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Page 1 [[It is raining at a graveyard.]] / [[A closer view of a grave with a bouquet of flowers on it.]] / [["Rhea Snaketail" is written on the gravestone.]] / Mysterious Voice: Rhea... / Mysterious Voice: Rhea!.. / Mysterious Voice: Wake up, Rhea!! / Dark Figure: Good morning, Rhea. / Rhea: ...uh-oh / Dark Figure: Do not afraid. I will not harm you.
Page 2 Rhea: ...Alright then Mr. Creepy... Where are we, anyway? / Dark Figure: This is JUDGMENT! / Rhea: JUDGMENT? Then that would make you... / Death: Death. The Grim Reaper. Anubis. Et cetera. / Rhea: Aw, crap! / Death: Hmm... let us see now... Snakeeyes...Snakeface... / Death: Ah! Snaketail! ...Strange. The Great Book of Records has you listed as "Undetermined". / Rhea: Great. What does THAT mean? / Death: I will have to figure out your destination for the afterlife manually.
Page 3 Death: Rhea, these scales represent the good and bad deeds you have done in your life. While I commend you for the vast amount of good deeds you have accomplished, I am sad to say that your life was still heavy with sin. As you can see, your evil slightly outweighs the good. / Death: You cannot enter Purgatory, and Hell has no place for you. / <> / Death: ...However... / Death: You do not exactly belong in Hell, either... / Rhea: WHAAT!? WHERE am I supposed to go, then? / Death: It is... somewhat strange. Come, I will explain it to you on the way. / [[Rhea grumbles in annoyance.]] / Rhea: GACK!! / Death: I SAID GET OVER HERE!!
Page 4 Death: This is the River of Lost Souls. Some call it the Styx. Either way, Hell is on the other side, and that is where we are going. / Rhea: But I thought you said I don't belong in Hell. That's not fair!! / Death: I am always fair. I will explain it along the way. / Rhea: ...and how do you keep changing sizes like that? / Death: It is one of my job's few perks. Now get in the boat. / Death: Wait! I almost forgot. You need to pay a fare of one coin of any value, from any place. / Rhea: But I don't have any money with me! / Death: ...Well... / Death: You could always try swimming it. / Rhea: GULP! / Death: Or... / Death: Try checking your right ear... / Rhea: A gold coin! But how...? / <> / Death: Is it not Jakkai tradition to give deceased loved ones fare for their trip to the afterlife? We have to hurry now! We are almost late for our meeting. / Rhea: Heh. I'm already late... / Death: ...You almost deserve Hell for that pun.
Page 5 Rhea: The Ring of the Slightly Damned?! What kind of place is THAT? ...what a dumb name. / Death: It's technically part of Hell, but few if any souls are placed within it. Thus, not even the Demons choose to acknowledge it. There are some exceptions, of course... / Death: ...We have arrived. / Rhea: Wonderful. / Rhea: So where's the guy we're supposed to meet, anyway? / Death: ... / Death: There he is, late as usual... / Purple Demon: S-Sorry I'm late! <> / Death: I expected as much...
Page 6 Death: Today I have a surprise for you, Buwaro. For the rest of her stay in Hell, you will be in charge of Rhea here. / Buwaro: I will? / Rhea: Is this guy a demon? He looks kinda frail and weak. Not scary at all! Ha! / Death: ...Buwaro is a fire demon... / Rhea: And he has purple fur, too! Hahahaha!! / Buwaro: WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY FUR!? / Buwaro: Is it ok for me to do it now? / Death: It's up to you... / Buwaro: Mwahahahahahaha....
Page 7 Buwaro: HA! / Rhea: AUGH!! / <> / Rhea: What did you do THAT for!? / Buwaro: It's my job to do stuff like that as your demon supervisor! / Rhea: ... / Buwaro: ? / [[Rhea turns around angrily.]] / Rhea: RAWR!! / Buwaro: KYA--AA!! / [[Rhea and Buwaro fight while Death looks on speechlessly.]]
Page 8 <> / Rhea: Rock! I win! / Buwaro: Curses! / [[Buwaro strangles Rhea.]] / Death: Farewell, you two!! / Death: Try to get along! / Rhea: ... / Buwaro: .. / Buwaro: So... do you want me to show you around? / Rhea: Sounds good to me! / [[A shadowy figure observes Buwaro and Rhea from a tall perch.]]
Page 9 Rhea: Wow. So that's it, huh? A bunch of rocks? / Buwaro: Uh... yeah, I guess so. / Rhea: So, what do you do for fun here? / Buwaro: Fun? Hmm... / 1 Hour Later... / Buwaro: Oh yeah! / Rhea: Z / Buwaro: I invited this game myself! You toss a rock into the air... / Buwaro: ...and then you try to catch it! / [[Buwaro and Rhea wait for the rock to fall.]] / [[Buwaro is hit on the head by the rock.]] / <> / Rhea: You are SUCH a moron. / Buwaro: Owchie...
Page 10 Buwaro: Oww... that hurt a LOT! / Rhea: So, Death mentioned that you were a fire demon. Does that mean you can use fire magic? / Buwaro: Huh? / Rhea: You know, MAGIC! / Rhea: I'm talking about the power to freeze your foes, electrocute your enemies, and create unstoppable chaos with merely a hand gesture or a thought!! / Rhea: MWAHAHAHA!! / Rhea: Uh... er, I mean, you know- / Buwaro: OF COURSE! I can breathe fire, you know. Watch this! / Buwaro: GASP! / Buwaro: Splbbtthh!! / Rhea: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Page 11 Buwaro: This isn't fair! I KNOW that I can do this! / Buwaro: Alright!! I'll try again! / Buwaro: GASP / Buwaro: BWAARGGH / [[Buwaro shoots fire right into Rhea's face.]] / [[Rhea is charred and blackened from the fire.]] / Rhea: Keff! / [[Rhea is visibly enraged.]] / Buwaro: Meep!
Page 12 Rhea: Well, Buwaro... How 'bout a little demonstration of MY magic? / Buwaro: ? / Rhea: YAH!! / <> / [[Rhea punches the ground.]] / <> / [[Buwaro is hit by a spike from the ground.]] / Rhea: HA! Buwaro, I hope that ALL demons aren't half as weak as you!! / Shadowy Figure: They're not. / Rhea: !
Page 13 [[A tall, intimidating Demon shows herself in front of Rhea.]] / Buwaro: Hi, Sakido! / Rhea: Y-you know h-her...? / Buwaro: 'Course! She's my big sister! / Rhea: ...wonderful.
Page 14 Sakido: Who are you? / Buwaro: Her name is Rhea and I'm in charge of her while she stays in Hell! / Sakido: Hmm... / Sakido: She doesn't look TOO dangerous... / [[Sakido pokes Rhea.]] / <> / Buwaro: She's my new bestest friend! / [[Buwaro hugs Rhea very tightly.]] / <>
Page 15 Sakido: Buwaro, did Death leave anything for me today? / Buwaro: Oh no! I broke Rhea!! / Buwaro: No, he only dropped off Rhea. / Sakido: How disappointing... / Buwaro: Rhea! You're okay! / Rhea: Grrr... / <> / Sakido: Oh yes... Buwaro... / Sakido: You should be wary- Iratu may visit us soon. / Buwaro: R-really? Soon? / Rhea: Iratu? / Sakido: Yes. That's why I'm warning you n- / Rhea: Whoa!
Page 16 [[Sakido, Buwaro, and Rhea view a pillar of light in the distance.]] / Rhea: What is that? / Buwaro: I don't know... but it isn't the first time that I've seen it. / Buwaro: Sa-? / Sakido: Don't worry about it. / [[Sakido flies away.]] / Rhea: Your sister's freaky, dude.
Page 17 Rhea: What's up with your sister, man? She was so weird and FREAKY! / Buwaro: She's not freaky- she's COOL! / Rhea: Well, whatever. She's a demon anyway. / <> / Rhea: But c'mon- do I really look that unintimidating to you? / Buwaro: Uh, well, umm... Let me think now... er... / Buwaro: What do I say? What do I do?? "No" means I get my butt kicked. "Yes" means the same! Ack!! I can't deal with these mind games!!! Maybe if I smoothly try to change the subject... / Buwaro: I like rocks! / Rhea: ... / Buwaro: What? I do! I even have a rock collection! / Rhea: It's like he gets stupider and stupider the longer I stay here...
Page 18 Rhea: Just one more EASY question before your brain totally craps out on us, kid. / Buwaro: Hmm? / Rhea: Who is Iratu? / Buwaro: Oh, he's just my big brother. / Rhea: B-b-brother?? / Buwaro: He's got pointy ears, teeth, claws, and he's really tall! / Buwaro: I think he's kinda scary, unlike Sakido. ...Rhea? / Buwaro: Rhea?? / Rhea: ...I'm under the boulder... / Rhea: ...and I'm gonna stay here until your little HELL SPAWN FAMILY REUNION is over! / Buwaro: Oh, c'mon! I wanna show you my place!!
Page 19 Buwaro and Rhea visit Buwaro's place... / Buwaro: Well, here we are! / Rhea: ... / Rhea: "Here" WHERE!? This place looks exactly the same as everywhere else!! / <> / Buwaro: But check out my most awesome rock collection! / Rhea: What the CRAP!? / Rhea: All your rocks are the same as all the other rocks in this stupid place! / Buwaro: Are NOT! / Buwaro: Isn't that right, Thadius? / Rhea: Pet rock? / Buwaro: Yup! Her name is Thadius! Isn't she beautiful? / Rhea: Sure, Buwaro. Sure.
Page 20 Buwaro: And this is where I go to sleep when I'm tired... / Rhea: Rocks. Comfy. / Buwaro: And, last but not *grunt* least... / Buwaro: This is where I keep all my best stuff... besides my rocks. / Rhea: Hmm... a torn-up book, some shiny rocks, a few bones, and... what's this? / Rhea: A white feather? / Buwaro: Don't touch it!! I'm not sure where I got it, but it's special to me... / Rhea: Okay, whatever. / Buwaro: So now it's YOUR turn to share. How did you die, anyway? / Rhea: Um... I'd rather no- / [[The area becomes pitch black instantly.]] / Buwaro: Whoa! Time flies! It's already nighttime. / Rhea: ...I hate this place.
Page 21 [[An unknown Jakkai is shown, looking worried.]] / Rhea: ?? Ramirez? Here? But no... It can't be. I've- / [[Rhea reaches out towards Ramirez.]] / Rhea: !! RAMIREZ, WA- / Rhea: Wow. That dream... it... oh, whatever. Hmm. Looks like it's still nighttime... / [[In an instant, everything is brightly lit.]] / <> / Buwaro: Good mo- / Rhea: AAAAA IT BURNS! / Buwaro: You don't think I'm ugly, do you, Thadius? / Rhea: I THINK MY EYES EXPLODED AAA OH GOD AAGH
Page 22 [[Rhea is electrocuted by a bolt of lightning via a kite.]] / <> / Human: Look out for the quick- ah... nevermind... / [[Rhea falls into quicksand.]] / Rhea: AAAAAAIIIIEE / [[Rhea is crushed by a piano.]] / [[Rhea is drowning while surrounded by various sea animals.]] / [[Rhea is inside the belly of a giant snake.]] / Snake: Burp! / [[Rhea is eating a large bowl of pasta.]] / Someone: Eating all those carbs will be the death of you, you know. / Rhea: Nonsense! / Rhea: No, Buwaro... I didn't die ANY of those ways. / Buwaro: Darn! And I thought I had you with that last one...
Page 23 After several days of staying in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, one thought burns in Rhea's mind... / Rhea: THIS PLACE FREAKING SUCKS! / Rhea: Stupid boring full of freaks ring of crap argh / [[Rhea kicks a rock into the river.]] / <> / Rhea: Eh? / [[Something is bubbling in the river.]] / <> / Someone in the river: Ouch! / Rhea: Whoa! Yo, Buwaro! / Buwaro: Yeah? / Rhea: There's a guy over there! / Zombie-like Human: Hi! / Buwaro: EEEEEEEK! / [[Buwaro jumps into Rhea's arms.]] / Rhea: H-heavy...
Page 24 Rhea: Buwaro, get off me! / Buwaro: But that guy's SCARY! / Rhea: Oh yeah, sorry about the rock. Just who are you, anyway? / Seymour: I am Seymour Sinclair!! ...the famous, traveling, professional daredevil. / Seymour: ...that is, until a tragic accident occurred with my "flaming wagon of doom" act... / Buwaro: So sad! / Buwaro: Is that why you're so ugly? / Seymour: Sigh. Yes, in Hell you keep the damage from when you died. / Seymour: Since she looks fine, I'd guess that she died from an illness, am I right?
Page 25 Rhea: Y-yeah! An illness! You sure are smart, Seymour! Eheh... / Seymour: Oh yes! I just remembered! / Seymour: I think I recall seeing you before, demon. / Buwaro: Me? Really? / Rhea: Phew! / Seymour: Many years ago I saw a young demon that made a game of throwing rocks up into the air... / [[A young Buwaro throws a rock into the air.]] / <> / Seymour: ...and then being hit by them... / [[Young Buwaro is hit by the rock he threw.]] / <> / Rhea: Yup. That's Buwaro. / Rhea: Hey wait... a few years? How old ARE you? / Seymour: Ha ha ha ha ha ha... / Seymour: I died decades ago... Ever since I was put in this ring I've been trying to escape across the Styx. I believe I can make it to HEAVEN! / Rhea: What about Purgatory? / Buwaro: I hate swimming. Brrrr / Seymour: Well, yeah... But from there I swim to Heaven!
Page 26 Seymour: Although my efforts have been futile thus far, I refuse to give up! / Buwaro: How inspiring. / Seymour: I'd rather keep trying to make it to Purgatory or Heaven than stay in this barren wasteland for all eternity. Just thinking about it... I'm leaving NOW! / [[Seymour jumps back into the river.]] / <> / Rhea and Buwaro: ! / Seymour: Farewell, strangers! / Buwaro: Wow... Seymour is a really fast swimmer! / Rhea: I hope I don't end up like him... / Death: Hmm... Seymour certainly is a unique individual... / Rhea and Buwaro: ... / Buwaro: Yay! Death is here!! / Rhea: Hey! What the- Where the hell did YOU come from?! / Death: That answer is somewhat complicated. Why not settle for a friendly "Hello"?
Page 27 Death: Poor Seymour... If only he had not stolen so much... Anyhow... I am only here shortly to deliver a letter to your sister, Buwaro. / [[Death gives a letter to Rhea.]] / Buwaro: Thanks, Death! You can count on us to deliver it to her! And I'm sorry I forgot you were visiting... / Rhea: You visit regularly? / Death: Yes, of course. / Death: So, how are you kids doing? / Rhea: Horri-ACK!! / [[Buwaro hugs Rhea tightly.]] / Buwaro: GREAT!! / Rhea: Well, I guess things could be a lot worse... / Buwaro: Death, before you go, can you tell me how Rhea died? She won't tell me and Seymour said it was because of an illness. Is that true? / Rhea: Hey!! / Death: An illness? No, that is not her cause of death... Unless you count being related to someone as an illness... / Buwaro: So... You had a sick cousin? / Rhea: Shut. Up.
Page 28 <> / [[Rhea bites Buwaro's hand.]] / Buwaro: AAAAAAA! / Rhea: Heh heh heh... / Death: Why are you so embarrassed about about your death, Rhea? It is nothing to be ashamed of. / Rhea: Hmph. / Rhea: For a Jakkai to leave the village and be murdered like that, I'd say it's pretty shameful. / Death: Rhea, you were a loved member of the village. Also... / Death: Ramirez gave you that coin to cross the Styx. / Death: Now. Buwaro looks sad over there. Why not go and apologize to him? / Rhea: Okay, okay!! No pushing!
Page 29 Buwaro: Hi, Rhea. / Rhea: Hey, Buwaro. I'm sorry I bit you... I was just... hey, what are you staring at? / Buwaro: Iratu. / Rhea: Your... Brother? / <> / [[A large, dark figure is walking towards Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: Hello, Iratu! / Iratu: 'llo there, little bro! / [[The large Demon Iratu pets Buwaro on the head.]] / Buwaro: Oof- Hi! / Death: Greetings, Iratu. Fare you well? / Iratu: Damn straight! / Rhea: Hide me. / Iratu: Hey, Sakido told me about you! *hick* Rhea, right? / [[Iratu pokes Rhea.]] / <> / Rhea: ACK!
Page 30 Iratu: *hic* / Death: Why Iratu, I do believe you have grown since we last met! / Iratu: Do ya really think so? / Death: Still drunk as usual, however. / Iratu: *Hic!* Hee~! / Rhea: DUDE! Why is your brother so freaking HUGE!? / Buwaro: I think all earth demons are giant... / Rhea: ... / Buwaro: Although Iratu is big and scary, usually he's very nice to me. But when he- / Iratu: BUWARO!! Let's do some TRAINING!!! / Buwaro: EEEEK!!
Page 31 Lesson #1 Blood-chilling Demon roars! / Iratu: You try it too, Rhea! / Buwaro: Grrr! Rawr! SNARL!! / Rhea: Uh, "RAWR"? / Iratu: What kind of CRAP performance was that? *hic* I'll show you all how it's REALLY DONE!! / [[Iratu roars so loudly that it sends Buwaro and Rhea flying. Even Death is overwhelmed.]] / Elsewhere... / [[Sakido breaks off a branch of her bonsai tree.]] / Sakido: ! / Sakido: Grrr... Iratu and his stupid roaring contests. / Iratu: DUDE THAT WAS SO DOPE
Page 32 Iratu: Lesson #2! Weight Training! / [[Iratu looks around.]] / Iratu: AHA! / [[Iratu starts lifting a giant rock off the ground.]] / Iratu: GRRRRR... / [[Iratu succeeds in lifting the giant rock.]] / Iratu: HA! / Iratu: HAHAHA *hic*! Piece 'o cake! / Buwaro and Rhea: oooOOooo... / [[Iratu throws the giant rock at Buwaro and Rhea.]] / Iratu: Now it's YOUR guys' turn! / Buwaro and Rhea: AAAAIEEEE!! / [[Death grows giant and intercepts the flying boulder.]] / Death: Iratu... / Iratu: What?
Page 33 Iratu: Lesson #3! My personal favorite *hic* activity- DRINKING! / [[Iratu slams down his giant flask.]] / <> / Iratu: Drink up, lil' bro! / Death: I FORBID IT! / Iratu: More for me! / Rhea: H-hey, Iratu. I'm curious. What is your favorite type of drink? / Iratu: Huh? *hic* None, really, but this is a Bloody Mary. / Rhea: You like tomatoes? That's sorta weird. / Iratu: Actually, back in Hell, there's this girl who died of alcohol poisoning and- / Rhea: EWWW Too much information! / Death: I think it's time for Iratu to return home... / [[Death starts shoving Iratu away.]] / Buwaro: Buh-bye~!
Page 34 Death: Now that Iratu is on his way back home, it is time for me to be on my way. Farewell. / Rhea: Well, that was truly interesting... to say the very least. / Buwaro: Iratu is scary when he's drunk... / Rhea: Now then... I suppose we should go deliver this to Sakido. / [[Rhea pulls out the letter that she received from Death.]] / Rhea: Where does she live, anyway? / Buwaro: Really far away, at the pinnacles. / Rhea: Oh. We'll go tomorrow, then. / Rhea: I wonder who wrote this? Do you know? / [[Rhea sticks the letter into her back pocket.]] / Buwaro: Nope... But she's been getting mail like this for over a year! / Rhea: Heheh... A demon with a penpal. This place gets stranger all the time! It's been a long day... C'mon, let's go home.
Page 35 Rhea is having a dream. / Rhea: .... / Rhea: ...huh? Where-? / Rhea: Oh, crap. Not this all over AGAIN. / Rhea: I recognize this. A dream? A nightmare, I guess. This place... I hate it. Why? In a matter of moments... / Rhea: HERE! / [[Rhea is stabbed by a dagger.]] / Rhea: MURDERED! I die with a knife in my heart. This is my death. I remember the weapon, but not its master. They cannot be seen. It's stupid. Oh, well. / Rhea: ... / [[Rhea unsuccessfully tries to pull the dagger out of her chest.]] / Rhea: ... / Rhea: This dagger is stuck. It doesn't hurt. Sigh. / Rhea: I've been dreaming about how I died for a while now. It feels like I should be scared, but I'm not. In fact, I would call it... boring. And they all end the same, strange way. Off in the distance... / Rhea: Someone looks at me and says... / Shadowy Figure: Rynn. / Rhea: Then I wake up.
Page 36 Buwaro is having a dream. / Buwaro: I HAF PARTEE / Sakido: I HAF COM TO UR PARTEE / Buwaro: YAY SakeeDoH / Rhea: ARGGRR BUWARO IS KEWL / Iratu: Cant... reech... BOOZE! ARMS TO SMAL!! / Thadius is hear two! / Buwaro: OH NO LUK- ITS ROKZILLA!! / SUPER BUWARO to the REZKEW!!!! / Iratu and Sakido: YAY!!! / Rhea: Y AM I TAL? / Rhea: Buwaro I cant bleeve u stoopid partee y its duM Butt u R still kewl so OK / Death: UR THe smartest Demon EVAR & kewl to Buwaro / Buwaro: IM GLEE / EVRYBODDY PARTEe!!!! / Buwaro: I HAF THE BESTEST FAMLI EVAR YAAAAY
Page 37 [[Rhea is quietly lying on the ground, staring up at the sky.]] / Buwaro: Good morning, Rhea! Let's go visit Sakido now! I'm also bringing Thadius. / Rhea: Sigh. / Sakido lived far from Rhea and Buwaro. / Buwaro: La la la~! We're doing something important! La la la~! Doo dee doo~! / Plus, the pinnacles were part of a small mountain range. / Rhea: GROAN... / Buwaro: Hurry up, Rhea! / Rhea: Did I ever mention I hate climbing? 'Cause I really do. / Buwaro: Ah! Here we are- the pinnacles! But... I don't really remember where my sister lives... / Buwaro: But maybe we can try to figure it out! C'mon! / Much, much later... / Rhea: FINALLY! Hmm... Sakido just HAD to live on the TALLEST one, didn't she? / Buwaro: Yup!
Page 38 [[Buwaro climbs up the pinnacle with Rhea on his back.]] / Rhea: Hey Buwaro, you're a really good climber! I suck at it... which is pretty weird considering I'm a Jakkai born and raised in a forest. / Buwaro: Thanks! I'm just used to it. But... ah... What's a forest? / Rhea: Hmm... Well, I guess it's just a place with a bunch of trees. But, I guess you don't know what a tree is. It's, uh... a big tall thing with green things on top called "leaves". Heh... I just thought, it looks like broccoli. You can eat broccoli. / Buwaro: Hmm... / Rhea: ? / [[Buwaro absentmindedly lets go of the pinnacle.]] / Buwaro: I think Sakido has one of those broccoli things! / Rhea: AGGH!! Don't let go! / Rhea: ...I hate you...
Page 39 Buwaro: Hi, Sakido! We're here to visit you~!! / Rhea: *oof* Finally! / [[Sakido pulls Buwaro and Rhea up to the top.]] / Rhea: ! / Sakido: Hmph. I thought I heard screams. / Rhea: Yeah, your beloved brother here let go while climbing- TWICE!! / Buwaro: HUGS! / Rhea: Anyway, here. We just came to deliver this letter. / Rhea: Ugh, I'd complain that you live too far away, but if I were you I'd live far away from Buwaro too! That idiot... / [[Sakido looks silently at Rhea, looking slightly concerned.]] / <> / Rhea and Sakido: ? / Sakido: BUWARO!!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EATING MY BONSAI?! / Buwaro: Mph? Naw a bwofoffi?* / *Translation: Huh? Not a broccoli?
Page 40 Rhea: !! / [[Sakido angrily lifts up Rhea.]] / Sakido: RAAARGH / [[Sakido throws Rhea at Buwaro.]] / [[Rhea flies into Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: Oof! / [[Buwaro and Rhea fall off the pinnacle.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: AAAAAAAA... / Sakido: Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't have done that.
Page 41 Yesterday / Sakido: Iratu. / Iratu: ? / Sakido: Why did you come here today? We don't have anything you want. / Iratu: Heh heh heh... / Sakido: His breath smells like crap. / Iratu: What'sss the matter, shish? Can't I just visit my own family? *hic* I just wanted t'shay g'bye... Next time y'shee the big light in the sky, I'll be off ta bigger an' better places! / [[Iratu holds up a piece of paper with writing on it.]] / Iratu: Thish little paper guarantees that! / Sakido: !
Page 42 [[Buwaro and Rhea fall rapidly to the ground.]] / Rhea: AAAA / Buwaro: Hmm? / Rhea: AAAAA / Buwaro: Whoa! We're a lot higher up than I thought we were! / Rhea: AAAAA / Buwaro: But then I guess that's not good. / [[Sakido swoops down and catches Buwaro and Rhea.]] / <> / Sakido: Hold on tight. / Buwaro: Hi, Sakido! / Buwaro: Hooray! Group hug! / Sakido: ...grumble...
Page 43 [[Buwaro happily hugs his pet rock Thadius. Reunited!]] / Rhea: WHAT!? You want us to go into Hell? But why? Why can't you go instead!? / Rhea: Oh man... Sakido looks really, reeeaaallllyy pissed off. / Sakido: Iratu has an important document. I want to see it. / Sakido: As punishment for destroying my bonsai, you two are going to get it for me. / [[Sakido kicks Buwaro and Rhea off of the pinnacle.]] / Sakido: Now go! / Rhea: Grab a ledge! Grab a ledge!!
Page 44 Rhea: This is all your fault. / Buwaro: Huh? / Rhea: If you hadn't eaten your sister's bonsai, we wouldn't be doing this. / Buwaro: Well, I'm sorry! I got confused and thought it was a broccoli, like you told me about! I was curious... / Rhea: You're ALWAYS confused. Thanks to that, I get screwed over. / Buwaro: Why are you always so MEAN? / Rhea: As long as you're a dumbass, I can be as mean as I want to be. / [[Buwaro glares at Rhea angrily while Rhea folds her arms stubbornly.]] / [[Buwaro hits Rhea on her head with Thadius.]] / <> / Rhea: OW! / [[Rhea stomps on Buwaro's foot.]] / <> / Buwaro: OW! / [[Buwaro attempts to headbutt Rhea, but she catches his horns.]] / [[Buwaro and Rhea go tumbling down the hillside.]] / Rhea and Buwaro: OW! OW! OW! OW!
Page 45 [[A bloody and bruised Buwaro and Rhea stop to talk in the middle of fighting.]] / Buwaro: Hey, wait a minute! / Rhea: ? / Buwaro: I think we made it to Hell... / [[Buwaro and Rhea view the gates of Hell.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: Whoa. / Rhea: What are you waiting for? Go ahead. / Buwaro: Me? No way- YOU go first! / Rhea: YOU go first. / Buwaro: No, you! / Rhea: You! / Buwaro: You! / [[A pair of red eyes glow in the darkness.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: YouYouYouYouYouYouYouYou
Page 46 Giant Red Head: WHO DARES TRESPASS ON THIS UNHOLY LAND!? / Rhea: AAAAGH!! / [[Buwaro looks up at the red head, paralyzed with fear.]] / Giant Red Head: Huh? Oh... it's a little purple demon and a Jakkai. Funny... I didn't think anyone else was left in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. / Rhea: A-are you C-Cerberus..? / Green Cerberus Head: ARRR!! INVADERS! KILL!! DESTROY!!! / Buwaro and Rhea: AAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEE / [[The red head hits the green head.]] / <> / Red: Shuddap, you idiot! / Green: OW!
Page 47 Red: WE ARE INDEED CERBERUS. WHY DO YOU INTRUDE HERE, OUTCASTS? / Rhea: We... uh... we n-need t-to see... uh... / Rhea: Iratu. / <> / Red and Green: ! / Red: BY SYNDEL'S CROWN!! THE EARTH DEMON IRATU!? / Rhea: Uh... yeah. / Red: HE WAS DRUNK YESTERDAY! / Rhea: Sloshed. / Red: YOU STILL WANT TO SEE HIM!? / Rhea: Right. / Red: THIS MUST BE URGENT! NO ONE IS STUPID ENOUGH TO BOTHER IRATU THE DAY AFTER HE GETS DRUNK! / [[Cerberus unlocks the gate.]] / <> / [[Cerberus kicks Rhea and Buwaro through the gate.]] / <> / Red: AND BE BACK BEFORE DARK! NO ONE GETS IN OR OUT AT NIGHT! / Buwaro: Gulp! / Rhea: I'm liking this less and less. / Red: They aren't going to make it. / [[The green head shakes.]] / <>
Page 48 Rhea: Wow, this place certainly is different from our ring, huh Buwaro? / Buwaro: ...can I carry Thadius now? / Someone: Help me! / Buwaro and Rhea: ? / [[A human reaches out from behind a boulder.]] / Human: You- Jakkai! HELP ME!! / [[A scaly green hand grabs the Human by his throat.]] / Human: ULP! / Human: AAAGH! OH GOD OH- / <> / [[Blood spews from behind the boulder as Buwaro and Rhea look on in horror.]] / Buwaro: RHEA!! I WANNA GO HOME!! / [[Buwaro, terrified, hugs Rhea, causing Thadius to slip from his grasp.]] / <> / Rhea: We can't yet, you big, stupid... Hey, do you hear music?
Page 49 The lyrics to "The Song that Never Ends" fills the page. / [[An angry-looking fire demon is turning the handle on a record player.]] / Buwaro: Look, a demon! Maybe we can ask him where my brother is! / Rhea: Uhm... / Buwaro: Hi! Could you- / Fire Demon: DAMMIT!! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!? / Fire Demon: SHIT! First they send me to do this lame ass peon job just a few days before ascension! What the fuck is up with that!? I should be working Level 5 tortures! Not dealing with a senile bastard like this guy! / Old Human: Are you my grandson? / Old Human: Eh? Speak up, sonny! / Fire Demon: NO YOU SHITHEAD! I'M A DEMON! DE-MON!! / Fire Demon: And how about you two clowns!? Who sent you here to fuck with me!? Was it Tsavo? I bet it was! It's always the quiet ones!! / Azurai: What did I do to deserve this sort of crap!? Well, yeah, I did kill that little demon in that fire breathing lesson in killology class the other day, but that little prick had it coming! Grrr... NO ONE FUCKS WITH AZURAI! I'll get 'em all back for this...
Page 50 Azurai: Oh, that's fucking hilarious! You wanna see Iratu after he was drunk off his fat ass!? / Buwaro: Why does everyone keep making a big deal about that? / Rhea: I don't know... Azurai, do you think you could help us find Iratu? / Azurai: Of course. But I won't. Why the hell should I care? If you two want something from me, do something for me first! / Azurai: But I doubt you two dipshits can figure out anything... / Buwaro: Ooh! I know! / Buwaro: First, I know she's cute, but you can't have Thadius. She belongs to me! / Buwaro: But we can play a game together! I bet you got bored and lonely by yourself. I know I was... / Buwaro: Or we can have a party where everyone's invited! / [[Thadius slips out of Buwaro's grasp.]] / <> / [[Thadius lands on the record player, crushing it.]] / <>
Page 51 [[Azurai, Buwaro, and Rhea look at the broken record player.]] / Azurai: You are one retarded motherfucker, y'know that? / [[The record player flops over as Rhea facepalms.]] / <> / Buwaro: Sorry... / Azurai: Whatever. I'm off. Later, shitheads! / [[Rhea jump-kicks Azurai in the back.]] / Rhea: Oh no you don't! / Azurai: Oh, you two would be SO FUCKING DEAD if it weren't for the threat of doing Level 1 tortures again... / Rhea: Just hear me out, okay? I want to leave ASAP. Tell us where we can find Iratu, or Buwaro will insist he be your BEST FRIEND FOREVER! / Buwaro: YAY! A NEW BEST FRIEND!! / Azurai: Ugh, FINE! If it'll make you two psychopaths leave me alone... / Buwaro: Aww, man... No new best friend...
Page 52 Azurai: Okay, you losers know where to go... now GET OUT! / Buwaro: Bye, Mr. Azurai! / Rhea: C'mon, let's go! / [[Azurai removes a cigarette from a carton.]] / [[Azurai lights the cigarette.]] / <> / Azurai: Those directions were just bullshit, but there's still a chance they might find Iratu... I'm getting out of here! / Old Human: Say hello to your mother for me, Alvin! / Buwaro: Rhea, do you think we'll be able to find my brother soon? / Rhea: I sure hope we do...
Page 53 Following the fire demon Azurai's directions, Buwaro and Rhea trek through Hell to find Iratu. / [[Buwaro and Rhea make their way over a river of lava.]] / On their way, they witness many horrible tortures. / [[A fire Demon pours boiling oil over people in a pit.]] / Fire Demon: Mwahahahahaha!! / Victims: AAAAAAAAAAA!! / <> / Buwaro and Rhea: ... / Fire Demon: ? / Victims: AAAAAAAA!! / Rhea: Ack! Quick- look like you're beating me up! / People of all races are punished for the sins they committed during their lives. / [[A Jakkai is being whipped.]] / <> / [[A Human is running from a jet of flame.]] / <> / More still are forced to wear REALLY, REALLY, REALLY uncomfortable footwear. / Buwaro: Reminds me of the time I got Thadius stuck in my nose... / Rhea: Ouch. / Eventually, the screams of the damned are drowned out by an even louder noise... / [[The sound of snoring fills the area. / Buwaro and Rhea: Whoa.
Page 54 Iratu: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ / Rhea: Is it just me, or did Iratu get even bigger since we last met? / [[Iratu gets up and stretches.]] / Iratu: YAWN / Buwaro and Rhea: EEEEEEEEEEEE / [[Iratu falls down.]] / <> / Rhea: A-alright then... where would that important paper be? Probably somewhere safe... / [[Rhea focuses on Iratu's giant flask.]] / Rhea: Hmm... I think I've got i- / Rhea: AGH! What in the name of Gaia are you doing?!
Page 55 [[Buwaro pokes Iratu's nose.]] / <> / Buwaro: Hee hee! What a big nose! / Rhea: You royal idiot! Get down here!! / Buwaro: Aw... / [[Rhea climbs into Iratu's pocket.]] / Rhea: Iratu's booze is very important to him, so I think that's where he keeps the note Sakido wants us to get... / Buwaro: I wish I was as smart as you, Rhea! / [[Iratu wakes up with his eyes glowing red.]] / Rhea: Ha! I found the note! / [[Buwaro and Rhea look at the note.]] / Buwaro: Huh? / Rhea: Hey, what... What the hell is this?! / [[Iratu looms menacingly over Buwaro and Rhea.]] / Rhea: Is it nighttime already?
Page 56 [[Buwaro nervously eats the note.]] / <> / Rhea: Uhh... er... Iratu, I can explain... / [[Iratu starts chasing Buwaro and Rhea.]] / Iratu: GRRAARR / Buwaro and Rhea: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee / [[Iratu jumps over Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: !! / [[Iratu lands in front of Rhea.]] / <> / [[Rhea screeches to a halt.]] / <> / [[Iratu swings his bladed tail at Rhea, but she avoids getting hit.]] / <> / [[Iratu swings his tail at Rhea again, but she once again dodges.]] / <>
Page 57 [[Iratu turns around.]] / [[Iratu leaps at Rhea with his fangs bared and his claws outstretched.]] / Rhea: Oh man... I hope this works! / [[Rhea's hands start to glow.]] / [[Rhea punches the ground, creating a row of stalagmites which Iratu slams into.]] / <> / <> / Rhea: Hah... Wow... I actually got him! / [[Iratu easily smashes a stalagmite out of his way.]] / <> / Rhea: ...oh shit....
Page 58 [[Iratu raises his glowing hands above his head.]] / Rhea: Hey, what's he doing? / Buwaro: C'mon, we gotta leave! / [[Iratu slams the ground.]] / <> / [[Buwaro and Rhea run from a ball of energy hurtling towards them from Iratu.]] / <> / [[Buwaro and Rhea jump away from an explosion.]] / <>
Page 59 Green Cerberus Head: ... / Red Cerberus Head: I know what you're thinking, but no. I'm not worrying. I just wonder if those two will make it back before dark. / [[It instantly becomes pitch black.]] / Red: Hmm... I guess not. / [[Buwaro and Rhea run by Cerberus' feet.]] / Red: Aha, they did make it back! ...but why are they...? / <> / Red: ? / <> / [[The red head of Cerberus looks out the door.]] / [[Iratu slams into the Gates of Hell.]] / <> / Red: AGH!!
Page 60 [[Buwaro and Rhea climb up to the top Sakido's pinnacle.]] / Rhea: god... this climb is such a pain in the ass.... / Rhea: SAKIDO WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT IRATU WOULD GO CRAZY I THOUGHT HE'D HAVE A HANGOVER OR- / Sakido: Demons don't get hangovers. / Rhea: ? / Sakido: Earth demons fall asleep for an entire day after they get very drunk. If woken up, they go crazy... but it's nothing compared to what demons can do while sober... I'm not sure about water demons, but it's rumored that fire demons will explode if they drink any alcohol. / <> / Rhea: Wow. What about WIND demons? / [[Sakido shudders.]] / Sakido: ...just give me the letter you brought. / Rhea: ...changing the subject...
Page 61 Sakido: So, where is the letter? / Rhea: Just give me a second. / [[Rhea jumps on Buwaro's back.]] / <> / Buwaro: cough cough HACK! / [[Buwaro spits out the paper.]] / Sakido: ...disgusting... / Rhea: Ooh, man... I better leave when she sees that... / [[Sakido holds up the piece of paper, which shows a crude drawing of what appears to be a demon with a human-like figure.]]
Page 62 Sakido: This is fine. ...thank you. / Rhea: Wha...huh? Really? Are you sure? / Sakido: Yes. Now... please leave me alone. / Rhea: But... wh- / Sakido: I SAID LEAVE! / [[Buwaro and Rhea jump off the edge of the pinnacle.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: YIPE! / Sakido: Damn it...
Page 63 Rhea: Well, that was truly a grand waste of time. Then again, it's not like we ever have anything important to do... / Buwaro: I don't get it... why was Sakido so angry? We got the letter from Iratu like she told us to. I wanted to make her happy... / Rhea: Eh, don't worry about it. I think Sakido's just one of those types who's ALWAYS upset about something, no matter what you do. Anyway, Buwaro, promise me that we don't do anything that insane ever again. Even if I am already dead, I don't wanna know what'll happen if I get stepped on or chewed on by Iratu or anything else. / Buwaro: Okay... ...Rhea? / Rhea: Whaddya want? / Buwaro: ...I'm glad that we can be friends. / Rhea: Hmm... yeah.
Page 64 A few days later... / Death: Salutations, Rhea! Where is Buwaro? / Rhea: Hello, Death! Buwaro is off rearranging his rock collection. Did you know he made a big mountain of them just so he could show off before I arrived? I guess he wanted to make a good impression or something... It's kind of cute, in a weird, moronic sense. / [[Buwaro is humming happily while rearranging his collection.]] / Death: Aww, how adorable! You two are becoming such good friends! / [[Death pinches Rhea's cheek.]]
Page 65 Buwaro: Hi, Death! / Rhea: Hmm... / Death: Hello, Buwaro! Are you well? / Buwaro: THADIUS SAYS HI!! / Rhea: Hey Death, I have a question while you're here. Why is it that I don't have to eat at all while I'm in the afterlife? And what about Buwaro? I've never seen him eat anything at all in all the time I've been here, unless he's been eating ROCKS... / Death: It is actually quite simple, really. You do not starve because you are not a spirit in harsh punishment. Souls more damned than you starve, thirst, and suffer from their cause of death with immense pain. Your wound would hurt, too, if you were in Hell... / [[Buwaro bites Thadius.]] / Buwaro: Do you taste good, Thadius? / [[Death tries to pry Thadius from Buwaro's mouth.]] / Death: And as for demons... *GRUNT* As natural residents of Hell, they are protected by the power of Syndel in this realm. They never have to eat or drink for nourishment, although some do regardless... UGH, BUWARO, STOP!! This... this is the same for the angels that reside in Heaven with Gaia...
Page 66 Death: I am glad to see you are well. I have to go now, but no more eating rocks, okay Buwaro? / Buwaro: Okay! / [[A mysterious pillar of light shines in the distance.]] / Death: Wh- Wha... What is that!? / Rhea: Eh? You mean that thing isn't normal? I've already seen it at least once since I came here... / Death: It is most definitely NOT normal... and I am going to find out exactly what it really is...
Page 67 Death: CERBERUS! / Death: I DEMAND YOU TELL ME WHAT THAT BRIGHT LIGHT WAS!! IF YOU DO NOT, I WILL FIND OUT FOR MYSELF IN HELL!! / Red Cerberus Head: Who are you to demand such things from us? We are not afraid of a pathetic creature such as yourself! We deny any knowledge of this light of which you speak, but rest assured you will not be getting into Hell on our watch. Has the responsibility of being the reaper caused you to forget the terms of our deal so soon, after only a few short years? / Red: Or perhaps you have underestimated our intelligence. We are not as naive as you think; we know where she is, and we will not hesitate to strike. / Red: You may be Death, but you are not our master. Begone, and know your place. / Green Cerberus Head: GRRRRRRRR...
Page 68 Rhea: Man, Death seemed pretty upset when he left. I wonder why? / Buwaro: Yeah... / Earlier... / [[Death is hugging Buwaro and Rhea very tightly.]] / Death: I LOVE YOU TWO! / <> / Buwaro: ACK! Rhea, I think I heard my ribs break! / Rhea: Nope... urk... that was my spine... / Buwaro: Everyone is upset... / Rhea: Huh? / Buwaro: Iratu, Sakido, and now Death are all unhappy... / Rhea: Mm... / Buwaro: sigh... / Rhea: Hmm... Maybe I should actually try to cheer Buwaro up. Wanna play a game, Buwaro? / Buwaro: Uhh... okay! / Buwaro: Ready? / Rhea: Playing catch with Thadius? This should be pretty safe. / [[Buwaro throws Thadius.]] / <> / [[Thadius hits Rhea in the face.]] / <>
Page 69 Rhea: Man, why do I even bother with him? That kid is totally hopeless! But... now I am kinda bored. I wonder what there is to do? / Rhea: Hey, wait a minute. Isn't this the rock where Buwaro keeps all his personal junk? / [[Rhea tries to lift the boulder.]] / Rhea: ARRGH! / Rhea: This is too heavy for me to lift... ooh, I know! / [[Rhea starts digging under the boulder.]] / <> / [[Rhea holds up a small, red book.]] / Rhea: Aha, here we go! Normally I'd feel guilty about going through someone's stuff without permission, but after all the crap he has put me through... / Rhea: Now let's see what's in here... Huh? What language is this written in? I can't read a word of it! Hell, I don't even know if I'm holding the book upside down!
Page 70 Buwaro: Rhea, I'm sorry that Thadius hit you in the face! I know she didn't mean it, and... and I hope you're not too mad at us... / Rhea: Naw, I'm okay now that my nose stopped bleeding. By the way, what language is this? I can't read anything written in this book of yours. / Buwaro: Hey, that's my stuff! You can't just-... wait. You said you can't read it at all? / Rhea: Nope, not a word. Can you understand it? / Buwaro: / Rhea: Then why do you keep such a worthless thing? What a waste of time. Oh well, at least I found that shiny, white feather you like so much again! / [[Buwaro dives towards Rhea, but she dodges him.]] / Buwaro: GIVE IT BACK!! / Rhea: Whoops, too slow! You gotta be faster than that to catch me!
Page 71 Rhea: Geez, I always used to play keep-away like this all the time in my village with my nest siblings, and you're the worst player I've ever seen! And my buddy Ramirez was asleep over half the time! / Rhea: I feel bad for you, so stand up and I'll tell you what. I'll give you the chance to trade me for your precious feather. I don't want any old rocks or bones; I want something that looks like it's actually worth something. I'll take.... / Rhea: ...your star necklace!! / Buwaro: Huh?! But... / [[Rhea jumps over Buwaro and snatches his necklace.]] / Rhea: No? Well, I'll help myself to it anyway! Hahaha, too slow again! / [[Buwaro's eyes turn red and he looks sick as he clutches his chest.]] / Buwaro: ! / Rhea: Hmm? / Rhea: Goddamnit, is he crying? Just when I was starting to have fun... Hey Buwaro, are you alright? You can have your white feather and star necklace back for real now if you wa..nt...?! / [[Buwaro's snout has elongated, his fur has darkened, his fangs have grown, and his eyes are glowing a menacing red.]]
Page 72 [[A larger, transformed Buwaro is shown. His horns, fangs, and snout are longer, his fur is darker, his eyes are glowing red, his tail is on fire, and he is standing on all fours.]] / Rhea: ...Buwaro? / [[Buwaro brutally slashes Rhea across her face.]] / Rhea: AGH! / [[Rhea goes flying.]] / [[Buwaro bites Rhea's arm, spraying blood.]] / RHEA: AARGHHH!! / [[Buwaro tears into Rhea, but only his back is shown.]] / [[Buwaro rears up and roars.]] / Buwaro: GGRRROOAAAARRRR... / Sakido: Hrm? That can't be Iratu...
Page 73 [[Sakido is flying.]] / Sakido: I guess it wouldn't hurt to check on them... / [[Sakido lands.]] / Sakido: ! / [[Rhea's dead, bloody hand is shown.]] / Sakido: she's... dead? / Buwaro: grrraaaaghhh... / Sakido: ? / [[Sakido peers over a boulder at Buwaro.]] / [[Buwaro presses his claws into his face.]] / [[Buwaro drags his claws across his face, drawing blood.]] / Buwaro: RAWRGH!! / Sakido: It's just like before... / Sakido: No... I can't think about that... things have changed... I have the sun... I need to calm down... / [[Buwaro looks ready to pounce.]] / Sakido: !! I guess he heard me... / Buwaro: gaassp... / [[Buwaro shoots fire from his mouth at Sakido.]] / Buwaro: BWAARRGH!! / <> / [[Sakido dodges Buwaro's flames.]] / <> / <> / [[Sakido leaps on top of a boulder.]] / [[Sakido jumps into the air.]] / [[Sakido starts to glow with blue energy.]] / <>
Page 74 [[Sakido holds her glowing hands above her head.]] / [[Sakido shoots blue lightning from her hands.]] / <> / [[Buwaro is electrocuted by Sakido's lightning bolt.]] / <> / [[Buwaro falls to the ground, still crackling with electricity.]] / <> / [[Sakido lands on top of a boulder.]] / Sakido: I'm out of practice... That took more out of me than I thought it would... What do I do now? If I leave Buwaro the way he is, he'll kill himself from exhaustion... but... what can I do? / [[Buwaro gets up.]] / [[Buwaro leaps toward Sakido.]] / Buwaro: GRAAAA / [[Sakido dodges Buwaro, and he tears into the boulder she was previously standing on.]] / <> / [[Sakido flies away from Buwaro.]] / [[Buwaro leaps into the air.]] / [[Buwaro somersaults through the air, creating a wheel of fire with his tail, and hits Sakido.]] / Sakido: AAIGH!!
Page 75 [[Sakido crashes to the ground.]] / <> / [[Buwaro lunges at Sakido.]] / [[Sakido slowly gets up.]] / Sakido: Buwaro will die no matter what I do... / [[Sakido flips onto her back.]] / Sakido: But... / [[Sakido catches Buwaro with her feet.]] / Sakido: I'm not about to let him kill ME! / [[Buwaro slides on the ground on his back.]] / <> / Sakido: hah... hahh... hahh.... / [[Sakido feels a sun pendant hanging around her neck.]] / Sakido: ? / Sakido: Wait-- the necklace! Yes, that's what his does! Buwaro must go berserk without it... and the only one who would have taken it is Rhea! / [[Buwaro spews fire at Sakido.]] / <> / [[Sakido flaps the fire away with her wings.]] / <> / Sakido: The best way to get to Rhea is by flying... / Sakido: ...looks like he's about to breathe fire again... / [[Sakido starts running.]] / Sakido: Now's my chance! / [[Buwaro breathes fire.]] / Buwaro: BWAAARGH! / [[Sakido dodges the flames and flies away.]]
Page 76 Sakido: I was right... / [[Sakido holds Buwaro's blood-covered star pendant in her hand.]] / Buwaro: GRRAAAAGG / Sakido: Here he comes... / Sakido: It's now or never! / [[Buwaro takes a swing at Sakido, but she catches his arm.]] / [[Buwaro slashes Sakido's face with his other hand.]] / [[With the pendant in her hand, Sakido holds it up to Buwaro and electrocutes him simultaneously.]] / <> / [[Sakido pins Buwaro down with one hand, continuing to electrocute him.]] / <> / [[Sakido stands over the unconscious Buwaro.]] / [[The camera pans out, and the mountains in the background are visible.]] / [[Darkness.]] / [[Something becomes visible.]] / [[Sakido's face is shown.]] / [[Rhea jumps up in surprise.]] / Rhea: AUGH! / [[Rhea loses her balance.]] / [[Sakido grabs Rhea by the tail before she falls.]] / Sakido: It's only me... you can relax now...
Page 77 Rhea: Hey, wait... Why am I still alive? Well... since I'm in Hell, I guess I'm still dead, but still... / Sakido: Damned souls such as yourself can die in Hell, but are always back to normal by the next morning. It's so they can be tortured to death repeatedly. The same is not true for demons, however... For us, death is permanent... and there is no afterlife for demons. / Rhea: That's... sick... But where's Buwaro? And why did he get all crazy-psycho on me?! / Sakido: He's probably crying by himself somewhere... he was very distressed when I told him that he murdered you. As for his berzerk behavior yesterday... In times of extreme anger, stress, and danger, demons may go into a blind, uncontrollable rage; their bodies are pushed to their extreme limit to make them very powerful. They lose all thoughts for self-preservation anything everything in their way until they die of exhaustion. But, Buwaro is a special case. He was born so that he is always in that nightmarish state. The idiot you know is not the real Buwaro. The only thing that keeps him sane is the star he wears around his neck... the very one that you took from him, for some reason. / Rhea: D...does your sun necklace do the same? / Sakido: Oh, I forgot I still had this out. No, my pendant is ... different from Buwaro's. / Rhea: Hey, Buwaro was berzerk when he killed me instantly. If you say he's feeling regretful, then that means he's sane, right? Then how did YOU manage to defeat him without taking much damage? / Sakido: Unlike Buwaro, I haven't always lived out in this ring. I was once one of the strongest wind warriors in Hell, until I deserted my kind and moved out to this abandoned place... for... personal reasons. Plus, since Buwaro has lived alone almost all his life, he has never been trained for any sort of combat- even if being berzerk makes a demon much stronger, it can only do so much with such a weak body. / Rhea: Geez... all this is a lot to take in all at once... / Rhea: So, Sakido, what do you think the meaning of life is? / Sakido: Why are you asking me? / Rhea: Well, heh heh, you just seem to have an answer for everything! It's a joke... / Sakido: I have lived a horrible life of sorrow and pain. For me, life is full of misery. / Rhea: Thanks, Captain Killjoy. This place is so freaking depressing it could probably drive a puppy to suicide.
Page 78 [[Sakido is flying with Rhea in her arms.]] / Rhea: So, demons really don't come back when they die? / Sakido: If we did, there would be many veterans from the war in Hell right now. / Rhea: So you mean the war between Heaven and Hell really happened? Wow... Oh well. I was kind of looking forward to killing Buwaro... / Rhea: Hmph. I mean, Buwaro was the one who killed ME, after all. Why is Sakido making me make up with him? I swear, this place is totally fu- / Rhea: Hey- Sakido, could we stop here? I think I see something. / Rhea: This is it! This is the book Buwaro and I fought over; the one that we couldn't read. / Rhea: It still has the feather in it... I put it back when I was still just messing around with Buwaro. / Sakido: Let me see it. / Sakido: Hmm. This is written in the language of angels, but I can make it out. I'll take the book back with me since you have no use for it. / Rhea: W-wait! Can I take the feather? Buwaro adores it... / [[Sakido hands the white feather to Rhea.]] / Rhea: Thanks. / Sakido: Buwaro shouldn't be far. I'm going back. / [[Sakido hops off of a boulder and flies away.]] / Rhea: What th- Sakido!... Damn, she's fast. Looks like I'm walking.
Page 79 Rhea: Why did I think of taking back the feather? I don't owe Buwaro anything, especially after what he did. Then again, maybe this death was somewhat my fault, just like the first time... / Rhea: There he is. Looks normal... / Rhea: Hey, Buwaro! / Rhea: You little freak- if you thought I was mean before, you're in for a real surprise! Don't think I'm gonna let you off easy after you killed- / [[Buwaro starts crying loudly.]] / Buwaro: WAAIIIL!!! / Rhea: whut? / [[Buwaro runs past Rhea, saying "Sorry" countless times.]] / Rhea: yikes! / Rhea: Geez, and I was trying to be light-hearted about it... / Death: Oh no! Buwaro is so upset- what did you DO!? / Rhea: GAH!
Page 80 Death: Oh, I see. Buwaro's star truly is what keeps him sane... / Rhea: THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! / Death: Uh, well, you see... I- well, it HAS been such a long time since- / [[Rhea spots someone behind Death.]] / Rhea: Who's that? / Death: Hm? Oh, that is Beauregard Franken. / [[A human in fancy clothes is shaking water off of himself.]] / Death: He was a very successful money-lender, but his greed ruined the lives of many too poor to pay back their loans due to astronomical hidden fees and interest rates. Luckily for the living, he has been dead for years from food poisoning. / Death: He would have been here earlier and not soaking wet if he had paid his fare like I asked him to... / Rhea: Humans bring money with them, too? / Death: Yes, but not in their ears like Jakkai. / Beauregard: I told you, reaper-- I haven't any money for you to collect! / [[Coins fall out of Beauregard's sleeve.]] / [[Rhea picks up a coin.]] / Rhea: Oh reeally? What do you call these, then? / Beauregard: Put down my money, you filthy pack rat! / Rhea: WHAT did you call me?! / Death: ENOUGH! / [[Death grabs Beauregard's arm.]] / Death: We have to get going- NOW. / [[Death pokes Rhea's nose.]] / Death: You too, Rhea; come with me. / Rhea: What? Why? What did I do? ...and why does everyone like to poke my nose?! / [[Buwaro's sulking silhouette is shown.]] / Death: With Buwaro as he is now, I imagine you two will not be spending any time together. I cannot have you alone without a demon supervisor, so I am assigning you with someone else in the meantime. / Rhea: Oh... okay. I guess it can't be helped. After all... / [[Rhea puts the feather and the coin into her pockets.]] / Rhea: How bad could this other demon be?
Page 81 Sakido: GRRRR... / Rhea: Oh, yeah... Positive thinking made me forget all about you. / Death: In light of the current situation, you must supervise Rhea now, Sakido. / Sakido: I take it this means Buwaro is still upset? / Death: Yes, I am afraid so. / Rhea: Buwaro is a DEMON. Are you trying to tell me that demons are just misunderstood and that the children of Syndel are happy, warm, good people? Er... no offense, Sakido. / Sakido: Buwaro is different. Even for a demon, being evil is just as much free will as it is our instinct. I've seen and done many horrors in Hell that can never be forgiven, but he is innocent. / Death: In all aspects of normal demon behavior, Buwaro is a failure. He would never intentionally kill anyone. / Death: If you do not want to stay with Sakido, you should make up with Buwaro. You will be staying here for quite some time... / Rhea: What about reincarnation? / Death: I do not have the power to reincarnate you. / Rhea: NNNOOOOOOOOO
Page 82 Rhea: I... I can't believe this... trapped for eternity with a family of emotionally unstable demons...?! / [[Sakido looks back worriedly at the frustrated Rhea.]] / Sakido: You know... I... admire your friendship with Buwaro. I know just how difficult it is to get along with him. / Rhea: Yeah? How would you know, hiding up here all the time? / Sakido: Because when I came back from Hell, I failed at being a good sister for him. / [[Rhea looks at Sakido silently.]] / [[Sakido, wearing a black coat, looks down at a young Buwaro in a flashback.]] / Sakido: As a demon, it's odd for me to try and be close to him as a sister... but... I... I suppose I feel obligated to try. I feel guilty. Demons aren't supposed to feel bad for anyone. But Iratu and I left him alone in this ring for many, many years. Part of the reason I left Hell was because I felt I owed it to Buwaro for abandoning him. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway... I didn't expect Buwaro to remember me, and he didn't, so I brought gifts to help establish a friendship: my old coat, with the holes in the back for my wings sewn up, and a pair of valuable earrings. He had somehow torn up his right ear, so I simply pierced his left one. / [[Buwaro is annoying Sakido by trying to shove Thadius into her face.]] / Sakido: I tried to get along, but I was... and he was.......... we were different. / Sakido: In addition, I remembered that Buwaro was extremely prone to going berserk... ...but it had been too long for me to remember what it was exactly that triggered it. / Sakido: I couldn't stand being around Buwaro... so, for the safety of both of us, I decided to stay up here. / Rhea: Wow... but don't you get really lonely? / Sakido: Sometimes... but it isn't so bad... / Sakido: I have a hobby now. / [[Sakido flips through a small notepad.]] / Sakido: Death set me up with... erm, a "pen pal" from Purgatory a while ago... We've become good friends. He's a magnificent poet, and he even gave me my bonsai tree. He inspired me to write my own poems. / [[Sakido hands the notepad to Rhea.]] / Sakido: Here, read this one. I composed this haiku to help me when I'm feeling very depressed. / Rhea: Oh man, poetry from HER? I have a baaaaad feeling about this... / [[Rhea is shocked as she reads the poem.]] / My heart beats slowly / Never before have I seen / Puppies ride rainbows / Rhea: OH MY FREAKING GOD. / Sakido: Well, what do you think? / Rhea: Weelll........ / <> / [[Rhea's bleeding body goes flying off of the pinnacle.]] / RHEA DEATH COUNT: 3 / <>
Page 83 [[A dream sequence.]] / [[Sakido's hands are covered with blood.]] / Unknown Voice: Sakido. / [[Sakido looks up, frightened.]] / Unknown Voice: What have you done? / [[A figure with yellow-orange clothes and white wings can be seen, its face obscured.]] / Unknown Figure: Look at yourself. / [[Sakido is transformed.]] / Unknown Figure: You are a monster. / [[The unknown figure faces a three-headed Cerberus.]] / Unknown Figure: You disgust me. I cannot stay... ...take care of Buwaro... / Sakido: Darius, don't go! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! DARIUS! DAAARIIIUUUUS! / [[A berserk-looking Buwaro appears.]] / Buwaro: hahahahahahahaha... finally, revenge is MINE!! / Rhea: SAKIDO! / [[Sakido is jolted awake.]] / Rhea: Are you okay? I woke up and heard you yelling... / Sakido: Nightmare. It's... nothing. / Rhea: Then who the heck is Darius? / [[Sakido lifts up Rhea by the collar of her shirt.]] / Sakido: WHO TOLD YOU THAT NAME? / Rhea: Y-y-you did! In your sleep! / Sakido: Oh. Right. / [[Sakido drops Rhea.]] / <> / Sakido: By the way, sorry about yesterday... / Rhea: Whatever. I'm getting used to dying. / Rhea: Anyway, about that nightmare. Want to tell me about it? Talking might make you feel a lot better... and less homicidal... / Sakido: No. / Rhea: Oh, come on. I'll tell you my dream; I have the same one every night. I always think of how I died. I'm by the dry river bed when I see my friend Ramirez... / [[Rhea and her friend Ramirez are depicted as a crude drawing.]] / Sakido: Did he kill you? / Rhea: No way! He was behind me... / [[Ramirez is shocked as Rhea is stabbed.]] / Rhea: ...and I was stabbed in the chest. / [[Rhea shows off her stab wound.]] / Rhea: See? Here's the stab wound. I never saw who it was that stabbed me. Ramirez and I were best friends. He'd never do this... you know, I haven't told or shown Buwaro any of this. I'm ashamed of my past. Besides, seeing this might make the idiot cry or something. / Sakido: Do you miss him at all? Your friend, I mean. / Rhea: They're both my friends, but yeah... I miss Ramirez a lot. / Sakido: I'm... sorry for bringing it up. / Rhea: It's no one's fault but my own for being here. / Sakido: I think the same thing about myself...
Page 84 Rhea: So the only demons here are you and Buwaro... Where are your parents? / Sakido: Dead... gone... Who knows? I never knew them. / Rhea: You're just like me. Jakkai custom makes it so kids never know who their moms and dads are, but as a result we have LOTS of siblings. / Sakido: ...really? / Rhea: Oh, yeah. A generation of Jakkai kids will grow up together, but none of us are really related by blood. Jakkai are born about every ten years, so I have a bunch of older brothers and sisters and a bunch of younger ones. / Rhea: I guess I better get used to being in such a lonely place, since I'll be here for a while... / Sakido: ... / Sakido: Rhea, you're used to having younger brothers... Can you be a big sister to Buwaro in my place? / Rhea: Huh? Why are you asking me? YOU'RE his real sister. Sure he's a pain, but you know about the star now and he adores you. Don't you like Buwaro at all? / [[A flashback to a much younger Sakido holding Buwaro is shown.]] / Sakido: Of course I care for Buwaro. He's like... he is my brother. I made a promise a long time ago to make sure he was well-taken care of. I don't have the patience to be with him all the time now... but... / [[A bright light shines in the distance.]] / [[Sakido and Rhea watch a pillar of light rise from the horizon.]] / Sakido: ...Rhea. I feel I can trust you to take care of him. Do this for me, and I swear... I will make it up to you...
Page 85 [[Rhea stretches and yawns.]] / Rhea: You know, my conscience has really been bothering me lately... I think I wanna go try making up with Buwaro again today. / Rhea: You should probably come too, Sakido. / Sakido: ...why? / Rhea: Why not? I'm sure he'd like it. / [[Sakido hands the red book to Rhea.]] / Sakido: ...Fine. But first, here's Buwaro's book. I'm finished with it. / [[Sakido flies off the pinnacle with Rhea in her arms.]] / Rhea: It was in Angelic, wasn't it? How could you read it? ...and what was in it, anyway? / Sakido: ...maybe one of these days, I'll tell you. / [[Sakido and Rhea spot Buwaro sulking.]] / Rhea: Gee, he's not too hard to find at all, is he? / Rhea: H-hey, Buwaro! Sakido and I came to see you!! / [[Buwaro throws a rock at Rhea.]] / <> / Buwaro: ....sniff... GO AWAY!! / [[Rhea is hit in the chest with the rock, which spills some blood.]] / <> / Sakido: Nice shot. / Rhea: OW, FUCK! / Buwaro: AAAAIIEE / Rhea: ... / [[Buwaro faints.]] / Sakido: Why am I here again? / Rhea: 'Cause misery loves company.
Page 86 [[Rhea forces a weak smile out of herself despite her frustration.]] / Rhea: Heyyyy, Buwaro... Don't feel bad. I'm not mad at you for KILLING ME or IMPALING ME. I'm smiling, see? / [[Buwaro starts to cry.]] / Buwaro: B-buh-but I-I did a-all those mean things andIdidn'tmeantobut I-I-I'm sooorrreeaaaAAAHH! / Rhea: My god, being in this place for so long has made me THIS desperate for a friend... / Buwaro: Y-you don't like me a-at all, huh? *sniffle* Y-you w-won't even tell me h-how you DIED! / Rhea: WHAT! Where the hell did that come from?! I wouldn't be too surprised if Death was in on this. Oh well. Guess I'll just tell him. / Rhea: You wanna know how I died? Fine! No problem! I'll tell you! We're friends, right? / Buwaro: sniff... Really? / Sakido: Really? / Rhea: Wait. You're my friend now? / Sakido: It's your fault I'm here. / [[Flashback to when Rhea was still living in her village.]] / Rhea: Anyway... unlike most Jakkai, I wasn't very religious. Gaia... Syndel... The Twelve Guardians... I was a skeptic. / Rhea: The day I died was the day my village was celebrating the Wind Guardian, Fuzen'ro the bat. It revolved around eating lots of food, a ceremonial dance, and paying tribute to a fancy statue of the Guardian that had been in the village for generations. Even though it had come to be my turn to be the center of the dance, I couldn't have cared less about it. / Rhea: One of the village leaders who was ALWAYS on my ass was chewing me out more than usual because of my disinterest. ...I got mad, and didn't think. / [[Rhea hits the statue out of her elder's hands.]] / <> / Rhea: She went ballistic over me breaking the sacred statue, cursing me and threatening exile. / Rhea: I took her up on her threat. / Rhea: I left the village hastily filled with both fury and sadness. / Rhea: Only one person tried to stop me... He was my best friend, Ramirez Bloodeyes. / [[Ramirez's worried face is shown.]] / [[Rhea puts a hand up to Ramirez, as if she were driving him away.]] / [[Rhea slips on some rocks.]] / [[Rhea tumbles down the dry riverbed.]] / Rhea: I was stubborn, and told him to leave me alone. Maybe if I had listened to him... / [[A shadowy figure lands in front of Rhea.]] / <> / Rhea: ? / [[Rhea looks up.]] / [[Rhea is stabbed in the chest.]] / Rhea: It happened so fast, I didn't even see who killed me.
Page 87 Sakido, Rhea, and Buwaro: ... / Sakido: That's it? / Rhea: Whaddya mean "that's it"?! That was hard for me to tell you! / Rhea: I mean, I pissed off the village pretty badly for breaking the statue; could it be that someone I knew killed me? Maybe everyone is glad I'm dead... / Buwaro: Aw, don't talk like that, Rhea. I'm sure that your friends miss you a lot. Especially Ramirez... / [[Buwaro hugs Rhea.]] / Buwaro: ...and me! I missed you!! Can we still be friends? / Rhea: Oof! Of course! I, uh, missed you too. / Rhea: Oh, yeah... I think Sakido is feeling left out. Why don't you give her a great, big hug, Buwaro? / Buwaro: OKAY!! / [[Buwaro hugs Sakido.]] / [[Sakido smiles and pets Buwaro's head.]] / Sakido: sigh... / [[Rhea is shocked by Sakido's reaction.]] / Rhea: Sakido is actually smiling... ...that's creepy... / Sakido: Now that you two are reunited, I suppose I should head back. / Buwaro: Awwwwww! Why do you always have to go, Sakido? / Rhea: Hey, I know! Why don't you come by once in a while just to visit for fun? I mean, if Death himself can take time off from his job to hang out with us... / Sakido: You know, I think I'll take you up on your offer. Thank you. / [[Sakido flies away.]] / Buwaro: Rhea, do you want to play catch? I could go get Thadius! / Rhea: Why the hell not? It sure beats listening to poetry! / Buwaro: "poh-tree"? I think I ate one of those before! / Rhea: Buwaro, let's hope that you're one of a kind.
Page 88 [[Sakido flies in to meet Buwaro and Rhea.]] / Sakido kept her word and visited Buwaro and Rhea often. At first the trips were rare, but as time went on, she came by even more often than Death... / Who was delighted to see that the siblings and Rhea were getting along better than ever before. / Rhea: Damn, I feel so freaking short... / [[Buwaro throws Thadius and hits Rhea on the head.]] / Despite living in such a barren, empty place, the three tried their best to entertain themselves. / [[Rhea kicks dirt towards Buwaro.]] / Mostly to get him to shut up, Rhea would try to play catch with Buwaro and Thadius, which rarely ended well. / Sakido sometimes brought poetry to share. / Rhea: NO! / Sakido: They're from my penpal. / Rhea: PHEW! Thank Ga- / Sakido: GRRRRR... / [[Sakido's hand crackles with electricity.]] / Rhea: iaaaa... oops. / [[Sakido reads the poem.]] / Sakido: This is not the place / Where butterflies comes to die, / Where trees and flowers wither, / Or where rain darkens the sky. / A land of hills all painted red / And gold and azure is here instead, / Carved long ago by a winding stream, / Beneath a sunset from a dream. / Flowers cover everything, / Gaia's heart upon the ground. / Waving in Her steady breath, / Shine with dew, without a sound. / Eagles glide through clouds above / Kept aloft by a goddess's love. / I wish that I could show you this / The land of the Creator's kiss. / Rhea: Despite the bad grammar, I'm feeling kinda homesick... But Death told me I can't leave... / Buwaro: I don't know what half those things were... But they all sounded really pretty! / Sakido: Yes... sigh... I'd give nearly anything just for the chance for us to see what my friend saw when he was alive.
Page 89 Weeks passed, and although all seemed well in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, a certain wind demon only grew more and more restless... / Rhea: I'm getting a little concerned about your sister, Buwaro. / Buwaro: Maybe my and Thadius' new trick can cheer her up! / [[Buwaro tosses Thadius into the air.]] / Buwaro: Look, Sakido, look!! / [[Thadius lands on Buwaro's head.]] / <> / Buwaro: ACK! / Buwaro: What happened to those loop-de-loops we practiced? / Sakido: Rhea, I need to talk to you. / Rhea: If it's about your brother being a moron, believe me- I KNOW. / Sakido: Rhea, please... this is important. / Buwaro: Hmm, looks like Sakido and Rhea are having "girl talk". What do you girls talk about anyway, Thadius? / Buwaro: And by the way, I've been meaning to ask you for a while, but... Are those REAL? I mean, they're WAY bigger than Rhea's... Hey, don't get mad! I was just asking! / Rhea: WHAT!? W-why are you telling me something like that?! Do you think you migh- / Sakido: Calm down. It's only a precaution. I don't know for sure what might happen. / Rhea: Sakido, I know what you're trying to do and I appreciate it, but if it's going to be that risky, maybe we shouldn't... / Sakido: I've been thinking about this before you even came here. My decision is final. I'm willing to take the chance. / [[Sakido pets Buwaro's head.]] / Sakido: I'm going to leave now, Buwaro. / [[Buwaro is biting Thadius and drooling a little.]] / Buwaro: Mrf? / Buwaro: Bye-bye! Come back soon, 'kay? / Sakido: ... I'll try my best. / Sakido: Rhea, don't forget the book for when I come back, and tell him about what we're going to do.
Page 90 Buwaro: Rhea! / Buwaro: Sakido's back, and she looks hurt... / [[Sakido appears, bloody and injured.]] / Buwaro: Sakido, are you alright?! What happened?! I don't think we should try to leave when you're hurt! / Rhea: For once, I agree with him. This isn't just crazy, it's stupid. What makes you think we can pull this off when- / Sakido: Listen to me! We either go now or we don't go at all! It's either now or never. I wasn't an elite warrior in Hell for no reason- I have suffered much worse. I know I... we can pull this off. If we don't leave now, we will never have another chance. I'm going whether you want to come with me or not! What is your decision? / [[Sakido is flying with Buwaro in her arms and Rhea on her back.]] / Rhea: S-Sakido... / [[The group flies over an unconscious Cerberus towards the gates of Hell.]] / Rhea: You took out Cerberus?! / Sakido: nghh.... only for a short time.... / [[The group continues flying through Hell.]] / Rhea: There it is; the pillar of light. I can't believe this. Escaping from Hell? Me? I'm a little excited, but this is all so absurd. It's too easy... / [[Sakido notices something below her.]] / Sakido: ! / [[Sakido is hit by a flying blue and green demon.]] / <> / Sakido: AGH! / [[Buwaro falls to the ground.]] / Buwaro: OOF! / [[Sakido falls to the ground.]] / Sakido: UNGH! / [[Rhea falls to the ground.]] / Rhea: ACK! / [[An orange demon and a teal demon appear.]] / Orange Demon: It's that crazy bitch, Sakido! She must be trying to stop the ascension! KILL THEM!! / [[Rhea is stomped on.]] / Rhea: AAGH! / [[Buwaro gets punched.]] / Buwaro: AH! / [[Sakido is constrained by several demons.]] / Sakido: BUWARO!! / [[A close-up of Sakido's eye.]] / Sakido: I see. So it really did end up this way. / [[Sakido's eye turns black.]] / Sakido: So be it.
Page 91 [[Sakido has gone berserk. Her body has grown bigger and she now has a bladed tail, a longer neck, and wings on her arms.]] / Sakido: SKRREEEAAAAR / [[Sakido places her hands on the ground and makes a glowing circle appear.]] / [[A huge lightning bolt crashes down and hits several Demons.]] / <> / [[Sakido is hit with fire.]] / <> / [[Sakido slashes the orange Demon with her claws.]] / <> / [[Sakido stabs the teal Demon through the chest with her tail.]] / <> / [[Sakido slashes a green Demon with her claws.]] / <> / [[Sakido holds out her arms, which glow a light blue.]] / [[Sakido claps her hands together.]] / <> / [[Light blue blades shoot out of Sakido's hands.]] / [[One blade hits the Demon above Rhea.]] / Rhea: ! / Rhea: Buwaro, look out! / [[A close up Sakido's black eye.]] / [[A close up of Buwaro's eyes.]] / Rhea: Run! She'll kill you!! / [[Sakido leaps toward Buwaro.]] / Sakido: SKRREAAA / [[Sakido clutches Buwaro's chest.]] / [[The star pendant under Sakido's hand glows.]] / [[A close up of Sakido's eye indicates that she had regained some sanity.]] / [[Still holding the pendant, Sakido stands up with Buwaro in her arm.]] / [[Sakido grabs Rhea with her other arm.]] / [[Sakido flies toward the pillar of light.]] / Blue and Green Demon: Sir, Sakido is too powerful! She's escaping into the Light of Ascension! / Unknown Voice: She will not be leaving alive. / Unknown, Armored Figure: This is a holy arrow... ...and I never miss. / [[The arrow flies towards its target.]] / [[Sakido's shocked face.]] / [[Sakido, Buwaro, and Rhea tumble into the light.]]
Page 92 Rhea: ugh... my head... where am I....? / [[Rhea slowly picks herself off the ground.]] / Rhea: Oh, yeah... I remember now. Sakido went berserk, and attacked Buwaro, but we managed to get into that light... and then... ..wait... this place... / [[Rhea stands next to a grave that has burst open.]] / Rhea: This is the cemetery of my village. And this... this is my grave. From the looks of it, we came through it somehow. But then where are Buwaro and / [[Rhea covers her mouth with her hands in horror.]] / Rhea: Oh, no... / [[Buwaro is crying over the unmoving, battered body of Sakido.]] / Buwaro: sniff, sniff / Buwaro: RHEA!! Sa-Sakido's... she won't wake up... I-I keep t-trying, but she won't... I-is... I think she.. / Buwaro: sniff... she'll come b-back, right? Sakido will wake up later, r-right? / Rhea: Buwaro... she... your sister... .........S-Sakido can't ever wake up. / Buwaro: B-but she has to! Y-you did! sniff.. why.. why not?? / Rhea: I'm sorry... but she told me herself. Demons don't come back. Death is perm- / [[Buwaro slumps over Sakido's corpse.]] / Buwaro: Nooo!! / [[Rhea runs toward Buwaro.]] / Rhea: Oh, no... Buwaro..! / [[Rhea hugs Buwaro.]] / Rhea: There... just... go ahead and cry it all out. It's okay, I'm here with you... / Rhea: I'll keep my promise, Sakido. I'll be his big sister for you from now on.
Page 93 [[Rhea is digging in her former grave.]] / Rhea: Sakido deserved a proper burial. I took it upon myself to expand my grave. I couldn't bear to ask Buwaro to help me- he was completely crushed by the loss of his sister. I felt awful, too, but I owed it to Sakido to see that she was put to rest... / Rhea: Sakido requested that I give Buwaro her sun pendant should anything happen to her the day before we left. All he did was stare at it as soon as I gave it to him. / [[Sakido is placed inside the grave.]] / Rhea: Sakido looked so peaceful in her grave, but it didn't make it any easier to leave her behind after she tried so hard to see the world outside Hell... She deserved more than we could give her. / [[Rhea holds up a gold coin.]] / Rhea: She told me that Demons die permanently, and that there is no afterlife for their kind. But yet, I pulled out the coin I had taken from Beauregard Franken and placed it in her ear, as was Jakkai tradition at a loved one's death. Despite the facts I was told, I felt it was the right thing to do. / Rhea: I would have let Buwaro mourn over his sister's grave longer... ...but the day was ending, and we had a ways to walk. / [[View of Sakido's grave.]] / [[A close-up reveals that Rhea's name has been scratched out on the tombstone with "Sakido" written below it.]]
Page 94 [[Buwaro and Rhea are walking through a forest.]] / Rhea: Cold. Cold. So cold. I guess being dead for a few months means no winter coat for me. How do Humans live through the winter, anyway?! Useless summer fur... H-how are you doing, Buwaro? / [[Buwaro leans sadly against a tree, looking at the pendant in his hand.]] / Rhea: Sigh. / Rhea: We don't have too much longer to walk but do you want to rest here? / Buwaro: ...okay. / [[Buwaro sits down and hears an "eep!"]] / Buwaro: ! / Rhea: "Eep"? Are you sitting on something? / Buwaro: I dunno...
Page 95 [[Buwaro holds up an injured white bunny.]] / Buwaro: What is it, Rhea? / Rhea: Looks like just a normal snow bunny. / Rhea: What good luck! I haven't been hungry in months. We can eat it when we get- / Buwaro: It looks cute... / Rhea: I-I mean we can KEEP it! Looks like it has a collar, so maybe it belonged to somebody and ran away... into trouble, judging by those injuries. / Buwaro: The white fur... the long ears...... it kind of reminds me of Sa- / Rhea: SNOWY! / Buwaro: ...huh? / Rhea: Snowy. We can name it ... Snowy.
Page 96 [[Buwaro happily pets the unconcious snow bunny.]] / Rhea: Maybe finding that bunny really was good luck after all. / Rhea: Whoa! / [[Rhea observes strange tracks in the snow.]] / Rhea: I've only been on the village's hunting team a few times, but I've never seen or learned about tracks like these. Something about them makes me feel really uneasy. Those big tracks look like they're from a hooved animal, but they're so freaking huge! And those other footprints don't look like they belong to any of the local predator animals. / Buwaro: Rhea, what's wrong? / Rhea: If Buwaro, Sakido, and I made it here, I guess there could be other Demons around, too... / Rhea: ...but if there are, somehow I doubt they'd be as friendly as Buwaro or even Sakido. Brrr... / Rhea: It's nothing. Let's go, we're nearly there.
Page 97 [[Nothing can be seen between two trees.]] / <> / [[Rhea peeks out from behind a tree.]] / Buwaro: What are you doing? / Rhea: What does it look like? Get your ass back here before somebody sees you! / Buwaro: But why do we have to hide? / [[A comical image of Rhea as a zombie with an Okage-like shadow version of Buwaro following her walks towards other Jakkai with the words "IT LIVES!" below them.]] / Rhea: Buwaro, it wouldn't look very good if I strolled around a hick town like this with a demon by my side, y'know? / Buwaro: Oh. Because I'm a Demon... / [[Rhea says "crap" in her mind over and over again while Buwaro sulks and draws circles with his hand in the snow.]] / Rhea: Oh! Hey, look, Buwaro! We're here! / [[Rhea gestures towards a boarded-up house built out of a tree.]] / Rhea: Welcome to my humble abode. I used to live here with Ramirez. Good thing we got here just as the snow started. Let's get inside.
Page 98 Rhea: Looks like they finally shut up this old house. Come on, I know another way in. / Buwaro: Why would they close your house? / Rhea: People said that a Jakkai was murdered there before Ramirez and I was born. They say her ghost curses that place... But I didn't believe it, so I moved in despite the warnings. All was fine and dandy... ...until I was killed. / [[Buwaro starts to tremble and cry.]] / Rhea: Oops. I should be more careful around him. / Rhea: Let's try being more cheerful... Buwaro, look! Most trees lose their leaves in the winter, but the trees used for houses here don't! Aren't their leaves pretty? / Rhea: They turn white instead of falling off. / Buwaro: Wow... they ARE pretty... / Buwaro: I just wish Sakido could see them... / Rhea: Why are you mad, Rhea? You shouldn't be. Calm down. It isn't his fault. You're just tired, is all. It's been a very, very bad day... / Rhea: Eh? What's this writing? "Stonepaw smells like..." HEY, I wrote this! That means that this is the right spot! / [[Rhea starts to dig furiously.]] / Buwaro: ? / [[Rhea reveals a secret entrance.]] / Rhea: This was our super secret entrance inside our house. It looks small, but I'm sure even you will fit.
Page 99 [[It is completely black inside Rhea's house.]] / Rhea: Okay, if we turn here, we should reach my room. God, it's almost as cold in here as it is outside! There should be a candle around here somewhere. Can you find it, Buwaro? I can't see in the dark as well as you. / Buwaro: Uhh... *bonk* whoops! / Rhea: Ow! Geez... just find a candle already! / Buwaro: Okay, I think I found one! / Rhea: Then light it up! / Buwaro: Haaahhh... ffoo!! Haaahhh... ffoo!! / Rhea: Um. What are you doing? / Buwaro: I'm trying to light it with my breath. Haaahhh... FFOO!! / Rhea: God you suck. I bet it'd be faster if I just looked for some matches. / Buwaro: I can do it by myself! Haaahhh... / [[Buwaro breathes fire onto the candle.]] / <> / Rhea: It's about time. / [[Rhea's room is revealed in the dim light.]] / Rhea: Just as I thought. Even though the house is abandoned, all my stuff is still here as I left it. / Buwaro: It's a nice room, Rhea, but... / Buwaro: Why is it so SMALL? / Rhea: It's not small, you're just BIG! / Rhea: Buwaro, you can stay here while I check out the rest of the house. / [[Rhea walks upstairs.]] / Rhea: It's so weird... I never thought I'd come back here after being sent to Hell for so long. / [[Rhea looks at the living room area of her house.]] / Rhea: Sometimes Jakkai traditions prove to be useful... I bet only Ramirez's stuff is missing. Home sweet home, I guess.
Page 100 Buwaro: Rhea, I don't feel so good... / Buwaro: I feel all weak, my tummy kinda hurts, and it's making these weird noises. / [[Buwaro's stomach growls.]] / <> / [[Rhea's stomach growls.]] / <> / Buwaro: Oh, no! Are you sick, too? / Rhea: I'm hungry for the first time in... months! I guess Buwaro's just new to hunger. But what is there to eat around here, anyway? / Rhea: AHA! I know! / Rhea: It should be right where I hid it. / Buwaro: ... / [[Rhea holds up two jars of honey, one red and one yellow.]] / Rhea: HUZZAH! BEHOLD! The honey I won last year in spring! / Rhea: Good thing honey never goes bad... What are you doing? / [[Buwaro is kneeling at Rhea's bed.]] / Buwaro: Snowy and Thadius are asleep together! / [[The snow bunny is sleeping next to Thadius.]] / Buwaro: They look so cute... Just looking at them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! / Rhea: I can't believe he already forgot that he was hungry. It's not so much that his train of thought is slow, it's that it gets derailed and EXPLODES as soon as it starts.
Page 101 Rhea: We should just share this jar, Buwaro. The other jar has Fire Bee honey from St. Curtis. It's really, really- / [[Buwaro eats from the red jar of honey.]] / Rhea: -SPICY! / Buwaro: Uhh... Rhea? What's "spicy" mean? / Rhea: Even if he doesn't know what it is, he should have tasted it... ...maybe fire demons are resistant? / Rhea: Sorry that this isn't much of a meal. Maybe I can try sneaking food out from the village storehouse for us tomorrow... I'm too tired to do it now. / Buwaro: Don't worry! I think this honey stuff is really, really tasty! / Buwaro: By the way, how many kinds of food are there? / Rhea: Uhh... well... / Rhea: There's an unlimited amount of food out there! Meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, vegetables, soups, meat, bread, cheese, pasta, candy, baked goods, meat... Man, what I wouldn't give for some meat right now... / [[Buwaro holds up the jar of red honey.]] / Buwaro: Wow! So are they all like this, but different colors? / Rhea: Dang, and I thought he was naive in Hell...
Page 102 Rhea decided to show Buwaro some of her old books... / Buwaro: Hey, what's this animal? / [[Buwaro points to an illustration of a red bee.]] / Rhea: What? Can't you even read its name? / [[Buwaro looks away sadly.]] / Rhea: Oops. I guess it makes sense that he never learned how to read if he spent most of his life alone in that Ring... / [[Rhea stands up.]] / Rhea: Looking at pictures is boring! Let's do something else! / [[The two look at a green statue of a snake.]] / Buwaro: What's that? / Rhea: Oh, that's a figurine of the Earth Snake Guardian, Moku. Unlike the statue I broke of Fuzen'ro, this one is pretty cheap. / [[Buwaro cuddles a pillow.]] / Buwaro: What's this nice, soft thing? / Rhea: It's a pillow for my bed. A lot better than rocks, that's for sure... / [[Buwaro sits in a tiny chair.]] / Buwaro: How about this? / Rhea: That's a chair. You're too big for it- get off. / [[Buwaro points to a mirror.]] / Buwaro: And that thing hanging on the wall over there? / Rhea: Huh? Oh... / Rhea: Part of me wants to say, "a very tired, overworked Jakkai"... It's a mirror. It's for seeing what you look like to others.
Page 103 [[Buwaro makes faces in the wall mirror.]] / Buwaro: Blaahh... / Rhea: Buwaro's been looking at his reflection for a while... Maybe this is the first time he's really seen himself? / [[Buwaro bares his teeth.]] / Buwaro: Wow, I have really big teeth! / Rhea: Buwaro, just go to sleep. / [[Buwaro, Rhea, Thadius, and Snowy all occupy the same small bed.]] / Buwaro: G'night, Rhea! / Rhea: This isn't... oh, forget it. / [[Flashback of Buwaro sleeping on top of Rhea, crushing her.]] / Rhea: I guess this is still better than what usually happened in Hell... / Buwaro: Sniff... / [[Buwaro looks at Sakido's sun pendant.]] / Buwaro: Sigh... I miss you... / [[Rhea looks sad, but doesn't turn back toward Buwaro.]]
Page 104 [[Buwaro is dreaming.]] / Buwaro: I miss you. / Sakido: I know. / Sakido: Please, don't cry... / Sakido: What is that in your arms? / Buwaro: Huh? Oh... / Buwaro: This is a bunny I found with Rhea. / Sakido: I see. She is very cute. Make sure you take care of her. / Sakido: Listen, Buwaro. This is very important. That necklace of mine... / Sakido: Always keep it close to you. It is very precious and also very powerful. Please. Do not forget...
Page 105 [[Rhea is dreaming.]] / Rhea: Flying fish, green sky, blue grass and polka-dotted rocks? Something ain't right here. / Rhea: But I just can't put my finger on it... / [[Buwaro as a Jakkai arrives.]] / Buwaro: Hey, Rhea! / [[Rhea is revealed to be tall with different ears, a different tail, and horns.]] / Rhea: Hey. You look different somehow. / Buwaro: Haha, you're silly! / Buwaro: Anyway, we gotta get out of here! The bunny's coming! It's dangerous! / Rhea: Why? That thing's harmless. / Buwaro: She grew BIG! / Rhea: Just HOW big did she grow...? / [[Buwaro points up.]] / [[Rhea and Buwaro look up, engulfed by a giant shadow.]] / Rhea: Holy SHIT that's a big bunny! / Buwaro: Ya really! / [[A giant Snowy lands on top of Rhea and Buwaro.]] / <> / Rhea: ow.
Page 106 [[Someone is having a nightmare.]] / Unknown Girl: W-Why... Why are you doing this? / Giant Demon-like Figure: Now, now... Since when do I need a reason to have fun? / Demon: Unfortunately for you, you bore me now. / [[The giant Demon stabs the girl with its claws.]] / Girl: AAAIGH!! / [[A blue-haired girl wakes up, trembling with fear.]]
Page 107 [[The blue-haired girl turns around and is shocked to find out that she is in bed with Buwaro and Rhea.]] / [[The blue-haired girl falls off of the bed.]] / <> / <> / [[Buwaro slowly wakes up.]] / Buwaro: ? / Buwaro: Snowy? / [[Buwaro sees "Snowy" trembling in a corner.]] / [[Snowy trembles in fear and almost begins to cry.]] / Buwaro: Uhh... / [[Snowy rushes to the door.]] / <> / [[Buwaro winces as the door is slammed shut.]] / <> / Buwaro: ... / Buwaro: WOW! Bunnies are such COOL pets!
Page 108 [[Buwaro shakes Rhea.]] / Buwaro: Hey, Rhea! Wake up! Snowy just turned into a Human! Why didn't you tell me bunnies could do that? / [[Rhea pulls the bed covers over her head.]] / <> / Rhea: nnngg... What? They can't... now go away. / Buwaro: But she did! C'mon, I'll show you! / [[Rhea flips Buwaro off.]] / Buwaro: Fine, geez! I'll go and say good morning to her by myself. You don't have to be such a buttface about it. / Rhea: Actually, I do. Otherwise I just wouldn't be myself. I don't care if you think your new pet Snowy turned into a magic rainbow unicorn. Leave me alone and let me sleep in peace for once! / [[Snowy is seen, curled up and shaking with fear while clutching a knife.]] / Buwaro: Go ahead and be that way! Snowy and I will have a lot of fun without you and we won't invite you to play with Thadius or-- / Rhea: JUST GET THE HELL OUT ALREADY!
Page 109 Snowy: Where is this place? Why am I here? / [[Snowy's hands shake as she clutches a knife.]] / Snowy: What can I do? Even armed, there is no way I can fight against that Demon while I still have these things on... And there is no telling when I will- / Buwaro: Uhh... Snowy? / Snowy: Eep! / [[The blue-haired girl turns back into a snow bunny.]] / <> / [[Buwaro towers over the frightened bunny.]] / Buwaro: Err... / [[Snowy looks up and trembles in fear.]] / [[Snowy wildly shakes the knife she was previously holding at Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: AAIIGH! KILLER BUNNY! / [[Rhea is aggravated at the noises coming from upstairs. / <> / <> / Buwaro: OW! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA / [[Buwaro comes back into Rhea's room.]] / Buwaro: Rhea!! Snowy's trying to stab me in the face! / Rhea: That bunny has the right idea...
Page 110 Rhea: Fine, fine. If it'll shut you up, I'll go check on Snowy. / [[Snowy, as a snow bunny, shakes with fear with a knife under one of her paws.]] / Buwaro: There she is! / Rhea: Wow, looks like a real cold-blooded killer. / [[Rhea lies down and reaches towards Snowy.]] / Rhea: I bet you were just too rough with her. You have to be gentle. C'mere, little bunny! I won't hurt you... / [[Snowy swings the knife wildly at Rhea.]] / Rhea: Ack- what the hell!? / [[Rhea grabs Snowy by her collar.]] / Rhea: That's it, I've tried being nice! / Rhea: I am REALLY not in the mood for this kind of shit. Normal snow bunnies do NOT try to threaten people with steak knives. I want you to cut the crap right now or I'm going to be having a nice bowl of rabbit stew for breakfast! Just who or what the fuck are you?! / [[Snowy, now crying, turns into a blue-haired girl again.]] / <> / Rhea: ... / Rhea: This is just too much. Hand me that knife- I'm going to kill myself.
Page 111 Buwaro: Rhea, you're scaring her! Hi Snowy! My name is Buwaro! / [[Buwaro waves his hand at Snowy.]] / [[Snowy cringes in fear.]] / [[Buwaro looks at his hand in confusion.]] / Buwaro: Huh? Is there something wrong with my hand? / Snowy: ? / Rhea: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! / Rhea: Ahh... Sorry, sorry, I shouldn't laugh. It's just that someone finding Buwaro scary is really funny to me. Don't worry- even though he's a Demon, he's completely harmless. Anyway, my name is Rhea. This is my home; we brought you here when we found you unconscious in the forest as a snow bunny. I never thought I'd see a bunny turn into a Human... talk about some crazy shit! / Rhea: No offense... but you're the strangest Human I've ever seen. What weird clothes... and such pale skin... and blue hair! What's your name? Where are you from? ...and why were you hurt and alone out there? / Snowy: W-what should I do? They don't know who- no, what I am... can I trust them? But... but Buwaro is a demon... ohh... I can't say anything like this anyway... what will I do?? / Buwaro: Aww... Snowy's afraid of me because I'm a Demon? Do I really look that scary? Hmm... Thadius is good with people. Maybe I can get her to put in a good word for me with Snowy... / Rhea: Oh god, I'm getting too used to all the weird crap that keeps happening to me. All I can think about is food... I really shouldn't have mentioned rabbit stew. Mmm... stew...
Page 112 Rhea: You know what- just forget about it for now. I'm so hungry I can't even think straight. / Rhea: I'm going out to see if I can get us something to eat. / Rhea: Buwaro, you stay here with "Snowy" while I'm gone. I won't take too long. / Buwaro: But Rhea, I don't want to scare her! What should I do? / Rhea: She's just not used to you yet. Maybe it's best you left her alone for a little while. / Rhea: You can stay in my room if you want after I leave, but you better not break anything or I'll break your face! / [[Rhea slams her door.]] / <> / Snowy: O-oh no... She's leaving me alone with him? W-what's... what's going to happen to- / Buwaro: Snowy? / Snowy: Eep! / Buwaro: Look, I... I'm sorry if I scared you earlier. I really didn't mean it. I would still really like to be friends with you, but since... you don't like me, I guess I'll just stay downstairs until Rhea gets back. You... I... uh... oh, nevermind... / Snowy: Did... did that Demon... just apologize to me? I don't know what to think anymore...
Page 113 Buwaro: Am I really that scary? I didn't know being a Demon was such a big deal... ...I really miss home. / Buwaro: Oh, Thadius... I'm glad that you and Rhea are here with me, but... I miss being back in Hell. I'll never see Death or Sakido ever again... / [[Buwaro places his hand on Sakido's sun pendant.]] / [[Buwaro looks at the sun pendant.]] / Buwaro: Hmm... / [[Buwaro puts the necklace over his head.]] / <> / Buwaro: EEEYYAAAARRGH / [[Snowy is startled by Buwaro's scream.]]
Page 114 Snowy: I know Buwaro is a Demon, but... he's been nothing but nice to me so far. I should check to see if he's alright... / [[Buwaro is on the floor, with something bloody sticking out of his back.]] / Buwaro: Aggh... ow... oww... ...Snowy? / Meanwhile... / Rhea: Damn, this sucks! I have to get all the way to the storehouse from here without anyone seeing me, otherwise I'm dead! Again! / Rhea: The fact that it's freaking FREEZING doesn't help! I want my winter fur. This little jacket ain't doing shit. Why do I even have it anyway? / Rhea: OH SHI- / Small, White Jakkai: Rhea? / Small, White Jakkai: It IS you! Long time no see, Rhea! / Rhea: Uhh... H-hey there, Thunderheart. / Thunderheart: Why didn't you come visit on Spirits Day? Were you having too much fun in Heaven? / Rhea: Ohhh... Heaven! Yeah, yeah... Sorry about that. Heaven was so fun, I totally forgot! I am perfectly willing to lie to a small child? No wonder I went to Hell! / Rhea: So what're you up to? / Thunderheart: I saw a snow drop flower by your house last week, and I wanted to draw it. We all just came back from the Human town's celebration of the Winter Solstice yesterday, so I couldn't go see it again until today. / Thunderheart: Most people are still asleep, but we could go wake them up and- / Rhea: NO!! I mean... no, it's alright. I don't plan on staying too long, anyway.
Page 115 Rhea: Now, little guy, I have a job for you... / [[A hungover Jakkai is draped over a store counter.]] / Hungover Jakkai: Never again... / Rhea: If you guys just got back from the Human village yesterday, then that means old Lockjaw has a hangover that could kill a bear! It'd be a stretch to think he'd give stuff to a dead person, but I doubt he'd ask many questions if YOU went in for me. My friends in, uh, Heaven want to try out... unique cuisine. Or something. / Thunderheart: Okay! Leave it to me! / [[Later, Thunderheart hands Rhea a bag.]] / Thunderheart: I got everything you wanted, Rhea, but why did you need a first aid kit, too? / Rhea: I... hit my head on the way down? / Rhea: Thanks, kid. But I really gotta go. You better run along, or, uh, the holy light will blind you. Maybe. / [[Thunderheart hugs Rhea.]] / Thunderheart: You better visit me on Spirit's Day next year! / [[Thunderheart walks away happily, humming to himself.]] / Rhea: I have the distinct feeling that remembering this will confuse him for years to come. / Rhea: It was a stroke of luck to meet Thunderheart, but there's still a lot to worry about. Like that girl... I wonder what her deal is? She seems like she was really traumatized by something... / Rhea: Hmm, I suppose I should check on Buwaro first, though. He was pretty depressed when I left him. / Rhea: ... / [[Snowy is helping wipe the blood off of Buwaro's new wings.]] / Rhea: WHAT THE HELL?! / Rhea: Where did you get WINGS? / Buwaro: Uhh... / [[Rhea points at Snowy accusingly.]] / Rhea: And YOU- I was worried I might find you curled up in a corner crying, but instead I find you chumming it up with Dumbass McGee! Are you doing this just to spite me? that my towel?
Page 116 Buwaro: Hey, stop picking on Snowy! She was just trying to help. I got these wings from Sakido's pendant! / Rhea: Whoa, that's some messed up shit. Maybe you should take it off? / Buwaro: But... But it's from Sakido... I don't want to. / Snowy: ... / Rhea: Fine, fine. Do whatever you want. Just don't go jumping off any cliffs; those look way too small to be useful for flying. Anyway, I brought us back some food, so eat up! There's nuts, berries, bread, jerky... Thunderheart did good. / [[Buwaro starts choking.]] / Rhea: Oh, for crying out loud, Buwaro... You have to get rid of the nut's shell before you can eat it! / [[Snowy starts opening some nuts.]] / Rhea: See? Snowy's got the right idea. / [[Snowy offers some nuts to Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: Huh? For me? / Buwaro: Gee, thanks! You're so nice! / [[Snowy smiles.]] / Buwaro: Ooh, I saw that smile! That's the first time you've smiled since... forever! Are we friends now? / Rhea: It's about time you stopping being so nervous! I'll get a new candle in here and patch you right up, alright, Snowy?
Page 117 [[Rhea bandages Snowy's hand.]] / Buwaro: Snowy, meet Thadius! / Buwaro: She's my pet and she was my best friend before Rhea and she- / Rhea: Buwaro, try to shut up for a few minutes. I need to talk to Snowy here. / Rhea: I think it's about time that you told us just who you are. I want to help, but I want to know just WHO I'm helping. C'mon, at least tell us your real name! / [[Snowy gestures to the black collar on her neck.]] / [[Rhea doesn't understand, to Snowy's disappointment.]] / Rhea: What the-? I didn't ask you about your weird jewelry! I know you aren't an average Human, so what are you? A powerful sorceress? I dunno- Toski the Snow Guardian's cousin? I'm really not asking for much... / [[Snowy bows low to the ground.]] / Snowy: I'm so sorry, Rhea, but I'm helpless... Please understand... / [[Rhea looks concerned.]] / Rhea: Oh geez, quit it. I guess you're a mute... Sorry I didn't realize it sooner. I'll help you get out of here to the Human village regardless of who or WHAT you are since you've been so nice to Buwaro. / [[Snowy looks happy.]] / Buwaro: Aww... why do we have to get up and leave again? I mean, we just got here... / Rhea: There are plenty of reasons. For one, none of us really belong here, and two, our village has this dumb old where Humans aren't allowed to even visit. I remember when I tried inviting my friend over a few years ago... / [[Crude drawings represent Rhea's version of what happened in the past.]] / Rhea: HEY CAN MY FRIEND COME PLAY IN THE VILLAGE? PLEASE STONEPAW PLEEEEAASE?? / Angry Jakkai: NO WAY! It is traditional to be racist fucks! / [[Rhea punches Stonepaw, decapitating the elder Jakkai.]] / <> / Rhea: You BITCH! / Buwaro: Wow, Rhea! You're HARDCORE! / Rhea: Buwaro, I was just... oh, forget it.
Page 118 After a small dinner, Buwaro, Rhea, and Snowy went to bed to at least try to get a good night's sleep in preparation for the long hike to the Human village of Farun the next day. / [[While in bed together, Buwaro's wing covers up and bothers Rhea. Snowy looks concerned by herself on the couch upstairs.]] / Early the next morning, the three unlikely companions- er, four if you count Thadius- were on their way... / [[Snowy shivers uncomfortably from the cold.]] / Rhea: You'd probably be a lot warmer if you turned into a bunny, y'know. ... suit yourself, then. Weirdo. / Buwaro: Don't worry, Snowy! If you're cold you can just stay near me; I'm naturally warm and fuzzy! / [[Snowy blushes slightly.]] / Rhea: Stop that, I think you're just creeping her out. / [[Rhea grabs Buwaro's tail.]] / Rhea: Oh, and give me the map and compass I told you to hold when we left the house. / Buwaro: Uhh... I gave those to Thadius.
Page 119 Rhea: You did WHAT!? / Buwaro: Oh geez, don't tell me you dropped them, Thadius! And I thought I could trust you with such a simple task... / [[Rhea turns around and starts walking in the direction they came from.]] / Rhea: We haven't been walking for too long, so I'll go find them. Buwaro, you stay here and don't move, cause when I get back, I'm gonna kill you. / Buwaro: Okay! / [[Snowy looks worriedly after Rhea.]] / Snowy: ... / Buwaro: Oh, don't worry too much about her, Snowy. If she didn't kick me right in the face, then she couldn't have been TOO mad! / Soon... / [[Buwaro leans on Snowy, who blushes.]] / Buwaro: Man, this is boring... / [[Buwaro looks at something in the distance.]] / Buwaro: Say, what's over there? Looks like there's an open space behind those trees. / [[Buwaro leaves Thadius behind and drags Snowy with him as he happily marches off to investigate.]] / Buwaro: I wanna go check it out! Thadius, you stay here in case Rhea gets back so you can tell her where we went. C'mon Snowy! Let's go exploring!
Page 120 Snowy: ! / Buwaro: Ooh, look, Snowy, look! It's such a pretty view! / [[Snowy and Buwaro look at a landscape of trees on the mountains from a cliff.]] / Buwaro: There are so many TREES! And the sky is so... so... BLUE! This is nothing like my home... / Buwaro: Sigh... I just wish Sakido could have seen this. / [[Someone speaks in a strange language, startling Snowy.]] / Buwaro: Whoa, hello! I didn't even see you there! Who are you? Are you a demon? / [[Snowy trembles with fear.]] / [[The blue Demon speaks more of the strange language.]] / Buwaro: Umm... what?
Page 121 [[The blue Demon is surprised by Buwaro's lack of understanding.]] / Blue Demon: What's wrong? Don't you even understand basic Angelic? / Buwaro: Uhh... No? / Blue Demon: How can you not- nevermind. I said my name was Lazuli, and I'm here for that angel. / Buwaro: What angel? / Lazuli: Er, the one standing right next to you? / [[Snowy is shaking nervously.]] / Buwaro: You mean Snowy? / [[Buwaro pulls Snowy close to himself.]] / Buwaro: Ha! Don't be silly! She's not an angel- she's a snow bunny! / [[Lazuli is completely baffled by Buwaro's response.]] / Lazuli: ... / Lazuli: You've got to be kidding me. Kid, just look at her! Sure she's missing the dazzling white wings and halo, but... / Lazuli: The blue hair! Her pale skin! Those weird clothes! It all just screams, "I'm an angel!" / [[Buwaro looks suspiciously at Snowy, who looks scared.]] / Buwaro: Hrm... you don't say...
Page 122 Buwaro: By the way... ...what is an "angel"? / [[Both Lazuli and Snowy are shocked by Buwaro's question.]] / Lazuli: WHAT!? / Buwaro: Hehe, you remind me of my friend Rhea with your eyes bulging out like that! / Lazuli: You really don't know ANYTHING about angels at all?! / Buwaro: Hold on, I think I remember something... / [[Crude drawings represent Buwaro's flashback from Buwaro's perspective.]] / Death: You see, Rhea, angels are blah blah blah blah blah... / [[Buwaro reaches out towards Thadius.]] / Buwaro: Let's play, Thadius! / [[Buwaro tosses Thadius into the air.]] / Buwaro: Whee! / [[Thadius comes hurtling back towards Buwaro.]] / [[Stars against a dark background are all Buwaro sees after being hit by Thadius once again.]] / [[Lazuli facepalms.]] / Buwaro: Oops, false alarm. I've got nothing. / Snowy: He can't be serious, can he?
Page 123 [[A large, bull-like Demon appears next to Lazuli.]] / Lazuli: Oh, Talus, there you are. It's so nice of you to finally catch up with me. / [[Buwaro and Snowy look up at the large Demon.]] / Buwaro: Wow! You're, like, the second-biggest demon I've ever seen! / Snowy: This just keeps getting worse... / Talus: What's going on here, Lazuli? / Lazuli: Well, I managed to find our little runaway, but unfortunately I also found this stupid, purple headache as well. / Talus: Tell me, kid, can you fly with those gimpy wings? / Buwaro: I don't think so... My friend said they were too small and that I shouldn't- / Talus: Good. / [[Talus punches Buwaro square in the stomach with his giant fist.]] / <> / Buwaro: urk! / [[Buwaro falls backwards off the cliff while Snowy reaches out towards him.]] / Snowy: Buwaro!! / Lazuli: Was that really necessary? / Talus: You said he was a headache. Besides... / [[Snowy stars crying as she looks over the cliff edge.]] / Snowy: No... no... / Talus: ... we don't want any witnesses. / [[Snowy trembles with fright as tears stream down her face.]]
Page 124 [[Thadius is seen, all alone.]] / Unknown: I can't believe those two just left me alone like this. / [[The camera zooms in on Thadius. It's as if she is speaking or thinking to "her"self.]] / Unknown: What were they thinking?! Oh, right. Buwaro doesn't think. But still, I can't believe they ran off! Don't I count for something? / [[Rhea picks up Thadius.]] / Rhea: Come to think of it, why am I talking to a rock? / Rhea: At least their tracks should be easy to follow in the snow. I hope they haven't wandered off too far; it's still a ways until we reach Farun. Sigh... It's just been one headache after another these days. / Rhea: I can't wait until we reach the village. I wonder if they have a Lost & Found center for people I can bring that girl to? But more importantly... / Rhea: Finally, a hot meal! I'm gonna get me and Buwaro two big bowls of soup... / Rhea: ...and then I'm gonna snatch his away from him at the last second to make him cry as an act of revenge! Hehe, I feel better already just thinking about it.
Page 125 [[Snowy is thrown against a tree.]] / Snowy: Ah! / [[Lazuli pins Snowy to the tree.]] / Lazuli: We were going to deliver you alive, but after over a day of looking for you out here, our patience with you has run out. / Talus: Yeah, I've got frostbite in places I didn't know existed! / Lazuli: Uh, wow. I didn't need to hear that! / Talus: Lemme crush her with my bare hands! / Lazuli: Nah, that'll kill her too quickly. / [[Lazuli runs her hands by the frightened, crying Snowy's ear.]] / Lazuli: Why don't we start slow by ripping off an ear, hmm? / [[Buwaro suddenly appears, clinging to the cliff's edge.]] / Buwaro: HOLD IT! / [[Buwaro struggles to pull himself up.]] / Buwaro: Just gimme a minute... / Talus: How the fuck did you survive that? / Buwaro: I'm a good climber! Also, I'm used to falling off cliffs. / Buwaro: Now, stop being so mean to Snowy! / Lazuli: Can't you even die without being annoying?
Page 126 [[Talus looms menacingly over Buwaro.]] / Talus: So... want I should smash HIM with my bare hands? / [[Lazuli grabs Snowy roughly.]] / Lazuli: No, wait. Let me try to get through to him one more time. Kid, look. This is an angel, NOT a snow bunny or whatever. As demons, that automatically makes her our enemy. Demons hate angels, and angels hate demons. It's only natural. / Buwaro: She's... my enemy? / Lazuli: Yes! We demons fought against angels in a giant war because we hate each other so much, you know. / Lazuli: See my broken nail? / [[Talus' face is shown.]] / Lazuli: ...and his scar? / [[Lazuli grabs Snowy's hand.]] / Lazuli: SHE did that to us. If we didn't put these braces on her... ...she just might have killed a wimp like you. / Buwaro: She DID attack me with a knife when we first met... / Buwaro: But that's okay, because we're friends now! / Lazuli: ARRGH! No, it's not okay! / Buwaro: But Snowy is such a nice bunny! / Lazuli: FOR THE LAST TIME, SHE IS NOT A BUNNY, SHE IS AN ANGEL! DEMONS AND ANGELS CAN'T BE FRIENDS!! AND HER NAME ISN'T EVEN SNOWY, IT'S K- / Talus: Shut it, Lazuli! Watch what you say! / [[Snowy looks intrigued.]] / Snowy: ...?
Page 127 Lazuli: I just don't get it. How could he be here and not even know about, much less HATE angels? / Talus: Maybe he ain't a demon? / Buwaro: ? / Talus: Sure, he looks like a fire demon... But last I checked, fire demons don't have wings. / [[Buwaro reaches into his coat.]] / Buwaro: I am too a fire demon! Here, look, I'll explain: / [[Buwaro shows off the sun pendant he received from Sakido.]] / Buwaro: I don't normally have wings, but when I wear this sun pendant, I do! / Buwaro: I wear it inside my coat 'cause that's how my sister wore it. Besides, it just doesn't look good hanging outside with my star, you know? / Talus: Wait, does that mean that star pendant is also... Damn! How can you wear that shit without it hurting? / [[Lazuli swipes at Buwaro.]] / Lazuli: Give those to me! An idiot like you has no idea how valuable those are! / Buwaro: No way! Back off! / [[Snowy bites Lazuli's arm.]] / <> / Lazuli: AAGH!! / [[Snowy spits as she grabs Buwaro's hand and runs.]] / Snowy: Pblth plbth bleh / Talus: You let her go just 'cause she bit you? Man, you're such a pussy. / Lazuli: Shut up! By the way, nice work stopping them. / Lazuli: It doesn't really matter, though. We'll catch up easily enough... ...and we'll kill them both. Painfully. / Talus: It's about time!
Page 128 [[Rhea watches as Buwaro and Snowy run towards her.]] / Rhea: Well, well... here comes the dynamic duo themselves. / Buwaro: Run, Rhea, RUN!! / Rhea: Oh boy. I can't wait to hear the story behind this one. / Rhea: So what are we running from? Angry bear? Confused villager? / Buwaro: Those demons are trying to kill Snowy! / Rhea: What the- DEMONS?! / [[Lazuli and Talus are not far behind, their eyes glowing maliciously.]] / Rhea: Fan-fucking-tastic! I leave you two alone for a few minutes, and you go and piss off a couple of demons into a homicidal rage! / Buwaro: It's not our fault! They keep saying Snowy's an "angel"! She's... she's a bunny like you said, right, Rhea? / [[Rhea has trouble imagining Snowy as an angel, picturing a snow bunny with wings and a halo.]] / Rhea: Uhh... maybe?
Page 129 [[The two groups arrive in an area devoid of trees.]] / Rhea: Maybe I can slow them down with my Terra Spike spell... / [[Rhea punches the ground and Lazuli and Talus screech to a halt.]] / <> / [[Nothing happens.]] / [[Rhea runs away.]] / Rhea: Maybe not! / [[Lazuli's eyes and hands glow light blue.]] / Lazuli: Let's end this stupid chase. / [[Lazuli places her glowing hands on the snow.]] / [[Lazuli yells something in Angelic as icicles spike out of the snow.]] / <> / [[A wall of icicles blocks Buwaro, Snowy, and Rhea's path.]] / <> / Rhea: Oh, crap.
Page 130 [[Rhea gestures toward Snowy.]] / Rhea: Wait, before you brutally murder us all, satisfy my curiosity... Is she REALLY an angel? / Lazuli: Listen, RAT- I already wasted by breath trying to tell your retarded friend that "Snowflake" or whatever is really- / Talus: Actually, I think he called her "Snowy". / Lazuli: AAAARRGHHH!! Fuck all of this shit! Her name isn't "Snowy", her name is fucking Kieri Suizahn and she's an angel and I'm going to kill her and all of you! / [[Lazuli covers her mouth sheepishly.]] / Lazuli: Aww, shit. I just said her real name, didn't I? / [[The brace that used to be on Kieri's arm slips off and hits the snow.]] / <> / Buwaro and Rhea: !! / [[Kieri looks at her hands in amazement and speaks in Angelic.]] / Kieri: I... I'm free? I can speak! / [[Kieri's hands glow light blue.]] / Kieri: ...and I can fight! / Rhea: Waaait... are you telling me that all it took to free her was to say her name? I didn't think demons could come any stupider than you, Buwaro! / Lazuli: OH JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!
Page 131 Lazuli: You might be free, but you're still weak! You lost to us before, what makes you think you and the retard squad can defeat us no- / [[Kieri yells Angelic as Lazuli is hit in the face with a bunch of snow.]] / <> / [[Talus snickers at Lazuli.]] / [[Kieri and Lazuli speak to each other in Angelic.]] / Kieri: Leave Buwaro and Rhea out of this! They've done nothing to you! / Lazuli: As if I'm going to listen to you! You're all going to die!! / Buwaro: Rhea, what are they talking about? / Rhea: You think I understand all this crazy moon language?! / Lazuli: Talus, you take care of the winged freak and his rat friend- I'll handle the angel. / Talus: I get to kill BOTH of them? Aww, Lazuli, you're too kind. / Rhea: Uh-oh, I understood THAT! I kind of wish I didn't, though... / Buwaro: Eep!
Page 132 [[Talus reaches behind his back.]] / [[Talus looms over Buwaro and Rhea, wielding a giant ax.]] / Talus: HAHAHEHEH... / [[Buwaro ducks a slice from Talus' ax, which chops down several icicles.]] / <> / [[Buwaro and Rhea run screaming from Talus.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA / Talus: Hey, come back! I just want to kill you! Hahaha! / [[Kieri and Lazuli speak in Angelic for the rest of the page.]] / Kieri: Oh no! Buwaro! Rhea! / [[Kieri gets stabbed in the arm by a couple of ice shards.]] / Kieri: AGH! / Lazuli: Hmph. Stupid angel. I'd be more worried about myself if I were you. / [[Kieri grasps her wounded arm and glares angrily.]] / Kieri: ... / [[Kieri yells in Angelic and shoots a burst of holy power out of her hand.]] / [[Lazuli dodges the magic attack.]] / Lazuli: Ha! You'll have to do better than- / [[Kieri sweep kicks Lazuli off of her feet.]] / <> / Kieri: that? / [[Lazuli falls backwards onto the ground.]] / Lazuli: OOF! / Lazuli: I hate you so much.
Page 133 Rhea: I'm getting serious deja vu here... / Rhea: Running for my life from a killer earth demon... / Rhea: ...all because of HIM! / [[Talus raises his ax.]] / [[Talus slams his ax into the ground.]] / <> / [[The ice and snow begin to crack and break apart.]] / [[Buwaro has his foot stuck in a crack as Rhea straddles another.]] / Rhea: Do you just hate me, Buwaro? Is this why this shit keeps happening when I hang around you? 'Cause if by some strange twist of fate we live through this, I'm gonna murder you SO HARD.
Page 134 Rhea: Whoa, whoa, stop! We might- / [[Talus steps on the broken ice.]] / [[The ice slab that Rhea and Buwaro are on tips over.]] / Rhea: -tip over! / [[Talus, fallen on the ice, glares angrily at Rhea.]] / Rhea: ACK! / [[Buwaro and Rhea jump over Talus.]] / Talus: Hey! / [[The ice that Talus was on tilts forward into the water below.]] / [[Talus slowly begins to pick himself up.]] / Talus: GRRR... / [[Talus raises his ax over his head and roars angrily.]] / Talus: ROOAARR!! / [[Talus slips on the snow.]] / <> / [[Talus lands on top of Buwaro and Rhea.]]
Page 135 [[Lazuli shoots shards of ice at Kieri.]] / [[Kieri shields herself from the ice with a magic barrier.]] / <> / [[Kieri and Lazuli shoot holy and dark magic at each other.]] / Kieri and Lazuli: HA! / [[Lazuli's dark magic breaks through Kieri's holy magic.]] / [[Kieri is knocked back by the dark magic.]] / Kieri: AGH! / Lazuli: Face it, angel- you can't win against me. Without your weapons, you're doing even worse than the first time we... / [[Lazuli looks surprised.]] / Lazuli: ...f....ought...? / [[Kieri has turned into a snow bunny.]] / Snowy: ooog.... / Lazuli: What the FUCK?!
Page 136 Lazuli: I don't care what you look like...'re still going to die! / [[Snowy dodges the dark magic that Lazuli shoots at her.]] / <> / [[Snowy's attention is drawn to someone screaming.]] / [[Rhea and Buwaro try to evade Talus' attacks.]] / Rhea and Buwaro: EEK! / Snowy: You leave them alone! / Lazuli: Hey, come back here! I'm not through murdering you yet! / [[Snowy stands in front of Rhea and Buwaro, her paws glowing.]] / [[Snowy yells some Angelic and causes a jet of water to shoot Talus in the face.]] / <> / Talus: Ackpth! / Rhea: That little whatever-she-is never ceases to surprise me. / Buwaro: We should hug like this more often, Rhea! / Rhea: Oh, shut up and put me down already.
Page 137 [[Talus shakes the water off of himself.]] / [[Something falls off of Talus' back.]] / <> / Talus: Oops. / [[Snowy runs towards the fallen package and speaks in Angelic.]] / Snowy: My sword! / [[Snowy gets hurts when she tries to touch her sword wrapped cloth.]] / Snowy: Ah! Wh... wha? / [[Talus lifts the sword away from Snowy.]] / Lazuli: Haha, nice try! A holy being such as yourself can't touch anything wrapped in that special cloth! / [[Rhea jumps up and bites Talus' arm.]] / <> / Talus: GAH! / [[Buwaro catches the sword.]] / Buwaro: Thadius and I got it, Rhea! / [[Buwaro unwraps the cloth from the sword.]] / Buwaro: Umm... what is it, anyway? / Rhea: Bleh! That tasted VILE! That, Buwaro, is a sword! You put the pointy end into people you don't like. / [[Rhea reaches for a sun pendant in the snow.]] / Rhea: Hey, did this fall out of there? It looks just like Sakido's- / [[Rhea grabs her hand in pain.]] / Rhea: OW! What the... It hurts just to touch it...
Page 138 Snowy: My sword is useless unless I transform back! I need to concentrate... for Buwaro and Rhea's sake! / [[Kieri transforms back into her normal sake and retrieves her weapon from Buwaro.]] / Kieri: Th-thank you, Buwaro... / [[Kieri picks up the sun pendant off the ground.]] / [[Kieri places the pendant around her neck.]] / [[Kieri wields her sword in a battle stance with large, white wings sprouting from her back.]] / Buwaro: Gee, Snowy, you look pretty cool! / Rhea: Huh, I guess she really IS an angel! / Lazuli: So you still think you can take the two of us alone, huh? / Rhea: Hey, we're not useless! / Buwaro: Yeah! Thadius and I can be tough! / Rhea: ... y'know what, just forget what I said.
Page 139 [[Kieri rushes towards Lazuli with her sword pointing forward.]] / [[Lazuli anticipates Kieri's attack, her hand glowing with dark magic.]] / [[Kieri sticks her glowing sword into the ice at Lazuli's feet.]] / <> / Lazuli: Eh? / [[Lazuli falls through a hole in the ice caused by Kieri's magic into the lake.]] / <> / Lazuli: WHAT THE FU-- / [[Kieri solidifies the water back into ice with her sword.]] / <> / [[Lazuli's hand bursts out from the ice behind Kieri.]] / <> / [[Lazuli's hand glows light blue.]] / Lazuli: Nice try, angel, but not good enough! Now take THIS!! / [[Kieri drops her sword as her hands and her body are encased in ice from the waist down.]] / <> / [[Lazuli and Talus approach Kieri menacingly from opposite sides.]] / Lazuli: Heh heh heh... no fancy moves to save you now!
Page 140 Buwaro: Oh no! Snowy's in trouble!! / Rhea: Didja see that blue demon burst out of the ice? DAMN! / Buwaro: We have to help her, Rhea! / Rhea: I bet the big demon can't do that. Hrm, that gives me an idea... Okay, you take on the blue one, Buwaro! / Buwaro: M-me? But what do I do? She's SCARY! / Rhea: I dunno, just be yourself! You're bound to piss her off and make her mess up if you do that. / Lazuli: Finally, I'll be able to kill yo- / [[Lazuli is hit in the face by Thadius.]] / <> / [[Buwaro steps protectively in front of Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Leave her alone, you big bully! / Kieri: Buwaro! / [[Lazuli shoots ice shards from her hand at Buwaro.]] / Lazuli: Why you little-! / [[Buwaro breathes fire towards the incoming attack.]] / Buwaro: BWAARGHH!! / [[Buwaro is splashed by water from the ice shards he melted with his fiery breath.]] / <> / [[Buwaro turns sheepishly towards Kieri, an ice shard sticking out of his forehead.]] / Buwaro: Eheheh, well, that ALMOST worked... / Kieri: B-Buwaro... your head...
Page 141 [[Talus' attention is drawn towards someone yelling at him.]] / Rhea: Hey, fatty! / [[Rhea is yelling at Talus from across some cracked ice.]] / Rhea: Yeah, I'm talking to you, ugly! What's the matter- too scared to take on a little Jakkai by yourself? I bet your mother looks good in a dress and smells real nice! / Talus: What'd you say about my momma?! / [[Talus rushes towards Rhea, wielding his ax.]] / Talus: No one talks that way about her but ME!! / [[Talus falls through the ice right in front of Rhea into the water.]] / <> / Talus: YEAAAARGH!! Lazuli, help! / [[Lazuli completely ignores Buwaro and Kieri, rushing past them to help Talus.]] / Buwaro and Kieri: ? / Lazuli: Ergh... Hold on, Talus!
Page 142 Talus: Help! I can't swim! / [[Lazuli sticks her hand into the water.]] / Lazuli: Hold on, I'll use my water magic to lift your fat ass up. / [[Lazuli's hand glows.]] / [[Buwaro breathes a little fire on the ice restraining Kieri.]] / <> / [[Kieri's left hand breaks out of the ice.]] / <> / [[Kieri uses her left hand to free her right hand.]] / <> / [[Kieri uses both her hands to break the rest of the ice away.]] / <> / [[Talus, leaning over the ice, is crushing Rhea in his grip.]] / Talus: I lost my axe in the water because of you! Let's see how you like it in this freezing water! / [[Kieri steps on Lazuli's head.]] / Lazuli: OW! / [[Kieri's silhouette appears above Talus and Rhea.]] / [[Kieri drives her sword into Talus' arm, making him release Rhea.]] / Talus: GRAAAAGHH! / Rhea: Whoa!
Page 143 Lazuli: Holy shit!! / [[Buwaro sneaks up behind Lazuli and kicks her in the rear.]] / <> / Buwaro: Take this, you meanie! / <> / [[Lazuli, now in the water, looks up at Talus falling backwards on top of her.]] / Lazuli: Oh, fuck... / <> / [[Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri watch as the demons sink into the waters of the lake.]] / <> / [[Buwaro watches anxiously.]] / [[Rhea and Kieri watch anxiously.]] / [[Lazuli suddenly leaps out of the water towards Kieri.]] / Lazuli: RAGH! / [[Lazuli grabs Kieri by her throat.]] / [[Kieri's bloody sword grazes Lazuli's size.]]
Page 144 Lazuli: If I go down here... then I'm taking you with me! / [[Rhea watches as Kieri and Lazuli fall into the water.]] / <> / [[Buwaro looks worriedly over the edge into the water.]] / Buwaro: Snowy!! / [[Rhea and Buwaro helplessly look into the lake.]] / Buwaro: Rhea, is Snowy going to be alright? S-shouldn't we help her? / Rhea: There's nothing we can do now, Buwaro. All we can do is wait and be ready for anything... / [[Some bubbles rise to the water's surface.]] / Rhea: Look out! Someone's surfacing! / [[Kieri appears and gasps for air.]] / Kieri: Gasp! / [[Rhea helps Kieri out of the water.]] / Rhea: Oh, thank Gaia it's you- Buwaro, help me here!
Page 145 [[Kieri turns into a snow bunny.]] / <> / [[A worried Buwaro places his hand on Snowy.]] / Buwaro: Snowy? / [[Rhea looks into the lake.]] / Rhea: I guess this means we won't be seeing anymore of those two... / [[Buwaro holds Snowy in his arms as Rhea pulls out her teal vest from her backpack.]] / Buwaro: Rhea! Snowy's- / Rhea: -probably just cold and exhausted from the fight. / [[Rhea wraps Snowy up in the vest.]] / Rhea: Here, this should keep her warm for now. / Rhea: Buwaro, go wrap Snowy's sword in that dark cloth those demons had. This was one hell of a detour, but I know where we are. If we leave now, we might still be able to make it to Farun before nightfall! / Buwaro: The sword? B-but... I wanna hug Snowy...
Page 146 [[Two people are talking, but their words are barely visible against a black background.]] / Voice 1: Is Thadius okay? / Voice 2: For the millionth time, yes! Stop asking me already! / Voice 1: She just looks like she might be a little cold. / Buwaro: Aw, Snowy looks even cuter when she's sleeping. / Rhea: Would you just shut up for a second? / [[Buwaro is holding Snowy in his arms.]] / Buwaro: Oh! You're awake! / Snowy: B-Buwaro? / Snowy: Where... Where am I? / Rhea: We're on our way to Farun since you took care of those two demons. Good thing you're stronger than you look! / Snowy: Oh, I see. ... Buwaro, Rhea? / Rhea: Hmm? / Snowy: I am so sorry... / Snowy: It's my fault that you two had to go through all this trouble... I... I do not deserve your kindness. / [[Rhea looks skeptical.]] / Rhea: That's bullshit.
Page 147 [[Snowy leaps out of Buwaro's arms.]] / Buwaro: Snowy! / Snowy: Please, Rhea, I really am very sorry! I am not lying... I owe you two my life. If you and Buwaro had not found me... ...I would probably be dead right now. / [[Rhea picks up Snowy.]] / Rhea: Why am I always surrounded by people with no common sense? It's like I'm still damned, though I'm not in Hell anymore... / Snowy: ? / [[Rhea hands Snowy back to Buwaro, who hugs her happily.]] / Rhea: Your fur is still damp- if you don't keep warm, you'll get sick. / Snowy: B-but... / Rhea: Besides, you misunderstood me. You really don't need to apologize. You're the one who fought off those two demons, after all. / Snowy: I... I suppose that's true... But I still owe you a great deal for finding me in the woods and taking care of me when I was weak, and even for right now. / Rhea: If you're that set on repaying us, I suppose there is one thing I'm interested in... / Snowy: Really? What is it? / Rhea: TELL ME WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE! Sorry for yelling, but jeez- a snow bunny? An angel? Just where exactly did you come from, anyway?! It's been driving me nuts!
Page 148 Snowy: My name is Kieri Suizahn. I am an angel from Heaven. / Snowy: I-I really don't know why I fell here to Medius. In Heaven, we have been having problems with these... strange portals that would drag people into them without warning. / Rhea: Hmm... / [[Kieri is depicted as struggling against dark energy.]] / Snowy: I prayed that would never happen with me... but it did. My brother, his friend, and a human were taken, too. There was no chance for escape. / Snowy: We ended up at Farun's... Um, it's ce... Uh... oh, its cemetary, where the human was buried when he died. / Rhea: Wow, that's just like when Buwaro and I / [[Rhea is cut off by Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: You have a brother? Is he older or younger? Can he turn into a bunny, too? I wanna meet him! / Snowy: W-well, he should be in Farun... / [[Kieri's brother is shown.]] / Snowy: Kazai is my twin brother. B-but honestly, we're not that much alike... / Snowy: He can't turn into a snow bunny. This is a curse. I-I'm the only one... He... he doesn't know I'm like this. / Rhea: A curse? Who did that to you? Was it those demons? / Snowy: No, it was Toski. / Rhea: Oooh...
Page 149 [[Kieri is looking around the town of Farun.]] / Snowy: A f-few days after we arrived in Farun, I had decided to take a walk by myself around town... / [[A woman with short, grey hair runs through the streets holding a sack.]] / Snowy: While I was out, I saw a thief running from a shopkeeper. / Shopkeeper: GET BACK HERE!! / Thief: Ha! I love messing with these guys! / [[Kieri spreads her wings and blocks the thief's path.]] / Snowy: Even though I did not bring my sword with me, I... I decided to try and stop her. / Thief: What in the--?! / [[The thief's hand glows light blue.]] / Thief: An angel?! In Medius? Never thought I'd see one of you self-righteous punks again... GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! / [[Kieri tries to shield herself from a blast of blue light.]] / Kieri: AGH!! / Toski: Heh heh heh heh heh... That's a good look for you! Don't say Toski never did anything for you! / [[Kieri is shocked to find herself transformed into a snow bunny.]] / Snowy: T-Toski cursed me and ran. I don't know if it's because she was in a rush... ...but the curse is light enough that I can control it a little. / Rhea: Geez, I heard that Toski didn't like angels, but cursing you like that before you even did anything? That's harsh... / Snowy: It's all my fight for meddling. I have no right to complain. I'm... I'm truly lucky...
Page 150 Buwaro: Just who is this Toski person anyway? And why are they so mean? / [[The symbols for wind, water, fire, and earth are shown in the background and Rhea explains.]] / Rhea: Toski is one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius, where we are now. There are three guardians for the four natural elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. Toski is one of the water guardians. She's a snow bunny, but like all the other guardians, she has the ability to shapeshift in order to fit in with normal mortals in Medius. The Twelve Guardians are really powerful! / [[A snow bunny with glowing eyes and strange markings is shown.]] / Rhea: It's said that during The Great War, Toski fought on Hell's side. That's why bunnies are sorta considered bad luck. Knowing that, it's not surprising that she'd dislike Ki... uh, Ki... uh... What was your name again? / Snowy: Kieri. / Rhea: Uh, right. Y'know, I think I'll stick with Snowy for now... / [[Buwaro hugs Snowy affectionately, making her blush slightly.]] / Buwaro: That curse was still really mean. Don't worry, though, Snowy- I think you're really, really CUTE! / Snowy: ...r-really? / Rhea: Heh heh... Oh, hey! I think I can see Farun from here!
Page 151 [[Past a small fence, a few houses can be seen.]] / Rhea: Well, here we are: the human town of Farun. / Snowy: Buwaro? I-I will try to transform back now. / [[Snowy turns back into an Angel.]] / <> / Rhea: So, you gonna try and find you brother? / Kieri: ...Yes. I will check the inn where we were staying. / Buwaro: Don't forget your sharp thingy! / [[Kieri clutches her sword and thinks to herself.]] / Kieri: I'll be able to see Kazai again... / Rhea: I'll come with you part of the way, then. Buwaro, take Thadius and stay here. / Buwaro: Huh? Why? / [[Buwaro sadly touches his face.]] / Rhea: You can't go around looking like that! I'll get you some clothes to cover you up. / Buwaro: Oh, I see... / Rhea: Oh, hey... No offense! You just have a... very unique appearance, that's all! / [[Kieri blushes lightly.]] / Kieri: I like how you look, Buwaro... I-I mean, uh, I'll see you again soon! / [[Buwaro looks sadly after Kieri and Rhea.]] / Buwaro: Sigh..
Page 152 [[Rhea and Kieri walk through the streets. A few citizens of Farun look at them curiously as they pass by. Rhea eyes Kieri's sword.]] / Rhea: She really needs a sheath for that thing. / Rhea: Well, here's where we part ways. You gonna be alright? / Kieri: I think so... / Rhea: You sure? I wouldn't mind walking you to the inn. / Kieri: N-no, I'll be fine! Please, I don't want to trouble you anymore. You've already done so much for me... / Rhea: Well, if you say so... I'll see you later, then. / [[Kieri bows humbly to Rhea.]] / Kieri: Thank you for helping me so much, Rhea. I am forever grateful. / [[Kieri walks away.]] / Rhea: Nice girl, but sheesh! I wonder if all angels are that weird.
Page 153 [[Rhea appears in the doorway of a shop.]] / Rhea: Hello? / [[A male human with blond hair and welcomes Rhea from behind the store counter.]] / Shopkeeper: Welcome to Farun's Sleazy Bum Emporium! / Voice: Hey! I thought I told you to cut that out! / Shopkeeper: Heh... sorry, boss. It just slipped. / Rhea: Whoa-ho! J, you work at this used clothing store now? / J: Hey, Snake! I haven't seen you in forever! What's with your fur, dude? Shouldn't it be, y'know... white? / Rhea: Oh, yeah... that... / Rhea: It's, um... an illness I have. Or something. I-I dunno, don't ask me about it! I'm... sensitive about my condition. / J: If you say so... So why weren't you here for the Winter Solstice festival? I thought I heard from your Elder that- / Rhea: Whatever she said- LIES! You know old Stonepaw and I never got along. I was just sick, that's all. Because... because of my illness, yeah. / J: That don't explain the rest of the year. Where have you been, really? / [[Rhea sits up on her tail and leans on the counter.]] / Rhea: Well, J, let me put it this way for you... / Rhea: Keep prying and I'll tell the whole town about the "Explodin- / J: HEY, keep it down!! I'll stop asking! ...You're real evil sometimes, Snake.
Page 154 J: So whatcha here for, anyway, Snake? I don't think we have much in your size. / Rhea: That's okay, I'm here for a friend; he's not a Jakkai. I need to cover him up. / J: "Cover him up"? Sounds fishy. / Rhea: It's not as bad as you think. I'll take whatever's big and loose. He won't be very picky. / J: This dude must be REAL ugly! / Rhea: Well, I wouldn't say THAT... He's just different. / [[J starts searching the back shelves.]] / J: You know, there have been a lot of weirdos around town lately... Besides you, that is. / Rhea: Ha ha. / [[J examines a pink cloth with furry edges.]] / J: Lately, I've been seeing a couple of weird-looking guys in goofy clothes wandering around... although I haven't seen them in a while. There've also been rumors that people spotted demons lurking around the inn a few days ago. / J: Crazy shit, huh Snake? / Rhea: You don't know the half of it, J. / [[J places a box on the counter.]] / J: Well, here you go! I packed all the clothes into this box for you. You sure your friend's not gonna be too picky about the clothes you get him? / Rhea: The way you say that makes me really suspicious... / J: Don't worry, our dirty old rags are guaranteed not to infest you with parasites or diseases, or your money back... I think. / Rhea: Sigh... Just cut the crap and tell me how much it costs. / [[Rhea lifts up the box and walks out the door while J waves at her.]] / J: You take care now, Snake. Don't be a stranger! It's a crazy world out there. / Rhea: Thanks, J. You take care of yourself, too.
Page 155 [[Buwaro peeks out from behind a tree as Rhea approaches with the package of clothes.]] / Rhea: Relax, Buwaro, it's just me! I got some clothes for you in this box. / [[Buwaro happily hugs Rhea.]] / Buwaro: I missed you, Rhea! / Rhea: Hey, I didn't take THAT long! / Rhea: An old friend of mine was working at the store I went to for your clothes. I'm surprised he got a job after what happened last time... / [[Flashback to Rhea and J, blackened and smoking from an explosion.]] / Rhea: Dude, you are SO busted. / [[Buwaro is wearing a pimp suit.]] / Buwaro: How do I look, Rhea? / Rhea: Wh- WHAT THE HELL?! / Rhea: Looks like there's a note... / Note: Hey Snake- You said you weren't picky, and these were some of the cheapest threads in the store. Don't worry- they've been washed like a billion times! - J / [[Rhea angrily crumples the note in her hand.]] / Buwaro: I feel snazzy! / Rhea: I'm going to kill him.
Page 156 [[Rhea and Buwaro are walking through the streets of Farun. An old Human man stares at them curiously.]] / Rhea: Maybe I'll just settle on breaking my friend J's legs instead of killing him. The few people out here seem to be paying more attention to how you're dressed instead of your face. It also helps that it's getting dark. / Old Human Man: A Jakkai hooker? What is this town coming to?! / Buwaro: This place is so different from Hell. I wanna explore! / Rhea: Maybe tomorrow, Buwaro. I'm exhausted. / Buwaro: Aww... But tomorrow, for sure, alright? You promise, okay okay okay okay okay ok / [[Rhea interrupts.]] / Rhea: YES! OKAY! I promise. Sheesh. / Buwaro: Yaaaaaaay! Thank you Rhe- Oooh, what's that over there? / [[Buwaro wanders off to look at a window with the word "Toys" painted on it.]] / Rhea: Buwaro, we should go to the inn now. Don't you want to meet Snowy and her brother? / Buwaro: Yay, Snowy! I wanna see her! Let's go see Snowy! / Rhea: Ugh, how can he have so much energy?
Page 157 [[A sign reading Snow Drop Inn is pictured.]] / [[Rhea and Buwaro walk inside.]] / Voice: Hello and welcome to the Snow Drop Inn, travellers! Hey, aren't you a little late for the Winter Solstice Festival, Miss? And your coat- / Rhea: Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. I have a condition, so I don't have a winter coat, okay? Just hook us up with a room for two, please. / [[The innkeeper of the Snow Drop is a middle-aged Human man with a beard. He holds a pen in one hand and points to a book on the counter with his other.]] / Innkeeper: Boy, what a grouch... Just sign here, then, Miss. / Rhea: Alright. / [[Buwaro is investigating a flower in a vase.]] / Innkeeper: Pardon me, but your friend looks a bit... strange. Is he- / Rhea: Uh, w-we're... we're from the east side. / Rhea: Hey, my friend Ramirez's name is in this ledger! What gives? / Innkeeper: Mr. Bloodeyes, huh? I remember him. He said he was leaving his village to study medicine in some big city. I forgot where, though. Maybe it was St. Curtis, or even the captial? / Rhea: That's so unlike Ramirez. Of all people, I never expected him to leave the village... / [[The innkeeper looks over the ledger.]] / Innkeeper: Your name is Rhea Snaketail? / Rhea: Yeah. What of it? / Innkeeper: You two are friends of Carrie Susan, aren't you? / [[Rhea looks at Buwaro in confusion, who only shrugs.]] / Rhea: Um, sorry, sir... We don't know anyone with that name.
Page 158 Innkeeper: Oh, I'm mangling her name again. You know, the angel! / Rhea: Oh! Yeah, we know her. / Innkeeper: She told me you were coming. If you're friends with that sweet girl, then your room is on the house. / Rhea: Heh, looks like being friends with an angel has its advantages! / [[The inkeeper hands a room key to Rhea.]] / Innkeeper: I'm still gonna have to charge you for food, though. / Rhea: Thanks. You're a real saint. / [[Rhea begins to ascend the stairs to the second story of the inn.]] / Buwaro: Let's go see Snowy, Rhea! / Rhea: Let's give her some time alone with her brother. I'm sure they missed each other a lot. / Innkeeper: Her brother? He's not here. / Innkeeper: He and his friend gathered their things and went rushing out of here when his sister went missing a few days ago. Who knows where they are by now. I swear I heard her heart break when I told her they were long gone. You two are her friends; you should make sure she's okay. She's in room three, right next to yours.
Page 159 [[Rhea opens the door to their room and is discouraged to find it in less-than-stellar condition.]] / Rhea: I feel compelled to complain about this dump, but since we're not paying for it... / Buwaro: C'mon, Rhea, let's go see Snowy. / Rhea: Sigh... Can't I at least rest a little bit? / Rhea: Today was even more insane than usual. So much crap has been happening lately... ...I'm starting to feel sick. / Buwaro: But Snowy's probably feeling really lonely right now. / Rhea: Can we at least get something to eat first? We haven't had a chance to get anything decent since we left Hell. / Buwaro: Feeling all alone is... the worst. / [[Buwaro and Rhea stop talking to listen to something.]] / Buwaro: Do you hear that, Rhea? I think she's crying. / Rhea: Aw, jeez. Okay, Buwaro, let's go.
Page 160 [[Kieri is crying, but is startled to hear knocking on her door.]] / <> / [[Kieri slowly opens the door and is scared by what she sees as a dark silhouette with glowing red eyes towering over her.]] / <> / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri enthusiastically.]] / Buwaro: Hi, Snowy! / Kieri: EEP! / Buwaro: It's me, Buwaro! I'm in disguise! / Kieri: O-oh... I see... / Kieri: H-Hello, Rhea. / Rhea: Hey there, Car... Ki... um... help me out here. / Kieri: Kieri. / Rhea: Riiight... Heheheh, is this dress like a clown day or something? Where'd you get that old nightgown, grandma? / [[Kieri blushes and looks down at the pink and purple nightgown she's wearing.]] / Kieri: The... the innkeeper's wife lent it to me. My other clothes are still a bit d-damp, so... / [[Rhea climbs onto Kieri's bed.]] / Rhea: I bet you're disappointed it's not in your favorite color, huh? I mean, you've got blue clothes, blue shoes, a blue sword... Hell, even your hair and eyes are blue! You've got quite a theme going on. / [[Kieri sits down on the bed next to Rhea.]] / Kieri: Oh. I-I don't have any of those things out of choice... Those blue clothes are my uniform. I am required to wear them as a water elemental. My sword was also assigned to me... / [[Kieri looks down sadly.]] / Kieri: Even my hair... My hair is naturally white, like all angels'. But I had to dye it blue...
Page 161 Rhea: Man, that sucks! But you're in Medius now, and as far as I know, there are no laws in the country of Fragaria that says that angels have to dye their hair or wear color-specific uniforms. / Kieri: B-but... / Buwaro: So, Snowy- What IS your favorite color? / Kieri: M-m-my favorite... what? W-why do you...? / Rhea: It's called being "friendly". That's what Buwaro does. / Kieri: Uh... w-well... I like... my favorite... is... / Kieri: It's purple. / Rhea: AHAHAHA! / Buwaro: Really?! MY fur is purple! And it's all-natural, too! / [[Kieri covers her face in embarrassment. Rhea nudges her mischievously.]] / Rhea: Well, well, aren't you a lucky girl!
Page 162 Rhea: By the way, where are your wings? And your necklace? / Kieri: Oh, I have it here under my nightgown. I can control whether my wings are out or not. / Buwaro: That's cool, I wish I could do that with mine! / Rhea: What are those things, anyway? The pendants? / Kieri: They... they are holy emblems. We angels have to earn them through training. The higher rank an angel is, the more pendants they own. There are three in all, but the one that gives angels wings is the only one I have. / Kieri: The sun is said to calm the hearts of and bestow wings unto angels. / Kieri: The star gives angels halos and enhances concentration, which helps with using magic. My brother Kazai has one... / Kieri: And the third is a crescent moon. I... I think it's supposed to increase an angel's physical strength. / [[Kieri fondles her sun pendant in her hands.]] / Kieri: These emblems are holy, and made only for angels to use. So... I don't know how Buwaro can use his... / Rhea: Hrm. Do you think I can't touch your necklace because I'm from Hell? / Kieri: Huh? / Rhea: Back at the frozen lake, I tried to pick up your necklace, but it hurt to touch. Can Buwaro try holding it? / Kieri: Oh, uh... sure... / Rhea: Thanks. Take off your gloves, Buwaro. / [[Kieri hands her sun pendant to Buwaro.]] / [[Buwaro recoils in pain and drops the pendant.]] / Buwaro: OW! That really HURT! / Rhea: Sorry, Buwaro. Looks like the real mystery lies in Buwaro's pendants... But damn, this isn't fair! I'm out of Hell, and I really am still damned! / Kieri: So... you two really are from Hell... / [[Buwaro looks down sadly.]] / Buwaro: Yeah... we left Hell the day we found you in the forest. But Sakido... my sister... she... she didn't make it. She died...
Page 163 Kieri: [[Something in Angelic]]... I'm so sorry, Buwaro... I... I didn't know... / Kieri: I've been so insensitive... I miss Kazai, b-but your sister... / [[Kieri begins to cry a little, which worries Buwaro and Rhea.]] / Kieri: *sniff* I am so sorry... / Rhea: It's becoming a real angst-fest in here... / [[Buwaro places a hand on Kieri's shoulder.]] / Buwaro: It's okay, Snowy, it's not your fault. And don't worry about your brother- Rhea and I are here with you! / Rhea: Don't remind her that she's stuck with us, Buwaro. You'll just make her even more depressed. / [[Buwaro sticks out his tongue at Rhea, startling Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Only 'cause you're a big, fat meanie buttface! Plbbbbth!! / Rhea: ... / [[Kieri is not sure how to react to Buwaro and Rhea's bantering.]] / Rhea: A buttface, am I? Well, you're as ugly as you are stupid! / Buwaro: HEY! I'm not that ugly! / [[Buwaro pulls Kieri toward him with one arm, causing her to blush.]] / Buwaro: You don't think I'm ugly, right, Snowy? / Kieri: N-no... / Buwaro: See? Snowy thinks that I'm handsome! / Rhea: Aw, she's an angel. She's supposed to be nice to losers like you! / Buwaro: You're just jealous 'cause you wish you were as pretty as me!
Page 164 Rhea: HAH! You only think you're all that because of those new clothes I gave you. Why don't you let me try wea-- / [[Rhea is hit by Buwaro's pimp coat.]] / <> / Rhea: THANKS. / [[Rhea poses, wearing the pimp coat and hat.]] / Rhea: This is more like it! It's a bit too big for me, but I think I can still pull this look off. / Rhea: What do you think, Kieri? / [[Kieri smiles warmly.]] / Kieri: Hehe, I think you look good, Rhea! / Buwaro: Rhea, let Snowy try it on next! / [[Rhea leans on Kieri, who is now wearing the pimp outfit.]] / Rhea: Only a few weeks in Medius and an angel from Heaven has already become a pimp. How quickly this society can corrupt the innocent! / Buwaro: Hahahaha... What? / Kieri: Umm... what is a "pimp"? / Rhea: A miserable pile of hos. I mean, uh, nevermind.
Page 165 LATER... / [[Rhea walks into her and Buwaro's room holding a tray with two bowls of soup and loaves of bread on it.]] / Rhea: Here, Buwaro, I got us two nice, hot bowls of chicken noodle soup! I wonder why Kieri didn't want any... / [[Buwaro sits on the bed with his legs crossed as Rhea places the tray on it and climbs up.]] / Buwaro: Y'know, Snowy kinda talks funny, huh? / Rhea: She does have a bit of an accent, and she stutters a lot. Angelic must be her first language. / [[Rhea holds up the old, battered book she took with her from Hell.]] / Rhea: That reminds me, I should ask her if she can read this weird old book. / [[Buwaro reaches toward the white feather sticking out of the book.]] / Buwaro: That's mine! I wondered where it went! / [[Buwaro looks at the white feather in his hand.]] / Buwaro: This feather looks like it could be Snowy's... / Rhea: No way it could be an angel's. It's probably from some winged demon. / [[Buwaro stares at the feather while Rhea eats her soup in silence.]] / Buwaro: Rhea? / Rhea: Yeah? / Buwaro: W-Why... Why did... Why did Sakido have to die to bring us to this place?
Page 166 Rhea: Buwaro... / Buwaro: I was happy back in Hell with you, Death, Iratu, and Sakido... But this place is so different and... scary. / Rhea: Huh. It's kind of weird to hear someone talk like that about Hell. / Buwaro: ? / Rhea: Medius is MY home, Buwaro. / Rhea: Medius is very different. It certainly isn't perfect, and it can be pretty scary, but it is a beautiful world. / Rhea: Sakido knew that, and she was willing to risk everything in order to be here. She wanted more than just the barren wasteland of the Ring of the Slightly Damned for you and for herself. / Rhea: Your sister wanted you to be happy, Buwaro. Don't let her death be in vain; cheer up! / Rhea: Please, Buwaro? For Sakido? ...for me? It's too depressing without you smiling like an idiot all the damn time. / Buwaro: Okay, Rhea. I'll try... Thanks. / Rhea: No problem, you big dope.
Page 167 [[Rhea lies down in bed and covers herself with the blankets.]] / Rhea: Oh man, I am so exhausted. Good night, Buwaro... / [[Buwaro climbs into bed with Rhea.]] / Buwaro: Rhea, can Thadius and I sleep in your bed with you tonight? / Rhea: What? Why? You've got your own bed! Gimme a little privacy! / Buwaro: Pretty, pretty please? / Rhea: Ergh... fine, this bed is bigger than the one I have at my house, anyway. / [[A flashback of Buwaro leaving Sakido's grave is pictured.]] / Buwaro: Sorry, Rhea. It's just that... coming to such a weird place and losing family... It's really, really scary. / Buwaro: Were you scared when you first came to Hell? / Rhea: Hrm. Maybe a little, at first. / [[A flashback of Buwaro hugging Rhea strongly is pictured.]] / Rhea: But all in all it wasn't too bad, since I had you to keep me company. / Buwaro: Aww, thanks, Rhea! / Rhea: And even though now we're in Medius... *yawn* we've still got each other, so don't be scared. / Buwaro: Yeah, I'm... I'm not alone. / [[Kieri is shown, awake and hugging a pillow in her bed.]]
Page 168 [[Kieri is having a dream. A white-haired Angel wearing similar clothes to Kieri is facing away.]] / Voice Speaking in Angelic: Kazai? / [[The Angel turns around and responds in Angelic.]] / Kazai: Yes, sister? / Kieri: What are we going to do? We don't belong here. What if... What if we can never return home...? / [[Kazai places his hands on Kieri's shoulders to comfort her.]] / Kazai: Don't worry, Kieri. As long as we're together... / Kazai: ...we can get through anything. / [[Outside of her dream, Kieri hugs her pillow tighter and starts to cry a little.]] / Kieri: *sniff* Brother... / Kieri: Brother, I-- / [[Black and red spikes shoot out of the ground and trap Kieri.]] / <> / Kieri: Wh-What is this!? I-I can't move!!
Page 169 Kieri: Kazai! Brother, help me! / [[A fusion of Toski and Lazuli as one monster-like figure appears.]] / Monster: Worthless wretch. No one will save you. / Kieri: Wh-who are you? / Monster: Heh heh... look at yourself. You're a freak! / [[Kieri's ears and hands have turned into those of a snow bunny's.]] / Kieri: N-no! / Kazai: Disgusting monster... how dare you call me "brother"! / [[Kieri starts to cry.]] / Kieri: No! I'm not a monster! I'm not a monster!! Please... / [[The monster hits Kieri across her face.]] / <> / Monster: Quit your whining. Just give up. / Monster: Why would anyone save a piece of trash like you? / Monster: You can't do anything without your precious brother to save you. / Voice 1: Hey, leave her alone, you asshole! / Voice 2: Yeah, leave Snowy alone!
Page 170 [[An angry Buwaro and Rhea appear.]] / Buwaro: Grrr... / Rhea: We don't like the way you're treating our friend, buddy! / [[The monster turns around with her arms folded.]] / Monster: Bah! I'm not afraid of you two. / [[Buwaro and Rhea pounce upon the monster.]] / Rhea: Well, you should be! / [[Kieri helplessly watches the off-screen fight from her spiked prison.]] / [[Buwaro bites the monster's head as she chokes Rhea with one arm.]] / Kieri: What am I doing? I need to help them! / [[Kieri bursts out of her prison and spreads her white wings.]] / [[The monster dissolves in Kieri's light.]] / Kieri: Thank you for coming to rescue me... / Rhea: Aw, it was nothin'! / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri, who smiles happily and blushes.]] / Buwaro: Yeah! After all... What're friends for? / [[Kieri is finally sleeping happily in her bed.]]
Page 172 Rhea: Breakfast? How nice... / [[Rhea picks up Snowy.]] / Rhea: ...of the inn management to give me an entire snow bunny! How did they know I've been craving rabbit meat lately? / Snowy: R-R-Rhea! Th-that's not funny! / [[Rhea puts Snowy down.]] / Rhea: Aw, I'm just kiddin' around. / Rhea: First you give us a free room, and then you bring us breakfast! You really are an angel. Seriously, thanks. / [[Rhea wraps her tail around Snowy.]] / Rhea: Come on inside! / Rhea: Wake up, Buwaro! Kieri's here! / [[Buwaro picks up Snowy.]] / Buwaro: Good morning, Snowy! / Snowy: G-good morning to you too, Buwaro! / Rhea: This food really looks and smells great! The soup I got last night was kinda overpriced. How much did this cost? / [[Buwaro hugs Snowy.]] / Snowy: A-actually, it's my breakfast. I received it for free... / Rhea: Wow. It sure pays to be an angel.
Page 173 [[Breakfast consisting of orange juice, waffles, toast, sunny-side up eggs, and bacon is shown.]] / Rhea: Kieri, if this is your breakfast, then why haven't you eaten any of it? / Snowy: That's okay... I-I'm not really hungry anyway... Besides, I did not do anything to deserve it. I thought the least I could do was to give it to you... / Rhea: Not hungry!? What a load of crap! We've all eaten next to nothing in the last few days! / Snowy: B-but... / [[Rhea presents Snowy with a piece of toast.]] / Rhea: C'mon, at least have some toast! / [[Snowy happily eats the toast.]] / Snowy: Thank you, Rhea... / <> / Rhea: Don't thank me- this is YOUR food! / [[Buwaro starts to eat a plate.]] / Buwaro: Mm, nice and crunch! / <> / Rhea: Buwaro, don't eat that. / Rhea: Y'know Kieri... You never did finish your story. / Rhea: How did you get separated from your brother and end up stranded in the forest with those two demons, anyhow? / Snowy: ... / Rhea: Oh, oops. Sorry, that sounded kinda insensitive. It's alright if you don't wanna tell us. I understand it's an uncomfortable subject. / Snowy: No, it's fine. I will tell you what happened...
Page 174 Kieri: My brother Kazai, his friend Sanjulo, and I were walking around Farun one day when suddenly... / Kieri: ... a fire demon appeared before us! / Kieri: He ran away down an alley, so we followed him. I was the slowest, so I fell behind. Kazai and Sanjulo didn't notice at all... / [[Lazuli appears menacingly before Kieri.]] / Kieri: That was when I was a-ambushed by the demons you saw in the forest... / Kieri: We fought, but I... I was overpowered. They... they made me wear the collar and braces you found me with. / Kieri: The braces sapped the last of my strength... a-and disabled my magic. A-and the collar... made me unable to even call for help... / Kieri: The demons must have knocked me out, because the next thing I remember was being in the forest.
Page 170 [[Rhea, Buwaro and Thadius are in bed.]] / Rhea: Z / <> / Rhea: Zz... guh, huh? Wha...? / [[Rhea sits up and stretches.]] / Rhea: *YAWN!* / [[Rhea covers Buwaro with the bed's comforter.]] / <> / <> / [[Rhea scratches her back.]] / <> / Rhea: Alright, I'm comin' already! Sheesh. / <> / Rhea: Uh, hello? Anybody there? / [[Rhea looks down.]] / Rhea: ! / Voice: Um, I'm d-down here... / Snowy: G-good morning, Rhea! I brought some b-breakfast for you and Buwaro. I hope you don't mind...
Page 175 [[Talus and Lazuli are yelling at each other.]] / Kieri: The two demons were arguing when I woke up. I think they were lost... / Lazuli: Hey! What're YOU lookin' at!? / [[Lazuli approaches a trembling Kieri.]] / Lazuli: Oh, I see how it is. One beating just wasn't enough for you, huh? / [[Snowy hops away from a sleeping Talus.]] / Kieri: ...Luckily, I was able to escape late that night as a snow bunny while the demons were asleep. / Kieri: I wandered around in the dark for hours, b-but... I was hopelessly lost... and I felt so weak... I must have passed out again. After that was when I met you two. / Rhea: Huh, so that was when Buwaro sat- / [[Buwaro looks completely guilty while Kieri looks puzzled.]] / Rhea: Shit! I mean found! That's when Buwaro FOUND you! / Kieri: ?
Page 176 Rhea: So I guess Kazai and Sanjulo are out looking for you. / Kieri: The innkeeper told me that they headed east. / Rhea: That's strange. The forest we found you in is west of Farun. / Kieri: East, west... it doesn't matter. I don't know how I'll ever find them... / Buwaro: Don't worry, Snowy! We'll help you find your brother! / Rhea: That's a pretty tall order there, Buwaro. I mean, neither of you know anything about Medius, and I've never traveled any farther east than Farun. I dunno if we should just promise to fi- / Buwaro: Don't be heartless, Rhea! / Rhea: What!? Hey, I have a heart... and a brain, unlike SOME people! I'm just being reasonable! All we know is that these two angels "went east". Medius is huge! It'll be a lot harder to find them than it sounds. / Buwaro: That doesn't matter! We gotta help Snowy find her brother. You're just being mean! Snowy is- / Kieri: S-STOP! Stop fighting!! / Rhea: ...Wow. Kieri actually shouted.
Page 177 Kieri: I-I'm sorry, but you two are friends... y-you shouldn't fight... / Buwaro: Aw, but Snowy...! / Kieri: You two have already saved my life. You shouldn't feel like you have to help me. Finding Kazai and Sanjulo is my problem. I don't want to be a burden on you two any longer... I-I can do this on my own. / [[Rhea reaches into her bag.]] / Rhea: Sigh... I guess I have no choice. / Kieri: Huh? / [[Rhea holds up a copper coin.]] / Rhea: I'll flip a coin. Tails, Buwaro and I will help you find your brother. Heads, we do nothing. I'm leaving it to fate. / [[Rhea flips the coin into the air.]] / [[Rhea looks at the coin in her hand.]] / Rhea: It's heads... / Rhea: ...Well, Kieri. It seems like you're going to be stuck with us for a while yet! Buwaro and I will help you find your brother and his friend. / Snowy: Wh-what? Just like that? A-are you sure? B-But... you really don't have to! I-I mean, we just met! Why would you go out of your way...? / Rhea: Because we are sadistic former citizens of Hell, and we love to torture innocent angels such as yourself... / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri.]] / Buwaro: It's because we're friends, silly! / Rhea: Oh, right. There's that, too, I guess.
Page 178 Kieri: Would you two r-really be comfortable traveling with me? A-After all... I am a warrior class angel. You saw what happened on the lake. I have been trained to fight and k-kill demons... / [[Buwaro looks worried in silence.]] / Rhea: So you're saying you'd kill Buwaro here? / Kieri: What!? N-No! I'd n-never...! / Buwaro: Yeah!! Snowy and I are friends! / [[Buwaro's tail wags.]] / <> / Rhea: C'mon Kieri. What you did at the lake was self-defense. I know you're a good kid. / [[Rhea gets off the bed.]] / Rhea: Now that that's settled, it's time to go into town and shop for our trip. / Buwaro: Yay, we get to see the town! / [[Buwaro holds Kieri's hands.]] / Buwaro: Let's explore the Farugari-whatever together, Snowy! / Kieri: O-okay... / [[Kieri blushes and speaks in Angelic.]] / Kieri: ...friend.
Page 179 Rhea: If we're going to go trekking all around Fragaria, we should get a map... / Rhea: the bookstore! / [[Kieri notices a colorful book depicting a bunny, dolphin and wolf on its cover.]] / Kieri: ? / [[A closer view of the bunny on the book's cover is shown.]] / [[Toski is shown with glowing blue eyes.]] / [[Kieri looks slightly disturbed.]] / Rhea: Hey Kieri, do me a favor and look after Buwaro? I don't want him breaking or setting fire to anything or whatever. / Kieri: Oh! Yes, o-of course! / [[Buwaro holds a book about The Great War upside-down and looks perplexed.]] / Buwaro: ? / Kieri: H-Hello, Buwaro. What are you reading? / Buwaro: Ah, nothing, nothing!
Page 180 Buwaro: Er, I mean... that is... the book... just kinda boring, y'know? / Kieri: Oh, what was it about? / Buwaro: Uh... um... I dunno... / Kieri: Hmm? / Buwaro: Aww, I don't wanna lie to you, Snowy. I... uh, I... I can't read. I never learned how to. There wasn't much else where I lived in Hell besides rocks, so... / Kieri: Buwaro, you don't have to be embarrassed about that around me. A-and if you want, I could read it for you! / Kieri: Like that book you have... / [[Kieri gestures to the book Buwaro is holding behind his back.]] / Kieri: May I see it? / Buwaro: Sure! Here you go. / [[Buwaro hands the book to Kieri.]] / Kieri: Thank you. / Kieri: "The Great War". This book must be about the long, bloody war between angels and demons. / [[Kieri and Buwaro look at each other in a moment of awkward silence.]] / Kieri: L-let's find another book to read... / Buwaro: Y-yeah!
Page 181 Rhea: Okay guys, look at this map I got of Fragaria. / [[Rhea holds up an old map of the country.]] / Rhea: If Kieri's brother headed east, then it's likely he headed to Riverside City. We should head there. / Buwaro: Ooh, what's that place like, Rhea? / Rhea: How the hell should I know? I've never been farther east than Farun, remember? / Rhea: Grr, whatever. I'm gonna go buy this at the counter. Then we'll go shop elsewhere. / Kieri: Wow, Kieri is so confident... / Kieri: I wish I were more like her... / Buwaro: Yeah, Rhea's sooooooooo COOL!
Page 182 And so, Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea went shopping around Farun... / [[Kieri reads a book entitled "The Lonely Puppy" to Buwaro.]] / [[Rhea holds up a bundle of carrots to Kieri, who is not amused by the Jakkai's bunny joke. We see cabbages, carrots, and radishes behind her, but alas, no onions.]] / [[Rhea drags Buwaro away from a toy store window.]] / [[Kieri is hit in the back of the head by a snowball.]] / <> / [[Buwaro tries his best to look innocent.]] / [[Kieri balls up some snow in her glowing hands.]] / [[Kieri hits Buwaro with her snowball.]] / <> / [[Kieri shows concern over toppling Buwaro with her snowball as Rhea counts the small amount of money remaining in her coin purse.]]
Page 183 Rhea: Okay guys, I just want to make one more stop before we go back to the inn. / J: Hey Snake, what's up? Nice of you to drop by again. I honestly expected you to be back here a lot sooner to bite my head off for those clothes I gave you. What did....? / J: ... oh. Oh wow. / Buwaro: Hello! / J: Ooh, hey there, baby! / Kieri: Huh? / J: So, did it hurt? / Kieri: E-excuse me? / J: When you fell from Heaven? / Kieri: I... uh... n-no...? / Rhea: OH MY GOD. / Rhea: You're really something else, J. Anyway... These are my friends, Kieri and Buwaro. / Rhea: I'll be leaving with them tomorrow. / J: What!? But you just got back! / Rhea: Sorry, J. I just dropped by to ask you for a favor or two... ...and to say good-bye.
Page 184 Rhea: First off, I wanna buy a sheath for a sword. / [[Rhea places some money on the counter.]] / Rhea: She may not look like the type to carry a weapon, but Kieri needs one for her sword. / Buwaro: Snowy is really strong! / [[Kieri blushes.]] / J: No prob. I think I've seen one floating around lately. / [[A blue and silver sheath with a pattern based on the symbol for the element of water is shown.]] / J: Here you go. Someone sold it to us a few days ago. Fancy, huh? / Kieri: Th-this is mine! I thought I had lost it when Lazuli... um... / Rhea: ...yeah. Anyway, I'm glad this worked out well. / Rhea: Now I've just got one other small favor to ask of you, J. / Rhea: Can I have your mailing address? I'd like to keep in touch with you while I'm gone. I, uh, feel kinda bad about ditching you this last year. I don't want that to happen again. / J: Of course, Snake! Just be sure to tell me which city you'll be heading to when you write so I know where to send my letters. And don't get so busy having fun that you forget about me! / Rhea: Busy having fun? Try busy going INSANE. / [[Kieri is wearing a bright pink boa and a pair of huge, pointy sunglasses.]] / Buwaro: These clothes are so neat! You look cool, Snowy!
Page 185 J: So Snake, why're you traveling with... Bwardo and Carrie, was it? / Rhea: Well, I've known Buwaro for a while now. I made a promise to his older sister that I'd take care of him for her. / Rhea: I just met Kieri, but she's a real nice kid. She's looking for her brother that left town a few days ago. / Rhea: Besides, don't you remember how I always used to say shit about leaving the Jakkai village and exploring Fragaria one day? This is my chance! I just didn't think it would come like this... / J: I think you're crazy, but I know better than to get in your way when you've got your mind set on something. Here's my address. / [[J hands a small piece of paper to Rhea.]] / Rhea: Thanks a bunch, J. / Rhea: Well, I guess it's time to say good-bye. ...Oh, what the hell. / [[Rhea climbs over the counter.]] / Rhea: I'll miss you, J. Don't set anything on fire while I'm not around to blackmail you for it, alright? / [[Rhea hugs J.]] / J: Haha, of course. Take care! / [[Rhea blushes slightly.]] / Rhea: Sheesh, I'm not cut out for these touchy-feely farewells. Buwaro must be rubbing off on me! / Buwaro: Aw, now I want a hug, too... / Kieri: W-well... / Kieri: I-I-I-I-I'll hug you! / [[Kieri blushes and hugs Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: YAY! / Rhea: Two days ago she was terrified of him, but now? When Buwaro-itis hits, it hits HARD.
Page 186 That night... / Rhea: That was great! Thanks for the roast chicken dinner, Kieri. / Kieri: Y-you don't have to thank me, really... The innkeeper insisted that I have it. I didn't have the heart to tell him that eating meat makes me sick... / Buwaro: YAWN! / Rhea: Buwaro's got the right idea. We should hit the sack. / Rhea: The search for your brother begins tomorrow. Get lots of sleep so you can get up early. It's a long trip to Riverside City, so I want to leave while it's still morning. / Kieri: Yes, of course. Thank you, Rhea. / [[Blue skies and the sign of the Snow Drop Inn are shown.]] / The next day... / Rhea: Damn, you got free swag too? I wish I were an angel like you, what with all the freebies you get! / [[Kieri is wearing a new green top.]] / Kieri: T-the innkeeper's wife said that this old coat and bag used to be her daughter's... I want you to have the money they gave me, Rhea. / [[Kieri offers a small coin purse to Rhea, who refuses to take it.]] / Rhea: Wha? Oh no, I'm not taking your money! It's yours! / [[Kieri squats down and places the coin purse in Rhea's hands.]] / Kieri: Rhea, please. I have very little experience using money. You will know how to use it much better than me. / Rhea: Sigh... fine. / Kieri: I have done nothing to deserve these clothes or this money. I do not want to sound ungrateful, but... I know they are just being kind to be because I am an angel. I... I hate that.
Page 187 [[Kieri looks extremely gloomy.]] / Rhea: Uh-oh, angst alert. / Rhea: Go, Buwaro! Cheer up Sn- er, Kieri! / Buwaro: Cheer up, Snowy! Don't be sad! / [[Buwaro carelessly tosses Thadius into the air.]] / <> / Buwaro: I like you just the way you are! / Buwaro: It doesn't matter to me if you're a snow bunny or an angel or whatever. You're really strong and cool and you're super nice and- / [[Thadius lands hard on Buwaro's head.]] / <> / Kieri: B-Buwaro!! / Rhea: Wow, he hasn't done that in a while... / Kieri: Y-you mean he does this... often? / Rhea: You're surprised? / Rhea: After all, Buwaro sure is "special". / [[Kieri allows Buwaro to lean on her as they walk forward.]] / Buwaro: O-o-kay, guys! I'm ready, guys! I'm r-ready for the TEAM!! / Rhea: Sigh... I've got a bad feeling about this...
Page 188 [[A snowy mountain landscape is pictured.]] / Buwaro: Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? Rhea? / Rhea: WHAT!? What is it? Whaddya want, Buwaro!? / Buwaro: Are we almost there yet? / Rhea: No, it'll be at least another day until we get there. / Buwaro: Aww, that's a long time. Isn't there a faster way? / Rhea: Tsk. Not unless you can fly! / [[Buwaro looks curiously up at the sky.]] / Buwaro: Fly? Hrm...
Page 189 Buwaro: Ooh, ooh, I know! / Buwaro: You have wings, Snowy! Big, pretty ones! / Kieri: Umm, th-thank you. / Buwaro: You could probably fly to the city! / Kieri: Well, yes... probably. / Kieri: But I would not want to leave you and Rhea behind! / Buwaro: Oh, right... / Rhea: If she even CONSIDERS leaving me behind with that dolt... / [[Rhea imagines Death in her mind.]] / Buwaro: I know! What if you carried us? My sister had wings and she could carry me and Rhea and fly around! It was really awesome! / [[Sakido is pictured looking down on the significantly shorter Kieri.]] / Rhea: Uh, your sister was a lot bigger than Kieri, Buwaro. / Kieri: I'm sorry, Buwaro. I think I'm only strong enough to m-maybe carry Rhea... / Rhea: In that case... Hey, Kieri! / [[Rhea stands up on her tail and places a hand on Kieri's shoulder.]] / Rhea: What are we waiting for? Let's fly to Riverside! Buwaro can walk. / [[Buwaro expresses his feelings with a broken heart in a word bubble.]]
Page 190 [[Kieri frantically comforts Buwaro.]] / Kieri: I-I would not abandon you like that! / Buwaro: Sniff... Thanks, Snowy! / Rhea: Can't you two take a joke!? / And so, the group continued their journey to the east toward Riverside City... / [[Buwaro helps Kieri climb on top of a boulder while Rhea looks outward.]] / [[Buwaro admires two large boulders on the side of the road while Kieri looks back with concern.]] / Buwaro: Relatives of yours, Thadius? / [[Buwaro looks up to the purple and orange sky.]] / Buwaro: Ooh, pretty! The sky's changing colors again! / [[Rhea and Kieri look at the map.]] / Rhea: Yeah, it's getting dark. Luckily the map says we should come across a rest stop soon where we can rest for the night.
Page 191 Rhea: Well ain't that just PEACHY! / [[A dilapidated old building is shown.]] / Rhea: This dump looks like it's been abandoned for years! That's what I get for buying a crappy old map just for a discount. / Rhea: Oh well, even with that hole in the roof, it should be better than staying outside. We can even build a fire. / Kieri: That... that statue in the dark, against the wall... It's Mother Gaia! / [[A broken statue of a winged woman is shown.]] / Buwaro: That thing is Snowy's mom!? / [[Rhea covers her face with her hand in exasperation.]]
Page 192 [[Kieri is praying in front of the statue.]] / [[Buwaro and Rhea are sitting in front of a small fire.]] / Buwaro: What's she doing? She's been quiet for while... / Rhea: Quiet, she's praying to Mother Gaia. / Kieri: I'm finished. Thank you for waiting. / Buwaro: Yay, let's eat dinner now! Sit next to me, Snowy! / [[Buwaro hands Kieri a loaf of bread.]] / Buwaro: So what were you praying to your mom for, anyway? / Kieri: She's not really my mother... But I prayed to her for my brother's safety, and I told her how thankful I am for having met you and Rhea... And of course, I prayed for our safety as well... / [[Rhea chews on a cheese wedge.]] / Rhea: HA! That's pretty strange, don't you think? / Rhea: You mean you prayed to Gaia to bless a damned soul and a Demon? / Buwaro: Huh? What's wrong with that? Does Gaia not like Demons and stuff? / Kieri: Gaia created Heaven and Angels like myself, Buwaro. We are the sworn enemy of Syndel, the creator of Hell and Demons... like you. O-of course, I do not hate you, but... Angels and Demons have despised each other for centuries. That is why The Great War lasted so long...
Page 193 Rhea: Man, you guys can really hold a grudge. The Great War ended a longass time ago! / Kieri: Actually, the war was supposed to have ended just a few years before my brother and I were born. / [[Rhea is shocked.]] / Rhea: WHAT!? Just how old ARE you? / Rhea: Do Angels not age normally? What are you- 300, give or take a few decades? / Kieri: 15! I'm only 15! / Rhea: Whatever you say, grandma. / Kieri: Really... even though Median involvement ended hundreds of years ago, fighting between Heaven and Hell continued for generations. Even my parents fought in The Great War. / Kieri: But even though my brother and I trained to be warriors... everyone hoped we would not actually have to fight. / Kieri: I guess... peace was too much to hope for. / Kieri: [[Angelic]], this is too... depressing. Let's continue eating dinner.
Page 194 Being careful to avoid any more sensitive conversation topics, the three continued eating dinner until it was time to sleep. / [[Buwaro hungrily admires a flaming sausage that Rhea is absentmindedly waving in Kieri's direction.]] / Rhea: I guess it's back to sleeping on a cold dirt floor. / Rhea: At least this time I've got a blanket! / [[Rhea holds up Buwaro's pimp coat.]] / [[Buwaro and Rhea are bundled under the coat.]] / Buwaro: Hey, Snowy, let's sleep together! / Rhea: Real smooth, Buwaro. Real smooth. / [[Kieri smiles and blushes nervously.]] / Kieri: T-Thank you, but I'll be fine by myself! / Buwaro: Won't you be cold? / [[Kieri shivers while using her bag as a billow.]] / Kieri: I-I'm fine, r-really! Brr... / Buwaro: Aww, doesn't Snowy like us? / Rhea: She's just being shy. / [[Rhea gets up to talk to Kieri.]] / Rhea: Normally I'd let her be, but I don't want to wake up to a frozen corpse. Wait there while I handle this.
Page 195 Rhea: Hey Kieri, could you do a small favor for me? / Kieri: Eh? Of course, what is it? / Rhea: Could you turn into a snow bunny? Pleeeeeeeeease? Just for a sec? / Kieri: Oh, o-okay. I will try. / [[Kieri has transformed into a bunny.]] / Snowy: There! So, um, why did you want me to- / [[Rhea snatches Snowy up in her prehensile tail.]] / Snowy: EEP! / Snowy: R-Rhea... / Rhea: Don't look at me like that. This is for your own good. / [[Snowy is blushing furiously under the pimp coat along with Rhea and a smiling Buwaro.]] / Rhea: See, isn't it much nicer to sleep where it's warm? / Snowy: [[In Angelic:]]B-but... but... but...! / [[Rhea glares angrily.]] / Rhea: And if you try to escape or complain, I'll use you as a pillow, got it?
Page 196 [[Morning at the run-down rest stop.]] / [[Rhea, Kieri, and Buwaro are sleeping peacefully together.]] / [[Kieri wakes up.]] / [[Light shines down through the hole in the ceiling.]] / Kieri: Morning already... / Rhea: YAWN! / Kieri: Good morning, Rhea. / Rhea: Grrrmph. / Kieri: Rhea, may I ask you a question? / Rhea: I know I forced you to sleep with us last night, but I don't see you in that way, so don't get any ideas. / [[Kieri blushes.]] / Kieri: Wha-? Th-that's not- I-I- mean....
Page 197 Kieri: I wanted to ask you about Buwaro. / Rhea: Okay, what about him? / Kieri: I do not want to sound rude, but... Why... why is he so different from other Demons? / [[Kieri as a young child is shown.]] / Kieri: When I was growing up, I heard many stories about how violent and dangerous Demons were. I... sometimes had nightmares about them. / [[Talus and Lazuli are shown.]] / Kieri: And when I fell to Medius, those nightmares became real. / [[Buwaro smiling is shown.]] / Kieri: But Buwaro is so warm and friendly. I feel silly for ever being afraid of him. / Rhea thinking: Buwaro's warm and friendly as long as he has his star pendant, but I probably shouldn't tell her about that... / Rhea: I don't know, really. It could be that he was just born with an affectionate nature. But I know that he spent most of his childhood alone. Maybe that's why he's so... clingy.
Page 198 [[Buwaro stretches.]] / Buwaro: YAAWN! / Rhea: Speak of the Demon, it looks like he's awake. / Buwaro: G'morning, guys! / Kieri: Good morning, Buwaro. / Rhea: Kieri wants a REALLY BIG HUG. / Kieri: Eh? / [[Buwaro leaps toward Kieri.]] / Buwaro: YAY! / Kieri: Eep! / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri tight while she smiles and blushes.]] / Buwaro: I'm glad you like hugs, too! / Much later... / [[Rhea nonchalantly eats an apple while Buwaro holds Snowy captive in an embrace.]] / Snowy: Rheeaa..
Page 199 [[Kieri prays.]] / Rhea eventually freed Kieri from Buwaro's neverending warm hug once she decided it was time for them to get back on the road. Before leaving the abandoned rest stop, Kieri made sure to retrieve her precious sun pendant and make one last prayer to Mother Gaia for safety on their journey to Riverside City. / [[Kieri and Buwaro smile happily to each other outside the rest stop while Rhea inspects the map.]] / Rhea: Well, we kinda got a late start and we've still got quite a ways to walk until we reach the city. / Rhea: I think we can make it before dark if we don't stop, except for a brief lunch. / Rhea: Uh, guys? Hello? / Rhea: Gimme a break...
Page 200 Buwaro: Check it out, Snowy! This rock has green stripes! Isn't that neat? / Kieri: You really do love rocks... / Rhea: DO YOU TWO WANNA REACH RIVERSIDE SOMETIME THIS WEEK OR WHAT!? / Rhea: Geez, I hope Buwaro's moronic behavior doesn't rub off on Kieri. / Buwaro: Let's play catch with Thadius! Rhea won't play with me anymore 'cause she says she doesn't like "conk-usshons". / Kieri: Ah... th-that's okay... / Rhea: Buwaro! Cover your face with that cloth! / [[Two strange men approach the group.]] / Rhea: It seems like we have company, and they don't look too friendly...
Page 201 Bandit with an axe: Y'know, there's a toll for passin' through here. / Bandit with a beard: So you better pay up if you don't wanna get hurt! / Rhea: Oh, shit- BANDITS! / Rhea: Wait a sec- bandits? All the way out here in the middle of nowhere? Seems kind of inconvenient if you ask me... / Bearded Bandit: Uhh, yeah. Out here, there's nowhere for you hookers to run or anyone to call for help and shit, get it? / Rhea: I guess- wait, HOOKERS!? / Bandit: Yeah, you an' the blue chick are hookers, and this guy here is your pimp! / [[Buwaro points at himself.]] / [[The bandit wielding an axe prepares to swing his weapon at Buwaro.]] / Axe Bandit: And that means he's got all the loot! / Buwaro: YIPE!
Page 202 <> / [[The sliced axe head falls into the snow.]] / <> / [[The bandit looks at his broken weapon confusedly.]] / Axe Bandit: ? / [[Kieri points her sword threateningly at the bandit, protecting Buwaro behind her.]] / Axe Bandit: Aw, shit. / Bearded Bandit: Now that dame is one loyal hooker! / Rhea: GRRR... / Rhea: WE! ARE NOT! HOOKERS! / [[Rhea's hand glows with yellow energy.]] / [[Rhea hits the ground with her glowing fist.]] / <>
Page 203 <> / Bearded Bandit: ? / [[A stalagmite approaches the bandit's crotch.]] / <> / [[The bandit has very surprised, painful expression.]] / [[The bearded bandit is curled up in a fetal position in the background while Rhea looks very satisfied in the foreground.]] / Rhea: Heh heh heh... / <> / Rhea: ? / [[The other bandit is completely encased in ice.]] / Kieri: Uh-oh, maybe I overdid it a little... / Rhea: "Bandit on ice". Nice!
Page 204 Axe Bandit: A-Alright... You g-guys win... You can go. / Rhea: We'll be on our way, then. Assholes. / [[The bearded bandit is still clutching his family jewels in pain while the axe bandit shivers from the cold.]] / Bearded Bandit: No more... robbing pimps. Ow ow ow... / Axe Bandit: D-Didn't Rocky say s-somethin' about killer hookers? / Rhea: HA! Those bandits were such pushovers. A lot less trouble than Lazuli and that cow Demon guy. / Kieri: But Rhea, what's a "hooker"? / Rhea: That's it. We DEFINITELY need to get rid of that damn pimp suit.
Page 205 Despite Rhea's best efforts to lead the group to Riverside before dark... / [[Rhea looks up at the sunny sky.]] / ...night fell before they reached the city anyway. / [[Rhea swears at the night sky, which has both a green and a red moon.]] / Rhea: Goddammit! / Kieri: The twin moons of Medius are really beautiful. / Buwaro: Is that what those are? / Rhea: At least I can still see the map thanks to their light. We should be very close to the city by now. / Kieri: Ah... Ah... / Snowy: AH-CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny.]] / <> / Kieri: AH-CHOO! / [[Snowy transforms into an Angel.]] / <> / Snowy: AH-CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny.]] / <> / [[Buwaro tries to comfort a dizzy Snowy.]] / Buwaro: Are you okay, Snowy? / Rhea: That must have been really disorienting. I hope you're not getting sick...
Page 206 Rhea: Hey guys, wanna know what looks much better to me than the moons right now? / Rhea: The lights of Riverside city! / [[Rhea gazes at the vast city below.]] / Buwaro: C'mon, let's go! / Snowy: I-I can't... I can't change... / Buwaro: What? / Snowy: I... I can't change back into an Angel... / [[Buwaro picks up Snowy's bag and gear.]] / Buwaro: Don't worry, I'll carry your stuff for you. / Snowy: Are you sure? I'm sorry, Buwaro... / Buwaro: No problem! You're just having some bad luck. You're smart. You'll figure it out later. / Snowy: ...Thank you. / [[Rhea is enthusiastically making her way down the path to the city.]] / Rhea: Civilization! / Buwaro: Wow, Rhea sure is excited.
Page 207 [[Rhea is walking down a city sidewalk.]] / Rhea: Well, that hobo down the street said there would be an inn over here. / [[A sign with a blue, bucktoothed creature over the words "The Chipper Mudskipper Inn" is shown.]] / Rhea: What a dumb name. That doesn't even look like a mudskipper. / Snowy: I think it's kind of cute... / [[Rhea eyes Snowy.]] / Rhea: There's a sign on the door that says, "No pets." Hrm... / [[Inside the inn's lobby.]] / Rhea: Nobody's here. I guess it is kinda late for checking in. / [[Rhea leans on the counter and rings a small bell.]] / Rhea: Hello? Is anybody there? / <> / Someone: I'll be there in a minute! / Rhea: I'd like to check in, please. / [[An freckled human with glasses and orange hair enters.]] / Inn Employee: Sorry, I was just helping in the kitchen for a bit. So, I heard you'd like a room? / [[Buwaro, Rhea, and the employee look at each other in silence.]] / ... / Inn Employee: We're not that kind of establishment. / Rhea: Wha-? HEY, HE'S NOT- I-I'M NOT- Oh, it's hard to explain... / Buwaro: ?
Page 208 [[Buwaro and Rhea are sitting on different beds, admiring their room.]] / Rhea: This room is much nicer than the one we had in Farun! Although I guess that's not really saying much. / Buwaro: You can come out now, Snowy! / [[Snowy pops out from Buwaro's coat.]] / Snowy: Phew! / Snowy: Rhea... I feel bad about lying to the innkeeper about my staying here... / Rhea: Aw, you worry too much. / Rhea: You're not really a pet, and we didn't really say anything about you being here, so we didn't really lie! / [[Rhea opens the door to leave.]] / Rhea: I'm gonna go get us some dinner. You kids just wait here for me. / Snowy: Sigh...
Page 209 [[A pile of dirty dishes is shown.]] / Snowy: D-do... Do you two really think... that my brother is somewhere in Riverside? / Rhea: Who knows? / Rhea: We did hear that he and his friend went east, so it's likely that they came to this city. It's a big place. / Rhea: Unfortunately, they might have already left. There's not a lot we can do about that. / [[Buwaro notices that Snowy is becoming depressed.]] / [[Buwaro suddenly hugs Snowy tightly.]] / Buwaro: Don't be sad, Snowy! / Buwaro: We'll try our best to help you find your brother! We'll find him for you, I promise! / Snowy: T-thank you so much, Buwaro... I'm so happy that I met you and Rhea! / Snowy: I... I wish I could do something for you two... / Rhea: Actually, maybe there IS something you can do for us. I kept forgetting about this until now.
Page 210 [[Rhea holds up the mysterious red book she received from Sakido.]] / Rhea: I brought this book back from Hell. / Rhea: Buwaro and I don't know what's in it, but Buwaro's sister said it was in Angelic. She didn't tell me any more than that. Can you read it? / [[Snowy opens up the book.]] / Snowy: Hrm... / Snowy: [[In Angelic:]] Wow! T-this is... / Rhea: What? What?? / [[Buwaro grasps the white feather from the book silently.]] / Snowy: This is a diary written by an Angel named Darius Elexion. You... you really got this in Hell? / Rhea: So maybe that feather Buwaro has really IS an Angel's feather. Hrm... Darius... Darius... That name sounds... / Buwaro and Rhea: Familiar... / [[Buwaro and Rhea look at each other in surprise.]] / Buwaro and Rhea: ... It does!?
Page 211 Buwaro: At least I THINK "Darius" sounds familiar. I guess I'm not really sure... / Buwaro: Maybe it's just 'cause it sounds like "Thadius?" / Rhea: I wish I could remember where I heard it. I'm sure it'll come to me later. / Snowy: M-Maybe we shouldn't read this... / Rhea: What? Why not? / Snowy: W-well... / [[Snowy points to the inside front cover of the diary.]] / Snowy: Underneath the profile card with his name and favorite color Darius wrote... "This diary is private property! Do not read!! This means you!!! >:(" / [[Rhea ruffles Snowy's head.]] / Rhea: Ha, you're such a little goody-two-shoes! I guess that's to be expected from an Angel, though. C'mon, be a good sport. It's not like this Darius guy is gonna find out we read his old diary anyway! / Snowy: B-But... but... I don't know... / [[Rhea imitates being an Angel against the backdrop of Hell.]] / Rhea: Aren't you curious about why an Angel's diary was in Hell? / Buwaro: I'm curious! Please, Snowy, can't you read it for me? / [[Snowy blushes.]] / Snowy: W-well, okay... / Rhea: Oho?
Page 212 [[Buwaro, Snowy, and Rhea are gathered around Darius' diary.]] / Snowy: Darius wrote that he worked as an artisan, crafting pendants like the ones Buwaro and I have. / [[The star, moon, and sun pendants are shown.]] / Snowy reading from the diary: "Even though I've earned all three pendants, I haven't been drafted to fight in the war yet. I'm worried that it's only a matter of time before I'm fighting Demons face-to-face, though..." / Snowy: Wow, I wonder if Heaven really did draft an artisan like him... / Rhea: Hrm? / [[Snowy holds up her sun pendant.]] / Snowy: Making these pendants is very difficult, and very few Angels learn the craft... / Snowy: Angels must earn the power of the pendants because they are so rare. / [[Snowy holds her nose and anticipates a sneeze.]] / Snowy: If Darius was really forced to fight, then Heaven must have been very des... despera... / Kieri: AH-CHOO! / [[Snowy transforms into an Angel and the diary drops to the floor.]] / <> / Snowy: AH-CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny.]] / Kieri: AH-CHOO! / [[Snowy transforms into an Angel.]] / Kieri: I-I'm an Angel again! / [[Buwaro gives Kieri a hug, and Kieri smiles and blushes happily.]] / Buwaro: See? I told ya there was nothing to worry about! / Kieri: Yes... Thank you! / [[Kieri anticipates another sneeze.]] / Kieri: Uh-oh. I... ah... ah... / Snowy: AH-CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny.]] / <> / [[Buwaro holds Snowy in his hands and tries to comfort her.]] / Buwaro: Aw, you'll get the hang of it. / Snowy: [[Something in Angelic.]] / Rhea: So close, yet so far.
Page 213 [[Rhea picks the diary up off the floor.]] / Rhea: Well, it's getting kinda late... / Rhea: ...and our little translator seems to be having technical difficulties, so maybe we should leave the mystery of Darius for later. / Snowy: Sniff... sorry... / [[Rhea settles into bed.]] / Rhea: Ah, a warm bed feels so good at the end of a long day. / [[Buwaro starts to climb into bed with Rhea.]] / Rhea thinking: Of course, it would feel much better if I had it to myself... / [[Buwaro is lost in thought.]] / Rhea: Uh, is there something wrong, Buwaro? / Buwaro: Oh! Uh, no, I uh... well, I guess it's just kinda crowded in this bed while Snowy is alone in herse. / Rhea: A very good point! I bet Snowy is very lonesome all by herself. Why don't you keep her company? / Snowy: Ah, n-no, that's okay, y-you really don't have to... I-I mean... / [[Buwaro is already in bed next to Snowy.]] / Buwaro: G'night, Snowy! I'll sleep here tonight! / Snowy: EEP! Wh-when did you...? / [[Buwaro rolls over and hugs Snowy, who does nothing but blush silently.]] / Buwaro: You don't see very well in the dark, huh? ...yawn... / [[Rhea is very happy to have the bed all to herself.]] / SCORE! / Rhea thinking: Finally, after all this time! I HAVE A BED ALL TO MYSELF! ...except for Thadius, but she doesn't count.
Page 214 Someone: Ow... my ear hurts... / Young Buwaro: What's this stuff? / [[Young Buwaro's hand is shown with blood on it.]] / [[Rocks are shown. It's the Ring of the Slightly Damned.]] / Buwaro: Where... where did everyone go? / [[Buwaro, clothed in a white, long-sleeved shirt that is much too big for him, is sitting on the ground looking up.]] / Buwaro: No one is here... / [[Buwaro lies down.]] / Buwaro: I guess I'll just wait for them to come back. / Buwaro: Waiting... / [[Buwaro ages a little bit.]] / Buwaro: ...waiting... / [[Buwaro ages a little more.]] / Buwaro: ...waiting... / [[Buwaro has aged to his current appearance in the comic.]] / Buwaro: I don't remember who I'm waiting for anymore...
Page 215 [[Rhea drops some fruit into a cup of yogurt.]] / Buwaro: G'morning, Snowy! Ooh, you're an Angel again! / Kieri: Yes... I hope it lasts. / Rhea: G'morning, you two. / Rhea: I got some yogurt for us for breakfast. Eat up! / Buwaro: Uh, Snowy? Could you read more of the diary right now? / Rhea: Let's put the book away 'till later, Buwaro. Today we should focus on looking for Kieri's brother. / Buwaro: Aw, okay... / Kieri: Oh no, I... I think I feel a sneeze coming on... / [[Rhea leaps in front of Kieri and holds a strawberry up to her face.]] / Rhea: Quick, say, "STRAWBERRIES!" / Kieri: Ah, I... s-strawberrries? / Kieri:, my sneeze is gone! / [[Rhea eats the strawberry.]] / Rhea: It's weird, but sometimes it works. Although, you're better off just holding your nose. / [[Buwaro playfully holds Kieri's nose.]] / Buwaro: Like this?
Page 216 [[Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri are standing outside in front of the inn.]] / Rhea: Well, I guess we should start asking around for Kazai where there's a lot of people, like the shopping district. / Kieri: Rhea, aren't you cold without your coat? / Rhea: Nah, not really. It's not as cold here in Riverside as it was in Farun. / Buwaro: I'm feeling pretty hot in this suit! / [[Rhea covers Buwaro's face with the dark cloth.]] / Rhea: Hey, hey, HEY! Don't do that out in public! Demons don't exactly have a good rep, y'know. / Rhea: We'll all be a lot safer if you just deal with your disguise. / [[The group walks away from the inn.]] / Buwaro: Sigh... / Rhea: Maybe we can find better threads for you later. Let's go.
Page 217 [[Kieri asks about her brother using part of her uniform in a clothing store, but the shopkeeper hasn't seen him.]] / [[Kieri asks a candy store owner about Kazai, but to no avail.]] / [[Buwaro gets caught stuffing his face full of candy.]] / Shopkeeper: NO FREE SAMPLES! / Shopkeeper with a hat: Nope... / Female shopkeeper: Sorry... / Old shopkeeper: Haven't seen him.
Page 218 Kieri: No one... no one has seen my brother at all... / [[Kieri, Buwaro, and Rhea are on a bench eating chocolate-filled waffles.]] / After an unsuccessful day of searching for information on Kazai's whereabouts, the trio rests near the western entrance to the city on a big bridge over the Zolle River. / Buwaro: Aw, I'm sorry, Snowy... / Rhea: Yeah, this really sucks. / Rhea: But, ah, I don't mean we should give up! / [[Rhea turns around and looks out onto the river.]] / Rhea: I mean, Riverside is a really big city. We're bound to find someone who knows about what happened to Kazai. ...Assuming he really did pass through here... / [[Rhea notices two Human children out on the river.]] / Rhea: Hey, those kids are playing on the river... and there's cracks in the ice! Don't they know that's dangerous?
Page 219 [[Rhea walks angrily past Kieri.]] / Kieri: R-Rhea...? / Buwaro: Where is she going? / Kieri: I don't know, but... ah... w-we should... ah... follow her... / Buwaro: Okay! / [[Buwaro chomps down the rest of his waffle.]] / Snowy: AH-CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny. / <> / [[Buwaro picks up Snowy in one hand and her bag in the other.]] / Buwaro: Rhea! / Snowy: Please wait for us! / [[Rhea is sliding down the snow towards the river's edge.]] / Buwaro: Where are you going, Rhea? What are you doing? / Rhea: Those stupid kids are gonna get themselves killed playing on the ice! / Rhea: GET OFF THE ICE, YOU DAMN KIDS! IT'S DANGEROUS!! / Kid with earmuffs: Aw, mind yer own beeswax, lady! / Rhea thinking: I really shouldn't give a damn about those suicidal idiots, but... / Rhea thinking: I just can't sit idle and make the same mistake I did years ago...
Page 220 Rhea: Don't make me drag your sorry asses back by force! / Rhea thinking: Maybe I should just let natural selection take care of them... / Kid with hat: Do you think we should listen to her? / Kid with earmuffs: Nah, don't worry so much. / Kid with earmuffs: See? The ice is nice and sturdy over here! / [[The kid steps onto the ice.]] / <> / [[The kid with earmuffs falls through the cracked ice.]] / <> / <> / Kid with earmuffs: AAIEE! / Rhea: Oh, goddamnit! / [[Rhea holds out her tail to the kid in the water.]] / Rhea: Hang on to my tail, kid! / [[Rhea notices the ice underneath her crack.]] / Rhea: ...crap. / [[The ice under Rhea shatters and gives way.]] / Rhea: GNAH! / [[Rhea is tumbling upside down in the water.]] / Rhea thinking: If I end up dying because of this, I TOTALLY deserve it.
Page 221 [[Rhea surfaces with the kid in one arm.]] / Rhea: GASP!! / Kid: cough! cough! / [[An aerial view of Rhea and the kid drifting down the river with Buwaro and Snowy rushing to the other kid.]] / [[Rhea and the kid are sinking underwater and reaches for the surface.]] / Rhea thinking: Dammit, I'm just too weak to be swimming in this freezing river with the kid... / Rhea thinking: Guh... That's it, I'm done... / Kid with hat: Oh-no! / Buwaro and Snowy: Rhea!! / Kid with hat: Wait, did that bunny just talk? / Snowy: H-help! Run and get help!! / Kid with hat: O-okay, Ms. Talking bunny... / [[Snowy's hands glow with blue magical energy.]] / Snowy: Buwaro, follow me onto the river! / [[Snowy creates a path of ice on the river and Buwaro follows.]] / <> / Snowy: I'll make a path of ice, and you help Rhea and the child! / Buwaro: OK! / [[Rhea is drifting along underwater.]] / Rhea thinking: I didn't want to lose anyone else the way I lost my sister... It looks like I messed up even worse this time, though...
Page 222 Rhea is having a flashback sequence. / [[A young Rhea and another Jakkai are playing around a river.]] / Rhea: Years ago, before I even chose my first name, one of my nest sisters drowned in the river near my village. We shouldn't have been playing there. The snow from winter had melted, and the current was swift. / [[The other Jakkai's hand is sticking out of the water.]] / Rhea: She slipped and fell into the water-- --and was quickly swept away. / [[Rhea rushes down a forest path.]] / Rhea: I didn't know what to do, so I ran for help. I prayed to Gaia and the Guardians to save her. But my prayers went unanswered. / [[A grave is shown.]] / Rhea: When the adults from the village found her battered body downstream, my sister was already dead. / [[Stonepaw and Rhea are sitting on a log.]] / Rhea: The village elder, Stonepaw, tried to comfort and reassure me that I did the right thing by running for help. / [[Rhea wakes up in a bed with Kieri and Buwaro watching her.]] / Rhea thinking: She was right. If I had tried to save my sister by myself, I probably would have drowned as well. Still, the experience greatly weakened my faith in religion and I still felt responsible... / Buwaro: Yay! Rhea's awake!
Page 223 [[Rhea in bed groggily holds her head.]] / Rhea: Ugh, where... where am I? *sniff* I feel like shit. / Kieri: We're in a Riverside City doctor's office. Buwaro and I pulled you and the child out of the river, and a Helper's Guild member from the local Trouble Center brought us here with his wagon. ...Thank Gaia you're all right after all that. We were really worried. / Buwaro: Don't worry, Rhea. The kid you tried to save went home with his family already. / Someone: Excuse me, ma'am? / Kieri: Oh, y-yes? / [[A bearded man wearing a bandana and holding a clipboard speaks to Kieri. He has a smiling green button on his coat. Kieri bows slightly in front of him.]] / Man: I see your friend there pulled through okay. I'm glad I was able to help you out. / Kieri: Yes, thank you very much! / [[The man presents his clipboard.]] / Man: Now then, would you please sign this for me? / Kieri: What is it? / Man: Just proof that I was able to do my job. It's how I'm paid! / [[The man holds up a business card with the same green smiling face on it as the button he wears while Kieri signs the paper attached to the clipboard.]] / Man: Thank you, ma'am. Here, I'll give you our business card, too. Feel free to drop by whenever you need help with anything else. We're tourist-friendly and always looking for new help!
Page 224 Back at the Chipper Mudskipper Inn... / [[Kieri tucks Rhea into bed.]] / Rhea: *sniff* grumble... / Kieri: The doctor said that you should rest for about a week to get over your illness, Rhea. / [[Buwaro smiles and holds an empty glass in one hand.]] / Buwaro: ...And drink lots of tasty juice! Yum! / Kieri: B-Buwaro! That's for Rhea! / Rhea: Ah, jeez. I'm sorry, Kieri. I'm *sniff* doing a lousy job at trying to help you find your brother. We're slow enough as it is without the ability to fly, and then I get myself bedridden for a week. And to think I was worried about YOU getting sick... *sniff* ...Maybe you'd be better off without us. / [[Kieri places her hand on Rhea's.]] / Kieri: Do not say that, Rhea! You have nothing to apologize for. / Kieri: I think it was very brave of you to rush to that boy's rescue. A-and... even if I did fly, there is no guarantee that I would find Kazai sooner than if I did not. Most importantly... I r-really enjoy being with you and Buwaro. It makes me feel... safe. / Rhea: You're too damn nice, you know that? Thanks. / [[Rhea rolls over in bed.]] / Rhea: I guess on the bright side, *sniff* being sick means I have an excuse to share this bed with only Thadius again. I mean, I don't want to infect you guys! / [[Kieri blushes furiously and Buwaro wags his tail happily.]] / Buwaro: Yay, we get to sleep together again, Snowy!
Page 226 Eventually, the sick and stressed out Rhea drifts off into some much-needed sleep... / [[Rhea is rudely awakened.]] / Buwaro: Rhea! We're back!! / [[Kieri sits on the bed across from Rhea's.]] / Kieri: Sorry to bother you while you are sleeping, Rhea... but we had a problem when we went to the Trouble Center... / Buwaro: The guy working there wouldn't talk to us at all! / Earlier / [[Kieri and Buwaro arrive at the Trouble Center.]] / Kieri: Um, H-hello... W-we were just wondering if you-- / Someone: SCRAM, GET OUTTA HERE! We don't want anythin' to do with your kind! / Kieri: Wh...what? / [[A Human hand sticks out from the darkness behind the bars and points to the side.]] / Man behind bars: Geez, can't youse goons read? Check out the sign! / [[Kieri looks to the side.]] / Kieri: "No fatties"? / Buwaro: Hey, I'm not fat!! / Man behind bars: WHAT!? Those stupid kids musta changed the sign again!
Page 225 The next morning... / [[Rhea is sitting up in bed and looking out the window.]] / Rhea: So you two are gonna keep looking for Kazai today, huh? / [[Kieri holds up the Trouble Center business card and Buwaro adjusts his hat in a mirror in the background.]] / Kieri: Yes, we will go to the city's Trouble Center first. The man who helped us yesterday suggested it. / Rhea: Well, all right... *sniff* You two be careful, and always stick together! / [[Kieri opens the door to leave.]] / Kieri: Thank you Rhea, we will. Good-bye. / Rhea: I really shouldn't worry so much. *sniff* Kieri's a smart girl. They'll be okay... I hope. / [[Rhea lies down and pulls the bed covers up.]] / Rhea: At least I can relax all by myself for once... *sniff* / [[Rhea looks bored.]] / Rhea: ... / Rhea: *sniff* I'm bored. / Rhea: And you sure ain't the type of girl for conversation, are you Thadius? *sniff* I don't know how Buwaro dealt with just you for company for so long.
Page 227 [[Rhea hides under her bed covers.]] / Kieri: Um, anyway, the sign really said, "Pimping ain't legal!" W-what does that mean? / Rhea: Grr, just... *sniff* get rid of Buwaro's stupid suit... / [[Kieri quizzically at Buwaro in his pimp outfit.]] / Kieri: ...Really? Why? / [[Rhea drifts back to sleep.]] / Rhea: *sniff* No pimps... jus'... Angel and Demon... / [[Kieri tries to shake Rhea awake, but she is already asleep.]] / Kieri: Um, Rhea? / Rhea: Zzz... / [[Buwaro is already back in his normal clothes.]] / Kieri: Well, if Rhea says it's okay... / Taking the semi-conscious Rhea's advice, Kieri and Buwaro head out looking like, well, an Angel and a Demon. / [[Kieri and Buwaro are walking down the street in their normal clothes and their wings out. A woman with groceries and her child watch them from afar, not suspecting that they aren't in costume.]] / Buwaro: Now this is much more comfortable! But aren't you cold without your green top? / Kieri: I-I'll be fine, thank you. Besides, Rhea was right; it is warmer here than it was in Farun. Besides, today looks like a nice, sunny day. / Child: Mommy, look! Those are cool matching costumes!
Page 228 [[Kieri and Buwaro arrive at the Trouble Center again.]] / Kieri: H-hello sir... We are back. / Man behind bars: Oh, I get it now! / Man behind bars: You two jus' like dressin' up, eh? Yer Angel and Demon costumes ain't too bad. / [[Buwaro whispers to Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Psst, Snowy... Why do people keep saying that? / Man behind bars: The Angel wings're nice, girl, but yer friend's wings're way too shrimpy to look realistic. / Buwaro: HEY!! My sister gave me these wings! There's nothing wrong with them! / [[Kieri hold back an angry Buwaro, who puffs a small flame in anger.]] / <> / Kieri: Uh, w-we were a-actually wondering if you had seen anybody dressed like me? / Kieri: It is very important to me... / Man behind bars: Sorry, dame. Ain't seen any freaks like youse two around here before. Tell ya what, though... / [[The man behind bars holds up a clipboard with a list.]] / Man behind bars: Put yer problem on this list. If anyone's seen 'em, they'll tell me and I'll tell you. / [[The man behind bars holds out two buttons of green smiley faces.]] / Man behind bars: And if youse two become Trouble Center helpers, then ya can earn a little dough on the side while asking people about yer missing freak, er, friend! We could use the attention youse two would stir up! / Kieri: Um... Thank you very much? / Buwaro: Ooh, shiny buttons!
Page 229 [[Kieri and Buwaro are wearing Trouble Center buttons.]] / Buwaro: Hey Snowy, now that we're Trouble Center helpers, what're we supposed to do anyway? / Kieri: Ah, well, we use this list to find people who need help... and then, uh, we help them, and they sign a paper, and uh... then the Trouble Center will pay us! / Kieri: We need the extra money to pay for our long stay at the inn. / [[Rhea is shown snoring in the background.]] / Kieri: And, um, maybe we can even buy some medicine for Rhea! / Buwaro: Yay! ...What's medicine? / Kieri: Um, l-let's see... The man at the Trouble Center said we should do this one today... It says that an old woman named, uh... Mrs. Green needs help carrying her groceries home today, and uh, that she should be waiting in front of a grocery store near here... / [[Kieri and Buwaro spot an old woman with large glasses and a hat that looks like a pineapple in front of a store.]] / Kieri: Oh! I think that may be her! / Buwaro: She looks like a nice lady. / Buwaro: Hiya, Mrs. Green! My name is Buwar- / Mrs. Green: EEK! / [[Mrs. Green hits Buwaro with her purse.]] / Mrs. Green: I'm too young to die!! / <
Page 230 Kieri: M-Mrs. Green! We are from the Trouble Center, see? / Mrs. Green: Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry! / Mrs. Green: Your little costumes are just so realistic! Oh, what the Helper's Guild won't do for publicity these days... / [[Buwaro happily carries a basket of groceries.]] / Mrs. Green: I'm so glad you two young'uns volunteered to help me with my shopping today! / [[Buwaro becomes concerned as more groceries accumulate in the basket he's holding. Mrs. Green starts to rant.]] / [[Mrs. Green's is ranting in full force and Buwaro struggles to hold up a mountain of groceries.]] / [[Buwaro falls over and is covered in a large pile of groceries.]] / Mrs. Green: Oh my, look at the time! I'll pay for these at the register, and then we can be off! / [[Riverside City at night is shown, and Mrs. Green's home is at the top of a large hill.]] / Mrs. Green: My house is right at the top of the hill, see? / Buwaro and Kieri: groan...
Page 231 [[Mrs. Green is standing in her house's front doorway.]] / Mrs. Green: Thank you so much for helping me today! / [[Mrs. Green signs the clipboard's list for Kieri.]] / Mrs. Green: Here, let me sign this for you... / Mrs. Green: ...and you can be on your way. Have a safe trip home, dearies! / [[Kieri bows.]] / Kieri: Thank you! / <> / Kieri: Home... / [[Buwaro leans on Kieri and gives her a hug, making her blush furiously.]] / Buwaro: Snooowyyyy... I'm tiiiiiiiirreeeed... Going shopping is hard! / Kieri: Ah, I-I'm sorry, Buwaro... We can go back to the inn, now. / Kieri: Uh-oh. / Buwaro: Uh-oh? / Kieri: It is starting to snow... we should hurry back.
Page 232 After a day of hard work, Buwaro and Kieri make their way back to the inn. Unfortunately, the bright, sunny day has yielded to a cold, snowy night. / [[Kieri winces in anticipation of a sneeze.]] / Kieri: Oh no... I think I'm going to... Ah... / Snowy: CHOO! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny.]] / <> / Snowy: Ah... Ah... / Kieri: CHOO! / [[Snowy transforms into an Angel.]] / <> / Kieri: Ah...! / [[Buwaro covers Kieri's face.]] / Buwaro: Um, what was it... oh yeah! STRAWBERRIES! / Buwaro: I know you don't like being a bunny, Snowy, but maybe you would be warmer if you stayed that way. / Kieri: Mm, true... Maybe I should... / Kieri: N-no. I won't refuse. I am not going to give in to my curse.
Page 233 Kieri: Sniff... I... I hate my curse. / Buwaro: But you're so cute as a bunny! / Kieri: I-It's a sign of my weakness. / Buwaro: I don't think it's so bad. / Kieri: Y-you don't understand! Having this curse is shameful. I...I'm tired of being a f-failure in my family! / [[Kieri's parents are shown giving attention to young Kazai while ignoring young Kieri.]] / Kieri: E-Every Suizahn is a strong warrior. My mother and f-father fought in The Great War, and my twin brother Kazai has always been praised f-for his s-strength. But I... I know I am a disappointment, because I am weak...
Page 234 [[Young Kieri and young Kazai are shown smiling together.]] / Kieri: M-my brother and I always got along well together, but I-I am always trailing behind him. K-Kazai and I are twins, yet... Sometimes... s-sometimes I feel like just a shadow. / [[Kieri in the present covers her face with her hand.]] / Kieri: Maybe if I were s-stronger like him, and n-not such a... a failure... *sniff*... I wouldn't have this stupid curse! / Buwaro: You're wrong. / Buwaro: You're not weak. You're really strong and smart! You really should be so hard on yourself. I like the way you are, curse or no curse! / [[Kieri wipes away her tears and sniffles.]] / Buwaro: ...Snowy? / [[Kieri walks ahead of Buwaro.]] / Kieri: T-Thank you, but... I really am weak. You just... you just don't understand my family. *sniff* We should go.
Page 235 [[Buwaro and Kieri enter the room at the inn.]] / Buwaro: Hi Rhea, we're back! / [[Rhea is in the foreground wearing Buwaro's pimp hat and with an angry look on her face.]] / Buwaro: ...Rhea? / Rhea: IT'S ABOUT TIME... / [[Rhea is wearing Buwaro's entire pimp outfit.]] / Rhea: *sniff* As you can see, I noticed you two neglected to bring your coats. Where did you get THAT bright idea!? / Buwaro: From you! / Rhea: You tolds! / Rhea: I didn't mean for you to parade around the city without a disguise! Didn't I tell you that was dangerous!? GEEZ! I thought that at least Kieri would be smart enough not to let you do that... / [[Kieri looks hurt by Rhea's words.]] / [[Kieri is very depressed.]] / Kieri: I'm sorry... It's my fault... I should have been more responsible... / Rhea: Oh, uhh... / [[Rhea whispers to Buwaro.]] / Rhea: (Yo, what's up with Kieri? She's more of a downer than usual.) / Buwaro: (I don't know!) / [[Kieri withdraws her wings back into her body.]] / Buwaro: We were walking back and she just got all depressed...
Page 236 Rhea: (Hrm...) *cough* (Maybe she's homesick?) / Buwaro: (I think she might be sad 'cause her family hates her.) / Kieri: That is not what I said! My... my family loves me! / Kieri: And... I love them, but... it... it's just that I... I'm such a failure and... Maybe they really don't... / Rhea: Way to go, Mr. Tact! I think she's even more depressed than before. (Don't sweat it. She'll probably feel better in the morning.) / [[Rhea looks out the window.]] / Rhea: Anyway, I don't see any angry mobs with torches and pitchforks out there, so I guess there's no real harm done... so far. / [[Dinner is laid out on a table.]] / Rhea: Oh yeah, I had some dinner delivered to the room a while ago. I already ate, so help yourselves. The pasta and salad are for Kieri. / [[Rhea places the pimp hat on Thadius.]] / Rhea: COUGH! COUGH! It might be a bit cold by now, though. Why don't you two *sniff* tell me about how your day went while you eat?
Page 237 Buwaro: And then after that, we had to bring all of the old lady's stuff up a hill... / Kieri: Buwaro... / Buwaro: Huh? What is it? / [[Rhea is snoring.]] / Rhea: Zzz... / Kieri: Rhea is already asleep. Her illness must make her very tired. / Buwaro: ...Oh. I didn't notice. / Kieri: We should probably go to bed, too. / Soon... / [[Buwaro turns off the lantern.]] / Buwaro: Good night, Snowy! / Kieri: Good night! / [[Kieri looks concerned.]] / Kieri: Um... Buwaro? / Buwaro: Yeah? / Snowy: Ah, I... I just--- / <> / [[Rhea is coughing uncontrollably in bed.]] / Rhea: COUGH! HACK! COUGH! COUGH! ACKK!! / Buwaro and Kieri: ... / Rhea: Zzz... / [[Kieri turns over in bed and Buwaro looks annoyed at Rhea.]] / Kieri: N-nevermind. I'm sorry.
Page 238 [[Kieri gently shakes Rhea awake.]] / Kieri: ...Rhea? Rhea? / Kieri: Sorry, Rhea... I just... I just wanted to get breakfast for all of us... / [[Rhea sit up in bed and rubs her eyes.]] / Rhea: Mm... oh, yeah, right. Hand me my bag, will ya? / [[Rhea pulls some coins out of a small blue coin purse.]] / Rhea: *sniff* Okay, this should be enough. / Rhea: You can ask them to deliver it to the room, too, Kieri. / Kieri: All right. I will be right back. / Buwaro: Rhea, Snowy still sounds real sad... / Rhea: Yeah, *sniff* I noticed. / [[Buwaro sits on Rhea's bed and makes her bounce.]] / <> / Buwaro: What should we do? I want her to be happy again! / Rhea: I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you just act naturally, I'm sure she'll cheer up on her own. / Rhea: After all, she does seem to have a crush on you. / Buwaro: R-Really? A crush? / Buwaro: Snowy wants to CRUSH ME? Oh no!! / Rhea: ... *cough*
Page 239 [[Kieri watches as Buwaro cries and Rhea tries to comfort him.]] / Buwaro: H-her "main squeeze"!? *sob* / Rhea: Hey, hold on! You're not listening! / Kieri: Buwaro! What's wrong? Why are you crying? / Rhea thinking: Whoa, that was quick. / Buwaro: *sniff* S-Snowy, is it really true that you hate me and wanna c-crush me? / Kieri: Wha...? Hate you? / Kieri thinking: Is this about last night? / Kieri: No, of course not! I... I like you very much! / Buwaro: Really? / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri enthusiastically.]] / Buwaro: YAY! I was really worried there for a bit. / Kieri: Um... why did you think I hated you? / Buwaro: Well, you've been acting kinda weird lately, and then RHEA said that-- / [[Buwaro gets smacked by a pillow.]] / <> / Buwaro: ACK!
Page 240 Rhea: Don't you be telling Kieri any lies! *cough! cough!* A crush means that someone REALLY likes you, moron. / [[Buwaro looks sheepish and an embarrassed Kieri covers her face and blushes.]] / Buwaro: Oh, really? Hehe... sorry about that. / Rhea: Hmph. You two are really something else. / Buwaro: Aw, don't be mad, Rhea! I really am sorry... / Rhea: Well... maybe I'll forgive you... / Rhea: ...if Kieri reads more of Darius' diary for me! / [[Buwaro gives a thumbs up.]] / Kieri thinking: She could have just asked normally... / [[Buwaro smiles and sits next to Kieri, who is trying to read Darius' diary.]] / Rhea thinking: Perfect! Now Buwaro is off my back and Kieri's too distracted to mope. / Rhea thinking: But Kieri having a crush on Buwaro? That girl must have some straaaaaaaange taste. Oh well. / Rhea thinking: Hrm... Buwaro REALLY overreacted when she thought she hated him. I wonder...
Page 241 [[Kieri reads from Darius' diary while eating a piece of toast.]] / [[Kieri is shocked by something she reads in the diary.]] / [[Kieri quickly shuts the diary while Buwaro eating an apple looks over quizzically.]] / Buwaro: ? / Rhea: What's the matter, Kieri? Read somethin' weird? / Kieri: Um... I-I just think we should stop reading... It's... just... it's very private! / Rhea: OH? Now I'm really intrigued! / [[Rhea shoves Buwaro away.]] / <> / Buwaro: OOF! / [[Rhea whispers in Kieri's ear.]] / Rhea: Wait, lemme guess. Was it... / [[Rhea continues to whisper to Kieri.]] / Rhea: *whisper* *whisper* *cough* Sorry... *whisper* *whisper* / [[Kieri's face turns completely red.]] / Kieri: W-w-w-wh-whaaa? N-NO!! / Rhea: Phooey. C'mon, tell us. It can't be that bad. / [[Kieri holds up Darius' diary, and some of the words in Angelic are pink with hearts around them.]] / Kieri: Well, I guess it isn't really, but... It turns out that Darius , uh, had a big "crush" on my uncle when they were in school together... / Rhea: Haha, *sniff* what a coincidence! But I was expecting somethin' a bit more... / Kieri: My uncle is now married to my aunt. / Rhea: *cough* awkward. / Buwaro: Now that I know what a crush is, I don't see what could be bad about it! I mean, it's always nice to be loved by somebody, isn't it? / Kieri thinking: Wow, Darius sure didn't love my aunt. [[In Angelic:]] "A fat hussy always moving in on my man"?
Page 242 It continued to snow all day long, so Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea stayed indoors reading through Darius Elexion's diary. / Darius was an earth elemental Angel who began writing in the diary in his early 20's. The school he attended with Kieri's uncle was an academy for training Angels how to fight. He really had been drafted to fight in The Great War, despite being a valuable artisan of moon, sun, and star pendants. / [[Kieri reads the diary as Buwaro and Rhea look drowsy.]] / The young Angel had hoped that his craft would enable him to escape the violence of the war, and live to raise a family of his own, but that peaceful dream was shattered when he was sent away to fight... / Kieri: Medius?
Page 243 Rhea: Wait a sec- he fought in Medius? You told me Median involvement ended centuries ago. How old is that diary? / Kieri: Hmm... according to the dates he wrote, it's only about 20 years old. / Kieri: I did not know the war was fought in Medius so recently. My parents never said anything about it... / Rhea: Maybe that's because the Angels who went to Medius could never return home. / [[Kieri looks shocked, with the words "NEVER RETURN HOME" looming over her.]] / [[Rhea frantically tries to comfort Kieri.]] / Rhea: Oh, uh, crap! I-I didn't mean it that way! I mean, it's not like we know for sure or anything! / Rhea: Before jumping to conclusions, we should read a little more, kay? / Kieri: O... okay... / [[Darius is seen looking into a dark, sinister portal.]] / Kieri: D-Darius wrote... that to get to Medius, Angels had to travel through large, scary-looking portals that swirled with dark energy. W-wait, that's how I got here as well! But... not because I wanted to... / Kieri: Do you think Heaven had control over the portals before? / Rhea: *cough* Kinda sounds like it. / Rhea: This whole thing keeps getting more and more mysterious as we go along... Should we keep reading? / Kieri: It is getting late... And there is a large gap in time between the two entries. Maybe we should just... / [[A sleeping Buwaro tips over and leans on Kieri, who blushes.]] / Rhea: "...take a break for now"? Looks like that's Buwaro's vote. Night!
Page 244 [[A cloudy sky is shown, with the morning sun peeking from behind the clouds.]] / By the next morning, it had stopped snowing in Riverside City. / Buwaro: Bye, Rhea! We're off to help the Trouble Center, look for Kazai and stuff! / Rhea: HOLD IT! / Rhea: Don't think I forgot about last night. I dunno if I trust you two out there by yourselves. / [[Rhea gets off the bed.]] / Rhea: Maybe I should get out with you this time. / Kieri: But Rhea, the doctor said that you need to rest! / Rhea: COUGH! I'm feeling peachy, dammit! HACK! / [[Rhea succumbs to a coughing fit.]] / Rhea: COUGH COUGH COUGH! HACK!! COUGH! HACK!! COUGH! / [[Kieri tucks Rhea back into bed.]] / Rhea: That sounded worse than it actually was. *cough* Really. / Kieri: Rhea...
Page 245 Rhea: Fine, I'll stay behind. *sniff* But won't you reconsider how you two dress? I dunno about your Angel and Demon disguises... *sniff* / Buwaro: Aw, we were fine yesterday, we'll be fine today! / Kieri: If anything DOES happen... / Kieri: have my word that I will protect Buwaro with all my strength. / Rhea thinking: So she'll crush anyone who tries to crush her crush? I'd rather not risk enticing angry mobs, but that's nice to know, I guess. / Rhea: Okay, whatever. Just be sure to be back before dark. You don't wanna get stuck in the cold and end up like me. / Buwaro: We promise! / [[The door closes.]] / <> / Rhea: *cough* *cough* / [[Rhea looks at Thadius.]] / Rhea: Looks like you're my only company for the rest of the day. For the rest of the week, really. / Rhea: Hm. Maybe I should write a letter...
Page 246 [[A silver, snake-like creature carrying a bag on its back flies through the air on its feathered wings.]] / In Medius, most small mail such as letters and tiny parcels are delivered between cities by specially-trained creatures called wright wyverns. There are a variety of wyverns in the world, and they come in a rainbow of colors, wright wyverns are the wings of choice for most of the world's postal systems. / [[The wright wyvern flies above Farun.]] / Larger packages must travel by ground, but these animals are extremely useful for quick and convenient communication. / [[A man in a worn-out top had approaches a door.]] / [[Jake Thorndyke enters the house.]] / J: I'm back from work! / Voice: Welcome home, honey! / Jake's mother: You got a letter in the mail today, Jake. / J: Thanks, mom. Hey, it's from Snake!
Page 247 [[J is reading Rhea's letter.]] / Rhea's Letter: J- Hey, how's it going? I hope you're doing better than I am. I took an unexpected dip in the Zolle River right after arriving in Riverside, so I've been stuck in bed with a cough and cold the past few days. Don't worry too much, though- I'm recovering quickly. / [[Buwaro is shown trying to retrieve a cat in a tree. Kieri and a Jakkai are below.]] / Rhea's Letter: While I'm spending my time indoors, my friends Kieri and Buwaro have been busy working for the local Trouble Center. We decided to ditch that WONDERFUL coat you provided earlier, Buwaro --the weird-looking guy -- seems to be doing fine without it. / Oh, and this is cute: it looks like Kieri has a bit of a crush on Buwaro. So much for your award-winning pick up lines, eh loverboy? / [[Rhea is looking out the window from her bed in the inn.]] / Rhea's Letter: We haven't had any luck finding Kieri's brother yet, but we're trying to stay optimistic. We might be heading to St. Curtis next. / Look, J- I know I've been really weird lately, but you should know that I still consider you one of my best friends. I always thought I'd travel someday with you and Ramirez, but I guess it's impossible to predict what'll happen in life. / Take care, / Snake
Page 248 [[A young Jakkai girl holding a cat is offering a ball of blue yarn.]] / Jakkai: Thanks for helping my kitty! Here, you can have this ball of yarn as a gift! / Buwaro: Didn't we meet a guy who wanted yarn? / Kieri: I think so... We should go give it to him. / And so, the long chain of swapping items began. / One-eyed man: Here, have my fake eye! Chicks dig eyepatches. / Woman: Why don't you keep this green cap I made? / [[Link from The Legend of Zelda is shown.]] / Buwaro and Kieri got a blue ocarina! It looks pretty special. / [[A Jakkai version of Larry Butz from the Ace Attorney series is shown.]] / Bloody Statue. Type: Suspicious. Receive from slacker Jakkai. / Old woman: Oh, I have just the thing to give you in return. I don't really need it anymore. / [[Buwaro and Kieri are examining a red urn.]] / Buwaro: Why does this urn have ashes in it? / Kieri: W-we should give it back.
Page 249 [[Buwaro gives the urn back to the old woman.]] / Old woman: Oh, you don't want it? I guess I should just find another... *sigh* / Old woman: By the way, I've seen some people dressed like you before, young lady. Maybe you know them? / Kieri: Really? Y-you did? / [[Sanjulo and Kazai are pictured, arguing.]] / Old woman: Yes, there were a couple of young men with strange-colored hair and similar clothes in town not too long ago. I think they were arguing about leaving, but I didn't catch whether they were going to St. Curtis or Weyville... / [[Kieri happily grasps Buwaro's hands.]] / Kieri: B-Buwaro! That must have been my brother and Sanjulo! / [[Kieri and Buwaro hug each other.]] / Buwaro: YAY! We should go tell Rhea! / Old woman: So you're sure you don't want the urn?
Page 250 [[The man at the Trouble Center hands Kieri a small sack of money.]] / Trouble Center man: Here's the payment for all the work youse two did today. / Kieri: Thank you! / Buwaro: Wanna go back to the inn now? It'll still be a while until it gets dark. / Kieri: I suppose it would not hurt to help one more person... / Someone: DAMMIT! Where could she have run off to!? / [[An angry man wearing glasses and smoking a cigarette walks across the street from Kieri and Buwaro.]] / Kieri: HE certainly seems to have a problem. / Buwaro: Huh, he kinda reminds me of someone I met a while ago. / Buwaro: Hello, mister! Need any help? / Angry man: SWEET MOTHER GAIA! What in the world are you!? / Buwaro: Uh, I-I'm from the Trouble Center. See, I have a shiny button and everything. / [[The man conjures a fireball between his hands.]] / Man: You- you're a Demon, aren't you? STAY BACK! I know some pretty good magic! / [[Kieri steps in front of Buwaro, charging up holy magic.]] / Kieri: STOP! I won't let you hurt my friend! / Man thinking: An Angel defending a Demon? And here I thought I'd seen it all... / [[The man backs away from Kieri.]] / Man: Okay, okay. I don't want any trouble. I'll just leave. / [[Kieri takes Buwaro's hand.]] / Buwaro: Snowy, he saw what we really were... / Kieri: M-maybe it's best that we go back to the inn.
Page 251 [[Buwaro and Kieri are holding hands.]] / Buwaro: So what town do you think your brother went to, Snowy? The old lady said something about St. Curtis and... uh, some other place. / Kieri: Um, I know that she said Kazai and Sanjulo were planning to continue east. We should ask Rhea where we should go next. I don't know Medius very well... / Buwaro: Yeah, I-- HEY! / <> / [[Buwaro is shoved into Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Geez, how rude! Right, Snowy? / [[Kieri blushes.]] / Kieri: Oh, um... y-yeah... / Someone: STOP! THIEF! / [[Buwaro and Kieri turn their heads.]] / Buwaro and Kieri: ? / [[A young Human runs past Buwaro and Kieri.]] / Unknown Jakkai: Get back here, you dirty thief! Somebody stop that girl!! / Kieri: Don't worry, I'll stop her with my magic! / [[Kieri shouts in Angelic and shoots a magical stream of water out of her hand.]] / <> / <> / [[The stream of water solidifies into ice, trapping the thief's leg.]] / <> / Girl: !
Page 252 [[The thief girl is kneeling on the sidewalk, wearing a frustrated look.]] / Unknown Jakkai: So, thought you could get away with stealing from me, eh? / [[The unknown Jakkai flips a copper coin into Kieri's hands.]] / Unknown Jakkai: Thanks for catching her, kid. Here, take this. / [[The unknown Jakkai clutches a nearly opaque jar.]] / Unknown Jakkai: It woulda been... bad if I had to call the erm, authorities. Now that I've got my good back, I'm gone. Later! / Kieri: Oh my... Buwaro, d-did you see that? / Buwaro: Huh? See what? / Kieri: Th-there was a FAIRY in that Jakkai's jar!! / Buwaro: A what now? / Thief Girl: That's right! And because of you, I couldn't save her! / Thief Girl: That guy illegally sells Fairies on the black market for a lot of gold! I tried telling the guards about it before, but it didn't work. He managed to hide everything from them, and now they won't believe me! I decided to try and steal her myself and free her, but then you had to get in my way! *sniff* Some Angel you are! No wonder you're hanging around a Demon-- you're no good! Now that Fairy will never be freed, and it's all your fault!!
Page 253 [[The girl walks away from Kieri and Buwaro dejectedly.]] / Girl: I guess there's nothing I can do now but go home. / Kieri: Sigh... / Kieri: I... I did it again. I can't believe I made the same mistake twice. First Toski, and now... I just can't seem to do anything right. / Buwaro: We can still go help that Fairy, Snowy! / Kieri: B-but how? We do not have much money to spend... and I do not think stealing will work anymore. / Buwaro: Don't worry, I know EXACTLY what we should do! / Rhea: Let me get this straight: you want me to help you two save a Fairy from this guy who's been "illegally selling" them? You've gotta be kidding me. Fairies don't exist.
Page 254 Snowy: But Rhea, they do exist! / Rhea: Yer pullin' my tail. Little people with insect wings that live in the woods? / Snowy: I-I know it sounds strange, but please believe me! I heard that most Medians do not know that they are real... but I have seen them in Heaven! I mean... I've never really met one before, because I was busy with my studies and training, but... well, I have seen them, and I am certain that I saw one in the shopkeeper's jar! Please help, Rhea. I-it's not right to sell people like objects... / Buwaro: I don't know about any of this stuff, but I believe Snowy! / Rhea: Hmm... it still sounds weird to me. But I guess a whole lot of stuff has turned out to be true... / [[Buwaro and Snowy stare at Rhea with big, sad eyes.]] / Rhea: Oh geez, not the puppy-dog eyes. *sigh* Okay, fine. I've been feeling a lot better lately... so I guess I'll help you out. / Snowy: Thank you, Rhea! / [[Rhea puts on her turquoise vest.]] / Rhea: As you said, stealing the Fairy again isn't likely to work. And you say he's selling it for a lot of money? I guess that leaves us with one option, although I haven't done it in a while... / Rhea: No holds barred, anything-goes, merciless HAGGLING! Heh heh heh... Who knows? This might actually be FUN! / [[Snowy transforms back into an Angel.]] / <> / Kieri: I-I'm a little scared, Buwaro. / Buwaro: M-me, too...
Page 255 [[Buwaro is holding his pimp outfit.]] / Rhea: Okay, for the sake of haggling, our bartering goods include Buwaro's pimp suit... / [[Rhea is holding the cursed cloth.]] / Rhea: This, er, evil handkerchief from the Demons we fought at the lake... / [[Kieri is holding her coin purse.]] / Rhea: And just in case I need it, there's Kieri's extra money. Good thing we didn't spend any yet. / Rhea: So you guys are absolutely sure that this time it's not gonna be some sort of scam? You know, like the time you bought those "magic" beans? Or when you got the deed to the Zolle River bridge? Or the time when you-- / Buwaro: We SAID we were sorry about those, Rhea! / Rhea: Y'know, if this is for real, I wonder if the stories about the Fairy Queen are true, too. / Kieri: What legends? / [[An evil Fairy shrouded by darkness is pictured in the background.]] / Rhea: Oh, well they say that the Fairies of the Southern Woods are ruled by a dangerous Fairy Queen. Legend has it that she will take cruel revenge on anyone who dares harm her people. They say that all they find of her victims are their skulls covered in pink Fairy glitter or something ridiculous like that. Who knows if the legends are true, though? I mean, even if Fairies exist, I bet the stuff about their queen is highly exaggerated...
Page 256 [[Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea stand before a store.]] / Kieri: Um, I think this is the shop the girl told us about... / Rhea: Good. You two stay out here, but give me the stuff. / Rhea: I'll do this alone. / [[Rhea walks into the store full of strange items, where the shopkeeper Jakkai is sweeping the floor.]] / Rhea: Hey. I want to buy a Fairy... / [[Rhea and the shopkeeper face off in a "versus" close-up, similar to a fighting game.]] / Rhea: ... and I'm willing to haggle for it. / Shopkeeper: Very well. Bring it on! / [[The sun is setting outside, where Buwaro and Kieri are waiting for Rhea. Kieri seems to be asleep in Buwaro's embrace.]] / Buwaro: Rhea sure is taking a long time... it's getting dark already.
Page 257 [[The thief girl from earlier shows up.]] / Buwaro: Hey, it's the girl from before! Didn't you go home? / [[The girl pulls on her cap.]] / Girl: Well, I was gonna, but... / [[The front door of the store opens.]] / <> / [[Rhea holds up the opaque jar.]] / Rhea: I did it, guys! I got the Fairy from that creep! Oh, you must be that kid... / Girl: You must be rich... W-wait, what are you gonna do with her? / Rhea: Don't worry, I plan to free her. And I'm not rich at all. / [[Rhea holds up Kieri's coin purse in her tail.]] / Rhea: I managed to keep all of my friend's money. / Rhea: I offered a pimp suit, an evil handkerchief, and some money for the Fairy, but when that didn't work I just socked the guy and stole the jar anyway. / Rhea: We should probably get going... / [[The group frantically runs away from the store.]] / Shopkeeper: COME BACK HERE YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF--!! / Rhea: See you later, sucker! Ha ha ha!
Page 258 [[The girl, Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea are hiding in an alleyway.]] / Rhea: Okay... *pant* I think we lost the shopkeeper. / Kieri: I can't believe you attacked him! / Rhea: Aw, don't get your panties in a twist. I got the Fairy, didn't I? / [[Rhea twists the lid of the jar.]] / Rhea: Speaking of which... / [[A blue, glowing Fairy with antennae and wings like a butterfly emerges from the jar.]] / [[Buwaro and Kieri stare at the Fairy in amazement.]] / Rhea: Wh... whoa. / [[The girl lifts her cap, revealing a similar green Fairy on her head.]] / Girl: You can come out now! Your sister's safe! / [[The blue and green Fairies hug each other.]] / Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea: D'aww...
Page 259 [[Rhea holds the blue Fairy in her hand.]] / Rhea: Heh heh, wow. / Rhea: Hey Kieri, don't you think this Fairy kinda looks like you? / Kieri: Sigh... You're just saying that because she's blue, aren't you? / [[Buwaro gets a close look at the blue Fairy, startling her.]] / Rhea: How about you, Buwaro? / [[Buwaro inspects the blue Fairy.]] / [[Buwaro inspects Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Well, the Fairy is a LOT smaller... / Kieri: There are more differences than that! / Girl: I really should get going... / Rhea: Right, right. Here you go, back with your sister. / Kieri: Why don't we escort you home? It's already dark; it could be dangerous. / Girl: Huh? Oh, okay... / Kieri: Th-that's okay with you, right, Rhea? / Rhea: Hmm, I guess so. / Buwaro: YAY! / Girl, thinking: Is she their mom or something?
Page 260 Samantha: My name is Samantha Kailum, but you can call me Sam or Sammy if you want. I don't actually live here in Riverside, y'know. I travel around the country in a big wagon with my aunt and uncle. How about you guys? How come an Angel, a Demon, and a Jakkai are all friends with each other? I mean, I always thought Angels and Demons really hated each other's guts. / [[Kieri and Buwaro exchange worried looks.]] / Rhea: Er, well... How do you know they're not just costumes? / Samantha: Just 'cause I'm a kid doesn't mean I'll fall for that! You guys gotta be real. / Samantha: I've seen a lot of weird stuff from traveling with my family. But an Angel and a Demon being friends is REALLY weird! / Kieri: I know it seems strange, but... Buwaro and Rhea really are good people, despite how they look. They saved my life, which is how we met, and now they're helping me find my brother. I'm really glad I met them. / [[Buwaro blushes.]] / Buwaro: Aww, shucks! / Rhea: Hey, wait a minute! What's wrong with the way I look!?
Page 261 [[Rhea gives Snowy a noogie.]] / Rhea: So, you think I look like some sort of villain, do you? / Snowy: Ow! / Buwaro: R-Rhea... / Samantha: There's my family's wagon, guys! Looks like my Aunt Miranda is waiting for me. / [[A pregnant, dark-skinned woman with long, purple-tipped black hair is sitting in the wagon.]] / Miranda: Samantha! There you are! Where have you been all day!? It's already dark out! Where is your uncle? You know you're supposed to stay with him. / Samantha: Uh... / [[Samantha takes off her cap, revealing the Fairies hiding underneath.]] / Samantha: I wasn't doing anything bad, honest! You can ask the Fairies that are under my hat! / [[Kieri is shown rubbing her head while Buwaro looks concerned, as Rhea smiles and waves nervously to Miranda.]] / Miranda: Fairies? And who- or what- are these people? / Samantha: Uh... friends? / Miranda: Sigh. There's never a dull day in THIS family...
Page 262 [[The silhouette of a man is seen approaching the wagon.]] / [[The same man who attacked Buwaro earlier appears.]] / Man: Um, Miranda? About Samantha... I may have, er, sort of lost- / Man: WHAT THE HELL!? / [[Rhea, Kieri, Buwaro, Samantha and Miranda are enjoying tea and cookies together inside the wagon.]] / Miranda: Oh, welcome back! Would you like some tea? / [[The man points at Buwaro, who is in the middle of eating a cookie, accusingly.]] / Man: YOU AGAIN!? What are you doing in my house!? / Buwaro: E-eating cookies...? / Rhea: I take it you two know this guy? / Kieri: We met him earlier today. It... didn't go well. / Miranda: Cliff! That's no way to speak to our guest! / Cliff: What's wrong with you, woman!? He's a Demon! He can't be trusted!
Page 263 Miranda: Speaking of trust issues, do you mind explaining why Sammy came home without you tonight? / Cliff: Erm... it was the Demon's fault? / Miranda: Duster? Is that true? / [[A moth-like fairy emerges from Cliff's chest pocket.]] / Duster: No, ma'am! This dope a liar! He lose Sammy 'cause he stupid! / [[Miranda chokes Cliff.]] / Miranda: LIAR! / [[Cliff chokes Duster.]] / Cliff: TRAITOR! / Duster: URK! / Rhea: Is that another Fairy? And, uh... Do they always behave like this? / Samantha: Yes and yes. / Miranda: Sorry you had to see that. *ahem* Anyway, this is my husband, Heathcliff Sinclair. / [[Miranda elbows Heathcliff in the chest.]] / Heathcliff: OOF! / Miranda: Cliff, this is Rhea, Kieri, and Buwaro. They helped Sammy out today and they've been very good guests, so be nice! / Rhea, thinking: Sinclair? Sounds familiar... / [[Buwaro hides nervously behind Kieri.]] / Kieri: Buwaro...
Page 264 Miranda: This is Duster. He's an old family friend. / [[Duster, his wings now fully visible, takes a bow.]] / Duster: Nice to meeting you! / Miranda: Unlike most Fairies, Duster has learned to speak our language. / [[Duster flutters next to the blue and green butterfly Fairies, who are snacking on a cookie.]] / Duster: What's here? DAMES?? Good day! / Miranda: So Cliff, I was thinking that since we're going to Weyville soon, that these kids could come with us. / Heathcliff: EXCUSE ME!? / [[Rhea nonchalantly sips her tea and Buwaro happily munches on a cookie. Only Kieri looks concerned.]] / Miranda: Rhea told me that she and Buwaro are helping Kieri- the Angel- find her brother. They must be good people if they're helping an Angel, don't you agree? Anyway, they heard that her brother left eastward, and so I thought we might as well all go to Weyville together! / [[A map showing Riverside City, St. Curtis, and Weyville is shown.]] / Miranda: I mean, the road to St. Curtis has been closed due to a rock slide, right? That means we're all headed the same way. We can even take the Fairies near the Southern Woods while we're there. / [[An overhead shot of the entire wagon is shown.]] / Heathcliff: *sigh* Miranda... It's already pretty cramped in this wagon with just our family. Don't you think it'll be uncomfortable if we more than double the number of people in here? Not to mention one of our new roomies being HELL SPAWN.
Page 265 Miranda: C'mon, Cliff, don't be such a whiner. It's not like you to judge people like this. Besides, didn't you tell me earlier that more travelers are being attacked by bandits these days? Rhea told me that Kieri is actually an accomplished warrior. It would be nice to have some extra protection out on the road. / Heathcliff: I suppose that's true, but I'm still not sure if I feel safe traveling with a Demon, especially all the way to Weyville. You could argue that the Angel balances things out, but that Jakkai looks awfully suspicious to me. What if she's up to something? / Rhea: Hey! I can hear you, y'know! I, er...? / [[Kieri mutters in Angelic while trying to hold back a sneeze.]] / Kieri: ... why now? Strawberries... strawberries... / Rhea: I... think we better head out! Thanks for the tea! / [[Kieri transforms into a snow bunny as they leave the wagon into the night.]] / Kieri: AH-CHOO! / <> / Miranda: Good night! You know where to find us if you decide you want to travel together! / Heathcliff: Don't hurry ba- / [[Heathcliff is elbowed by Miranda.]] / Heathcliff: OOF! / Rhea: Eheheh... Right, we'll think about it.
Page 266 [[The trio is back in their room at The Chipper Mudskipper Inn.]] / Rhea: It's going to be hard hiding Kieri's curse from Cliff. I can't imagine he'd react too favorably to an Angel turning into a symbol of misfortune, especially since we're kind of riding on her reputation at this point. Even so, I say we should go with them to Weyville. It's a long trip, and it'd be nice to actually have a roof over our heads along the way. / Buwaro: I dunno... Sammy and Mrs. Sinclair are nice, but Mr. Sinclair really hates me. He tried to attack me before! / Snowy: Don't worry, Buwaro! I trust Rhea's judgement. A-and I promise I'll protect you no matter what! / [[Buwaro hugs Snowy affectionately.]] / Buwaro: Aww, thanks, Snowy! / Rhea: *snort* A bunny bodyguard? Well, I'll count that as a vote in favor of going with the Sinclairs to Weyville. / Rhea: So it's settled! We'll be leaving Riverside City in a day or two. Better let the Trouble Center know you won't be around. Hmm... I wonder if these Sinclairs are related to Seymour...
Page 267 Rhea: Alright, are you guys ready to go? / Buwaro: All set, Rhea! / Rhea: Now remember, Buwaro: Kieri turning into a snow bunny is supposed to be a secret between us three on this trip. The Sinclairs aren't supposed to know about it! Otherwise, there could be trouble. Capiche? / Kieri: See, I told you my curse was shameful. / Buwaro: Tch! / Buwaro: I'll keep it a secret, but I still don't think that you- / Rhea: Uh, hey, Buwaro? / [[Rhea holds Thadius up with her tail.]] / Rhea: You forgot to bring Thadius with you. / Buwaro: Oh my gosh! She totally slipped my mind! Thanks, Rhea! / Buwaro: Um... what was I saying just now? Oh yeah, Snowy... / [[Rhea watches with an intrigued look.]] / Buwaro: You look really cute as a snow bunny, so I don't think you should be ashamed! / Kieri: Th-thank you, Buwaro, but that's not really the point... / Buwaro: Hmph, fine. But I like you as a bunny AND as an Angel, so there!!
Page 268 [[Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea are walking around outside. Buwaro is looking up at the sky.]] / Kieri: The man at the Trouble Center was sad to see us go, but he said that as long as we keep our badges, we can work in any city that has an office set up. / Rhea: Great! That'll be useful if we run low on funds. I dunno if Weyville has a Trouble Center, though. / [[Buwaro points at a green wright wyvern flying overhead.]] / Buwaro: Hey Rhea, what's that flying thing? / Rhea: Oh, that's a wright wyvern. They deliver mail between towns. That reminds me... / Rhea: Let's make a quick stop at the post office before meeting the Sinclairs. I might have a letter from J waiting for me there! / And so, after a brief visit to the local post office... / [[Rhea admires an envelope in her hands.]] / Kieri: It's a good thing you remembered to check before we left. Are you going to read your friend's letter now? / [[Rhea turns around with a surprised expression.]] / Rhea: Nah, maybe a little later. First I... want to... / [[A red wright wyvern is latched onto Buwaro's head.]] / Buwaro: He followed me. Can I keep him? / Rhea: NO!
Page 269 [[Rhea approaches the wagon where Samantha, the Fairies, and Miranda wait.]] / Samantha: There they are. Hi guys! / Rhea: Yo. / Miranda: It's nice to have you traveling with us. / Rhea: Oh, well, thanks for the invite! / Duster: So I heard blue Angel has the hots for purple Demon. Give Duster love-love tips, yeah? / Buwaro: Huh? / [[Kieri approaches Heathcliff, who is tending to the horses pulling the wagon. There is one brown horse and one black horse.]] / Kieri: Um... H-hello, Mr. Sinclair... / Heathcliff: Hmph. / [[Kieri bows.]] / Kieri: Um... I-I just wanted to say th-thank you for letting us travel with your family... / [[Heathcliff points with his left hand.]] / Heathcliff: That sword is for fighting Demons, isn't it? / [[Kieri looks down at the sword on her belt.]] / Kieri: What? Well, y-yes... b-but I... / Heathcliff: Just asking. Okay guys, the horses are all hitched up! Let's get a move on!
Page 270 [[Rhea opens up the letter from J.]] / Rhea: Okay, let's see what J wrote! / [[J is pictured, happily waving.]] / J's letter: Snake, I got the letter you sent to me. Too bad about your cold, I hope you feel better by the time you get this. Things are same old, same old with me. By some miracle, I still have my job at the second-hand clothing shop. Gaia must be smiling down on me for once. / [[The outside of a store is shown. The door is wide open, with an ice-encrusted hole where the doorknob should be. There is blood leading out from the door.]] / J's letter: Here's something that isn't boring: Mr. Elliot, the butcher, was found murdered in his shop a few nights ago. Not only that, but some of the meat in the shop looks like it was eaten by a bear or something. No one knows who or what did it, but there are a lot of weird rumors going around town. / [[Lazuli, her eyes glowing blue, is pictured.]] / J's letter: Some people are saying that they saw a strange creature near the store the night Mr. Elliot was murdered. They say the monster was about 5 feet tall, had huge claws, and-- get this-- two big, ice blue eyes that glowed in the dark. / Crazy, huh? Personally, I think it's all just a load of bull. People just want to spread weird rumors for no / [[J's letter is cut off, because Rhea has stopped reading it.]] / Rhea: Holy shit.
Page 271 [[Kieri appears behind Rhea, startling her.]] / Kieri: So what did your friend write to you, Rhea? / [[Rhea hides the letter behind her back.]] / Rhea: Ohh... nothing, nothing! / [[Rhea stuffs the letter back into its envelope.]] / Rhea: H-he just said that he was fine, and wished us well... heh heh heh... / Kieri: Oh, that's nice! You should remember to write him back once we reach Weyville. / Rhea: ...Yeah... / [[Buwaro appears and grabs Kieri's hand.]] / Buwaro: C'mon guys, hurry up! You're falling behind! / Kieri: Sorry! Thank you for worry about me... / Rhea thinking: I don't think I'll tell them that Lazuli is still alive. At least, not yet. / [[Kieri and Buwaro are pictured holding hands. Kieri is smiling as Buwaro happily talks to her.]] / Rhea thinking: It's not like we can do anything about it now, anyway. It would only make them upset...
Page 272 Meanwhile... / [[In the middle of a snowy landscape, three silhouettes are shown. Lazuli approaches a man weilding an axe, with the third silhouette belonging to a body on the ground.]] / [[Lazuli, her eyes glowing ice blue, bares her fangs.]] / [[The bearded bandit's corpse is riddled with icicles.]] / [[The axe-wielding bandit looks very worried.]] / [[The axe-wielding bandit lifts his axe and charges at Lazuli.]] / Bandit: D-Die, monster!! / [[Lazuli lifts up her two hands, which are glowing with a magic aura.]] / [[Lazuli lifts her hand, making giant icicles shoot out of the ground. The icicles stab the bandit off-panel, and only the axe and a spray of blood is shown.]] / <>
Page 273 [[Lazuli walks away from the bloody corpses.]] / Lazuli: Stupid Medians. / Lazuli: I'm not gonna let anything get in the way of my revenge! / Lazuli: For my wasted time... / [[Lazuli's hand hovers over a scar on her right side.]] / Lazuli: For this scar... / [[Lazuli places her left hand over her chest.]] / Lazuli: For... for Talus... / Lazuli: For that I'll kill her! I'll shred her wings! I'll tear her limb from limb! Gouge her eyes! Rip off her face! I'LL DESTROY THAT STUPID ANGEL!! / Lazuli: You hear that, Kieri Suizahn!? I won't rest until my claws are drenched in your blood!!
Page 274 [[Buwaro and Kieri are happily holding hands and chatting. Rhea, J's letter in her mouth, separates from them.]] / [[Rhea climbs past Miranda into the wagon.]] / Miranda: ? / [[Rhea opens up her backpack.]] / Rhea thinking: Buwaro can't read, but I can't let Kieri see this letter. / [[Rhea places the letter into her backpack.]] / Rhea thinking: But... what if keeping this a secret from them is a mistake? Maybe I should really tell them about Lazuli... / [[Rhea sits down in the doorway to the wagon.]] / Rhea: Sigh... / Miranda: Is there something troubling you, Rhea? We could talk about it if you'd like. / Rhea: Well, there is something... but I think I'll just keep it to myself. Thanks, though. But.... / [[Buwaro and Kieri are laughing together, still holding hands.]] / Rhea: Buwaro and Kieri sure look happy, don't they? / Miranda: They make a cute couple. Is that what's bothering you?
Page 275 Rhea: What? No, no, I don't mean it like THAT! / Rhea: I'm just wondering how long their happiness can last... / Miranda: Because Kieri's an Angel and Buwaro's a Demon? / Rhea: No, it's not that, either... but it is something worth discussing. I have been wondering for a while how their relationship is gonna work out. / [[Kieri is shown, looking down and blushing shyly.]] / Rhea: Kieri obviously has a thing for Buwaro, which you have to admit is a little weird. From the way she acts, I think it might stem from her self-esteem issues. / [[Buwaro is shown, laughing happily.]] / Buwaro: Not that Buwaro's a bad guy! He's as sweet as a puppy, but that's also why I worry. Buwaro loves everyone he meets. What if he accidentally breaks Kieri's heart?
Page 276 Rhea: Y'know, it could just be that I'm being too cynical about all of this. Their puppy love seems too idealistic to me, but who knows? Maybe Buwaro is mature enough to deal with it. And maybe Kieri just sees something in him that I don't, and the fact that he's a Demon doesn't bother her at all. / Miranda: I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just let them do their thing. And you know what they say: "love is blind." / [[Heathcliff is pictured, steering the wagon.]] / Miranda: After all, how else can you explain my marriage to Cliff? / Heathcliff: HEY!! I heard that! / Kieri: Hee hee, it looks like they're having fun. / Buwaro: Yeah! I wonder what they're talking about? / [[Kieri leans over to get a look at Buwaro.]] / Kieri: ... / Buwaro: What is it, Snowy? / [[Buwaro leans towards Kieri, who is looking down and blushing furiously.]] / Buwaro: Aw, don't be shy! You can tell me! / Kieri: Well...
Page 277 Kieri: I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare... I was just wondering, why do you have a hole in your ear? / [[Buwaro looks sideways at his ear.]] / [[Buwaro sheepishly rubs the back of his head.]] / Buwaro: Oh, that? It sounds stupid, but I actually don't remember, haha! / [[Kieri places her hand on Buwaro's cheek.]] / Kieri: But it's such a large wound! It must have hurt terribly whenever you were injured... / [[For once, Buwaro is the one to blush furiously!]] / Buwaro: W-well, yeah! I guess... maybe? B-but don't worry, my ear doesn't hurt at all now! / Kieri: That's good! / Buwaro thinking: Gosh! Snowy must be like, the nicest person in the entire world! No one has ever cared that much about my ear before...
Page 278 That night... / Rhea: Wow, Sammy, so you can speak the language of Fairies? / Samantha: Yep, thanks to Duster! / Buwaro: Snowy can speak another language, too! I think it's called "Angel-lick". / Kieri: Um, that's "Angelic", Buwaro... / Rhea: Come to think of it, that reminds me... / [[Rhea holds up Darius' diary.]] / Rhea: Would you mind reading more of Darius' diary for us, Kieri? / Kieri: Oh, sorry, Rhea. Normally I would not mind, but I cannot do it tonight. / Rhea: Huh? Why not? / [[Buwaro is happily holding a book of fairy tales upside down.]] / Buwaro: Because Snowy promised she'd read me stories from this book Mrs. Sinclair lent us! / Kieri: I'm interested in reading about Median fairy tales! / [[Rhea looks very exasperated.]] / Rhea: I think I'm gonna be sick from the sweetness overload...
Page 279 [[Buwaro is shown walking next to some exposed rocks and new grass sprouts in the snow.]] / The journey to Weyville was largely uneventful for the next few days. Even Heathcliff did not have much to complain about. / [[Buwaro hides Snowy behind his back as Rhea nervously distracts Samantha.]] / There were a few close calls with Kieri's curse, but her secret was kept safe. / [[Darius' diary is pictured.]] / Kieri began reading Darius Elexion's diary once more. But this time, things were different. She became totally engrossed in the book. / [[Rhea is pictured, looking inquisitive.]] / Whenever Rhea or Buwaro would ask about what she read, she would only say... / Kieri: Please, let me read a little more. I-I will tell you about it... later. / This is what she read.
Page 280 [[Darius Elexion is pictured in the barren wastelands of the Ring of the Slightly Damned.]] / Darius' diary: Dear diary, I am in Hell. How did this happen, you ask? Well... / [[Darius is flying over a bloody battlefield filled with Angels and Demons.]] / Darius' diary: I was deployed to Medius to battle Demons in the Great War. It was pure chaos! / [[Darius ducks behind a rock from lightning and streams of fire.]] / Darius' diary: It was a miracle I survived! But... / [[An old wind Angel with a mustache and headband puts his hand on Darius' shoulder.]] / Older Angel, in Angelic: Elexion! You're coming with us! / Darius, in Angelic: Wh-where? / [[The older Angel jumps into a dark portal, dragging Darius behind him.]] / Older Angel, in Angelic: TO FIGHT IN HELL! / Darius, in Angelic: But I- ACK!! / [[Darius lands head first onto solid ground.]] / Darius' diary: I must have hit my head on the way down and passed out. / Darius' diary: When I woke up, there was no one around. No Demons. No Angels. I must have been alone for days. I guess an Angel can survive in Hell... / Darius' diary: But I'm not sure I still want to live. I never wanted any part in this stupid war...
Page 281 Darius' diary: I met an unexpected friend the other day! I was exploring the wastelands of Hell with my battle scythe in hand when suddenly... / [[Darius yelps in pain.]] / Darius: AAIIIGH! / [[Iratu, as a young child, is gnawing on Darius' leg.]] / Darius, in Angelic: A little Demon? / [[Darius reaches down to Iratu.]] / Darius: Um... e-excuse me? / [[Darius pulls his hand away before Iratu can bite him.]] / Darius: YEE! / <> / Iratu: My name's Iratu, and I'mma kill you dead, Angel!
Page 282 Darius: But you are only a child! / [[Iratu sticks his tongue out.]] / Iratu: Nuh-uh! I'm like, eleventeen! / [[Iratu lunges.]] / Iratu: Now prepare to die, Angel! RARR!! / [[Darius sidesteps, dodging Iratu's attack. Iratu faceplants into the ground.]] / Iratu: Oof! / [[Iratu begins to cry.]] / Iratu: *sniff* / Darius: Are you alright!? / Iratu: What do you care? Angels HATE Demons! / Darius: Well... I do not hate you. / Iratu: Really? / Darius: Really! / Iratu: ... / Darius' diary: Little Iratu has been following me ever since. He told me he was separated from his parents. But now we can keep each other company, so neither of us have to be lonely. I just wish his teeth weren't so sharp... / [[Iratu is happily gnawing on Darius' leg.]] / <>
Page 283 [[Darius and Iratu are walking along together, holding hands.]] / Darius' diary: I never would have guessed that I'd be enjoying the company of a Demon in Hell. / Darius' diary: I was always taught that Demons were terrible, sinful beasts from the day they were born until the day they died. But ever since I met Iratu, I've begun to question what I've been taught. I wonder what everyone back in Heaven would say? Too bad I'll never find out. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never return, partially due to a strange man we met... / [[Darius and Iratu are sitting by the banks of the Styx, looking towards the horizon.]] / Darius: Iratu, this is such... lonely place. Are we the only ones? / Iratu: Well... / Iratu: There's THAT guy! / Darius: Eh? Where? / [[Seymour Sinclair waves, his body half in the water.]] / Seymour: Hiya! / [[Darius picks up Iratu in one arm and points his battle scythe at Seymour.]] / Darius: EEYAAGH! B-back, you m-monster! BACK!!
Page 284 [[Seymour is pictured, hands on his hips and looking happy.]] / Darius' diary: When I calmed down, the man with half a face introduced himself as a performer named Seymour Sinclair. Although he appeared young, he said he had died over 30 years ago in a tragic accident. / Seymour: Sorry to hear about your situation, Darius. Sounds like you're stuck here in The Ring of the Slightly Damned just like I am. / Seymour: I've been trying to swim across the Styx into Heaven. / Darius: That is possible? / [[Seymour scratches the back of his head and looks out towards the Styx.]] / Seymour: Well... I have no idea, actually. / [[Seymour shrugs.]] / Seymour: But what can I say? I'd rather keep trying than stick around here doing nothing! / [[Seymour gives Darius a thumbs up.]] / Seymour: I'll tell your folks what happened to you if I make it to Heaven, alright? / Darius, thinking: He's crazy. / Darius' diary: If Seymour had been trying to escape for this long, what chance do I have of ever getting out of Hell? / [[Iratu has bitten Seymour's butt.]] / Seymour: I'll be on my way now, but... if you could be so kind as to remove your "pet"? / Darius: Iratu! / Iratu: Rrr...
Page 285 [[Darius and Iratu are walking through the wastelands.]] / Darius' diary: Since we really didn't have anything better to do, Iratu and I began to explore The Ring of the Slightly Damned. Seymour said that this entire place was outside the gates of "real" Hell. It seemed like this ring has been totally abandoned, because we didn't see anyone for a very long time. Until one day... / [[Iratu is peering over a boulder.]] / Iratu: Darius, look! I found somebody! / Darius: What? Iratu, be careful! / Iratu: I don't think she's dangerous. / [[A young, frightened Sakido is shown.]] / Darius' diary: It was another young Demon. I could tell from her wings that she was a wind elemental, unlike Iratu. But for some reason, her wings were limp and tattered. When we found her, she was trembling with fear. / Sakido: *sniffle* / [[Darius holds out his hand to Sakido.]] / Darius: *Angelic*, we will not arm you... / [[Sakido begins to cry.]] / Sakido: WAAAAAAAIIIIIILLLL / Iratu: Way to go. I think your ugly face made her cry.
Page 286 Iratu: Why are you crying? We're really not gonna hurt you! / Iratu: My name's Iratu! / Iratu: This guy is Darius. He's an Angel, but it's okay 'cause he's a wuss! / [[Darius looks exasperated.]] / Iratu: What's your name? / Sakido: M-my name is Sakido... *sniff* / Sakido: I-I don't know where m-my mama is... / Sakido: Th-there was a big f-fight and... and... *sniff* MAMA!! / [[Darius holds the sobbing Sakido in an embrace.]] / Darius' diary: Without thinking, I moved forward and hugged the little Demon to comfort her. / Darius' diary: When Sakido calmed down, she told us that she and her mother, along with some other Demons, were suddenly attacked. She described the attackers as strange people with bright, white wings and glowing rings around their heads. Angels. / Darius' diary: She said it happened nearby, so I left her with Iratu and went off to investigate. / [[Darius looks onto a bloody battlefield. The corpses and body parts of Angels and Demons are strewn about.]] / Darius' diary: It didn't take me long to find the bodies.
Page 287 [[Darius is covering his mouth with his hand.]] / Darius' diary: It was a horrifying sight. There were bloody corpses strewn all over the place. There was no telling if anyone besides Sakido had survived the attack. The only ones left at the scene were dead. / [[A Demon's child dead body is shown, an arrow sticking out of its back.]] / Darius' diary: What disturbed me the most was the number of dead Demon children. / [[More dead Demon bodies are shown.]] / Darius' diary: Similar attacks had been carried out by Demons on Heaven. Angels young and old had been brutally slain by the soldiers of Hell. My own parents were killed in the war. / [[Darius facepalms.]] / Darius' diary: Even knowing that, the sight of all the young Demons' corpses still shook me. Although they were Demons, they were still children. It wasn't right to slaughter them like this. / [[The end of Darius' scythe handle glows with magic as it touches the ground.]] / Darius' diary: I buried all the bodies, Demon and Angel alike. Since I used my earth magic, it didn't take long. Among them was an adult wind Demon that matched Sakido's description of her mother... her only known family.
Page 288 Iratu: Hey, he's coming back! / Iratu: What didja find? / Sakido: Did you see my mama? / Darius: Sakido... I... / Darius: I am sorry, Sakido. Your mother is... she... She is... gone. Your mother is not returning. / Darius: but you do not have to be alone. You can come with me and Iratu. Do... would you like that? / [[Darius holds out his hand.]] / [[Sakido puts her hand into Darius'.]] / Darius' diary: I did not have the heart to tell Sakido that her mother was dead. But that was how the little wind Demon started traveling with Iratu and me. Because of her damaged wings, Sakido could not fly... / [[Sakido is happily perched on Darius' shoulders.]] / Darius' diary: ...but she did have a fondness for high places.
Page 289 Darius, Sakido, and Iratu traveled The Ring of the Slightly Damned together from then on. They searched for months without finding another living person, Demon or Angel. / [[Sakido is attempting to fly from a high place.]] / Sakido: Watch me fly, Darius! / Darius: Sakido noooo!! / Iratu: SWEET! / Despite their differences, the three of them got along very well and enjoyed each other's company. / Iratu: Let's wrestle! / [[Darius is trying to calm Iratu down.]] / The two young Demons looked up to Darius with love and adoration. In turn, Darius cared for them as if they were his own children. / Sakido: Look at the pictures we did! / [[Sakido and Iratu are showing off some crude drawings to Darius.]] / [[It is pitch black. Two blue eyes glow from the darkness.]] / Sakido: Umm... Darius? / Darius: GAH-AAHH! O-oh, Sakido. What is wrong? / Sakido: I can't sleep... / Darius: Come here, then. I will sing you a song for sleeping. / [[Iratu and Sakido listen happily to Darius' lullaby. Sakido is in Darius' arms, while Iratu is leaning against him.]]
Page 289 Kieri, thinking in Angelic: Maybe this is a good place to stop and talk to the others... / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: Wait a minute! Why is Buwaro's name written here? Did Darius know him? / Darius' diary: I know I haven't written for quite some time. Has it already been a month since my last entry? It's hard for me to keep track of time here in Hell. Since I last wrote, my small family has grown by one more member. However, I wish it could have been under happier circumstances. Like Iratu and Sakido, little Buwaro is an unfortunate orphan of war... / [[Black pinnacles are shown.] / Darius' diary: It all began when we came across and place that was flipped with dark, jagged spires that reached up to the sky. The children were feeling playful... / [[Sakido tugs on Darius' leg.]] / Sakido: Darius, Darius! let's play hide 'n seek! / [[Iratu tags Darius' leg.]] / Iratu: Haha, yeah! And you're "IT"! / [[Sakido and Iratu dash off in opposite directions, leaving Darius bewildered.]] / Darius: Um...? / Darius, thinking in Angelic: I suppose I don't have to worry. We haven't seen anybody for a long time. It should be safe. / Darius, thinking in Angelic: Then again, this place is pretty eerie... / [[Darius walks off to explore the pinnacles.]]
Page 291 [[Sakido is looking at something quietly.]] / [[Iratu suddenly leaps behind Sakido.]] / Iratu: BOO! / Sakido: EEK! / Sakido: Don't scare me like that, Iratu! / Iratu: Whoa. Is that...? / [[Iratu and Sakido look at a strange, round egg-like object. It is red and transparent, and appears to house a baby Demon within it.]] / Iratu: I dare you to touch it. / Sakido: No way! Why don't YOU! / Iratu: No, you. / Sakido: No, you. / Iratu: You. / Sakido: You. / Iratu: Rock, paper, scissors? / Sakido: 3, 2, 1... / Iratu: Scissors! / Sakido: Rock! / Iratu: Best two outta three? / Sakido: No. / [[Iratu's trembling hand inches closer to the surface of the egg.]] / Someone: AAAIIIEEEE! / Darius, in Angelic: The children! / [[Darius rushes off to find the source of the scream, his halo appearing at his head.]] / Darius: I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to them!
Page 292 Someone: YOU LITTLE VERMIN!! / [[Iratu and Sakido are cowering in fear. Sakido is crying and hugging Iratu.]] / [[A white demon with purple hair, stripes, and mouth is yelling angrily at Sakido and Iratu. He has huge, white claws, black horns, glowing red eyes, and appears to be spitting blood.]] / White Demon: You... you... *COUGH COUGH!* You want to hurt my son even more? DO YOU? / [[The white Demon lunges for the children.]] / White Demon: MURDERERS! I'LL KILL YOU!! / [[The white Demon's claws are stopped from hurting Iratu and Sakido by a golden magical barrier.]] / White Demon: What the hell!? / Darius: Get away from them. / Darius: Get away from my children!
Page 293 White Demon: WHAT!? Y-You're crazy! *COUGH!* YOUR children!? / Darius: Yes. They are under my care. Why are you attacking them!? / White Demon: Because they... *COUGH COUGH!* they were... *COUGH HACK COUGH!* m-my... son...! *COUGH COUGH COUGH* / [[The white Demon violently coughs up blood.]] / Darius: Uh... A-are you alright...? / White Demon: UGHA! *HACK!! COUGH!* / [[The white Demon looks up, his eyes once again glowing red.]] / [[The white Demon strikes out at Darius with a fiery arm, but misses.]] / White Demon: I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY, ANGEL! / [[Darius' hand holds a holy flame.]] / [[Darius blasts the white Demon with holy energy.]] / White Demon: AGH!! / [[Iratu and Sakido rush to Darius.]] / Sakido: *sniff* D-Dariuuuus!! / [[Bent over on the ground, the white Demon looks over while blood drips from his mouth.]]
Page 294 White Demon: Fine. Whatever. *COUGH* It doesn't matter. The damage has been done... / [[The white Demon looks into the red egg.]] / White Demon: I don't know if my son with even hatch. I probably won't even live to see it... / White Demon: *COUGH COUGH!* Damn Angels... / Darius: If you are dying... I can take care of your son. / White Demon: WHAT!? Let a goddamn Angel like you-- *COUGH!* --ruin him? FUCK YOU! / White Demon: Angels are the enemies of all Demons! I don't want him screwed up like those other brats of yours! *COUGH COUGH!* You can't-- *COUGH! HACK!* I'll never let-- *COUGH!!* / [[Darius kneels down to the white Demon's level.]] / Darius: You want your son to die instead? I do not want that. If he can, your son must live. That is what I believe, even if I am an Angel. / White Demon: ... / [[Darius bows before the white Demon.]] / Darius: The attack... the whole war, it is very bad. I am terrible sorry. I want to do all I can do. / Darius: I promise to you, your son will live. No matter what. Your son will live. / White Demon: *COUGH COUGH COUGH!* *GAH-HACK!* *UGHA!* *HURRK!* / [[The white Demon throws up more blood.]]
Page 295 [[The white Demon is now lying on the ground.]] / White Demon: Okay, you crazy Angel... *COUGH COUGH!* Not like I have much choice, but... keep my son alive for me, will you? *KEFF!* / Darius: I promise. / White Demon: I have one other request.... / Darius: What is it? / White Demon: I want... I want to be... with my... my son's... with Buwaro's... mother... / [[The white Demon and is laid next to a red female Demon, who was killed by an arrow.]] / Darius' diary: I followed his final wish and buried him with his wife. She was probably killed in the same attack that killed her husband and hurt her son's egg. / Darius' diary: The unborn Buwaro knew nothing about the family he lost and the one he gained. / Darius' diary: A few days later, Buwaro was "born". At first, I was relieved that he had survived. But something wasn't right with him...
Page 296 Iratu: What... What's wrong with him? / [[Buwaro, berserk yet weak, pants heavily.]] / Darius' diary: Buwaro was completely different from how he was in his egg. He was bigger. His claws and horns were longer, and he had two huge, sharp fangs. His glowing, blood red eyes were fixated on us as he crawled towards us, breathing laboriously. / Darius' diary: His tail was even on fire! / [[Iratu moves forward to sniff Buwaro curiously.]] / Darius: Iratu, be careful! / Buwaro: GRRRRR... / [[Buwaro breathes fire at Iratu.]] / Buwaro: BWARGH! / [[Iratu narrowly ducks the stream of flame.]] / Iratu: YIPE! / [[Iratu and Sakido are hide behind Darius.]] / Iratu: D-do somethin' about him, Darius! / Sakido: H-he's scary!!
Page 297 [[Berserk Buwaro is pictured, panting heavily.]] / Darius' diary: Every Angel is taught that Demons can become consumed with wrath and turn into monstroud killing machines at the cost of their own life. But Buwaro was berserk with rage from the moment he was born. He must have been like that because of the damage done to his egg. If left to his own, it wouldn't have been long before he'd die of exhaustion. I made a promise to his father to keep him alive, so I had to do something. / Darius: I have an idea. / [[Darius' hands glow with holy energy.]] / [[Darius cautiously approaches Buwaro.]] / Darius: *some Angelic* ...Stay still... / [[Darius places his glowing hands on either side of Buwaro's head.]] / Buwaro: GRRAAGHH!! / [[Buwaro begins to calm down and change form.]] / Buwaro: GRAA...arrr... / [[Buwaro is back to normal.]]
Page 298 [[Buwaro is unconcious.]] / Iratu: I-is he dead? / [[Darius begins to take off the belt holding his pendants.]] / Darius: No, only sleeping. / Sakido: How did you put him to sleep? / [[Darius begins to take off his tabard.]] / Darius: I used a spell. / [[Darius begins to cover Buwaro with his tabard.]] / Darius: It is good that Buwaro is just a baby. I could not put a crazy adult Demon to sleep that way. / [[Darius cradles the sleeping Buwaro in his arms.]] / Darius: I think that as long as he is asleep, he will not go crazy. / [[Darius presents Buwaro to Sakido and Iratu.]] / Darius: Sakido, Iratu, meet your new baby brother! / Iratu: Wait a sec- "brother"?
Page 299 [[Iratu has his hands on his hips.]] / Iratu: How can Buwaro be my little brother? We're not even related! / [[Sakido is shown, her ears hanging down.]] / Darius: The same way Sakido is like your sister... / [[Darius points to himself while supporting Buwaro with his other arm.]] / Darius: ...and I am like your father! / Darius: Our family is tied together by love, not blood! / Iratu: You're really weird, Darius. / Darius: sigh...
Page 300 [[Iratu, Darius, Buwaro, and Sakido are shown together. Buwaro is asleep and Darius is poking Sakido's nose playfully as Iratu looks on.]] / Weeks passed for the small and strange Elexion family. Although they did not have much, they had each other, and they were happy... except for young Buwaro. / [[A close-up of the sleeping Buwaro's face is shown.]] / Dressed in rags his foster father dug up for him, the little Demon was always quiet and serene. But this serenity was also his curse. Buwaro was fated either to a life of eternal sleep, or to awaken and die a bloodthirsty monster. Darius kept him asleep for the safety of the whole family, but this decision filled his heart with guilt. / Darius, thinking in Angelic: I've kept my promise to keep Buwaro alive, but... What's the point? He's dreaming his whole life away. This can't be called living. This isn't fair. He's just a baby, he hasn't done anything to deserve this... / Darius: Maybe... maybe Buwaro is better now. Maybe waking him will be alright. And if not, then... Maybe I can find out what is wrong with him, so I can help him. If a thing goes wrong, I can just put him to sleep again...
Page 301 Iratu: Just let him sleep forever, Darius. I don't think he'll get any better. You could even... y'know... / Sakido: Yeah, don't wake Buwaro up, Darius. And if you... well... He's sleeping, so he won't feel anything. / Darius, thinking in Angelic: I can't believe it! Are they really asking me to kill him? Is this way of thinking some sort of Demon instinct? / Darius: NEVER speak about Buwaro that way! He is a part of our family! I will not give up on him. He deserves to live, just like us! / Sakido: S-sorry, Darius... / Iratu: If you say so... / Darius: Still I do not know what will happen when I wake him up. Stand back and be careful! / [[Buwaro is beginning to wake up.]] / Darius: Buwaro? / [[Buwaro's eye opens up wide, tinged with red.]]
Page 302 [[Buwaro has gone berserk.] / Sakido: H-he's crazy! P-put him back to sleep, Darius!! / [[Buwaro turns towards Sakido.]] / [[Buwaro lunges at Sakido.]] / Buwaro: GRAAAGHH!! / [[Darius intercepts Buwaro, catching him in his arms.]] / [[The silhouettes of Buwaro and Darius are shown. Buwaro appears to be tearing at Darius' face and blood is shed.]] / Buwaro: RAAARGH! / Darius: EEYAAGH!!
Page 303 [[Darius clutches his face in pain. The right side of his face is covered in blood.]] / Darius: Nngh...! / Iratu: Y-you, you--!! RRAGH! / Buwaro: GRRAAR! / Iratu: GRAARGH! / Buwaro: RRR... / Darius, in Angelic: Wh-what is...? / [[Iratu swipes at Buwaro's face, drawing blood with his claws.]] / <> / Buwaro: GRAHH! / [[Buwaro breathes fire at Iratu, hitting his brother in the arm.]] / Buwaro: BWARGH!! / Iratu: YAHH! / Buwaro: GRRR... / [[Darius reaches for his star pendant.]] / Darius, in Angelic: S-stop... S-stop fighting... / [[Darius, star pendant in hand and his halo blazing, shoots off a wave of holy magic.]] / Darius, in Angelic: STOP FIGHTING!
Page 304 [[Buwaro, Iratu, and Darius are all lying on the ground.]] / Darius used the last of his strength to put everyone into a deep sleep, then collapsed with exhaustion. / [[Darius heals Iratu's arm with magic.]] / Later, he used the limited healing magic he knew to help cure Iratu and Buwaro's injures. / [[Darius is shown wearing bloody bandages over the right side of his face.]] / But Darius' wounds were more serious. Blinded in his right eye, he kept his face wrapped to hide the scars. / [[Young Buwaro is shown, sleeping once more.]] / The kind-hearted Angel refused to blame Buwaro for what had happened, and so his adopted son continued to dream innocently. / Kieri, in Angelic: B-Buwaro... he was... No, it can't be! He's not like that at all! / [[Buwaro in his current state is shown, smiling happily.]] / Kieri, in Angelic: At least, not anymore... Did Darius cure him? How? / [[Kieri flips through the pages of the diary.]] / Kieri skimmed through the diary in the hopes of finding an answer. She flipped through months of entries, but Buwaro was never mentioned as being woken up again. Nearly a year's worth of pages later, she came upon Darius writing about his three holy pendants...
Page 305 [[Darius is writing in his diary.]] / Darius' diary: Sakido's desire to fly is growing stronger each day. It's only natural, as she is a wind Demon. / [[Sakido and her torn-up wing are shown.]] / Darius' diary: Unfortunately, her crippled wings have not healed much since the day we met. She can't fly on her own. / [[Darius is holding Sakido in his arms as he flies.]] / Darius' diary: I've taken her flying with me many times, but she's quickly growing tired of it. She says it's not the same as being able to fly herself. / [[Sakido is admiring Darius' wing.]] / Darius' diary: When Sakido said she wished for wings like mine, I told her that I only had them because of my special sun pendant. / Sakido: Darius, let ME try the pendant! (In Angelic: Pleeeaase?) / Darius: (In Angelic: Sorry), Sakido. This is for Angels only. It will hurt you! / Sakido: I don't care if it hurts me! I want to fly! / Darius' diary: I refused to give Sakido the sun pendant, and she became upset. But since then, I've been giving it some thought. No one besides Angels were supposed to be able to weird their power. / [[Sakido is seen running away from Darius.]] / Sakido: I hate you! / [[Darius looks at the sun pendant in his hand.]] / Darius' diary: But if Demons couldn't use them, why was it required to put a holy protection spell on them? If it's possible, what if I removed the spell?
Page 306 [[Darius admires the sun pendant in his hands.]] / Darius' diary: The holy protection spell on the pendant was very powerful. It took me days to remove it, but I was eventually successful. Even with the spell gone, I had no idea if it would work on a Demon. But I hoped it would, for Sakido's sake. / [[Sakido is shown.] / Darius: Sakido, I have a gift for you! / [[Darius holds up the sun pendant. It now has a chain attached to it, making it a necklace.]] / Darius: You can have my sun pendant. It should be safe now. / Darius: I made a new chain for it out of-- OOF! / [[Sakido leaps forward and hugs Darius.]] / Sakido, in Angelic: Thank you thank you thank you!! / [[Darius hands the pendant over to Sakido.]] / Darius: Be careful. If it hurts, you drop it, okay? / Sakido: Okay! / [[Sakido puts the necklace on around her neck.]] / [[With a large crack, Sakido's wings suddenly grow much larger, causing a small amount of blood to fly.]] / <>
Page 307 [[Sakido is hunched over, but smiling and admiring her new wing size.] / Darius' diary: Despite the horrible sounds of cracking bones and a bit of blood, Sakido recovered quickly. Her wings were fully repaired by the power of the sun pendant. / [[Sakido jumps off of a boulder and lands flat on her face.]] / Darius' diary: She was very enthusiastic, so I spend most of the day giving her flying lessons. / [[Sakido looks smug while Iratu complains.]] / Iratu: Hey, no fair! How come she gets to have one of your pendants! I want one, too! / [[Darius ponders.]] / Darius' diary: Iratu is a healthy young Demon. He didn't really need the moon or star pendants. I knew he was just jealous of his siter and wanted to be spoiled. But... his whining and the success with Sakido got me thinking about Buwaro... / [[The star pendant is pictured.]] / Darius' diary: The star pendant enhances concentration and increases magic power in Angels. Could it help clear Buwaro's mind of chaos? / Darius's diary: I worked on removing the star pendant's holy protection for another week or so. When it was ready, I took Buwaro and snuck away when Iratu and Sakido were distracted. I knew they wouldn't want me trying to wake Buwaro up again, for good reason. However, I just had to know if the star pendant could help him. / [[Darius walks quickly away from Iratu and Sakido's voices, Buwaro held in his arms.]] / Either Iratu or Sakido: You're a butthead! / The other one: Nuh-oh, you are! / Other One: No, you! / Other One: No, you!
Page 308 [[Iratu and Sakido stick their tongues out at each other.]] / Iratu: Dork brain! / Sakido: Well, you smell like... / Sakido: Wait a sec- where did Darius go? / Iratu: Huh? That's weird. He was here a minute ago. / [[Darius returns to Sakido and Iratu.]] / Darius: Sakido! Iratu! I want to introduce you two to somebody! / [[Buwaro, wake but completely normal, is being held in Darius' arms. He has a happy expression and his tongue is sticking out.]] / Darius: Meet Buwaro... your baby brother! / [[Darius pokes Buwaro's nose playfully.]] / Darius' diary: The star pendant worked just as I prayed it would! Buwaro was cured! I'm sure that he will be alright as long as he keeps wearing the star pendant. / [[Kieri closes the diary.]]
Page 309 Miranda: Are you feeling alright, Kieri? You look even paler than usual. Do you need some medicine? / Kieri: N-no, thank you. I just... I need to talk to Buwaro. Alone. / Miranda: Well, it's dark already. Cliff should be stopping the wagon soon. / [[Buwaro watches as Kieri emerges from the Sinclairs' wagon.]] / Buwaro: Oh, hi, Snowy! Are we stopping for the night? / Kieri: Buwaro, I need to speak with you. / Buwaro: uh, okay. About what? / Kieri: Your star pendant. / [[Rhea nudges Buwaro nervously.]] / Rhea: That old thing? Haha! W-what is there to talk about, eh Buwaro?
Page 310 [[Kieri looks upset.]] / Buwaro: I don't think we should lie to Snowy, Rhea... / Rhea: Are you sure you want to tell her everything? / Kieri: Rhea! You knew about it? And you did not tell me? / Rhea: Er, knew about what, exactly? / [[Buwaro's hand reaches up to his pendant.]] / Kieri: About Buwaro's star pendant! If... if he takes it off, he will go crazy... right? / Buwaro: *Sigh* Yes. / [[Buwaro in his berserk form is pictured.]] / Buwaro: Without my star pendant, I go berserk. I grow big and strong, and I end up attacking everything. I can't control myself at all. I'm dangerous to everyone... / Kieri: S-so it's true... I... I thought you were different from other Demons. But without your star pendant, you're really just a... a... / Buwaro: No! Well, I mean, yes, but... I am different! It's not just the star! This is the real me! I think...
Page 311 [[Buwaro takes Kieri's hands.]] / Buwaro: Snowy, I really do l-- / [[Kieri suddenly jerks away from Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: ! / [[Buwaro holds his hand, looking very dejected.]] / Kieri: I-I'm sorry... I'm just.. I-I can't deal with this... / Rhea: Hypocrite. / Kieri: Wh-what? / Rhea: You heard me. How can you treat Buwaro like he's some sorta monster? At least HE has an excuse. He was born with his "curse", unlike SOME people. / Kieri: But... But I...
Page 312 Kieri: W-wait! Rhea, you lied to me about Buwaro! / Rhea: I didn't lie! / Rhea: I just didn't tell you because I knew you'd freak out. / Rhea: I didn't think you'd be such an asshole about it, though. / [[Rhea points accusingly.]] / Rhea: Buwaro's been nothing but nice to you since we've met, but here you are, acting like a total jerk all because of some dumb trinket! I only agreed to help you find your brother because I thought you were a good person. Buwaro and I ever ignored the fact that you're a trainerd Demon-killer! But I was wrong. You're just a cold-hearted bitch!! / Buwaro: Rhea, stop being so mean! / Rhea: Whaaat? I'm on YOUR side! / Kieri: *sob* / [[Kieri is crying.]] / Kieri: *sniff* I... I... / [[Snowy flies off to the horizon.]] / Buwaro: Snowy!! / Rhea: Aw, shit.
Page 313 Rhea: I didn't expect her to react like that... / [[Buwaro shoves Rhea over.]] / <> / Rhea: What the hell!? / Buwaro: Why do you always hafta be such a jerk, Rhea? I can't believe you made Snowy cry! / Rhea: It's not like I was trying to make her cry-- I was just telling the truth! She's oversensitive! / [[Buwaro and Rhea glare at each other angrily.]] / Buwaro: No, you're just a buttface! / Rhea: Don't call me names, dumbass! / [[Buwaro turns and starts walking away from Rhea.]] / Rhea: Wait, where do you think you're going!? / Buwaro: You might not care about Snowy, but I do! I'm gonna go find her! / Rhea: Hey, I'm not heartless! I'm worried, too. But aren't you forgetting something? / Rhea: She's afraid of you. / [[Buwaro looks upset.]]
Page 314 [[Buwaro slumps down into the snow.]] / <> / [[Buwaro begins to cry.]] / Buwaro: *sniff* It's not fair... / Rhea: This is just not my night. / [[A black and white flashback of Kieri talking about Buwaro's ear and caressing his face is shown.]] / Buwaro: Snowy is the nicest person I've ever met. She still liked me even though I'm a Demon. / [[Buwaro holds the star pendant in his hand.]] / Buwaro: But now she... Grrr, I hate this star! I wish I didn't need it! / [[Buwaro buries his face in his hands as Rhea looks on worriedly.]] / Buwaro: Why do I have to be like this? *sob* I just want to be with Snowy, but now it's impossible... / Rhea: Don't say that. It's not impossible. / Buwaro: *sniff* What? / Rhea: Give Kieri some time. She'll come around. / [[Rhea looks up to the sky.]] / Rhea: It's all my fault she flew away crying. *sigh* I shouldn't have yelled at her like that. I really screwed things up... / Rhea: ...but I'm going to fix it. I'll go find Kieri. You stay in the wagon with the Sinclairs. / [[Rhea races off.]] / Buwaro: But Rhea-! / Rhea: I'll make it up to the both of you, I promise!
Page 315 [[Rhea looks onto an empty field of snow as a breeze blows.]] / <> / Rhea: Oh boy. / Rhea thinking: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. I should have at least brought a lantern or one of those glowing Fairies or something. / [[The twin moons are shown.]] / Rhea thinking: Of course, this just had to happen when the moons are too thin to provide much light. I can hardly see a thing! / Rhea thinking: Buwaro's night vision is way better. But... no, this is for the best. / [[Lazuli is pictured in the background.]] / Rhea thinking: Bringing him isn't an option. And if Lazuli's still alive out there... ...then having a light would just make me a target! / [[The picture of Lazuli shatters as Rhea shakes her head.]] / Rhea thinking: No, I won't think about that. Even if she were following us, she'd be miles and miles away.
Page 316 Rhea thinking: Well... I guess my eyes won't do me any good. Not like there are any footprints to follow, anyway. / Rhea thinking: Time to use my other senses to hunt Kieri down, then. Nose and ears, don't fail me now! / [[Rhea extends her ears and turns up her nose.]] / <> / [[Rhea listens to the right as the background begins to fade.]] / <> / [[Rhea listens to the right, and the background fades more.]] / <> / <> / [[As Rhea keeps listening, the background has faded completely to black.]] / <> / <> / <> / Rhea thinking: Wait! Over that way! Was that...? Someone sniffling? / Rhea thinking: Bingo! Hang on, Kieri-- I'm coming to help whether you like it or not!
Page 317 All the dialogue in this page is in Angelic. / 10 Years Ago / Kieri's father: ...but the burns from the fire Demon's breath were so severe, they had to amputate my arm. / [[A young Kieri recoils and begins to cry.]] / Kieri's father: Oh, I've gone and scared you! / [[Kieri's father hugs Kieri.]] / Kieri's father: Don't worry, my little one. Papa will never let those monsters hurt you. / 5 Years Ago / [[Kieri is reading a green book.]] / [[A hand pulls the book out of Kieri's hands.]] / Kieri: HEY! / Kazai: Pfft, why are you bothering to learn Lingo, sis? We're warriors. We don't have to talk to Medians. / Kazai: I don't know why you'd want to, anyway. They're barely better than Demons! / Kieri: ... / 1 Year Ago / [[A checklist is shown with green circles and one red x.]] / Kieri's mother: Overall your grades are excellent, Kieri, except for your combat training. Should I tell Kazai to help tutor you? / Kieri: Mother, why is it so important for me to fight? The Great Way is over... / Kieri's mother: Fighting is in our blood, Kieri! Peacetime or not, you must uphold tradition. Suizahns are honorable Demon-slayers, and always will be. / [[Snowy is all alone, sniffling in the darkness in present time.]] / <>
Page 318 [[Rhea peeks around a tree and finds Snowy.]] / Rhea: Aha! Am I good or what? / [[Snowy hops away.]] / Rhea: Whoa, hey! Wait a minute! / [[Rhea gives chase.]] / [[Rhea dives and catches Snowy.]] / Rhea: GOTCHA! / [[Snowy reverts into an Angel, but Rhea clings to her anyway.]] / <> / Rhea: I'm still not letting go, y'know. / Rhea: I've gotta make sure you don't fly away again and end up freezing to death.
Page 319 [[Kieri falls to her knees.]] / Kieri: Why would you care? I thought you... hated me. / [[Rhea puts her hand on top of Kieri's.]] / [[Kieri looks startled.]] / Rhea: Just because I got pissed doesn't mean I hate you. / Rhea: But I am sorry I called you a... *cough* a bitch. / Rhea: I mean, y'know... Haven't you ever gotten mad at a friend and said something you didn't mean? / Kieri: N-no... / Rhea: What are you, a saint? How about a friend getting mad at you? / [[Kieri bows her head in silence.]] / Kieri: ... / Rhea thinking: Oh. Me and my big mouth. / Rhea: Well, maybe you weren't popular up in Heaven, but down here at least you've got me and Buwaro! / Kieri: Do... Do you really mean that? / Rhea: Of course! Would I lie to you? / Rhea: Urf. That was a poor choice of words.
Page 320 Rhea: Now what about you and Buwaro? Do you hate him? / Kieri: N-no! No, of course not! I... I could never hate him. It's... it's just that he... th-that I... / Rhea: You're just terrified of him, aren't you? / [[Kieri buries her face in her hands and sobs.]] / [[There is a flashback to Buwaro and Rhea in Hell.]] / Rhea: Listen to me, Kieri. I spent months in the Ring of the Slightly Damned with Buwaro. His star pendant never, uh, accidentally fell of or anything. Buwaro's what-- 15 years old now? That necklace has been stuck around his neck for a decade and a half. He's not gonna take it off. Short of someone stealing it, it ain't never gonna come off. What's there to be afraid of? / [[Rhea places her hand on the crying Kieri's shoulder.]] / Rhea: I was upset when I learned about his condition, too. But you'll get used to it. / Rhea: I'm sure if you explain how you feel to him, he'll understand. And don't worry-- No matter what, I've got your back. / [[Kieri sniffles and takes Rhea's hand.]] / [[Kieri places her hand on Rhea's shoulder.]] / [[Kieri hugs Rhea.]] / Kieri: Thank you.
Page 321 Kieri: Heh, now that that's out of your system, maybe we should head back. / Kieri: Although it would be a bit easier if you were a snow bun-- / <> / [[Rhea looks surprised.]] / [[Snowy sits before Rhea.]] / Rhea: Wow, that was easier than I expected. What gives? I thought you hated your snow bunny curse. / Snowy: ... / Snowy: It doesn't bother you, does it? M-me being a snow bunny...? / Rhea: Why would it? / [[Snowy smiles.]] / [[Snowy hops toward Rhea.]] / Snowy: Then I won't let it bother me. / Snowy: Um, besides... It never gets this dark in Heaven... I can't see anything at all. / Rhea: Hrm, 'zat so? Well, come on then.
Page 322 Snowy: I wish I could be more like you, Rhea. / Rhea: Oh really? Why's that? / Snowy: You are a strong person. You have... um, "moxie", is it? / Rhea: Haha! Didn't think I'd hear that from you! / Snowy: I'm sorry! Did I use the wrong word? / Rhea: Nah, I think I get what you mean. / Rhea: Thanks for the compliment, but you shouldn't sell yourself short. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more like you! / Rhea: Maybe if I had your patience, I wouldn't wanna smack Buwaro upside the head so much.
Page 323 [[Rhea stops for a break from running.]] / Rhea: Phew! / Rhea: You really care about Buwaro, don't you? / [[Snowy blushes.]] / Snowy: Um, well I... / [[Rhea pets Snowy's head affectionately.]] / Rhea: Oh, stop trying to hide it already. It's obvious! / Snowy: Buwaro... he is very important to me. / [[Buwaro and Kieri are shown facing away from each other.]] / Kieri: But I am an Angel and he is a Demon. Neither of us can change that. Even though I have... um, a "crush"? It feels like I am betraying my family. / Rhea: I won't tell them if you won't. / Snowy: Rhea! I am being serious! / Rhea: Okay, okay, sorry. But really, your family doesn't know Buwaro like you or I do. / Rhea: If his being a Demon really doesn't bother you, then you shouldn't care what other people say or think. What really matters is how you feel. Don't limit your own happiness by trying to meet the expectations of others.
Page 324 [[The Sinclair's wagon is shown. Cliff's silhouette walks from the sleeping horses to Buwaro.]] / Cliff: So... Have some girlfriend troubles, eh? / [[Buwaro turns around, his eyes glowing blood red.]] / Cliff: GYAH! / Cliff: Luh-let me light the lantern... / Buwaro: I'm only having problems with one of them. / Cliff: Wait, what? Oh, I get it. Man, you're dense. / [[Cliff is about to light his cigarette with magic fire on his thumb.]] / Cliff: They're both girls, and they may be your friends, but only one of them can be your girlfriend. / Cliff: So in this case, your girlfriend is the Angel. She's the one you really love, right? / Cliff: That is, assuming a Demon like you can even feel love.
Page 325 Buwaro: I can. I do! I love Snowy. I mean, I love Rhea, too, but... this is different. I've never felt this way about anyone else. I... don't know how to describe it. / Cliff: ... / Cliff: Well, I guess I shouldn't be the one to criticize pursuing someone out of your league. / Buwaro: My league? What does that mean? / [[There is a background symbolizing Heaven...]] / Cliff: She is an Angel. Angels are the protectors of the paradisical world of Heaven, and were saviors of Medius in The Great War. They are the beautiful, graceful, holy children of the benevolent Mother Gaia. / [[...and a background symbolizing Hell.]] / Cliff: You are a Demon. Demons are brutal savages who infest the miserable realm of Hell and know nothing of compassion. As spawn of the dark god Syndel, they take joy only in the slaughter and suffering of others. / Cliff: Heh. Or at least, that's what the stories say. / [[A pure white wing is being broken by darkness.]] / Cliff: Regardless if they're true or not, people believe those stories. You being with her taints her reputation. / Buwaro: B-but I'm not like other Demons! I care about her! / Cliff: *Sigh* You just don't get it, do you?
Page 326 Cliff: Even if you do love her, it doesn't erase the centuries of your people's history. / [[Cliff pokes Buwaro's chest.]] / Buwaro: On top of that, consider your own shortcomings. / Cliff: Is you being with the Angel really the best thing for her? / / Cliff: Besides your fangs and claws, you don't seem like much of a fighter. Would you be able to protect her? / [[Buwaro looks at his hands.]] / Cliff: Speaking of looks-- yeesh! I can't imagine she could ever find a beast like you attractive. / [[Buwaro touches his face.]] / Cliff: And let's face it: you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. You can't even read. / [[Buwaro looks dejected.]] / [[Cliff flicks away his cigarette butt.]] / Cliff: I'm not trying to say that love isn't important. / [[Cliff walks past Buwaro.]] / Cliff: But sometimes loving someone means letting them go when you know they could be happier without you. / [[The door of the wagon is slammed shut and Buwaro appears to be crying.]]
Page 327 [[Rhea and Kieri arrive and watch Buwaro's silhouette from a distance.]] / Rhea: We're here. / [[Kieri reverts into an Angel.]] / <> / [[Kieri looks worried.]] / [[Buwaro, in the distance, looks worried as well.]] / [[Kieri approaches Buwaro.]] / Kieri: Buwaro... / [[Kieri reaches for Buwaro's hand. Buwaro's hand trembles.]] / Kieri: Buwaro, I-I'm sorry for what I-- / [[Buwaro recoils suddenly, surprising Kieri.]] / Buwaro: N-no! Get away! Wait, that's not what I... S-sorry. / [[Kieri looks heartbroken as Buwaro turns and walks away.]] / Buwaro: You... you don't have anything to apologize for. / [[Rhea looks very bewildered.]]
Page 328 Rhea: No hugs? No sickeningly sweet dialogue? What is wrong with that guy!? / Rhea: I'm gonna go give him a piece of my mind! / [[Kieri grabs Rhea's tail, stopping her.]] / Kieri: Rhea, no! Don't! / Rhea: ! / Rhea: Huh? But Kieri-- / Kieri: This is all my fault. I... I am the one who rejected Buwaro first. After I s-said those awful things to him... it makes sense that he would reject me now. / [[There is a black and white flashback to Buwaro and Snowy being happy together.]] / Kieri: I couldn't give him the same acceptance he has always shown me. B-but... I don't know what I'd do if I lost him... / Rhea: You can't just give up! / Kieri: I will not give up. But... / [[Kieri kneels down and puts her hands on Rhea's shoulders.]] / Kieri: Rhea, I... I consider you my best friend. Thank you for always worrying about me. / Kieri: H-however... I think this is something that Buwaro and I need to work out b-by ourselves. / Rhea: ... Alright. I get it. / [[Rhea wraps her tail around Kieri's wrists like handcuffs.]] / Rhea: Now let's get you inside and guzzling some of Miranda's fire blossom tea. It's freezing out here!
Page 329 The Next Day... / [[Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri are shown walking behind the Sinclair's wagon. The Zolle river can be seen on the left of the panel. More and more snow has melted, revealing signs of spring.]] / [[Kieri is shown walking worriedly in silence.]] / Rhea thinking: I know I promised I wouldn't meddle, but the tension between these two is thicker than Buwaro's skull! Yeesh! / [[Buwaro, slightly slumped over, walks along quietly.]] / Rhea thinking: Maybe I could at least strike up a covnersation to break up the awkward silence. Hrm... / Rhea: Hey, wait a minute!! / Rhea: Kieri, how did you find out about Buwaro's pendant in the first place!?
Page 330 And so, Kieri told Rhea and Buwaro all she had read in Darius' diary over the past couple of days... / [[Rhea and Buwaro look absolutely stunned.]] / Rhea and Buwaro: ... / Rhea: You're pullin' my tail! Buwaro was raised by Darius? An Angel!? / [[Buwaro covers his face and bows his head in despair.]] / Buwaro: I can't remember... / Rhea: Man, and Buwaro, Sakido, and Iratu aren't even related... / Buwaro: ARGH! Why can't I remember anything!? / Rhea: No one ever told me about this stuff when I was in Hell. / Kieri: If Buwaro cannot remember him, then something must have happened to Darius when Buwaro was still very young...
Page 331 Rhea: Don't feel bad about not remembering Darius. You were just a little kid! / Rhea: Besides, you didn't forget him completely. / Rhea: It's not hard to imagine you named Thadius after him. The names sound pretty similar. / <> / <> / Rhea: Also, do you still consider Iratu and Sakido to be-- to have been-- family? / Buwaro: Of course I do! / Kieri: Then... then you are keeping Darius' wish for all of you to be a family alive! Right, Rhea? / Rhea: Right! / Kieri: Um, you could also keep his memory alive another way...
Page 332 Kieri: Just like Humans, we Angels in... inher... um, receive our last names from our fathers. My father's last name is Suizahn, so I am a Suizahn. / Kieri: But, um... it doesn't seem like Demons have last names at all... / Rhea: Yeah, if you were a Jakkai, maybe you'd be "Goatface", or "Purplebutt", or something. / [[Buwaro looks annoyed.]] / [[Darius is pictured.]] / Kieri: A-anyway, if you want to think of Darius Elexion, the Angel, as your father... / Buwaro: Then that means... my name isn't just Buwaro anymore. / Buwaro: From now on, my name is Buwaro Elexion! And I'm proud of it! / [[A tear rolls down Buwaro's cheek.]] / Buwaro: *sniff* ...and I'm never gonna forget it.
Page 333 [[The blue Fairy lands on Buwaro's head.]] / Buwaro: Eh? / [[Samantha approaches with Duster and the green Fairy.]] / Samantha: Mr. Buwaro! My uncle sent me to tell you about th-- / Buwaro: Wait, hold on! / Buwaro: Call me Mr. Elexion! / Samantha: Uhh... okaaay... Anyway, have you noticed that there are a buncha fences around now? / Buwaro: What about 'em? / Samantha: They show that there's people living here. We're getting close to Weyville. / Duster: That mean Fairies and you gotta stay in wagon now, so nobody see us! / Buwaro: ...Oh. / [[Duster flutters over to Kieri and Rhea.]] / Duster: Cliff says okay if you two wanna say out. But there plenty of comfy room inside with me! Eh? Ehh? Llllaaadies? / Rhea: Uh, thanks.
Page 334 Kieri: Wait! I-I'll come inside with you, Buwaro! / Buwaro: You don't have to do that. You should stay out here where it's nice. / [[Kieri looks back at Rhea, who looks nonchalant.]] / [[Kieri inhales deeply.]] / Kieri: Ah... / [[Kieri breathes out.]] / Kieri: ...phew! / [[Kieri gets close to Buwaro, who blushes.]] / Kieri: If you're going to be inside, I want it to be with me. / Buwaro: O... okay... / Rhea, thinking: Teehee.
Page 335 Rhea: It IS a nice day out, but maybe I should head inside, too. / Rhea: The melting snow is making my feet all muddy. Yuck. / Rhea: How about you, Sammy? / Samantha: I think I'll go sit at the front with my uncle. / [[Goats graze in the background.]] / Rhea: Do you actually like your uncle? / Samantha: Oh, yeah. I know he hasn't been acting like it, but he's really nice. / Samantha: After all... When my parents died, he rushed all the way from the Dragon Island Archipelago to adopt me. / Rhea: All the way from across the sea!? He doesn't seem like the type. What was he doing out there? / [[A map of a non-specific area is pictured.]] / Samantha: It's in the blood. Sinclairs have always been travelers, bouncing around from place to place. I don't think Uncle Cliff has ever settled down anywhere since he was born.
Page 336 [[Cliff in his present state is pictured.]] / Samantha: because he's gone all over the place, Uncle Cliff knows, like, everybody. When he was little he joined the Trouble Center and helped a lot of people out, so now he's got friends everywhere! / Rhea: Wait a minute, are we still talking about the same Heathcliff Sinclair? / [[A young Cliff is shown holding a young Duster in his hands.]] / Samantha: Well, his habit of helping others is how my uncle met Duster. Duster said that my uncle saved him when they were still kids, and they've been best friends ever since. / [[Young Cliff and young Duster are shown traveling through a forest full of goofy smiley faces.]] / Samantha: Duster told me all about the adventures they had together helping all sorts of people all across Fragaria. Maybe I'll join the Trouble Center and do the same thing someday! / Rhea, thinking: ... and now Cliff is a cranky misanthrope and Duster is a tiny lech. / Rhea: How about Miranda? Does she see something in Cliff 'cause he helped her out? / Samantha: I dunno... probably! / [[Cliff's hand is shown putting a ring on Miranda's]] / Samantha: All I know for sure is that right after he adopted me, we rushed back to the Dragon Island Archipelago... ...and they got engaged right away.
Page 337 Samantha: I'm gonna go sit with my uncle now. Bye! / Rhea: Later. I think I'll just stay out here for now. / Rhea, thinking: Yeah... I need some time by myself to think. / [[Rhea looks skyward and sees the silhouette of a wright wyvern flying overhead.]] / Rhea: Sigh... / Rhea, thinking: I gave up a good opportunity to tell Buwaro and Kieri about Lazuli when we were alone. I can't keep putting it off. I have to tell them... but when?
Page 338 [[Cliff and Samantha are looking at a town in the distance.]] / Cliff: We've arrived at Weyville! / Rhea: Why are we stopping here? Aren't we going to go into town? / Cliff: Besides the commotion your friend would cause, we usually don't park in town unless Miranda and I do a big sale. / [[Samantha offers something to one of the horses that pulls the wagon.]] / Samantha: Here, have a sugar cube! / Rhea: Oh, right, you guys are merchants. What do you sell again? / Cliff: *sigh* She makes potions and I sell them along with various goods and other curious. Now leave me alone, I'm busy here. / Rhea, thinking: I wonder if Miranda has any potions powerful enough to turn Cliff into a decent person. ... Nah, she would have used them already. / [[Kieri is looking with concern at Buwaro who is sheepishly poking his head out of the wagon. The blue Fairy seems to be mimicking Buwaro.]] / Rhea: Oh, hey guys. Don't worry, it's safe to come out now. There's no one out here but Sammy and the jackass. / Cliff: I heard that!!
Page 339 [[A pot is cooking over a campfire at night.]] / Miranda: So tomorrow you'll be searching for your brother in town, right? / Kieri: Eh? Ah... y-yes. / Kieri: Although I do not even know if this is the town he went to... / Kieri: *sigh* / [[Rhea looks sadly in Kieri's direction, while Buwaro looks down.]] / [[Rhea eats some of her food at looks at Buwaro, who looks away.]] / [[Rhea elbows Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: Ow! / Rhea: Cheer up, Kieri! Buwaro and I will go with you for support. We'll find him! / Buwaro: I dunno... Maybe it's not such a good idea for me to go... / Rhea: WHAT!? Just a little while ago you were-- / Kieri: It's alright, Rhea! / Kieri: If... if Buwaro does not want to go, then... I will not force him. / Kieri: We... I am looking for MY brother after all. Buwaro doesn't have to do anything. I'll be fine!
Page 340 [[Samantha has the blue Fairy in her hand and the green Fairy on her head.]] / Samantha: The Fairies and I can help! I wanted to show Eve and Willow around town before they leave. / Miranda: Actually, I need to go into town to restock on some ingredients. / [[Cliff has a spoon in his mouth and Duster on his shoulder.]] / Cliff: ...and I have plans to meet someone. / [[Cliff points his spoon towards Buwaro.]] / Cliff: But I don't feel comfortable leaving the wagon and horses alone with HIM. / Rhea: I guess I can stay behind with Buwaro, as long as Kieri doesn't mind. / [[Kieri is holding Eve in her hands.]] / Kieri: Oh, ah... d-don't worry about me! I'm sure I'll be f-fine with Sammy and the Fairies... / Eve: ? / Rhea, thinking: With everyone gone, maybe Buwaro and I can have a little chat about his recent behavior... / Buwaro: Sigh...
Page 341 [[A nightmare sequence. Lazuli's hand slashes upwards with an arc of blood.]] / <> / [[Dark energy shoots out of Lazuli's palm.]] / <> / [[Lazuli kick's Kieri's side.]] / <> / [[Lazuli yells at Kieri, who is bleeding on the ground.]] / Lazuli: WHASSA MATTER, CAN'T FIGHT? YOU GONNA CRY FOR HELP? YOU GONNA SQUEAL? GO AHEAD AND TRY! / [[Kieri is covered in injuries, and bleeding from her mouth.]] / [[Kieri notices her sword hilt by her hand.]] / [[Kieri holds her sword and drives it into someone. Blood sprays out.]] / <> / [[Kieri looks shocked.]] / [[Buwaro has been stabbed in the chest by Kieri's sword.]] / Buwaro: W... why...? Why, Snowy...? / [[Kieri looks horrified, but is speechless.]] / Voice: Snowy? ... Snowy!
Page 342 [[Kieri suddenly sits up.]] / Kieri: ! / Buwaro: Snowy? Are you alright? / [[Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri are all underneath the same blanket. Rhea is between Buwaro and Kieri, sleeping soundly and drooling a little.]] / Kieri, in Angelic: Wha... Wh-where...? / Buwaro: You were having a nightmare. / Rhea: Zzz... / Kieri: A... a bad dream? / Buwaro: Um... do you wanna talk about it? / Kieri: N-n-NO! / [[Buwaro turns away dejectedly.]] / Buwaro: Oh... okay... sorry... / Kieri: A-ah! No, that's not what I meant... / [[Rhea suddenly wakes up in a rage, her eyes bloodshot and her teeth tightly clenched.]] / Rhea: GOOD LORD, is it just too much to ask for you two to put away your hormones for a couple of hours? SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP! / Buwaro and Kieri: Sorry, Rhea...
Page 343 [[Buwaro and Rhea are seeing Miranda, Samantha, Eve, Willow, Kieri, Cliff, and Duster off outside.]] / Miranda: Well, time for us to go. You two take care! / Rhea: Alright, you too! / Cliff: Miranda, are you sure it'll be okay to leave those two alone with the horses and wagon? / [[Miranda takes Cliff's hand.]] / Miranda: Oh, quit worrying so much, Cliff. I'm sure everything will be just fine. / Cliff: I suppose it IS safe than them going into town... ...oh, that reminds me. / Cliff: Hey, Angel! / Kieri: M-me? / Cliff: I don't see any other Angels around, do you? / Cliff: There's someone I know that you should meet, but I have some other business to take care of first. Remind me later, okay? / Kieri: Oh... o-okay... / Kieri: ? / Samantha: C'mon, let's go!
Page 344 Rhea, thinking: Now that everyone's gone, I can talk to Buwaro. Then again, I DID tell Kieri that I wouldn't meddle anymore. / Rhea, thinking: There must be something I can do... / Rhea: Aha! That's it! / [[Rhea walks into the wagon. Buwaro is sitting up on a hill.]] / [[Buwaro looks depressed despite the cheerful scenery.]] / Buwaro: *sigh* / Buwaro, thinking: What am I supposed to do? What CAN I do? / Rhea: Hey, Buwaro! / Buwaro: Huh? / [[Rhea is in the wagon, holding a familiar green book.]] / Rhea: Come inside the wagon and I'll read you some fairy tales to pass the time! It'll be fun!
Page 345 [[An illustration of a man sailing out to sea on a boat flying a Jolly Roger is shown.]] / Rhea: Oh look, this book has some pirate-adventurer Ramirez stories. I love those! My favorite one is about when he used his magic cutlass to challenge a huge monster called Ghal'rhea for a rare and priceless treasure. Heh, do the names sound familiar at all? / [[An illustration of a green dragon, a red dragon, an orange dragon, and a blue dragon are fighting on a crumbling continent during a storm is shown.]] / Rhea: And this is the legend about how the dragons fought over who would become of the of the Twelve Guardians and broke their home into islands-- The Dragon Island Archipelago! / Rhea: What else is in here? "The Bloody Shovel of Regret"... / [[An illustration of a shovel covered with blood is shown.]] / Rhea: "Ms. Cow and the Ice Cream Shop Secret"... / [[An illustration of a cow wearing glasses and a top hat is shown.]] / Rhea: "The Ice Covered Doll"... / [[An illustration of a cat-like doll encased in ice is shown.]] / Rhea: "Revenge of the Fairy Queen"... / [[An illustration of a human skull covered in pink glitter is shown.]] / Rhea: Aha! This is the one I was looking for. / [[An illustration of a blond woman and a tall, brown beast with glowing red eyes, horns, and tusks is shown.]] / Rhea: It's called "The Monster and the Maiden". It's a romance. I think you'll like it, Buwaro.
Page 346 Rhea: when the zombie hordes were finally defeated, the maiden threw down her flaming crossbow and rushed to the monster's side. However, it was too late. The monster had died from the ultra cannon's hyper blast. The maiden cried over the monster's corpse, for she had fallen deeply in love with him despite his ugly appearance. But then... / [[The maiden is mourning over the bloody body of the dead monster.]] / Rhea: ...he suddenly came back to life! Was he a zombie? No, he had turned into a handsome prince! Turns out the monster thing was just a curse. / [[The maiden is holding hands with a human prince.]] / Rhea: "So the maiden and the prince lived happily ever after." Well, Buwaro? Whaddya think of that? / Buwaro: I hated it. / Rhea: What!? Oh c'mon, why? / Buwaro: The story only ended happily 'cause the monster came back from the dead as a pretty guy. I can't do something like that... / Rhea: Uh, I don't think anyone expects you to. Anyway, the point of the story is that the girl loved the monster despite what he looked like, not what happened after that. / Buwaro: Well, what about everything else? / Rhea: Huh? Whaddya mean, "everything else"? / Buwaro: You know! I'm an ugly Demon... I'm weak... I'm stupid and can't read... What am I good for? / Rhea, thinking: Aha, so he's been acting weird around Kieri lately because of these newfound self-esteem issues. / Rhea: Y'know, if you just changed your attitude a bit, you could change most of those things. / Buwaro: Really? You think so?
Page 347 [[Rhea is in workout gear, holding a dumbbell in each hand and a large one with her tail.]] / Rhea: If you're worried about being weak, then eat right and exercise! Working out is the key to getting stronger! / [[Rhea is surrounded by books, and is reading one that's in her hands.]] / Rhea: Don't like being illiterate? Learn how to read! You'll enjoy life more and become a better person. After all, reading is FUN-damental! / Buwaro: ...I don't get it. / Rhea: Tch! / [[Rhea turns around and does something with her hands.]] / Rhea: And in regards to your appearance as a Demon... / [[Rhea turns around using a Kieri puppet on one hand and a Buwaro puppet on the other.]] / Rhea, as Kieri: Oh, Buwaro! I love purple! / Rhea, as Buwaro: Oh, Snowy! I love hugs! / [[The Kieri and Buwaro puppets hug.]] / Rhea, as both: YAY!! / Rhea: ...and that just about sums up how much it matters. / Buwaro: Where did you get those things? / Rhea: Uh, Sammy made them, actually. I helped a little. / Rhea: Also, I got bored and started working on a Death puppet. His eye keeps popping off, though. / Buwaro: Ooh! / [[The area surrounding the wagon is shown. The Sinclairs' horses are tired to a tree and a man is running down the path towards town.]] / Rhea: Uhhh... Anyway, my point is that rather than wallow in self-pity, it's better to work on self-improvement. I'm sure Kieri would be happy to help you out, too. / Buwaro: She'll be... happy?
Page 348 [[Buwaro is rummaging through something.]] / Rhea: What are you looking for? / Rhea: Hey, that's Kieri's bag! Don't you have any respect for others' privacy? / [[Buwaro is holding something in his hands.]] / Buwaro: Aha, got it! / Buwaro: Bye, Rhea! I'm gonna go find Snowy and apologize! / Rhea: Wait-- WHAT!? / Buwaro: I know I can't be with Snowy if I'm weak and dumb... but... / Buwaro: If you say I can change, then I believe you! I'll do it for Snowy! / <> / [[Buwaro holds up the green Trouble Center button and makes the same face as it.]] / Buwaro: ...and if I have this Trouble Center button, I should be safe in town, right? / [[Buwaro runs off towards Weyville.]] / Rhea: That's not-- Wait-- COME BACK HERE!! / Buwaro: The sooner I tell Snowy, the sooner she'll be happy!
Page 349 [[Rhea is standing alone with the Kieri puppet on her right hand, the Death puppet on her / left hand, and the Buwaro puppet on her tail.]] / Rhea: He's already gone... / Rhea: Even after Kieri asked me not to get involved, I just had to open my big mouth. / Rhea: I'd go after him, but I can't leave the Sinclairs' wagon and horses alone... / [[A silhouette of a horse walks up behind Rhea's silhouette.]] / Rhea: I keep forgetting how easily influenced Buwaro is. Oh well, nothing I can do now / except hope that nothing bad happens... / [[The black horse looks at the Buwaro puppet curiously.]] / <> / [[Rhea has a very shocked and painful expression.]] / [[Buwaro happily walks into town while Rhea screams in agony in the background. / Rhea:AAAAIIGGHHH!
Page 350 Meanwhile... / [[Sammy and Kieri are walking through town together.]] / Sammy: and that's why the jar Eve was kept in wasn't see-through! / [[Kieri is lost in thought, ignoring Sammy's talking.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: What am I supposed to do? What CAN I do? / Sammy: HEY! / Sammy: Are you feeling okay, Ms. Kieri? / [[Kieri waves her hand as if to dismiss Sammy's concern.]] / [[The two Fairy sisters poke their heads out from under Sammy's hat.]] / Sammy: You haven't said anything since we left. / Sammy: What's the matter? / Kieri: Well.....................I... / Kieri: / Kieri: Uh................................... / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: What's wrong with me? I thought I got a lot better as speaking to other people... Why can't I bring myself to say anything now?
Page 351 Kieri, thinking in Angelic: C'mon, you can do it! How are you going to ask people about / Kazai if you can't even talk to Sammy? / Samantha: Are you upset because your friends aren't around? / Kieri: Eh? / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: That's right, this is the first time in a while that I've really / been apart from Rhea and Buwaro. Not counting that one time... But is that all? Maybe there's something else... / [[Eve says something to Samantha.]] / <> / Samantha: Eve wonders if you're sad because Buwaro doesn't like you anymore. / [[Samantha's word balloon apprears to stab Kieri.]] / Samantha: Is that true? / [[Kieri rushes to her own defense in front of Eve.]] / Kieri: ......!! / Kieri: ... / [[Kieri sinks into depression.]] / Voice: SNOW~~~WY!! / [[Samantha and Kieri are startled by the call.]] / Samantha: Eh?
Page 352 [[Buwaro runs through the streets, waving his hand.]] / Kieri: Buwaro! / Kieri: W-what are you doing here? Where is Rhea? Are you alone? / [[Samantha has her arms folded and her tongue is sticking out.]] / Samantha, thinking: NOW she feels talkative... / Kieri: I-I mean... I am happy to see you, but... Isn't it dangerous for you to be here? / [[Buwaro shows his Trouble Center button.]] / Buwaro: Rhea stayed behind, and I think I'll be okay as long as I have this, right? / Samantha: Wait. I just remembered something about Weyville... / Buwaro: Anyway! / [[Buwaro puts his hands on Kieri's shoulders and leans into her.]] / Buwaro: I have something important to tell you, Snowy! / Samantha: Um, excuse me? / Buwaro: So... y'know how I really stink at everything? / Kieri: ... / [[Samantha pulls her hat down over Eve and Willow.]] / Samantha: Umm, I think we should probably go somewhere else because-- / [[Kieri notices something.]] / [[Kieri shoves Buwaro out of the way of a projectile.]] / <>
Page 353 [[An angry, bearded Angel with green eyes stands ready for battle. A bright halo burns like white fire around his head. He is wearing a green bandana and a green sash that holds all three Angelic pendants. In one hand he holds a green bow and in the other, a holy arrow.]] / Kieri: A-an Angel!? HERE? / Kieri, thinking: He's not wearing a uniform... / Samantha: Y-yeah... A while back, my uncle mentioned that an Angel lived in Weyville. / Buwaro: H-he's holding the s-same kinda thing that... that k-killed Sakido... / [[The Angel readies a glowing holy arrow.]] / Green Angel: DIE, DEMON!! / [[Kieri reaches for something at her side.]] / [[The green Angel's hand lets go of his bow's string.]] / <> / [[Kieri jumps in front of Buwaro and blocks the holy arrow with her sword.]] / <> / Green Angel, in Angelic: What in the name of Gaia are you doing!? Why are you defending that creature? / [[Kieri is pictured standing in front of a worried Buwaro.]] / Green Angel, in Angelic: If you help the likes of him, then... are turning your back on your people!!
Page 354 Green Angel: I have no wish to harm you, girl. Stand aside so I can destroy that monster. / [[Kieri looks back at Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: S-Snowy...? / [[Focus is placed on Buwaro's star pendant, which is partially covered by his hand.]] / [[Kieri closes her eyes in concentration.]] / Kieri: ... / Kieri, in Angelic: No. Buwaro is my... my friend. I won't let anyone hurt him. / [[Kieri moves her hand to hold Buwaro's.]] / Buwaro: ! / Kieri, in Angelic: But he is not like other Demons! Buwaro is-- / [[Kieri is cut off by the green Angel.]] / Green Angel: ENOUGH! / Green Angel: I have been in Medius for all these years, but at least I haven't forgotten what it means to be an Angel.
Page 355 [[The green Angel draws back his bow.]] / Green Angel, in Angelic: If you will not get out of my way, then you are unfortunately my enemy as well. / [[The green Angel is head in the head with a fireball.]] / Green Angel: GNAH! / <> / Green Angel: Don't interfere, you stupid girl! / [[Samantha is shown, timidly wielding a small fireball in her hands.]] / [[Kieri races forward.]] / <> / [[The green Angel stares at his bow, which has been sliced and made unusable.]] / [[The green Angel's hand glows green as he glares angrily down at Kieri.]] / Kieri, in Angelic: P-please... Please understand! I-I don't really want to fight you! / [[Samantha is running away.]] / Samantha: I gotta go get help!
Page 356 [[The green Angel blasts Kieri with a magical attack.]] / Kieri: AIGH! / <> / Green Angel: It's too late for that! / Buwaro: S-Snowy! / [[Kieri struggles to pick herself up the ground.]] / Kieri: oogh... *cough cough* / [[Buwaro kneels next to Kieri, and they hold hands.]] / Buwaro: Oh my gosh, Snowy, are you alright!? / Kieri: Buwaro, what are you... y-you have to run away from here!! / Buwaro: But I can't just leave you with that psycho! / Green Angel: ...
Page 357 [[The green Angel looks down.]] / Green Angel: ... / [[The green Angel wields what appear to be two green boomerangs made of magic, one in each hand.]] / <> / Buwaro: Uh-oh. / [[The green Angel speaks Angelic and lets loose the twin boomerangs, and they zigzag forward.]] / <> / <> / [[Buwaro hugs Kieri's waist as she puts up a magic shield. They both brace for impact.]] / <> / [[The boomerangs break through Kieri's shield and the two are sent flying.]] / Buwaro: AGGH!! / <> / <> / [[Buwaro twirls through the air and lands hard on the ground.]] / Buwaro: OOF! / Buwaro: *cough* S-Snowy...? / [[The green Angel's boot steps in front of Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: !
Page 358 [[The green Angel holds Buwaro by the throat with one arm.]] / Kieri: Buwaro! / Kieri: M-my sword... / [[Kieri reaches for her sword, but she has the wounded arm of a bunny.]] / Kieri: ...Huh!? / [[Kieri looks down to see that she has inadvertently transformed into a snow bunny.]] / Snowy: N-no! No! Why here? Why now!? / [[Buwaro gets electrocuted by the green Angel.]] / Buwaro: AAAAGHH!! / <> / Snowy: BUWARO! / [[Snowy bites the green Angel's leg.]] / <> / [[The green Angel tries to shake Snowy off of his leg.]] / Green Angel: AGH! Get off me, vermin! / [[The green Angel electrocutes Snowy.]] / <> / Snowy: AAA! / Green Angel, in Angelic: I see now. So you're an ally of Toski. / [[Snowy is smoking and blackened, reeling from the attack.]] / Snowy: oog... / [[The green Angel stomps on Snowy.]] / Green Angel, in Angelic: TAKE THIS!! / Snowy: KYAA!! / Buwaro: S... Snowy...!
Page 359 [[Buwaro eyes glow red as he inhales.]] / Buwaro: *Hfft!* / [[Buwaro breathes fire into the green Angel's face.]] / Buwaro: BWARRGH!! / Green Angel: AAARRGH! / [[The green Angel drops Buwaro and clutches his face.]] / Green Angel: GNAH! AGGHH!! / Buwaro: Ugh... Snowy...? / [[Buwaro reaches for Snowy.]] / Buwaro: SNOWY!! / [[Buwaro holds Snowy in his arms.]] / Snowy: B... Buwaro...? / [[The green Angel mutters something in Angelic.]] / Snowy: I'm sorry, Buwaro... I... I can't... I can't win against... *wheeze* a s-seraph... / [[The green Angel turns around menacingly.]] / Green Angel: ... / Snowy: But... *wheeze* But I promised... / [[Snowy turns back into an Angel.]] / <> / Kieri: I'll protect you... No... matter... what...
Page 360 Kieri: Buwaro... please run. / Buwaro: B-but...! / Buwaro, thinking: What am I doing? / Buwaro, thinking: Wasn't I just talking about becoming stronger for her? / [[The green Angel readies another magical attack.]] / <> / [[Kieri weakly starts to use some of her magic.]] / Kieri: Hahh... hahh... / [[The green Angel's holds a ball of green electricity.]] / <> / Buwaro, thinking: Snowy could die if she gets hurt any more. / Buwaro, thinking: And for what? For me? / Buwaro, thinking: I'm not worth it.
Page 361 [[The green Angel shoots a huge lightning bolt straight up.]] / <> / [[Kieri puts up a shield in anticipation of being struck by the magic attack.]] / [[Buwaro shoves Kieri.]] / <> / [[Kieri falls to the ground.]] / Kieri: Oof! / [[Kieri turns around with a look of horror on her face.]] / [[Buwaro is blasted by a gigantic bolt of electricity.]] / <> / [[Charred and smoking, Buwaro reaches his hand out.]] / [[Buwaro falls, and only his hand is visible.]] / <>
Page 362 [[Smoke rises from Buwaro's charred body as Kieri looks at him from a distance.]] / Kieri: B... Buwaro...? / [[Kieri rises to her feet and reaches out her hand.]] / Kieri BUWARO!! / [[Kieri falls to the ground clutching her sides.]] / Kieri: Ugh! / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: My injuries... / [[Kneeling on the ground, Kieri weakly reaches for Buwaro.]] / Kieri: Buwaro...! / [[Kieri places her hand on Buwaro's chest. Buwaro is blackened, his wings are tattered, and blood is dribbling out of his nose.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: He's not breathing! / [[Kieri begins to cry over Buwaro's body.]] / Kieri: Oh g... *sob* N-no... Buwaro, wake up! Y-you... *wheeze* You can't die!! / [[The green Angel watches with a face devoid of expression.]] / Kieri: Please... Please don't leave me...
Page 363 [[Kieri sobs and covers her face with her hands.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: No... No... This can't be happening! / [[Kieri's trembling hand is pictured.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: Maybe I can use healing magic! But I have so little experience with it... / [[Kieri places both her hands on Buwaro's chest.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: I have to try! / [[Kieri's hands glow as she says something in Angelic.]] / [[Kieri slumps over.]] / Kieri: Ugh! / <> / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: I just don't have enough skill or energy to heal him... That is, if Buwaro's even... No! I can't give up on him! / [[Kieri's hands glow again as she repeats the Angelic words she spoke before.]] / [[Buwaro's face is shown. There is no change.]] / Kieri: It's no use... I'm so sorry, Buwaro...
Page 364 [[Kieri falls forward and her head hits Buwaro.]] / Kieri: *SOB* / [[Buwaro's hand moves.]] / Buwaro: OOF! / [[Kieri is in complete shock.]] / Kieri: ! / Buwaro: ugh... / Buwaro: COUGH! COUGH! COUGH! / Buwaro: Oooogh... / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: He's alive! Just barely... but he's alive! / [[Kieri hugs Buwaro and presses her face against his, tears streaming down her face.]] / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: Oh, thank goodness... / Green Angel, in Angelic: Interesting. / Green Angel, in Angelic: I didn't think holy healing magic would work on a Demon. / Green Angel, in Angelic: Not that it matters. Now that my curiosity is satisfied, you're both going to die. / Kieri, in Angelic: P-please, stop... Why... why are you...? / Green Angel, in Angelic: Why? WHY? You have to ask!? Because I made an unbreakable oath... In the name of my family, in the name of Mother Gaia, and in the name of all of Heaven, I will fulfill my duty as a Seraph to eradicate ALL DEMONS! / [[The green Angel invokes another magic attack.]] / Green Angel, in Angelic: well as traitors like you.
Page 365 [[The green Angel rushes forward with a magic boomerang in his hand to attack the helpless Buwaro and Kieri.]] / Green Angel, in Angelic: Now DIE!! / Cliff: Denevol, stop! / [[The green Angel suddenly stops.]] / Kieri: D-Denevol...!? / [[Cliff is holding his hand out. Samantha and Miranda stand in the background.]] / Cliff: What do you think you're doing!? / Denevol: Sinclair!? Don't interfere! I am doing my duty as a warrior of Heaven! / Cliff: Looks to me like you're just murdering some kids! / [[Duster is glaring angrily from Cliff's vest pocket.]] / Miranda: Cliff-- Sammy and I will check on Buwaro and Kieri. / Cliff: ...alright.
Page 366 [[Miranda approaches Kieri, who is holding the unconscious Buwaro in her arms.]] / Kieri: M-Mrs. Sinclair... Help... / Miranda: Don't worry, honey. He'll make it. I promise. / Denevol: Tell your family to move! I must get rid of that Demon and traitor! / Cliff: Whoa, calm down! Those two are just kids! / Denevol: I do not care!! / Cliff: I going to have to use force? / Denevol: "Use force"...? You would fight ME? To protect THEM?? / [[Cliff rolls up his shirt sleeves.]] / Ciff: If I must. / Denevol: You are making a grave mistake. A Median is no match for a Seraph. / [[Denevol's halo reappears.]] / <> / [[Cliff removes his pince-nez glasses]] / Cliff: We'll just see about that. / [[Duster climbs out of Cliff's pocket.]] / Duster: We gonna use "Siara Special" on this crazy? / Cliff: Yes. I'd like to end this quickly.
Page 367 Denevol: It is not too late to back down, Sinclair. / [[Electricity crackles in Denevol's hand.]] / Cliff: Worry about yourself. Let's go. / [[Denevol leaps forward with green electricity in his hands.]] / <> / [[Fire forms in the face of a beast in Cliff's hands.]] / [[Duster is crouched low and glowing orange.]] / [[Cliff is glowing orange as well.]] / [[A giant flaming lynx bursts forth from Cliff's hands.]] / <>
Page 368 [[The lynx made out of fire pounces at Denevol.]] / Denevol: !? / [[Denevol is burning in the body of the magical fire lynx.]] / Denevol: AAAAAAAA / [[Denevol is completely engulfed in flames.]] / Denevol: RRRG / [[Denevol, his body charred, falls to the ground.]] / Denevol: GG--*oof!* / [[Denevol's blackened hand is shown.]] / [[Denevol's hand curls into a fist.]] / Duster: Wha... Still moving after THAT!? / Cliff: Denevol always has been pretty stubborn. / [[Denevol's body is completely blackened. His wings are a mess, his eyes are reddened, and part of his mustache is on fire.]] / Denevol: *cough* So... You would use HER power to side with Hell, eh, Sinclair...? / Cliff: I try not to let things like that determine my life. I only choose to do what I feel is right. / Cliff: Murdering innocent people is never right.
Page 369 Cliff: Look, I'm sorry about what happened to your family, but-- / Denevol: SHUT UP!! / [[Denevol struggles to rise to his feet.]] / Denevol: Am I the onlky one who remembers why The Great War was fought!? No Demons are innocent! THEY MUST ALL DIE!! / [[Cliff and Duster exchange nervous looks.]] / Cliff and Duster, simultaneously: Yeeee... / [[Denevol shoots a magical attack at Cliff, who dodges it.]] / Denevol: GRAH! / <> / Cliff: YOW! / [[Cliff punches Denevol in the jaw with a fist engulfed in flames. A bloody tooth flies from the Angel's mouth.]] / <> / Duster: Booya! / [[Denevol is completely disoriented.]] / [[Denevol falls to the ground.]] / <> / [[Cliff slouches and wipes his brow.]] / Cliff: Phew! Finally!
Page 370 Kieri, thinking in Angelic: He defeated a Seraph... / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: How... How can Mr. Sinclair be so powerful!? / Buwaro: COUGH! / [[Kieri looks down worriedly at Buwaro. A green liquid drips from his mouth.]] / Kieri: Buwaro? / [[Miranda holds up a glass vial.]] / Miranda: Don't worry, Kieri. It looks like my concentrated health potion is working. It's a good think I always keep one of them on me just in case. / Cliff: Good. I didn't want to risk my life for a corpse. / [[Kieri clutches Buwaro nervously in Cliff's presence.]] / Cliff: What? What?? / Cliff: I only won because Denevol put his guard down. Try not to look into it too much. / Duster: He could not win without me! / [[A lynx with glowing golden eyes and a patch of fur in the shape of the fire element symbol is pictured.]] / Kieri: But that huge spell... Could it have been Siara, the lynx Fire Guardian? She did take Heaven's side during the war... / Samantha: My uncle knows a lot of people! / Kieri: Just how many people does he know!? / Cliff: Hmm. Now that the fight is over, people are starting to gather. Let's get out of here.
Page 371 Someone: Ugh... I feel awful... Where am I...? / Death: Buwaro? / Buwaro: Eh? That voice... / Death: Boy, you really messed up this time, Buwaro. / [[A scream comes from the Sinclairs' wagon. Miranda, Samantha, the fairy sisters, and the horses are spooked.]] / Buwaro: Noooooo! I... I... I don't wanna be deeeaaaaad!! / Rhea: Whoa! Hey, calm down! / [[Rhea holds up a puppet of Death.]] / Rhea: It's just a puppet, see? Relax. / Rhea: You're not dead. Although you did come damn close. / Rhea: The Sinclairs told me everything. You've been asleep for nearly two days. How are you feeling? / Buwaro: Not good, but... I guess I'm okay... / [[The eye of the Death puppet pops out.]] / <> / Buwaro: But what about Snowy? Is she alright!? / Rhea: Well... / [[Kieri is depicted with her back turned.]] / Rhea: Physically, she'll recover, but... She's hardly spoken at all since you guys came back.
Page 372 Buwaro: I've gotta talk to Snowy. Where is she? / [[Rhea points out the window.]] / Rhea: Well, she was spending all her time watching over you in the wagon. I told her that she should go out and get some fresh air. I think she walked over to that tree. / [[Buwaro begins to walk out.]] / Rhea: Whoa, hang on! Before you go... / Buwaro: ? / [[Rhea holds up Buwaro's coat.]] / Rhea: Put on more clothes! Your ratty white "shirt" was destroyed and I had to pay to get your coat refurbished. Thank every god your pants were fine... / [[Buwaro looks down at himself and blushes.]] / Buwaro: Oh... / [[Buwaro puts on his coat and begins to head out again.]] / Rhea: Wait, one more thing! / Buwaro: Geez, c'mon! I wanna go see Snowy! / Buwaro: WAGH! / <> / Buwaro: OOF! ow... / [[Buwaro's legs are sticking up from the bottom of the wagon's steps. Rhea is looking down at him disdainfully.]] / Rhea: Miranda said that your body might feel a bit numb for a while, so watch your step. / Rhea: Damn it, you idiot. You... ...You've gotta be more careful. / [[Buwaro looks concerned.]] / Buwaro: I'm sorry, Rhea. / Rhea: It's alright. Now go see Kieri.
Page 373 [[Buwaro walks unstably up the hill.]] / <> / [[Kieri looks down at her tabard sadly.]] / [[Kieri holds her tabard in her hands.]] / Buwaro: Snowy? / [[Kieri is startled.]] / Buwaro: Hello. / Kieri: B-Buwaro!? / Kieri: Are... Are you alright? Is it okay for you to be walking around? / [[Buwaro sites next to Kieri with some difficulty.]] / Buwaro: Don't worry, I'm... *oof!* ...fine. / Buwaro: How are you doing? I was worried, so... / Kieri: Ah, oh... I-I'm fine... / [[Kieri looks dejected.]] / [[Buwaro puts his arm around Kieri.]] / Buwaro: Snowy... / Buwaro: I'm really sorry about what happened. It was all my fault. / [[Kieri draws close to Buwaro, making him blush.]] / Kieri: I do not blame you.
Page 374 Kieri: But... I was thinking about Mr. Denevol. / Buwaro: Who? / Kieri: The Angel who attacked us. / Buwaro: ...Oh.. / [[The four elemental symbols are shown.]] / Kieri: The Denevol family was one of the four great warrior clans of Heaven. Seraphim from the Denevol family were strong warriors that mastered wind magic. Um... a-and Suizahns are actually the great clan of the water element... / [[A bloody Angel corpse with green clothing is shown.]] / Kieri: I don't know about the Angel we met, but... The Denevols were all killed in a massacre during The Great War, years before I was born. / Kieri: Many... many Angels were murdered by Demons on that day... Including my mother's entire family. / Buwaro: *GULP!* / [[Kieri's mother's hands are being dragged through a pool of blood.]] / Kieri: She did not come from a family of warriors, but she became one after the attack. It was very hard for her, but she became a Seraph. / [[A bloody sword is shown.]] / Kieri: My mother hates Demons more than anyone I know, except maybe Mr. Denevol. But... But I don't... I-I mean... / [[Tears well up in Kieri's eyes.]] / Kieri: I still don't like Demons either, but... but you... *sniff* I'm s-scared, Buwaro. / [[Kieri buries her face in her hands.]] / Kieri: I-I don't know if y-you'd still.... / Buwaro: Snowy! / Kieri: *SOB!* / [[Buwaro places his hand in Kieri's.]] / Buwaro: Snowy, Stop. Please don't cry. / Buwaro: I don't care about what other Angels or Demons think. / Buwaro: Because... I love you, Snowy! / Kieri: ...!
Page 375 [[The landscape is shown with the sun setting.]] / Buwaro: I just want you to be happy, Snowy. I love you, and I always want to be with you, but... you deserve someone better than me. That's why I'm gonna try super hard to become stronger and smarter and betterer for you! / Buwaro: But I can't change how I'm a demon and all... So... it's okay if you don't like be back. I understand. / Buwaro: Huh!? Oh no! What did I--!? / [[Kieri has begun to cry.]] / Kieri: *sniff* / Buwaro: I'm s-sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry!! / Kieri: ... / [[Kieri presses herself into Buwaro's chest, as his surprise.]] / Buwaro: !? / Buwaro: S...Snowy? / Kieri: Th... Thank you, Buwaro. / Kieri: I... I feel... I am in love with you, too. / Buwaro: REALLY!?
Page 376 Kieri: But... my family... If they ever met you... I-I don't know what would happen... / Kieri: They would know understand that you are different... Even Kazai, he might attack you, and blah blah... / [[Buwaro has completely lost focus on what Kieri is saying.]] / Kieri: ...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... / [[Buwaro kisses Kieri on the cheek.]] / [[Kieri and Buwaro look away from each other and blush.]] / [[Kieri and Buwaro look toward each other.]] / Kieri and Buwaro: ... / [[Kieri and Buwaro kiss.]] / Kieri: Mm, I think I got some fur in my mouth... / Buwaro: Sorry!!
Page 377 [[Kieri and Buwaro are happily sitting together under the tree, hand in hand. Something rustles the leaves above them.]] / <> / [[Rhea hangs down from her tail.]] / Rhea: Hey there, lovebirds. / Buwaro: Oh! Hi, Rhea! / Kieri: H-Have you been watching us this whole time? / Buwaro: SoRheaItoldSnowyIlovedherandshecriedandIwasworriedandthenshehuggedmeandsaidshelovedmetooandthenwekissedanditwasreallygreatandthen / Rhea: Heheh. Well, I'm glad you two finally got all that worked out. / Rhea: But you don't have to tell me everything, Buwaro. You might embarrass your girlfriend. / [[Kieri, flustered and blushing, is hiding behind Buwaro.]] / Buwaro: Oops. Sorry, Snowy. / Rhea: Anyway, I came here to tell you that Cliff's back from Weyville, so we'll be eating dinner soon. / Buwaro: Okay!
Page 378 [[Buwaro, Rhea, and Kieri are walking downhill together.]] / [[Buwaro is held back by something.]] / Buwaro: ? / Buwaro: What's wrong, Snowy? / Kieri: I am still worried... / Buwaro: Aw, Snowy... / [[Kieri takes Buwaro's hands in hers.]] / Kieri: Buwaro, you know I love you just the way you are. But... if there are other Angels out there, I... I just don't want you to get hurt again. / Kieri: What are we going to do if we are attacked again? / [[Rhea's back is shown.]] / Buwaro: I'm sorry, Snowy. I'm putting you in danger... / [[Rhea turns around.]] / Kieri: No, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. / [[Rhea looks to the side.]] / Buwaro: But it's not fair to you! I don't want you to get hurt, either! / [[Rhea sighs.]] / Rhea: Well, if you think about it, it is kinda fair... / Rhea: Angels wanna kill Buwaro 'cause he's a Demon. / Rhea: Demons wanna kill Kieri 'cause she's an Angel. / Rhea: Y'know, like Lazuli, who's kindasortastillalive *cough* / Buwaro: WHAT!? / Buwaro: Wait, who's Lazuli?
Page 379 Rhea: Remember how I got a letter from my friend J back in Riverside City? Well, in it he described a killer monster that fits Lazuli to a T. / Rhea: If she's still alive and out there somewhere, then she's probably looking for Kieri. / Buwaro: Snowy? Are you okay? / [[Kieri is looking down and trembling.]] / Kieri: No... / Kieri: I am not "okay"! / [[Birds fly out of a tree in the background.]] / <> / Kieri: Rhea, why didn't you tell us this sooner? Why... How could you keep it a secret!? / Rhea: What would you have done if I HAD told you? / [[Lazuli is shown.]] / Rhea: It's not like we can do anything about the fact that she's out there, anyway. / Rhea: But... sorry. I should have told you. / Kieri: What about the Sinclair family? / Rhea: What about 'em? / Kieri: Shouldn't we tell them about Lazuli? Aren't we putting them in danger? / Rhea: I think they understood the risk of danger when they accepted Buwaro. / Kieri: I-I don't feel comfortable lying... / Rhea: Oh, we're not lying. / Rhea: The way I see it, we have no control over if or when we even encounter Lazuli. This changes nothing.
Page 380 Buwaro: So we're not gonna tell them just like how you didn't tell us? / Rhea, thinking: Since when did he become so observant? / Rhea: W-Well, we don't wanna freak them out for no reason, or they might not wanna travel with us anymore. They've got food, a comfortable wagon, and Cliff for protection. Staying with them is good! / Buwaro: That's true! / Kieri: But... it would be selfish to only think about ourselves. And after all they have done for us... / Buwaro: Oh, yeah... / Rhea: *sigh* Fine, fine. Let's compromise. / Buwaro and Kieri: How? / Rhea: For now, let's keep Lazuli a secret from the Sinclairs. If Cliff doesn't hear anything about Kieri's brother in Weyville, then we'll travel with him and his family to the city of St. Curtis. / [[A map is shown.]] / Rhea: Once we get there, we'll separate from them. St. Curtis is the biggest city in Fragaria, so it'll be a good place for us to stop for a while. / Buwaro: Okay Rhea, if that's what you think is best / [[Buwaro is cut off.]] / Rhea: Great! Now let's get a move on; I'm starving!
Page 381 Kieri: Um... Rhea? / Rhea: *sigh* Yes, what is it now? / Kieri: I'm... I'm sorry for putting YOU in danger because of what I am. / Buwaro: Yeah, me too. / Rhea: Huh? Oh! Haha, you don't have to worry about that. / Rhea: I mean, I was murdered, right? So someone might be out there trying to get me, too! / [[Kieri is stunned into silence. A red wright wyvern flies by.]] / Kieri: Y-Y-Y-You were m-MURDERED!? / Rhea: Didn't I tell you? / [[Kieri strangles Rhea.]] / Kieri: You never tell me anything, Rhea! *sniffle* I thought we were friends! / Rhea: T-then why... *grrrk* Are you choking me?
Page 382 Kieri: Why do you keep so much hidden, Rhea? Don't you trust me? / Rhea: N-No, no... it's nothing like that? / Kieri: But I-- / Rhea: Hey, we're back! / [[Rhea waves to Miranda and Cliff.]] / Miranda: Welcome! / Rhea: What's that you've got? / Cliff: This is what I came to Weyville for. / [[Cliff has a green egg in a glass case sitting on his lap.]] / Cliff: I got it from a trader. I don't know much about it, but I have an interest in mysterious objects like this. / Miranda: Yeah, an interest in collecting junk! / Cliff: And YOU always put potions in MY bottle collection! / Rhea: It almost looks like a Jakkai egg. Can I touch it? / Cliff: No way! / Cliff: I have the distinct feeling that if I let you touch it, you'd just break it. / Kieri: Rhea! We are not finished! / Rhea: Tch. Man...
Page 383 Rhea: I think I'll go get the dishes for dinner... / Kieri: Rhea! / [[Rhea enters the wagon and Kieri leans in to talk to her.]] / Kieri: Rhea, please... are you hiding anything else from me? / Rhea: No, no, of course not! / Rhea: Oh, wait. Am I? I think I lost track... / Rhea: B-But hey, I'm entitled to my privacy, right? Heh heh... / Kieri: That is not what I am talking about. / Kieri: I-I just... I do not wish you to feel as though you have to hide things from me. / Kieri: Y-you... You should not lie to your friends. / Rhea: Hey, I'm not the only one around here who's-- / Buwaro: Ooh, is that an egg? Can I see? / Cliff: Keep your dirty claws off, you-- / <> / Buwaro: S-Sorry, Mr. Sinclair! / Cliff: You're just lucky it didn't break! / Rhea: Uh-oh. "Poing"? / [[Cliff, Miranda, Sammy, Duster, and the fairy sisters Eve and Willow are looking into the wagon at Rhea and Kieri, who is now a snow bunny.]] / Rhea: Ahaha... ha... What a horrible time to have a curse.
Page 384 [[Snowy turns around.]] / [[Cliff, Miranda, Sammy, Duster, and the Fairy sisters Eve and Willow look into the wagon.]] / [[Cliff conjures a fireball in his hand.]] / <> / Miranda: Cliff!! / Cliff: Whaaat!? / [[Buwaro looks on worriedly.]] / Cliff: It's not like I was really going to... But c'mon! Isn't an Angel that turns into a bunny and has the hots for a Demon at least a LITTLE bit suspicious to you? / Snowy: No... p-please... I-It's not like that... ...I-I mean... / Snowy: It's not what you think! I... I really am an Angel! I... I-I just... / [[Rhea's tail wraps around Snowy.]] / [[Snowy looks up at Rhea.]] / [[Rhea pats Snowy's head.]] / Rhea: My friend here was cursed by Toski, one of the Twelve Guardians. If you're uncomfortable with that, then we'll leave. No problem. / Snowy: Rhea... *sniff*
Page 385 Miranda: A Guardian's curse, eh? That explains it! / Sammy: Yeah, this is just like the time when Uncle Cliff wa / Cliff: SSSHH!! / [[Cliff slaps his hand over Sammy's mouth.]] / Cliff: They don't need to know about that! / Buwaro: Know about what? / Miranda: Weeeelll... Not too long ago, Meeros the mortori bird Wind Guardian was feeling mischievous and... / [[Miranda, who is not pregnant and has blue hair dye instead of purple, has a mortori bird perched on her hand.]] / Miranda: Teehee! Oh, my. / Duster: Hahaha! You a real bird brain now, Cliff! / Cliff: How quickly you forget, friend... / Cliff: BIRDS EAT INSECTS! / Duster: AAIIEE!! / Cliff and Duster: It wasn't funny.
Page 386 Rhea: Wait, hold it. Let me get this straight. / Rhea: Cliff can apparently shoot giant flaming cats courtesy of Siara, and he was cursed by Meeros, too!? / Cliff: *sigh* More or less. / Rhea: Not to mention the homicidal Angel... / Rhea: Just how many people do you know, anyway!? / Snowy: That's what I was wondering... / [[Rhea hands Snowy to Buwaro.]] / Miranda: My husband had no control over the curse, but Meeros turned him back into a Human shortly afterwards. It was just a little prank. / Buwaro: So... could any of those guardian people cure Snowy's bunny curse? / Snowy: But Buwaro... I thought you didn't mind my curse...? / Buwaro: I don't. But I know you hate it. / Cliff: I don't know if they can break her curse. You'll have to ask one yourself. / Duster: We going to St. Curtis next, right? Maybe you see a Guardian there! Or two! / Sammy: Yeah! Both Meeros and Melli the fire bee LOVE St. Curtis' Spring Flower Festival! / Buwaro: Uhh... the what? / Rhea: The Spring Flower Festival is an annual event in St. Curtis that celebrates love, friendship, and the blossoming of flowers in spring. / [[Rhea has giant googly eyes.]] / Rhea: Most importantly, it's the biggest freakin' party in all of Fragaria! People from all over go there, and I'm finally gonna be able to see it!! / Buwaro: Rhea, you look scary.
Page 387 The next morning... / Rhea: I'm going into Weyville for a bit so I can mail this letter to J. / Kieri: Please be careful! / [[Buwaro waves good-bye.]] / Rhea: I'll be fine. / Cliff: She better not take too long. I want to leave soon. / [[Kieri and Buwaro huddle together.]] / Cliff: Oh, right. When I was asking around about your brother... ...I spoke with Denevol at the clinic. / Buwaro: You... did? / Cliff: Yeah. We ar--er, were friends. / Cliff: He said he wouldn't follow you two. As long as you never return to Weyville, you should be safe from him. / [[Cliff is shown looking down at a bedridden Denevol.]] / Cliff: When I asked about the Angels you're looking for, he muttered something about the landslide that happened west of St. Curtis. But that was it. / Cliff: You should have seen the look on his face when I said your name was Suizahn. / Kieri: ... / Kieri: May... May I ask a question, Mr. Sinclair? / Cliff: What is it? / Kieri: How long has... Mr. Denevol been in Medius? / Cliff: ...As far as I know, Denevol has been stuck here with no way home since the day he arrived at least 15 years ago.
Page 388 Meanwhile, in Weyville... / [[Rhea is walking through town.]] / [[Rhea notices something shiny on the ground.]] / [[Rhea picks up the object.]] / [[Buwaro's Trouble Center button is shown in Rhea's hand.]] / [[Rhea walks past a dark alley.]] / [[Two white eyes glow from the darkness of the alley.]] / [[A green and black wind Demon considers what he saw.]] / [[The Demon turns into the alley.]] / [[The Demon opens a door.]] / Tsavo: It's me, Tsavo.
Page 389 Tsavo: How is the interrogation go-- / [[There is a bloody Human corpse on the floor.]] / Tsavo: Oh. I see. / Tsavo: Did you get the information you wanted? / [[There is an unknown Jakkai with one green and one red eye sitting on the counter.]] / Jakkai: No. Azurai killed him before I could find out who he gave the egg to. / [[Azurai points at the Jakkai with a hand covered in blood.]] / Azurai: Well maybe you should be more fucking clear on whether you're just threatening somebody or if you want shit done! / Tsavo: You are always too impulsive. / Azurai: Shut the fuck up! I don't need to take any shit from you!! / Jakkai: Now I have no way of knowing where Mokurynn's egg is. / Jakkai: I shouldn't have been so careless... / [[The unknown Jakkai jumps down from the counter.]] / Jakkai: No matter. We needn't waste anymore time looking for it. Let's move on.
Page 390 Moonshade: Did you learn anything from your reconnaissance, Tsavo? / Tsavo: Yes, but first... / Tsavo: I saw a Jakkai with a tail about as long as yours, Mr. Moonshade. A relative, perhaps? / Moonshade: Impossible. I had Mokurynn make absolutely sure of that. The bloodline ends with me, which is why I'm not too worried about the egg. / Tsavo: I see. Well, there is also the matter of an old Seraph living in this town. I think we should ask the general ab-- / Azurai: PFFFT! / Azurai: Why do you always call him that? It's not like that fatass gives a shit! / Tsavo: I am simply following protocol-- / Azurai: More like protoBALLS / Tsavo: ... You're an idiot. / [[The outside of the store, Trader Moe's, is shown.]] / Moonshade: Very well, then. There's nothing more for us to do here. Let us return to your general.
Page 391 On the way to St. Curtis... / [[Buwaro and Kieri are walking together, hand in hand.]] / Buwaro: The sky is so bright and blue today! / [[Kieri turns to the right.]] / Buwaro: Back where I come from, it's... uh... / [[Kieri turns to the left.]] / Buwaro: Um... Snowy, what's wrong? / Buwaro: Are you still worried about Lazuli? / Buwaro: There's no point in worrying too much. Like Rhea said, there's not a lot we can do about her anyway. / Kieri: But... / Buwaro: Besides, you beat Lazuli before! You can do it again! / [[Buwaro leans on Kieri.]] / Buwaro: And I promised I'd become stronger for you, right? / Kieri: Hehe... Yes! / Buwaro: Don't worry, Snowy! I'll protect you from any kind of danger!! / <> / [[Rhea has tackled Buwaro, who is now face down in the dirt with a giant skid mark behind him. Kieri is looking around frantically with her wings out and sword in hand.]] / Rhea: So much for protection against unexpected danger. Your boyfriend-fu needs work.
Page 392 Rhea: By the way, shouldn't you be inside the wagon in case someone sees you? / [[Buwaro begins to stand up and Rhea jumps off his back.]] / Buwaro: Rhea, how do I become stronger? / Rhea: Um... exercise? Lifting weights? / [[Buwaro brushes dirt off of himself.]] / Buwaro: That sounds hard. What about magic? / Rhea: For that you'll definitely need a teacher. / Rhea: ...But don't look at me! I'm a Jakkai, and we're terrible at using magic. My Terra Spike spell is the limit of my abilities. / [[Buwaro reaches for Kieri, who walks towards him with her hand out.]] / Buwaro: Snowy? Could you...? / Kieri: I am sorry, Buwaro. / Kieri: I only know water and holy magic. You are my opposite: a fire Demon. There is nothing I can teach you. / Buwaro: ...Oh. / Buwaro: Then who CAN I get to teach me how to use magic? / [[A tortoise watches the trio pass by.]] / Kieri: You will need someone who is of the fire element, like you. / Rhea: Preferably somebody powerful. / Buwaro: Wait, but that means... *gulp!*
Page 393 [[Rhea, Kieri, Miranda, Sammy, Eve, and Willow are enjoying a picnic together.]] / Cliff: You want me to do WHAT? / Buwaro: Please teach me how to use fire magic! Pretty, pretty please?? / Buwaro: I heard you can shoot flaming cats outta your hands! I wanna do that, too! / Cliff: First of all, that's a difficult spell that requires a lot of magic. / Duster: He need me for boost! / Cliff: Second, I was given that spell by Siara herself. I'm unable to teach it to anyone else. / Buwaro: C-Can't you teach me any magic...? / Cliff: What should I? What's in it for me? / Buwaro: Wha... But... I-I'm doing this for Snowy... / Cliff: Believe it or not, helping you make your girlfriend happy is not one of my top priorities. What do I get if I teach you magic?
Page 394 Buwaro: O-Okay... What do you want? / Cliff: You probably don't have any money, so... got any valuable items? Y'know, bottles, magic pendants, enchanted handkerchiefs, heart-shaped containers... that sort of thing? / Buwaro: A valuable item...? / [[Buwaro looks to the side.]] / [[Rhea, Kieri, Miranda, Sammy, Eve, and Willow are enjoying their picnic together.]] / [[Kieri looks to the side.]] / [[Kieri waves happily.]] / [[Buwaro waves back.]] / [[Buwaro clenches his fist.]] / Buwaro: I've got something I can give you. / Cliff: Alright, let's see it. / [[Buwaro walks down the hill.]] / Buwaro: Please wait there for me! / [[Cliff and Duster wait in silence.]] / Duster: He really is a good kid, Cliff. / Cliff: Yeah, yeah...
Page 395 [[Buwaro climbs up the hill.]] / Buwaro: Phew! / [[Buwaro offers Thadius.]] / Buwaro: Here you go. / Cliff: A rock? I ask for something valuable and you bring me a rock? / Buwaro: Thadius is my pet. I-I've had her for as long as I can remember. She kept me company when there was no one else... / Buwaro: She's good at tricks! She can sit, lie down, and stay! You... you can play catch with her! She's also a great listener... you can talk to her about anything! / Buwaro: She's a rock from Hell! That makes her valuable, r-right!? / [[Cliff and Duster exchange glances.]] / [[Duster motions towards Buwaro.]] / [[Cliff rolls his eyes.]] / Cliff: Keep your rock. I'm not interested. / Buwaro: B-But...! / Cliff: ...But I don't think it would hurt to give you a few pointers about magic for free. / Buwaro: YAAAY!! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!! / [[Buwaro carelessly tosses Thadius into the air.]] / Cliff: Aagh, watch where you're throwing that things!
Page 396 [[Cliff is holding a fireball in his hand.]] / Cliff: ...And that's all there is to conjuring a simple fireball. / [[Buwaro leans in to look at the fireball.]] / Cliff: It's so easy a kid like Sammy can do it. Now you try. / [[Buwaro tries in vain to conjure a fireball in his hand.]] / [[Buwaro looks down at his hand in frustration.]] / [[Buwaro flails his arm wildly.]] / Buwaro: Come onnnn!!! / [[A fireball flies through the air from Buwaro's hand, flying toward the Sinclairs' wagon. Cliff, Duster, the horses, Kieri, Rhea, Eve, Willow, Sammy, Miranda and a duck watch it.]] / [[The fireball hits the roof of the wagon.]] / <> / Buwaro: The roof... / Duster: The roof... / Cliff: MY ROOF IS ON FIRE! / Buwaro: YEEP! / [[Cliff is conjuring a firey cat's head in his hands.]]
Page 397 [[Kieri puts out the fire on the wagon's roof with her water magic.]] / <> / Buwaro, Cliff, and Duster: Phew! / [[Cliff glares nastily at Buwaro, who cowers in fear.]] / [[Cliff and Duster leave Buwaro and Thadius.]] / Cliff: We're done here. / [[Buwaro picks up Thadius.]] / [[Buwaro looks at Thadius.]] / Buwaro: *sigh* / Kieri: Buwaro? / Kieri: What happened? Are you alright? / Buwaro: Oh, y-yeah, I'm fine. / Buwaro: Maybe trying to learn magic was a mistake. I'm such a screw-up... / [[Kieri gives Buwaro an eskimo kiss.]] / Kieri: Do not be discouraged. I still believe in you! / Buwaro: D'aww, okay... / Buwaro: Say... Snowy, do you think you could teach me how to read 'n stuff? / [[Kieri takes Buwaro's hand in hers.]] / Kieri: Of course! I'd be happy to!
Page 398 A few days later... / [[Buwaro is looking out the back of the wagon.]] / Buwaro: I hate rain. / Rhea: C'mon, Buwaro. It's time for you to take a test. / [[Sammy, Eve, and Willow are reading books. Miranda and Cliff are playing cards. Duster is taking a nap. Kieri and Rhea are waiting with papers and writing utensils.]] / [[Kieri holds a sheet of paper.]] / Kieri: Just try to write all the letters of the Lingo alphabet from memory. / Buwaro: Okay! I can do that! / [[Buwaro has a pencil tied to his right hand.]] / [[Buwaro begins to write on the paper.]] / [[Rhea has the Death puppet on her right hand.]] / Rhea: So Lingo isn't your friend language, right? / Kieri: That's right. Angelic is my first. / Rhea: Your Lingo really is excellent, you know. / Kieri: Thank you! It makes me very happy to hear that! / Rhea: Are all Angels fluent like you? / Kieri: Ah... no. Not really. / Kieri: The truth is... I am the only one in my family that really knows how to read, write, and speak Lingo. Warrior Angels usually do not bother to learn anything... / Rhea: Then that means your brother can't... / Kieri: Yes. I am worried about how he is doing. / [[Buwaro looks up. The Death puppet's button eye pops out.]] / <> / Rhea: Boy, I bet you're glad you spent all that time learning Lingo! / Kieri: ...Y-yeah...
Page 399 Kieri is flashing back to her childhood in heaven. All the dialogue is spoken in Angelic. / Green-haired Angel child: Should we ask her to join our game? / Angel child with red-streaked hair: Kieri? Nah. Even though she's a Suizahn, she's not very good. / [[Kieri is walking away in the distance.]] / Unseen Angel: Okay everyone, I want you to do five laps around the track! Suizahn twins, you can probably handle ten. / Kazai: We have names, you know. / [[Kieri looks concerned, but remains silent.]] / [[Kieri is studying a book.]] / Unseen Angel 1: What's a Suizahn doing in Advanced Lingo? Shouldn't she be doing push-ups or something? / Unseen Angel 2: Ssh! She might hear you! Warrior Angels are really violent... they're pretty scary. / [[Kieri slumps in the darkness.]] / Heaven's Grand Library / [[An Angel flies in front of the building while another walks in through the library's giant doors.]] / [[Kieri is reading a book at a table.]] / Kazai: Hi, sis! I thought I'd find you here. You really love studying Lingo, don't you? / [[Kieri looks up, revealing a large bruise under her left eye.]] / Kazai: Wh... What happened to your face!? / Kazai: ...It was Mother, wasn't it? / [[Kieri looks away.]] / Kieri: *sniff* She said she didn't mean it... / [[Kieri buries her face in her hands while Kazai attempts to comfort her.]] / Kazai: Oh, Kieri... / Kieri, thinking: But she's the same as everyone else. In this place, I'm nothing but a name...
Page 400 [[Kieri isn't paying attention.]] / Rhea: Uh, hello? Kieri? Hey, Kieri? Yoo-hoo! / Buwaro: SNOWY! / [[Kieri, startled, turns into a snow bunny.]] / <> / Buwaro: Oops. / Rhea: Haha, you totally zoned out there! / Snowy: I-I'm sorry! What is it? / Buwaro: I'm finished with my test! Rhea says I passed! / Rhea: Barely. Now we're writing names. How do you spell "Suizahn"? / Snowy: Oh... / Snowy: *sigh* S-U-I-Z-A-H-N. / [[Rhea gives Snowy an incredulous look.]] / Snowy: ...W-what? / Rhea: That's dumb. Put the H in front of the A, Buwaro. / Buwaro: Okay! / Snowy: Hey, I know how to spell my own name! / [[Rhea picks up Snowy with her tail.]] / Rhea: But I like my version better! That's what really counts. / Snowy: Rhea... / Snowy: Hehee! / Buwaro: Hey guys, how many Ds are there in "Buwaro"? / Rhea: *sigh*
Page 401 [[A house is shown. There is a reindeer in a pen next to the house. There is snow on the ground.]] / Unknown: *sigh* I remember when the snow was all melted by this time of the year... / [[J is seen sitting at a table.]] / Unknown: Jake? Are you still moping about losing your job? / J: Mom, it wasn't my fault! How was I supposed to know that novelty pirate beards were so flammable!? / J's Mother: In this case, I'd use the word "explosive". / J's Mother: Oh, cheer up! Look, you got two letters in the mail today. / [[J's Mother holds up two envelopes.]] / J: Sweet! This one is from Snake! / J: But who else would be..? / J: Wow. I haven't heard from him in a long time. / [[The letter is from Ramirez Bloodeyes.]]
Page 402 [[The Sinclairs' wagon is rolling over a hill. A dragonfly passes by.]] / Buwaro: Snowy, can I ask you for a favor? / [[Kieri is leaning back into Buwaro's embrace as they sit on the floor of the wagon.]] / Buwaro: Could you read the rest of Darius' diary for me? / Kieri: Eh...? / [[Darius is shown in the Ring of the Slightly Damned with his back turned.]] / Buwaro: I can't even remember what he looks like, but he was like my... he was my father. I owe him so much. I want to know what happened to him. / [[The star pendant is shown.]] / Buwaro: I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my star pendant. I don't know what else we'll find in the diary, but I swear I'm not hiding anything else from you. I... ...I just... / [[Kieri's hand holds Buwaro's.]] / Kieri: It's alright, Buwaro. I understand. Let me get the diary, and I'll start reading it right now. / [[Kieri tries to move.]] / Kieri: ... Um... Buwaro? / [[Buwaro has big, watery eyes.]] / Buwaro: B-But what if we find out that my heart will explode, or that I'll turn into sea foam, or that Darius was a pumpkin, or that I'm really a vampire, or or or... / Kieri: No more fairy tales for you.
Page 403 [[Kieri starts reading Darius' diary again.]] / Darius' diary: Today I thought about how much we've changed in the time my children and I have spent together here in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. / Kieri, thinking in Angelic: Oh yeah, I think it's been at least a year... / [[Darius is shown.]] / Darius' diary: The dye in my hair has run out. I had to cut my hair with my scythe! / [[Sakido is shown with a bare midriff.]] / Darius' diary: Sakido is starting to outgrow her clothes. / [[Buwaro is shown sitting on the ground with his tongue sticking out.]] / Darius' diary: Little Buwaro is still as cute as ever, though! / [[The moon pendant is shown.]] / Darius' diary: And when I finally caved in to Iratu's whining and gave him my moon pendant... / [[Iratu is shown, having grown larger than Darius, Sakido, and Buwaro combined. Buwaro wags his tail happily while Sakido hides behind Darius.]] / Darius: ..Ah-ha. Iratu, you are needing new pants.
Page 404 [[Darius holds Buwaro while Sakido and Iratu watch with unamused expressions.]] / Darius' diary: I think Sakido and Iratu are a bit jealous of the attention I give to their little brother. I know that they'll come around to accepting Buwaro eventually, though. / [[Darius pokes Buwaro's nose.]] / Darius: Boop! / Buwaro: Hee! / [[Iratu leaves.]] / Darius: Iratu! Do not try to lift that boulder! You might hurt yourself! / [[Darius gives Buwaro to Sakido.]] / Darius: Here, Sakido. Please hold on to Buwaro. / Darius: Iratu!! / [[Sakido looks down on Buwaro.]] / [[Buwaro smiles happily, sticking his tongue out.]]
Page 405 [[Sakido looks at the smiling Buwaro.]] / Sakido: I hate you. / [[Sakido slams Buwaro to the ground.]] / <> / [[Buwaro cries. Darius looks back in surprise. Iratu looks up and sees Sakido flying away.]]
Page 406 [[Rhea and Buwaro are shown, the latter reading a children's book titled, "Busy Bee"]] / Kieri: Buwaro? Rhea? / Kieri: There really was not much of the diary left to read... After a few entries, the last thing Darius wrote was, "I love you, my children." / [[Kieri puts her hand over page with blood splattered on it.]] / Kieri: It is very badly written, a-and... the page is stained with blood. / [[Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri look at each other awkwardly.]] / Rhea: Geez. I wonder what happened to him. / Buwaro: Yeah... *sigh* It's not like we can just ask-- / Kieri: Wait! / Kieri: Look at this! I did not notice this part before! / Darius' diary: I am Sakido, the ... / Rhea: Oh, damn. Guys, we should go outside to read this.
Page 407 One year ago... / [[Sakido is writing in Darius' diary with a black feather while Rhea sleeps.]] / Sakido's writing: I had not seen this diary for over a decade until a Jakkai named Rhea Snaketail gave it to me. My Angelic isn't perfect, but I was able to understand most of what Darius wrote. My memories are hazy, but I will write what I can remember of our last days with our foster father in the hopes that my brother Buwaro will someday read this. / [[Young Sakido is flying through the air.]] / Sakido's writing: Darius, Iratu, Buwaro and I lived peacefully in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. One day, I was flying around by myself when... / [[Two Demons, one orange and the other green with purple wings, are shown in the distance.]] / Sakido's writing: I spotted a pair of unfamiliar Demons. / [[The two Demons look up at Sakido.]] / Sakido's writing: Unfortunately, they spotted me as well.
Page 408 [[Sakido promptly turns around.]] / Sakido's writing: I got scared and flew back to my family as fast as I could. / [[The orange Demon directs the winged Demon.]] / [[The winged Demon flies away and the orange Demon chases Sakido.]] / [[Darius, with Buwaro sleeping in his arms, is resting with Iratu.]] / Sakido: Darius! Darius! There are other Demons out there and they saw me!! / Iratu: Oh cool, maybe we can be friends! / Iratu: Oh. Wait. Oops. / [[Darius is visibly worried.]] / Sakido: What should we do, Darius!?
Page 409 [[Darius reaches for his scythe.]] / Darius: L-let's not panic. Maybe if we are quiet, we can find a place to hide. / Iratu: Maybe you guys can, but I'm too big to hide. / Sakido: So take off your pendant, fatso! / Iratu: Make me, fart breath! / [[Buwaro is disturbed.]] / Iratu: Why should we hide, anyway? / Sakido: They might kill us!! / Iratu: They might kill Darius, but we're Demons too! / Darius, in Angelic: Uh... kids? / [[Buwaro opens up one eye and his eyes begin to water.]] / [[Buwaro wails loudly, startling everyone.]] / Buwaro: WWAAAAAAAAIIIILLLLLL!!! / [[The orange, bird-like Demon perches on a boulder and looks down on Darius' head.]] / Orange Demon: Well, well. What do we have here?
Page 410 [[The orange Demon observes Sakido, Iratu, and Darius. Buwaro is crying.]] / Orange Demon: An Angel and some corrupted youth, just as we feared! It's time I cleared this ring of shit like you! / Iratu: Hey, it's not like that! Just let me explain- / [[The orange Demon breathes flames onto Darius and Buwaro.]] / <> / Darius: AGGH!! / Sakido: Darius! / Iratu: Hey, he's my friend!! / Darius: Take Buwaro and run! / Sakido: Huh!? / [[Darius holds out his arms to Sakido, Buwaro, and Iratu.]] / Darius: I do not want to hear any argument. Go, run! NOW!!
Page 411 [[Iratu and Sakido are running, with Sakido carrying Buwaro.]] / Sakido's writing: At first, we obeyed. We believed Darius was strong. But then it dawned on us... / [[Sakido's sun pendant is shown.]] / [[Buwaro's star pendant is shown.]] / Sakido's writing: We had stolen his strength. / [[Iratu's moon pendant is shown.]] / [[Iratu and Sakido look at each other.]] / [[Sakido drops Buwaro on the ground.]] / <> / [[Buwaro cries as Iratu and Sakido leave him behind.]]
Page 412 [[Darius stands holding his scythe.]] / [[The orange Demon's eyes glow white.]] / [[Darius yells in Angelic and swings his scythe's blade into the ground, causing stalagmites to appear.]] / <> / [[The orange Demon leaps on top of a stalagmite.]] / <> / [[The orange Demon breathes fire at Darius in mid-air. Darius blocks the flames with an energy shield.]] / <> / [[Darius holds out his hand to maintain his energy shield.]] / [[The orange Demon pulls back his fist.]] / [[The orange Demon punches through Darius' shield.]] / <>
Page 413 [[Darius looks worried.]] / [[Darius swings with his scythe, but the orange Demons dodges it.]] / [[The orange Demon grabs the scythe's handle.]] / [[Keeping one hand on the scythe's handle, Darius uses his other free hand to shoot the orange Demon in the face with a blast of holy magic.]] / <> / [[The orange Demon's white, glowing eye is shown.]] / [[The orange Demon pulls the scythe away from Darius and kicks him in the jaw.]] / [[Darius holds his jaw in pain and leans on a boulder.]] / [[The orange Demon rushes at Darius.]] / [[The orange Demon's arm spikes are shown.]] / [[The orange Demon slashes Darius across the chest with his arm spikes.]] / <>
Page 414 [[Darius kneels on the ground, clutching his bleeding chest wound.]] / Darius: ... / [[Darius' chest bleeds all over his hand.]] / Orange Demon: Maybe I'll watch you die slowly. / [[Sakido dive bombs the orange Demon.]] / Orange Demon: AWKK! / [[The orange Demon pushes Sakido away.]] / Orange Demon: Get offa me, brat! / [[A shadow looms over the orange Demon.]] / [[Iratu, his eyes glowing red, growls angrily.]] / Iratu: GRRRRRRR... / [[The silhouettes of Iratu and Sakido are shown attacking the orange Demon, with Darius off to the side.]] / Orange Demon: AAAAWWWKKK--kkkhhk!!
Page 415 [[Iratu and Sakido, splattered with blood, approach Darius.]] / [[Darius looks up.]] / [[Iratu's claws are dripping with blood.]] / [[Iratu and Sakido are slightly injured.]] / Sakido: Darius? A-Are you gonna be... / [[Sakido's hand is dripping with blood.]] / Darius: *gghhkk*! / Sakido and Iratu: Darius!! / [[Sakido and Iratu rush to Darius. The orange Demon is nothing but a bloody mess.]]
Page 416 Sakido's writing: Darius tried to use healing magic on his chest wound. At first, it almost looked like he would recover... / [[Darius is bent over, hacking into his diary.]] / Darius: *COUGH!* *COUGH!* Unngh... / Sakido's writing: ...but he just got weaker and weaker. / [[Buwaro tilts his head to the side, looking confused and concerned.]] / Sakido's writing: Then, suddenly... / [[Darius has his back turned, but he has Buwaro in one arm and his scythe in the other. His diary lies on the ground.]] / Darius: Sakido! Iratu! Come, we are leaving. / Sakido: What? Where to? / Darius: We can't stay here anymore. *grk!* You must go to Hell. The r-real Hell. / [[Darius turns around with a pained expression.]] / Darius: It is where... you belong. / [[Iratu says nothing.]] / Sakido: WHAT!? / [[Iratu moves forward.]] / Sakido: Iratu! / Iratu: C'mon, "sis". It was fun while it lasted, but now we gotta go.
Page 417 [[Iratu is carrying Darius' scythe, Darius is holding Buwaro, and Sakido is holding Darius' hand.]] / Sakido's writing: Slowly we made our way to the edge of the Ring of the Slightly Damned. Darius mumbled about it not being safe for us in the ring anymore. He was very weak and had trouble walking. / Sakido's writing: I remember his hand being cold. / [[A close-up of Darius and Sakido hands holding.]] / Sakido's writing: I remember Iratu was unusually quiet. / Sakido's writing: I remember how terrifying Cerberus and the Gates of Hell looked. / [[Cerberus has three heads intact.]] / [[Death drags someone behind him towards Cerberus as the Elexion family watches.]] / Sakido's writing: That was the first time I ever saw Death. Somehow, he seemed different back then.
Page 418 [[Sakido, Darius, and Iratu watch from behind a rock.]] / [[Sakido and Iratu duck down behind the rock.]] / [[Darius is dragged down.]] / Sakido: Darius, get down! / Darius: Ow! / Iratu: What are those things!? / Sakido: I don't know! / Darius: Sakido... Take Buwaro... / [[Buwaro is unsure of being handed off.]] / Sakido: Darius, I really don't-- / Darius: *COUGH!* *COUGH!* GHH-HACKK! / [[Darius spits blood.]] / [[Darius is down on his hands and knees. He wipes the blood from his mouth.]] / Darius: Haha... Funny... Now I am just like Buwaro's... real... father...
Page 419 [[Cerberus' three heads are shown.]] / Sakido's writing: We watched as Death walked through the Gates of Hell. Then Darius told us he would distract Cerberus so that Iratu, Buwaro, and I could sneak inside.] / [[Darius smiles weakly.]] / Darius: It is time to say good-bye... / [[Sakido's eyes water.]] / Sakido: NO!! I want to stay with you! / Darius: Everyone left out here... will be killed. You must... You must be with the other Demons in Hell... / Iratu: Darius... / [[Iratu hugs Darius.]]
Page 420 [[Darius kneels on one knee and reaches out to Sakido.]] / Darius: Sakido, I... / Sakido: I hate you!! / Sakido: If you leave... I'll hate you forever! / Darius, in Angelic: But I'll still love you. / [[Darius pokes Sakido's nose.]] / Darius: Boop. / [[Sakido cries.]] / [[Darius smiles.]] / Darius, in Angelic: And of course... I love you too, little one. / [[Darius puts his hand on Buwaro's cheek.]] / Buwaro: DA! / Darius: Promise me you will take care of your little brother... *COUGH!* / [[Darius turns and walks away.]] / Darius: Live strongly, my children. I will always love you... / Sakido's writing: That was the last we ever saw of Darius.

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