermane? / Sasha: Wa-a-ait a minute! If you're saying what I think you're saying then lemme clear up some details! It wasn't exactly 'trespassing',...
Wiry Lil' Thing [[Sasha is held by two guards with a bugeyed look]] / Guard: Lord Silvermane will put an end to your prowling. / Guard: Drifters like you don't get a jury. / [[Sasha looks a bit thoughtful]] / Sasha: hmm... / [[Sasha grins]] / Sasha: If you say so! / [[Sasha twists around in the guards' grasp]] / <> / [[Sasha...
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